180mm Angle Grinder

The power of the angle grinder is 1600 W

Set the optimal settings for specific tasks. With speed control on any material, an even cut is obtained.

The technology does not allow jerks at startup. This allows you to better control the tool and reduces engine wear.

To increase tool productivity, electronics connect power reserves and thereby prevent a drop in productivity.

  • 180mm Angle Grinder
  • 3 year warranty
  • 14 days for exchange
  • Official Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • -312 UAH




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This model of the grinding machine from Dnipro-M perfectly copes with cleaning and cutting surfaces made of materials such as metal, cement, granite or marble. It is also suitable for cleaning metal structures from corrosion and stripping welds by installing the necessary disk.

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The rated power of the tool is 1600 W, and the number of revolutions is 5400-10000 rpm. The desired value can be set using the appropriate controller. The maximum linear speed is 79 m / s.

This device model is equipped with an electronic power stabilization system. CONSTANT POWER. This not only improves productivity, but also improves comfort during operation.

Smooth start
The GL-160SE model is equipped with an inrush current limiting system (soft start), due to which it was possible to increase the useful life of the device. The soft start system does not allow a sharp increase in speed after turning on the tool.
The purpose of the inrush current limiter is to reduce the load on the power grid when turning on the angle grinder. This system successfully restrains the excessive inrush current that appears when the engine is turned on. Thanks to such a system, the device is also insured against involuntary jerking at the moment of switching on.

Comfort and ergonomics
For better control during operation and maximum comfort, the tool has the ability to install an additional handle.

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