Alteration Battery Screwdriver On Network

Alteration Battery Screwdriver On Network

The most common and indispensable tool for working in the country, garage or in the house is a screwdriver. And also it is very popular in the performance of various construction and electrical work for professional workers who, by their nature, have to deal with structures with threaded connections.

DIY power screwdriver

The biggest advantage of a cordless screwdriver over a network one is its mobility and compactness. But he also has a very big minus. low power consumption battery pack. With the hard work of charging the battery of the screwdriver, it takes about forty minutes, then it needs to be put on charge. The number of charge-discharge cycles for batteries is limited, as a result of which the battery becomes unusable. With rare use of a screwdriver, self-discharge of the battery occurs and the destruction of its component elements.

A failed battery cannot be repaired, and acquiring a new one can be problematic due to the variety of models and the lack of standardization. And even if you can find the right battery model, then its price is comparable to the price of a new screwdriver and this raises the question of whether you need to purchase a new battery or something else can be done.

All this pushes the screwdriver owners to the question, how to remake a cordless screwdriver in a network.

Network Screwdriver Options

For a cordless screwdriver, there are two options for remaking a screwdriver from a cordless one to mains power. The differences between the options relate more to the electrochemical part than to the operational part, therefore, when choosing a modification method, you should mainly focus on element base availability and your preferences.

  1. Firstly, you can use an external power supply. In this case, there are no restrictions on the dimensions of the power supply, its weight and electrical safety, since a low-voltage voltage is supplied to the screwdriver.
  2. Secondly, you can place the power supply in the housing from the battery. In this case, all the advantages of the first option turn into cons. A plus in this option will be that in the process of work it is not necessary to transfer the power supply together with the screwdriver.

Remote Power Supplies

there is several types of power supplies, which can be used as a power source for a cordless screwdriver. Let’s consider some of them.

  1. PC power supply. You will need a power supply from an AT format PC. Such a power supply differs from others in that it always has a 220 V power button on it. Also, such power supplies are favorably distinguished by the fact that the power indicated on it always corresponds to the real one, in addition, such power supplies have good protection against overloads and a cooling fan. We need a power supply unit whose power is 300–350 W, and the current in the 12 V circuit must be at least 16 A. In order to redo such a power supply unit, it is necessary, firstly, by unscrewing the power supply unit to remove protection against switching on. To perform this work, it is necessary to find the green wire on the power supply connector and connect it by soldering or jumper to any black wire located on the same connector. Secondly, in the MOLEX type connector (it is smaller), we leave only the yellow (12 V) and black (case) wire, we remove the red wire (5 V). Next, connect the wires of the power supply unit with the screwdriver terminals with a flexible wire with a cross section of at least 2.5 mm and the length you need. It is very important to observe the correct polarity, so the cable must first be marked.
  2. Car Battery Charger. If you have an analog charger with manual adjustment of voltage and charge current, then alteration is not required, just connect it through the cable to the screwdriver terminals and adjust the voltage according to the voltage of the screwdriver. And also we must not forget about the polarity of the applied voltage.
  3. Laptop charger. This method is simple because it requires almost no technical knowledge. If there is an unnecessary charger suitable for the voltage from the laptop, then by checking its output voltage, you can connect the charging to the contacts of the screwdriver. To do this, you need to disassemble the battery pack of the screwdriver and remove the batteries that have become unusable from there. Having made a hole in the battery case, pass the wires from the charger there and connect them to the contacts of the screwdriver, observing the required polarity. By applying a 220 volt network to the charger, you can start working with a screwdriver.
  4. Car battery. This method is used when wires for connecting from a network device are removed from the screwdriver. It is enough to connect them observing the polarity with the terminals of the car battery to continue working with a screwdriver.
  5. Homemade power supply. In order to make a portable home-made power supply yourself, you need knowledge in the field of radio engineering, as well as being able to read electrical schematic diagrams. In order to make a home-made power supply, you need a power transformer. Such transformers were previously used in tube TVs, as well as in other similar household appliances. The power of the transformer in the primary winding should be 205-300 watts. The voltage of the secondary winding must be selected within 18-30 V. The cross-section of the wires of the secondary winding must withstand a current of at least 15 amperes. A diode bridge or a bridge assembled from separate diodes must also be designed for the corresponding current. Losses at the diode post are approximately 1.5 volts, respectively, the output will get close to the required voltage. In practice, the required voltage can be selected using a conventional incandescent lamp with a voltage of 220 V and a power of 100 watts. By connecting it as a load, by the number of turns of wire on the secondary winding of the transformer, the required voltage must be achieved. Next, the assembled power supply needs to be placed in the housing and the low-voltage wires to the connector for connecting to a screwdriver. It is also important to install fuses in the primary and secondary circuits of the transformer, thus making the PSU protected against short circuit.

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Integrated power supplies

  1. Now there is an opportunity purchase a ready power supply, which has the necessary characteristics, and most importantly, dimensions. Choosing a suitable power supply, carefully remove it from the housing and place it in the housing from the battery of the screwdriver. Depending on the layout, you may have to make a number of alterations, for example, install the transformer in another place and extend the wires to the circuit. Here you need to pay attention to the fact that the circuit elements do not touch the metal parts of the transformer. It is advisable to install the power elements of the circuit on radiators; it is also advisable to drill holes in the battery case for better cooling.
  2. As well as experienced hams, they develop their most varied options for how to remake a screwdriver to work from the network, collect various power supply circuits and place them in the battery of the screwdriver.

Converted from a cordless to a power screwdriver loses in mobility, but compensates for this in that case, you can forget about the constant recharging of the battery. And also do not have to think about what to do in a situation when the battery fails.