Adjusting the cutting depth of a hand-held circular saw

Best hand-held circular saw

The Makita HS6601 is designed for sawing wood, including hardwood. At the heart is a 1050 W electric motor, which produces 5.2 thousand rpm and is powered by the mains.

A 165 mm disc is installed on the saw, the inner diameter of which is 20 mm, which is a very common size, so you will not have to look for consumables for a long time.

Adjust Your Saw Blade Depth | Quick Tip

This equipment provides a maximum cutting depth of up to 55 mm, which means that the tool is ideal for sawing board-fifty. Disc replacement is simplified with a spindle lock function.

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The circular saw received not only a high-quality assembly of the body, but also an ergonomic design, the model belongs to the professional class of the tool.

The compact design combines comfortable handles with a rubberized grip for easy grip and the ability to connect a dust extractor. In the process, you can cut at angles of 90-45 °. In the latter case, the cutting depth is about 37 mm.

For connection to the network, the model is equipped with a 2.5-meter cable. Tool with index J complete with case.

Features of the choice of a circular plunge-cut saw: device, pros and cons, selection criteria

A circular saw is a rather complex and traumatic tool, respectively, many models are designed to perform certain types of work with a certain intensity. Only assuming exactly at least the scope of use of the tool, you can decide how to choose a circular saw. which characteristics to pay special attention to, and which ones to neglect.


The diameter of the blade directly depends on the power of the saw motor.

The more powerful the tool, the larger the disc it is able to rotate, the more stable the rotational speed of the latter, the longer the duration of continuous work, the less the likelihood of a wedge.

In addition, powerful saws allow you to cut tighter material, but they are also heavier. So, for example, 2 kW models weigh 7 kg on average, while 1.2 kW models weigh about 4 kg.

The saw power can be divided as follows:

  • Up to 0.8 kW. a low-power tool for small workpieces.
  • 0.8-1.2 kW. medium power tool, able to cope with most household tasks.
  • Over 1.2 kW. professional saws.


  • Engine: power. 1.05 kW.
  • Saw blade: max. revolutions. 5.2 thousand rpm, external Ø. 165 mm, landing Ø. 20 mm.
  • Cut (max depth). 54 mm.
  • Corner cut. up to 45 °.
  • Power supply. 220 V.
  • Noise: 98dB.
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  • A circular saw with a laser allows you to make very accurate cuts, even when processing large boards and logs and other wood parts;
  • Contrary to popular stereotypes, a quality laser circular saw does not require more frequent maintenance than a conventional circular saw.

Of course, a lot here depends on the quality of the instrument. with Chinese fakes, you can spend a lot of time only on the correct installation of the laser pointer;
In most cases, laser circular saws are of a higher grade than those that do not have a laser pointer.

So it can be concluded with a high probability that laser saws are more durable and stronger.

Type of work

Standard circular saws are designed for sawing wood at various angles, but there are also special options for this tool:

  • Plunge saws. there are stationary and hand-held. Their difference lies in the fact that the saw blade in the initial position is above the workpiece, capable of dropping into its center. This allows you to start cutting not from the edge of the material, cut through holes.
  • Metal circular saws are powerful models that are equipped with stronger or more abrasive blades. Capable of sawing sheet metal, pipes, profiles. Some of them work equally well with wood.

Choosing a plunge-cut saw for cutting Laminated Chipboard

The plunge saw is one of the main tools that is necessary for the full functioning of furniture production. There are certainly more functional and efficient systems for cutting Laminated Particleboard. However, price is an important factor.

If large furniture enterprises can afford formatting machines and other expensive equipment, then for “private traders” such a solution is extremely expensive and unprofitable, taking into account the volume of production.

It should be noted that a high-quality plunge-cut saw for small furniture production is the optimal solution that allows you to optimize the time spent on production.

Choosing the right plunge-cut saw is considered extremely important. On the modern market, there are hundreds of models of such saws, each of which has its own advantages and disadvantages.

How to choose the best model, not overpay for unnecessary functionality and make a choice in favor of a reliable and proven manufacturer?

Specialists of our closed club of furniture makers made an overview of the plunge saws market for Laminated Chipboard and selected the best options that are distinguished by high cutting quality, functionality, reliability, rich equipment and an affordable price.

The principle of operation and the device of the saw

All circular hand saws differ little from each other in the principle of operation. The cutting disc rotates the motor, which is located inside the body of the device. This torque is transmitted to the machine by the drive belt.

Before proceeding with the sawing, the cutting blade must be positioned and securely fastened. When lowering the handle, the protective cover should open without effort and return to its original position. After checking the correct installation of the riving knife, before starting work, you must hold the tool in the switched on mode for at least 10 seconds without load.

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Using a vernier caliper, adjust the position of the disc and the guide pin. The riving knife must be on the same line as the blade. To protect the machine and table from vibration, the fastening bolts should be tightened securely.

The design of the tool includes the following basic elements:

  • gearbox housing;
  • protective cover;
  • engine;
  • platform;
  • guides.

Aggregates are divided into several types. Electric saws are:

  • Household. They are easy-to-operate and well-coping with sawing on the farm. They are small in size and capacity with the required minimum set of settings.
  • Semi-professional. The equipment differs from the household one by a more powerful engine.
  • Professional. The machines are used for long-term work and can withstand heavy loads. They can be equipped with additional functions.

Despite this classification, high requirements are imposed on all models. Machines must meet modern safety standards, be powerful enough to handle the planned cutting volume and have a high level of tuning accuracy.

Mafell Erika 85 Ec

The Erika is lightweight and highly mobile. The design provides special handles for easy carrying, as well as folding aluminum legs with elastic attachments that do not slip and do not spoil the floor. These legs allow you to quickly bring the machine into working position.

It is equipped with a powerful 2400W CUprex motor with high torque. Electronics provides the main start of the device, adjusts the speed of the saw blade and maintains it under load. Proprietary saw blades are used for cutting a wide variety of materials: wood, fibreboard and chipboard, aluminum profile and composite materials.

A device is provided for expanding the table with the possibility of installing a manual router. Noteworthy is the design of the sawdust removal system, which significantly more effectively reduces dust content in the air.

Adjusting the stationary hand-held circular saw

Gone in history is the time when you had to use a hand hacksaw to cut a bar or board. Today it is a hand-held circular saw with a stationary installation option. The tool is able to solve volumetric production problems with high accuracy, cut materials such as wood and its derivatives, polymers, metals.

Features at work

A hand-held circular saw cannot be classified as a carpentry tool that is heavily equipped with electronics. For example, only some models have electronic speed control, as this function is not particularly important for woodworking.

Circular Saw Settings

modern professional tools have a system that maintains a constant blade speed during operation. Its task, regardless of the load on the motor, is to maintain speed.

Models with an overload protection system monitor the temperature of the motor windings and, if necessary, shut down the machine. Expensive professional equipment is equipped with this function.

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Almost any saw can be equipped with a guide rail, with which you can achieve high accuracy in work. They are supplied by tool manufacturers as optional equipment.

Some models can be converted from a hand saw into a stationary installation. To do this, it is enough to screw the protective cover of the disc to the workbench table or long board with special clamps.

The features include the presence of a detachable network cable, which is convenient not only during transportation, but also in case of damage. It will be more convenient to purchase a new cable, rather than contact the service.

Varieties of models

For consumers inexperienced in electric tools, choosing a circular saw model is not an easy task. The modern market is full of both brands that are on everyone’s lips and those that have recently entered the market.

Among the brands of the professional class, such models as Mafell, Bosh, Milwaukee, Makita are known. In the household class, the brands Prorab, Zubr, Interskop, Bort are presented.

Mafell KSS 400

Top-level electrical tools for professionals are produced by Mafell. In her arsenal there are many models with interesting solutions.

The stationary saw KSS is equipped with a 1100 V motor and a 160 mm saw blade. Magnesium-aluminum alloy, from which all the supporting parts of the machine are made, guarantees the strength and lightness of the apparatus.

The motor is protected by built-in electronics. Thanks to it, the model has a smooth start, the number of revolutions under load does not decrease, the revolutions decrease during idle.

The machine is equipped with a guide rail, which, together with the blade of the disc, is a well-coordinated complex capable of accurately adjusting the workpiece to the place of laying and cutting the plates. This system is a reliable assistant for a professional. Average

Bosch GKS 55 GCE

Motor power. 1350 V, blade diameter. 160 mm, cutting depth. 55 mm. these are the main technical parameters of the device. The GKS 55 GCE is equipped with electronic systems. The user can adjust the speed with the wheel located on the handle of the device from 2100 to 5100 rpm.

The devices are unpretentious and reliable in operation. To replace the blades, the models are equipped with a spindle lock. Sawdust is thrown out through the opening in the body, and they are blown off by the air flow from the cutting line. If the need arises, you can connect a vacuum cleaner. The machines are small in size and weight. Their average

How to Adjust the Height of a Circular Saw