Adjustment of the engine speed of the AL-KO lawn mower. Installation (assembly) of an electric mower AL-KO 40e

How to clean the carburetor on the AL-Ko lawn mower

Who can tell the problems and?With a jelly, the BRIGOVSKY LAW is started and when the hot is untreated! Tolya Yesley is cool!

Газонокосилка AL-KO 420 E. короткий обзор и что внутри.

Ivan, I ask a lot of help. consultations in the following issue: the carburetor is exactly the same as yours in your video. After winter I stopped starting, I checked everything. there is no fuel. I cleaned the carburetor and nothing is scrupted when pumping fuel. You took a carburetor in the video, pressed something on the diaphragm and you have, when you press the pear, gasoline forcibly began to do it. I shot 10 times, cleaned, pressed. nothing. I bought a new gasket with a diaphragm. nothing, does not scrap. What could be? Put the video with me and me on Viber 380673049300. Thank you in advance.

Repair of the AL-KO lawn mower (clean the carburetor from BS)

Who can tell the problems and?With a jelly, the BRIGOVSKY LAW is started and when the hot is untreated! Tolya Yesley is cool!

Ivan, I ask a lot of help. consultations in the following issue: the carburetor is exactly the same as yours in your video. After winter I stopped starting, I checked everything. there is no fuel. I cleaned the carburetor and nothing is scrupted when pumping fuel. You took a carburetor in the video, pressed something on the diaphragm and you have, when you press the pear, gasoline forcibly began to do it. I shot 10 times, cleaned, pressed. nothing. I bought a new gasket with a diaphragm. nothing, does not scrap. What could be? Put the video with me and me on Viber 380673049300. Thank you in advance.

The basic features of absolutely all of the brand products can be attributed:

Owners of land plots probably faced the problem of the law of the lawn. Cut off weeds and adjust the height of the grass, of course, you can independently, but this procedure requires a lot of time and effort. Yes, and today there is no need to do this manually because Al-ko offers gardeners special law mowers, who qualitatively perform their task.

Description of the brand

In today’s AL-Co concern, it is difficult to find out a small rural blacksmith that began to work in the thirties of the last century. Over the years in the market, the German company Al-ko has spread its influence on many countries of Eastern Europe and Asia. Several dozen enterprises produce a wide range of brand products. The sale of AL-KO goods is carried out throughout the world through more than 50 representative offices.

The production of a variety of garden equipment and tools for many years remains a priority area of ​​the company. Owners of country and household plots, suburban houses are appreciated by laborers and motorcies, garden vacuum cleaners and batteries, aerators and blacksmiths, chainsaws and haying, snowball players and altitude cutters. Especially popular is the technique for caring for lawns and mowing grass.

Trimmers for grass and AL-KO lawn mowers will help cut shrubs near the house and at a remote distance. AL-KO lawn mowers will carefully cut the grass on your lawn. Battery scissors are capable of capturing a large area with haircuts, saving the time and physical strength of the gardener when caring for a garden. AL-KO lawn robots will effectively cope with the mowing of the grass, while the owners rest and write enthusiastic reviews about amazing German technique.

The most popular models

Al-ko offers a large selection of gasoline lawn mowers, united in the following series:

  • Easy. small.sized inexpensive models for small lawns.
  • Classic. powerful multifunctional devices with a variator at quite reasonable prices.
  • Highline. the most powerful devices with a lot of functions and maximum comfort.
adjustment, engine, speed, al-ko


The Highline series is devices designed for large (≤1800 m2) lawns and creating maximum comfort to the operator.

A distinctive feature of this series is the Max Airflow technology that ensures herbal compaction in the grass collector.

This is due to the high altitude and a huge cross.section of the hole connecting the deck and the grass collector, as well as the special design of the last.

A powerful air flow, falling into the grass collector, evenly distributes the grass throughout the volume, and also greatly presses it against the walls of the container, which leads to its compaction. Another distinguishing feature of this series is a comfortable handle in the front of the mowing, which facilitates its carrier or loading.

In addition, all models of this series are equipped with environmentally friendly engines, but the less expensive Al-ko engines are inferior in this parameter by much more advanced power units of BriggSstratton production.

However, to achieve this effect, it is necessary not only to use high.quality unhealthy gasoline, but also to avoid overloads that occur during mowing high grass or weeds.

Storms are especially dangerous, because its strong thick stems load the engine much more, and in this mode, even the most environmentally friendly motor loses its advantages.

All models of the Highline series are collected only in Austrian factories, so they cannot be attributed to the “Chinese” even conditionally. Those owners of these devices that leave reviews on the Internet note the high quality of the manufacture of lawn mowers, as well as their reliability, because they have been working for many years.

479 sp

This is one of the most environmentally friendly models in the entire Highline series, thanks to a special Briggsstratton 550e Series engine with a capacity of 3 liters. With.

The main difference between this motor is that the fuel mixture filling the cylinder burns more fully, due to which the number of toxic exhaust gases decreases.

Automatic adjustment of the engine speed supports the speed of rotation of the shaft during the mowing of weeds or weeds, if you have to mow lawyed grass, then this system reduces the supply of fuel, which also leads to a reduction in the release of toxic substances.

The self-propelled lawn mower Al-Ko 479 is equipped with a 4-in-1 system, about which we talked here, which makes it as universal as possible, which is confirmed by numerous reviews.

The rear axle drive and large wheels (front 20 cm, rear 28 cm) provide good ability even in uneven areas, and also unload the operator, because it no longer needs to push the device due to its physical strength, it is enough to direct it in the right direction.

The width of the mowing of this model is 46 cm, and the mowing height range is 30–80 mm, the choice of the mode is made using one lever (7 provisions). The mass of the device is 31 kg, and

Here are the advantages of 479 sp al-ko highline:

  • minimum emission of toxic substances thanks to an environmentally friendly engine;
  • Large wheels and rear.wheel drive provide good ability even in uneven areas;
  • Automatic engine speed control provides effective mowing even weeds or weeds.
  • Due to the lack of a variator or step transmission, the operator is forced to adapt to the speed of the mowing;
  • The absence of an electric steamer and a fuel automatic pumping system makes it difficult to launch a cold engine after a long downtime.

527 sp

This model is intended for mowing lawns, the area of ​​which does not exceed 18 acres (one hundredth is 100 m 2).

Reliable Briggs Stratton Series 650 EXI engine with 3.25 liter. With. It differs in reduced oil consumption and good survivability, and the transmission with the drive on the rear wheels unloads the operator, because he does not have to push the mitch on his own.

Large wheels (front 20 cm, rear 28 cm) increase patency on uneven lawns or lawns. The width of the capture (mowing) 51 cm provides quick plot of lawns, and a large range of adjustment of the height of the mowing (30–80 mm) with the control of one lever facilitates the choice of the optimal mode.

The 4-V-1 system makes this model universal, and a large grass collector (70 l) with MAX Airflow technology provides a denser styling of grass, as a result of which its volume is almost 1.5 times higher than the contents of ordinary grass collectors of the same volume.

The design of the deck and knives provides mowing of grass even abroad of the wheels, so that this model can be used for mowing vegetation almost close to fences or borders. The pen located in front facilitates the carrier or loading of the device and is very useful, given its weight (35.5 kg).

Here are the advantages of Al-ko Highline 527 sp:

  • Due to the large weight, it will be difficult for physically weak people to manage the device, especially if you have to transport it on any vehicle;
  • The absence of a variator or step transmission forces the operator to adapt to the speed of the mowing;
  • The absence of an electric steamer and a fuel automatic pumping system makes it difficult to launch a cold engine after a long downtime.

527 vs

AL-KO lawn mowers are the best choice for those who want to get a functional and reliable device for relatively little money. A large selection of episodes and models allows any buyer to choose such a lawn mower that will comply with his needs as much as possible.

With careful use and regular maintenance, the reliability of gasoline lawn mowers AL-KO is no less than that of their analogues under more popular brands.

Malfunctions and repairs: how to diagnose and fix

Here is a list of the most common faults:

  • The engine does not turn on or periodically.
  • The knife does not rotate when the engine is turned on.
  • Strong vibration of the lawn mower.
  • The apparatus does not mow grass poorly.
  • The engine is very hot or the smell of smoke appears.
  • The self.propelled mower does not go forward well with a pressed wheel drive lever or does not go at all.

Does not turn on or periodically turns off the electric motor

The most common cause of such a malfunction is to turn off one of the forks from the corresponding outlet. This is due to the fact that they pulled the extension cable too much and he pulled out the fork from the outlet. If the motor worked and suddenly turned off for no reason, then go along the entire extension cord and check the contacts.

If all forks are inserted into the appropriate sockets, then check the voltage in the network, perhaps, together with the lawn mower, some additional electrical appliances of high power and power consumption have reached a critical value.

When this happens, fuses (traffic jams) are triggered, so you need to check them, if they are turned off, you will have to look for an additional electrical appliance, which increased the load on the network to a critical value.

If you do not turn off the device, then when turning on or long.term operation, the lawn mowers will work traffic jams that protect the home power supply from overload.

In old houses, faulty wiring gives the same effect, in which poor contacts under load heat up, which leads to:

To check such a wiring, current measuring ticks will be required.

Do not use any other measuring devices for this, because only current.measuring ticks allow you to perform such work without direct contact with electricity.

Remember. touching a bare conductor or contact, which is under voltage of 220 volts, is deadly!

First, turn off all electricity consumers, then measure the current at the entrance to the house, if the wiring is working and did not forget to turn off any electrical appliance, then the current consumption will be zero. Then connect the lawn mower and ask the assistant to start the mowing of the grass so that you can measure the current in the extension cord.

It must correspond to the power of the braid engine, which can be determined by the formula p = iu, where:

Having made sure that with mowing grass, the current consumption corresponds to the power, turn off the mower from the network and connect the ticks to the entrance wires along which the electricity enters the house, then ask the assistant to continue the mowing of the grass and observe the current, waiting for the traffic jams to train.

If a current jump is detected, then the wiring is faulty and requires replacement.

If the current increases not only at the entrance to the house, but also in the extension cord, then the problem is either in the extension cable or in the mower itself, so first replace the cable.

If this did not help, it is necessary to disassemble the mower and carefully check all the contacts, as well as the condition of the engine windings. However, for such work, it is necessary to understand the electrical engineering well and be able to repair it, because it is necessary not only to repair the damage or replace a defective part, but to eliminate the cause that led to such a defect.

If you do not know how to do this, then contact a specialized workshop.

The knife does not rotate when the engine is turned on

The reason for such a malfunction may be:

  • chopped engine bearing;
  • a chopped knife shaft bearing (only on mowers with a collector engine);
  • weak tension of the knife drive belt (only on mowers with a collector engine);
  • weak tightening of the bolt fixing the knife;
  • Loss of a knife.

To establish the exact cause and fix, turn the electric lawn breeze upside down from the network and twist the knife.

If it rotates without resistance, then the lawn mower has one of the following damage:

  • knife fixators are cut;
  • The knife attaching bolt is not twisted;
  • torn or stretched a knife drive belt;
  • Distributed pulleys of engine or knife.

To check the tightening of the bolt, shake the knife, moving one or the other edge from the seat, if the screw is not tightened, the knife will hang out, if it sits tight, then the problem is in something else.

To check the locks, unscrew the bolt, then remove the knife and inspect the seat for it. if the locks are damaged, this will be immediately visible.

To check and adjust the tension of the knife belt, you need to remove the engine, so we recommend that this operation independently only if you are well acquainted with the device of your mower and know how to remove and put it in place of its electric motor. This process is not the same on various braids, so it is impossible to prepare universal instructions.

After dismantling the engine, do the following:

  • Check the condition of all parts of the belt tensioner, bearings, rubber rings and springs should be intact;
  • Remove the belt and check its length (for this house there should always be a spare belt);
  • Check the condition of both pulleys, paying special attention to the inner surface where the belt passes and fixed the shaft.

Refresh or replace faulty parts, then collect the mower and check the work of the knife. As an example of such a repair, we suggest you see this

Strong vibration of the lawn mower

Strong vibration arises due to the fact that the knife:

An external inspection, even without removing a knife, will detect its deformation or poor fixation. If it is not bent and is normally fixed, then injected, as described above, then install on a mower and check its work.

AL-KO 40E engine shutdown

  • Carefully check the mowing section of the lawn, remove all extraneous objects.
  • Start mowing only if there are no outsiders in the working area.
  • Work only under good visibility conditions.
  • Lead the lawn mower.
  • Only a sharp cutting knife.
  • Do not mow the lawn in the presence of obstacles (for example, branches, roots of trees, reinforcement, stones).
  • On the slopes to mow only across towards the slope.
  • Do not mow up or down the slope, as well as on slopes with a slope of more than 20 degrees.
  • When working on the slopes, to be particularly cautioned with a change in the working direction.
  • Start the mowing as close as possible to the outlet.
  • Conduct an extension cord on an already beveled surface of the lawn.
  • Constant cut height 3-5 cm, maximize the grass to half of its height.
  • Do not overload the lawn mower! With a noticeable reduction in engine speed due to high, heavy grass, increase the height of the cut and make several approaches.
  • To protect the freshly cut lawn from drying, mow grass in the morning or in the late afternoon.
  • During periods of violent growth, mow the lawn twice a week, in a drought, respectively, less often.

Storage of electric lawners AL-KO 40e

  • Store the device with a network fork detonated from the outlet.
  • For compact storage, lower the upper spar.
  • Dry the device and store it in a place inaccessible to children and unauthorized persons.

Repair work can only be carried out by the AL-KO service center and authorized specialized enterprises. To avoid imbalance, cutting tools and bolts are replaced only in pairs.

Al-ko Silver 46 BR Comfort 119309

To get acquainted with the instructions, select the file in the list that you want to download, click on the “Download” button and you will go to the page where you will need to enter the code from the picture. With the right answer at the site of the picture, a button for obtaining a file will appear.

If there is a “viewing” button in the field with the file, this means that you can view the instructions online, without the need to download it to the computer.

If the material is not complete or need additional information on this device, such as the driver, additional files for example, firmware or micro.program, then you can ask the moderator and the participants of our community, who will try to quickly respond to your question.

Overview for the lawn mower gasoline self-propelled AL-KO 119618 Highline 51.5 SP-A

It’s time to supplement the slightly worn.out parking for a new model. After some ordeals, views of reviews, reviews and Комментарии и мнения владельцев, as well as due to the availability of a certain amount and desire to have specific functions in the device, the choice fell on AL-KO (Germany).

adjustment, engine, speed, al-ko

The main criteria for choosing a mower were as follows:

Having studied the assortment of lawn mowers offered by the company, he opted for Al-Ko Highline 51.5 SP-A Edition, as it fully complies with the above requirements.

By comparing the price policy and delivery time, the goods were purchased in the online trad.RU.

Everything is quite compactly packaged, but not every trunk will fit.

A plastic box is an air filter, you can also see the neck of the gas station and two cables. the supply of fuel and the wheel drive.

The wheels of a self.propelled chassis have a size 280 (rear) and 200 mm (front).

Red-black lever-adjustment of the height of mowing (seven-speed, from 30 mm to 80 mm), then the neck for the oil of the oil, on the “top” of the engine lever, below the red plate (folding, for lateral emissions) and black metal box-exhaust-exhaust-exhaust.

The type of engine is indicated on the plastic cover-AL-KO Pro 140 Quick Start (engine volume 140 cubic meters. cm., power 2.1 kW = 2.9 liters.With., Permanent revolutions 2850 rpm).

a hole for ejecting grass and a hatch for servicing a drive belt.

Details of the plastic prefabricated tank, key, hexagon, black cover for work without a grass collector.

And here is a small drawback when assembling the tank:

the usual screwdriver of the screw is not twisted, you need a very long cross.shaped.

The lawn mower has several operating modes:

Almost always, with the exception of rare cases, the mower is used in the mode of lateral release, for which you need to raise the red plug and insert the nozzle:

And insert a plug (nozzle for mulching) into the hole for the release of grass into the grass collector:

The farm has two Viking lawn mowers, which are already 7-8 years old and some problems arise with the stretch and replacement of the belt. How nice it was to see a window for servicing a drive belt on this model.

Metal is almost everywhere. For some reason, the gearbox does not cause much trust, it feels like it is made of plastic, and not from aluminum, although such a coating can.

By the way, read the instructions at least once and look at the photos on the first pages, Depending on the engine, the methods of the coup of the apparatus differ. Specifically this model with this engine can be lifted and put only on the right side. (The photo is not a correct slope, because even without liquids).

The mower is used on a area of ​​10 acres. A relatively flat surface (a small slope near the road is several crotons) and not very overgrown vegetation.

In order to avoid breakdowns of the engine, knife or curvature and random unbalances, it is better to walk and remove thick branches, cobblestones before the spinning of the site, and level the molesty t.D., Due to the lack of a safety coupling on the engine axis.

The appearance of the mower after working out 20 hours.

How to repair a gas mower carburetor

Hi I’m Mark. In this video, I will show you how to repair a gas mower carburetor. Problems with the launch and work of your lawn mower may depend on the carburetor. There is always a problem with the fuel remaining in the carburetor for a long period of time, say, during the winter. Most equipment manufacturers say that any fuel over 30 days is considered too old to be used, and it must be disposed of. This also applies to the fuel that remains in the fuel tank. In recent years, this has become an even more urgent problem when more and more fuel manufacturers are added to gasoline ethanol. The remnants of ethanol accelerate corrosion and resin formation in the carburetor. Fortunately, it is easy to fix it and in this video we will show you how to do it. We will start by removing the carburetor from the lawn mower. When the carburetor is removed from the lawn mower, I want to pull out the gaskets and inspect them. If there are any damage to the gaskets, then I want to replace them with reverse assembly. It seems that this gasket is torn in several places. We will definitely replace it. We move on and make the initial cleaning of the outer part of the carburetor, so that this dirt does not get back into the carburetor. For initial cleaning, I will use the aerosol with the carburetor cleaner and spray the bottom and the outer part of the carburetor. From the outside, the carburetor is clean enough. Move on and remove the float camera of the carburetor. There are fuel residues inside the carburetor, so I will take a container to drain the remaining gasoline. The float chamber is shot, now we can make out some internal components of the carburetor. I will start with the removal of the float and the dosing needle (nozzle). The float is held in place with a hinge on a simple axis. It just stretches out of the carburetor case. And I can remove the float and the metering needle from the carburetor. Next, I take out the main nozzle and the emulsion tube. The main nozzle is mounted with a screw in the carburetor case. Move on and unscrew it. You will reach the moment where it is no longer unscrewed from the carburetor case, but it still will not fall out of the case due to the length of the thread on the body. Here you can use an awl to insert it through a small hole on the side of the case, press the thread on the main jetler, and then continue unscrewing. Now I can remove the emulsion pipe. The emulsion tube is simply squeezed out of the case. You can access it with a small screwdriver through the hole of the carburetor housing. And finally I want to remove the gasket between the float camera and the carburetor housing. We will replace it. Next, I will twist this screw. This screw holds an auxiliary nozzle, and, having twisted it, we can clean it. Before I can do this, I need to unscrew the idle screw. Firstly, I want to calculate the number of revolutions as far as the idle screw is twisted from the carburetor body. And when we set the screw again, we will know how far we need to tighten it back. Unscrew the idle screw. And then a screw of the auxiliary jet. Now we can begin thorough cleaning of the internal parts of the carburetor. I’ll start with the carburetor case. There are several ways to do this cleaning and I will show how to do it. Firstly, we use the carburetor cleaner, and then we will use the ultrasound cleaner. Using aerosol to clean carburetors, I want to spray in the holes in the carburetor housing. I will insert the tip of the aerosol tube into the hole, and then spray the cleaner through it. I will do it through all available holes. But the most preferred way to clean the carburetor is processing in a small ultrasonic bath. You can buy it for about 100 in many tool stores. Ultrasound bath uses water and a dishwasher to clean the carburetor. When you turn it on, ultrasonic impulses very quickly destroy dirt and wash it out of the carburetor. This model also heats water, which significantly increases the efficiency of cleaning. To use this method, just lower the carburetor into the washing solution and turn it on. So, ultrasound finished cleaning. Now I can move on and take off the details. I will blow them with compressed air to remove water. Move on and clean the main jet and the emulsion tube. You can place them in an ultrasound bathroom, if any, but I prefer to use a little carburetor cleaner to clean. There is something, what should not be done when cleaning any parts of the carburetor. Do not insert the metal into these small aisles. Because he will most likely damage them, and the knot will not work normally. You can use something like a fishing line. This will not hurt the metal components and it works great. Everything is cleaned, now you can assemble a carburetor. I will start with this screw that holds the auxiliary nozzle, that is, a idle screw. I will insert it into the carburetor case, and twist it to the stop, and then unscrew it on the same number of revolutions as it was. There were about two revolutions. Excellent. Now insert the emulsion tube. and the screw of the main jackler. Now I will install the metering needle back on the float. I will insert this assembly back into the carburetor housing, and fix it with a hinged axis. Now I will put a new gasket of the float chamber and twist the screw of the camera. A new gasket on the spot, I put the float camera back on the carburetor and fixed it with a screw. Before we install the carburetor back to the lawn mower, I will take a sharp knife to clean the remains from old gaskets. I will also replace this gasket for thermal insulation. Now I will install our cleaned carburetor back to the lawn mower. I’ll start with the fuel line. Next, I will set back the fuel supply. Now I will put an air filter and our gaskets. After installing the air filter, put the air filter lid. Having repaired your lawn mowing carburetor on your own, you will save a lot of time and money compared to the price of repairs in the workshop. We hope you found this video useful. Please do not hesitate to leave a comment or ask us a question. _

Many owners of gasoline lawn mowers sooner or later face technical problems of this technique. Most often, problems arise after three to four seasons of active operation of the lawn mower or after the equipment spends the winter in an unexplored garage. These problems are manifested as follows:

We identify the cause of the malfunction

To repair the lawn mower yourself, it is best to be guided by the principle of “from simple to complex”. First, check if there is enough gasoline in the tank. If the mower stopped starting after wintering, it is worth draining the old fuel and replace it with a new. Sometimes low.quality gasoline comes across, which can give a precipitate or even delay in the winter, and some gas mowers are very sensitive to fuel quality.

If there is confidence as gasoline, but the lawn mower does not show signs of life, the next thing you need to do is check the spark. To do this, remove the wire with a cap from the candle and twist it with a special candle key, which should go with the lawn mower. Then throw the cap on the candle, attach its threaded part to the metal part of the engine and ask someone to pull the starter. At this moment, a bright blue spark should appear, which is clearly noticeable even during the day. Keep in mind that you need to lean the candle against the clean metal surface of the engine, which is not covered with paint and which can be current.

The basics of managing the lawn mower

In fact, any of the lawn mowers is a motor with a pair of sharp knives mounted on the engine shaft. The entire design of the motor shaft with the impeller is closed with plastic or steel protection and fixed on the wheel trim. Despite the relatively large weight of the unit, in theory, any adult without special physical training can mow a lawn mower. Nevertheless, mowing grass is not as easy as it can look on advertising.

For the correct and safe management of the lawn mower, you need:

  • Properly serve the device, adjust and prepare the lawn mower to work;
  • Well focus on the area of ​​the mowing site. Before starting work, inspect the site and remove stones, large branches, any garbage that can break the cutting edge, knife and engine;
  • If there are flower beds or shrubs on the lawn, you need to think over the route of the lawn mower and place to unload the container with cutting grass in advance.

Advice! Before going out on a real lawn haircut, try mowing vegetation of various heights on the most even and comfortable platform. This is necessary in order to learn how to mow and control the movement of a rather bulky trunks of the lawn mower so as to see and feel the dimensions of the device when obstructing obstacles.

AL-KO Elektrická Sekačka Comfort 40 E CZ

Practice for working on a lawn mower

Any complex technical device requires a certain time to get used to. If you did not have the practice of working with mowers of any performance, the first thing you need to study the instructions to clearly present which levers and pens are used to control the lawn mower and which. to adjust the haircut parameters. In addition, it will be necessary to learn how to set the position of the position of the cutting edge of the lawn mower so as to mow the grass with an even and neat layer, leaving 3-4 cm of vegetation throughout the entire site.

Adjustment and launch of the gas mowing motor

The maintenance and adjustment of the engine revolutions is considered the most difficult stage in the preparation of the lawn mower for work. Therefore, before entering into the fight against complex equipment, even having a certain experience, be sure to read and the operating instructions. The typical procedure for preparing a new motor for work looks approximately as follows:

  • The lawn mower must be installed on a flat and solid surface, wrap all folding elements and handles in the working position. The lever of turning the drive on the wheels must be turned off. If the lawn mower is equipped with a spark shutdown system, be sure to bring it to the turned off state;
  • It is necessary to mow only a absolutely good lawn mower, so before starting the motor it is necessary to inspect it and make sure that there is no leakage of oil and fuel. With a glove with a glove, check the density of planting the chip on the candle and proceed to refueling with fuel and oil;
  • The refueling of liquids is performed according to measured probes, for the oil crankcase, it will be necessary to fill the lubricant along the middle measure, no more. If you pour, the liquid can be squeezed out of the ventilation hole or through the gasket;
  • Be sure to change the oil after running in. If you decide to use semi.synthetics, do not go to the mineral water, and vice versa. About the first 20-30 hours after running the motor, mow grass at medium and low speeds. The performance will be low, but in the end you will significantly win in the motor resource, after a couple of mowers you can mow in normal mode.

Important! Almost all lawn mowers use motor oil with SAE-30 viscosity index. You can use domestic and imported brands, but only guaranteed quality.

What oil to pour in the lawn mower? High.quality mineral or semi.synthetics. The most correct ones will be to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations, and not follow the advice of the seller of motor oils.

Do not believe the fables of sellers and advertising slogans about the preliminary running of the engines at the enterprise. This procedure is fully performed at the enterprise only for powerful high.speed engines with a high degree of forcing.

The easiest way is to mow on high.octane unhealthy fuel, but only if you are 100% sure of the quality of gasoline. The engine of the lawn mower holds well and practically does not heat up. American and Chinese motors work normally on the A-92, European options can be more capricious in choosing gasoline. For two.stroke engines, gasoline is mixed with special oil in a ratio of 50: 1.

Run the motor in the following sequence:

  • Before starting, check the position of the control handle of the lawn mower, the transmission must be disconnected, otherwise the braid will begin to move and mow it on the moment of the start of the engine. Disconnect the power of the magneto or ignition system and scroll through the motor shaft with a starting cord or using the starter.
  • Turn on the ignition, close the air damper and try to start the motor.
  • If the start did not work out, turn off the ignition, open the air damper and, scrolling the shaft with the starter for several seconds, blow the combustion chamber.
  • After the successful launch of the motor, we transfer the gas control lever to a position corresponding to the turnover between the average and the lowest.

Start the gas mowing motor only if there is no fuel leak on the joints of the pipelines.

Important! Before you start mowing grass, a working motor is warming up for 5-7 mines. This must be done for any type of lawn mower. It is impossible to mow with an unheated engine, this significantly reduces the resource of both the motor and transmission.

Almost all models have the opportunity to mow and throw the grass into the grass collector, so we select a convenient place for parking of the lawn mower to remove and unload the box from the grass and re.equip the car or simply inspect if necessary if necessary. There will also be fuel, tools and spare candles.

Adjusting the lanes of the lawn mower

Before starting to mow, adjust the height of the knives above the ground level. Most often, the lifting of the mowing housing above the grass is exposed with one handle, less often two. for each pair of wheels, this helps to mow lawns with very dense and heavy grass.

The heavier the housing of the lawn mower, the lower the cutting edges can be located. Most often it is a value of 20-25 mm. Soft grass is good to mow at the low position of the cutting plane, for the hard and high one you have to adjust not only the clearance, but also the angle of inclination of the gas mowing housing.

The slope forward helps to compensate for the deviation of the mower back with too hard to press on the handle. Especially if the grass is wet. it is difficult to mow, the rear drive wheels can slip. For a front.wheel drive, such a slope only worsens the productivity of the mowing, passes appear, and the surface remains uneven.

Handle adjustment

Modern lawn mowers make it possible to adjust the position of the handle under any growth or features of the constitution and physique of man. The easiest way is to mow and direct the cart if the hands on the handle are at the level of the center of gravity of the case or higher by 2-3cm.

With a large mass of the lawn mower on the control handle, large efforts are quite large, so when choosing a model, choose a design with an aluminum or steel tubular frame.

The most common problems

Here are the most common malfunctions:

  • the engine does not start;
  • The motor stalls arbitrarily;
  • The engine does not gain momentum or does not hold them;
  • Immediately after the start of the mowing, the engine speed falls and it stalls or works with interruptions;
  • smokes strongly;
  • It goes badly;
  • does not stop even after the operator released the wheel drive lever;
  • shakes hard;
  • Poorly cut the grass.

The engine does not start

There are quite a lot of reasons why the motor does not start:

  • empty fuel tank;
  • a air filter is clogged;
  • a muffler is clogged;
  • The ignition switch is installed in the wrong position or faulty;
  • The air damper control lever is in the wrong position;
  • faulty candle;
  • broken or clogged carburetor.

Primary inspection

To establish the real cause of this defect, you must first conduct a full external inspection and make sure that the openings of the air filter or muffler are not clogged, there is gasoline in the tank, and the throttle control lever and the ignition switch are in the correct position.

If everything is in order with this, then it is necessary to carry out pre.launch work, including cleaning air or fuel filters, described in detail in the instructions for the operation of the mower, and then try to start again.

After making sure that the motor still does not start, the mowing is placed on the table and proceed to a more detailed search for the reasons.

First, the spark plug is twisted and tightly plug the candle hole with your finger, then smoothly, but quickly and strongly pulled the hand starter cable or pressed on the electric launch button.

The moving piston should create sufficient air pressure so that it pushes the finger and goes outside. If this does not happen, then the motor needs serious repairs, which is difficult to make at home, so it is better to take the mower to a specialized workshop.

After all, the reason that the piston does not move after the starter’s cable or rotating the shaft of an electric starter may be:

  • Damage to the starter, because of which he does not transmit the energy of rotation to the engine shaft;
  • The cut off the flywheel that connects the flywheel and the starter with the engine, and also provides the correct ignition angle.

To eliminate both malfunctions, not only tools, but also skill are needed, so those who do not have the skill of repairing any engines are better not to try to eliminate such problems on their own.

Further check

If the piston moves, then you must first check the fuel supply, for which the candle is thoroughly wiped with a dry clean rag, then screw it into place, and the regulator of the position by the air damper is placed in the “OFF” position, as during the start of the engine.

After that, the fuel is pumped up (if the engine design provides) and twitch the hand starter cable several times or pressed on the electric starter button and hold it for 1-3 minutes.

Then, the lever of the air damper is transferring to the “ON” position and the candle is unscrewed, which is carefully examined.

Wet contacts indicate that gasoline enters the engine and the problem of ignition, and dry contacts say:

In both cases, knowledge and equipment are necessary for proper diagnosis and repair, therefore, it is better to take the device to repair the apparatus to a specialized workshop.

If the fuel comes, then it is necessary to check the external condition of the ignition coil and the high.voltage wire. If they have cracks or poor contact as between the wire and the coil, so at the place of connection of the wire with the candle tip, they must be replaced.

If everything is fine, then you need to check the spark, for which you can use both a deliberately serviceable candle and a bolt suitable in diameter, which is inserted instead of a candle in a high.voltage wire.

The operations described below, if they are performed with errors, can damage the ignition coil, so if you are not sure that you can do everything right, then it’s better not to take risks and entrust such a check to professionals.

The candle is leaned with threads against the ribs of the engine cooling shirt, and the bolt is placed so that it does not come into contact with the mowing case or its engine, and the distance from it to the cooling shirt was 1-2 mm.

After that, disconnect any wire going to the ignition switch, then pull the lever of the manual starter or press the electric button and see if the spark will appear.

If there is no spark, then the device does not start for one of the reasons:

For the repair of these damage, skills and equipment are needed, so those who do not have them are better to trust professionals. If there is a spark, then the problem is in the spark plug, so after replacing it will work.

The motor stalls arbitrarily

The most frequent reasons why the engine stalls during operation are:

  • Dirty air filter;
  • Dirty fuel filter (only for models with a fuel filter);
  • faulty ignition switch (does not completely open the ignition circuit);
  • damaged insulation of the ignition shutdown wires;
  • faulty air damper drive;
  • the tightness of the ignition coil is broken or its winding is broken.

The primary inspection is performed in the same way as described in the previous section. If everything is fine outwardly, then carefully examine and feel all the wires suitable for the switch that blocks the operation of the ignition system, is possible somewhere damaged and when contacting the naked metal of the case, there is a short circuit that extinguishes the spark.

A gasoline lawn mower is a complex motorized equipment that needs proper timely maintenance and periodic repair.

Now you know what malfunctions can independently eliminate most of the owners of gasoline lawners and how to do it, and in which cases it is better to contact the workshop.