Alco Gasoline Lawn Mowers – Experience, Power, Variety

Today, gardening equipment occupies an honorable place in the everyday life of almost every person, whoever has a garden area certainly has a more indispensable tool than a lawn mower. It is to this topic that this article will be provided.

Although more precisely, the lawnmowers of the world famous manufacturer Alco. Here you can get acquainted with his best models of analogues, which simply do not exist all over the world. They are powerful, they are practical and high performance.

Therefore, if you are not yet lucky and do not have this kind of equipment in your garden arsenal, then it’s time to think about its acquisition. Well, let’s get started.

Let’s talk a little about the manufacturer

For many years, the company has been engaged in the production and production of the world’s best products, which are aimed at working in garden areas. The high level of quality of technology of this manufacturer does not cause any doubt, both among competitors and consumers.

Every year, the company produces thousands of its models, equipped with high technological characteristics, and a huge range of functionality. The manufacturer uses exclusively high-quality material for the manufacture of its products.

over, the company has a palm in the electrical market. It is the best of its kind, and the practicality, productivity and high quality of its technology are proof of this.

Features of the company’s gas mowers

First of all, what I would like to say is that with this kind of tool you can process absolutely any area. over, its main advantage is that it does not need any power source, just like for the Shtil, Kraftman, Stig, Makita lawnmowers, for tall grass, manual gasoline, Honda, Champion, MTD. Such an instrument is significantly more powerful than the electric model.

The negative side of such models is the high dimensionality, and in addition, this kind of lawn mower is very noisy and during operation produces harmful gases.

By the way, let’s return to the noise of the device, since it is worth noting that its level depends on the power of the instrument. It is for this reason that if you want to work comfortably, it is best to use headphones when operating the mower.

It is worth noting that if you want to purchase a tool specifically for working on a summer cottage, then purchase a device with an engine of no more than 6 or 7 hp. Since, in fact, it makes no sense to take a more powerful tool, because even the smallest hit of a pebble or any bone can lead to damage to the device.

The best models of the manufacturer

And now let’s actually get acquainted with the best lawn mowers of this manufacturer, so:

Alco Gasoline Lawn Mowers. Experience, Power, Variety

1.Petrol motocross AL-KO MS 4300

Description and Specifications

This model is a unique representative of a series of tools for the home and garden Paver Life. Thanks to its functionality, working with it will be pleasant and comfortable for you, and moreover, the effectiveness of its performance is not even discussed.

This tool is used for work on lawns and lawns, since the device can cope with tasks related to mowing grass without any problems. over, a lawn mower with lightning speed is able to produce high-quality cleansing of largely dense plantations.

This tool has a powerful engine whose indicator reaches 1.1 kW, and thanks to which it is perfectly able to cope with significant loads. In addition, the manufacturer took care of the fuel economy itself, so he equipped the device with a high-quality carburetor.

Since thanks to him, you can operate the equipment for a rather long time offline and naturally through one refueling. But, nevertheless, the speed of the mower is not lost.

Mechanical snowblowers make it easier to clear areas from snow, reduce cleaning time and eliminate exorbitant loads. Following the link, get acquainted with the types and scope of mechanical snow blowers.

Video: Alco Gasoline Lawn Mowers. Experience, Power, Variety

It is very difficult to do without equipment, especially when it comes to large volumes of work, both at the beginning of the field work season and at the end, during the harvest. Here you will learn how to make a trailer for a walk-behind tractor with your own hands.

It is enough to purchase the right cultivator for giving, and the question of weeding and plowing the land is actually, without unnecessary labor on the part of man. An electric cultivator is a great alternative to manual labor.

In addition, it is important that the tool has a handle that is quite comfortable and resembles a bike handle over, it is equipped with integrated control elements, which in turn provides complete control over the device. So you can only by turning the handle itself to start the mechanism.

It is worth noting that this model has a simple launch system, through which, in a minimum period of time, each owner will be able to prepare the device for the work itself.

In order to properly distribute the actual load, it is advisable to use a shoulder ergonomic belt, which in turn has a double type. Through its operation, the load on your hands will be significantly reduced. Consequently, you will be able to operate the tool for a sufficiently long time and at the same time not feel very tired.

over, you can work with this device in absolutely any weather. Such pleasure will cost you 9,000 rubles.

2.AL-KO Classic 3.82 SE self-propelled

Description and Specifications

This model is an indispensable tool for mowing grass lawns, and which in turn has a small size. It is worth noting that this device is quite effective and practical. In addition, financial and physical costs are at a minimum. Thanks to this kind of feature, this model is very popular among consumers and, moreover, is in great demand.

It is worth noting that the tool is quite compact, its movement is made in a straight line, since the lawn mower has solid axle wheels. In addition, the device is quite simple to maneuver.

The power plant has an engine with modern technology, which is able to develop power with an indicator of 1.4 kW. over, it perfectly "adapts" to any kind of air temperature difference.

Also, the device does not need maintenance, as well as the constant refueling of oil and gasoline. over, the tool has an environmentally friendly and quiet motor, which actually turns on by using just one button.

In addition, the manufacturer perfectly thought out the cutting system of the device itself. Since the passage width is thirty-eight centimeters. If we talk about the height of the cut grass, then its interval ranges from two to six centimeters.

If you will need to make the adjustment yourself, then all you will need to do is actually raise the wheel axle and fix it in three positions. Such a device costs 7500 rubles.

3.Petrol motocross AL-KO MS 3300

Description and Specifications

This is a magnificent model, designed for work in small areas, as well as small areas. It is thanks to the most powerful two-stroke engine that the fully high quality of work, as well as the productivity of the device, is ensured.

The lawn mower has a knife, which has a mulching character and which is actually built into the tool itself. Through its activities, the mowing grass is quickly milled in the grass catcher.

This kind of “trunk” for grass has a volume that is equal to seventy liters. If we talk about the height of the haircut, then it ranges from twenty-eight to seventy-five millimeters. The breathtaking width is no more than forty-six centimeters in size.

over, this tool perfectly makes movement on rather uneven surfaces. This kind of feature is permissible due to the fact that the manufacturer equipped the device with wheels, which in turn have bearings and are mounted on the hubs.

This mower does not produce loud noise during operation. And it is worth noting that this is an important advantage of this model, since all owners of this equipment know firsthand how gasoline powered lawn mowers can be noisy.

In addition, it is worth noting that its weight category is 6,900 kilograms and this kind of technical model is in the range of 9600 rubles.

To summarize.

Today, lawn mowers perform a huge range of work. Thanks to them, our streets are clean, beautiful and well maintained. After all, it is not in vain that they are in such great demand among consumers and organizations that actually occupy our streets.

But each device is unique in its own way. Since one is suitable for minimum volumes and loads, and the other has the highest level of power and is able to cope with grass in huge areas.

Therefore, it is very important to choose a tool for yourself primarily based on your needs, and also take into account directly the manufacturer who "created" this or that model.

In this article, you had the opportunity to familiarize yourself with the aspects of the products of one of the world’s best companies producing home and garden equipment.

And you also learned how a lawn mower gasoline self-propelled represents its manufacturer on the electrical market. But if you have not chosen one of these models for yourself, then you can simply visit the official website of the company, where thousands of models of lawn mowers for every taste and preference are presented.