Alteration of the Ural walk-behind tractor to a Chinese engine

uniaxial tractor “Ural

Motoblocks “Ural-UMP-5V” first began to be sold in the country just before its global redistribution at the dawn of the 90s of the last century. Since motoblocks, as a convenient and cheap technical means, were needed by many, so it became very popular in the USSR. In just a few years, its sales reached 150 thousand units. Such popularity of the walk-behind tractor was facilitated by the optimal combination of its characteristics.

The developers were able to combine the high performance of the walk-behind tractor, which was achieved by a five-horsepower gasoline unit that accelerates it to a speed of 15 km / h, combined with battery power sufficient to process up to 2 hectares of arable land. In addition, the unit could carry loads of up to half a ton in weight.

The walk-behind tractor has a wide adjustable ground clearance, which allows the device to be operated on different types of sites. But it should be noted that the basic model of the “Ural” is not particularly versatile. It can only transport goods and cultivate the soil. Mowing grass, removing garbage or snow using attachments will not work with this technique. such opportunities are not provided. But if you independently redo the structure by adding the necessary fasteners, then you can expand its functionality.

The model is implemented according to the scheme of power transfer to the wheels by means of a differential. Some modifications use foreign high-power engines, but domestic versions are the most popular due to the availability of spare parts, proper documentation and durability of operation.


We give some data on the walk-behind tractor.

  • dimensions of the walk-behind tractor: 1560/790/1050 mm;
  • ground clearance 270 mm;
  • cylinder volume 0.475 l;
  • weight. 125 kg;
  • with a fuel tank volume of 6 liters, fuel consumption is less than two liters of gasoline;
  • four-stroke engine with right-hand rotation, single-cylinder, uses gasoline with any octane number, reacts well to gas;
  • air-cooled;
  • the battery shows high charge rates.

Advantages of the Ural walk-behind tractor:

  • when the unit weighs more than a centner, it is not necessary to additionally press on the handles with its own weight, which makes it easier to cultivate the land;
  • there are numerous opportunities for self-improvement and design upgrades;
  • high resource indicators of the engine;
  • air filter does not require replacement of gaskets.

At the same time, the following disadvantages were also noted:

  • Frequent leakage of lubricant at the joints of the engine / gearbox;
  • you have to check the oil level frequently;
  • the gas distribution mechanism leads to an increase in the consumption of gasoline and engine oils due to design features;
  • not recommended for long journeys with a load (low speed).

Engines UMZ-5B and its variant UMZ-5DU-B have the following characteristics:

  • four-stroke, power up to 5.4 liters. from. (more than 3.5 kW);
  • equipped with a two-stage gearbox with a gear ratio of 1 to 6 or 1 to 2.91;
  • one cylinder;
  • forced cooling.

The UMZ-5DU-B model differs in that its gearbox is single-stage and its gear ratio is 1 to 6, and a ratchet is not installed on the gearbox shaft.

As an alternative to Ural engines, if it becomes necessary to replace it, they often choose imported products from the Chinese manufacturer Lifan (Lifan).

Lifan was founded in the early 90s of the twentieth century and today is one of the most famous large companies in the automotive market in our country. In addition to engines, Lifan also produces other motor vehicles with an optimal price-quality ratio. The products are certified, and each product must be accompanied by a technical passport and operating instructions.

Lifan presents different types of engines on the Russian market. One of the most important characteristics when choosing an engine is the installation dimensions, since they do not always correspond to Russian standards.

Another important characteristic is engine power, since in most cases Lifan engines have 6.5 liters. from. against 5 liters. from. at the “Ural”.

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Disassembly itself is not particularly difficult and is performed in a couple of stages even by a specialist with little or no experience.

  • The old engine is removed from the fastening connectors using standard open-end wrenches.
  • First, disconnect the fuel and oil lines, if any.
  • Next, remove the centrifugal regulator.
  • Sometimes, at the stage of installing a new engine, it is necessary to use gaskets, but with the correct selection of sizes, this is not necessary. The easiest way is to fit an adapter plate with holes for fixing.

Lifan offers several lines of gasoline engines: 168F, 168F-2, 177F and 2V77F.

  • four-stroke;
  • power. up to 5.4 liters. from. (more than 3.5 kW);
  • 1 cylinder;
  • cooling. forced;
  • the crankshaft is located at an angle of 25 degrees;
  • cylinder. 163 cm3;
  • fuel tank. 3.6 liters;
  • cylinder with a diameter of 68 mm;
  • shaft with a diameter of 19 mm;
  • started manually;
  • dimensions 312х365х334 mm;
  • weight. 15 kg.

The 168F-2 engine is of interest to buyers in that it differs from the previous version in its increased resource and higher parameters. it is more powerful (6.5 hp), has a larger cylinder (196 cc).

Engines in 9 liters. from. represented by Lifan 177F models:

  • four-stroke;
  • power. up to 9 liters. from. (more than 5.6 kW);
  • one cylinder;
  • forced air cooling;
  • the crankshaft is horizontal;
  • cylinder. 270 cm3;
  • fuel tank. 10 liters;
  • started manually;
  • dimensions 378x428x408 mm;
  • weight. 27 kg.

The Lifan 2V77F model has even higher characteristics and more power, according to its characteristics. the best heavy engine in its class:

  • four-stroke;
  • power up to 17 liters. from. (more than 12.4 kW);
  • two pistons;
  • mechanical speed controller;
  • cooling. forced, air;
  • the crankshaft is horizontal;
  • cylinder. 615 cm3;
  • fuel. 27.5 liters;
  • launch. manually;
  • dimensions 455x396x447 mm;
  • weight. 42 kg.

Selection and installation of the engine on a single-axle tractor “Ural

All gardeners and gardeners prepare their plots with the beginning of seasonal work. For plowing the land, many use walk-behind tractors. But not everyone can buy the latest models and continue to use the legacy of the Soviet Union. One such unit will be discussed today.


According to their traction characteristics, walk-behind tractors are divided into classes.

  • The light class includes devices with engines of less than 5 liters. from they are used to treat areas less than 0.02 hectares.
  • Medium motoblocks with engines less than 9 liters. from used on plots up to one hectare.
  • Heavy, with a capacity of up to 18 liters. from cultivate the soil on plots of up to four hectares.

we can say that today’s market offers different engines for motoblocks, both Russian and imported, and in many cases they are interchangeable.

How to install a Lifan 168f-2 engine on a single-axle Ural tractor, see the video.

The upgraded Ural motorcycle was equipped with a Lifan engine

One of the owners of the legendary Soviet motorcycle “Ural” solved the problem of its “gluttony” by replacing the regular boxer with a Lifan gasoline engine. As a result, fuel consumption was reduced to 2 liters per 100 km, while the maximum speed remained at the level of 40 km / h.

The new engine, which produces only six and a half “horses”, used to stand on a conventional walk-behind tractor, but now it works in tandem with a full-fledged gearbox (from the “Dnepr” motorcycle), the torque to which is transmitted by an automobile belt drive.

Комментарии и мнения владельцев on news

You can take more moonshine with you! And why put a box from the Dnieper in the Urals, if it has its own one? In general, a rare guano turned out from a good Soviet motorcycle. And you can ride it to the first post, where the traffic police will stop and remove the number for gross interference in the structure.

So over the Urals, no one has mocked. reduce power six times and enjoy the savings. you can go further. put on the pedals and fuel consumption will be zero.

Regarding the maximum speed of the Urals with the factory engine, 40 km / h, the author was lying to say the least. Ural rushing 90-100 is normal, but zher, like a car. I agree that the alteration wins in terms of efficiency, but at the same time there are problems with the belt drive and power, which is clearly only for smooth roads and underload. The Ural was originally intended for rural areas and off-road, while it could pull a trailer with hay, firewood.

Also modernized in this way. Recommend.

Didn’t you think of putting the pedals instead of the engine? Would bring gas mileage to ZERO

From 36 to 6 hp? And what is he carrying on quiet 2 liters? I would pedal to it and that’s it.

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a person needed transport faster than a walk-behind tractor and he got it, this engine with its 6 horses will take out in low gears everything that you can load on a motorcycle, and you would try to jump on the old engine))) one of its big minuses and consumption is more than that of a passenger car, plus at low speed and load, the engine overheats due to weak airflow, which leads to even greater problems in operation. So there are much more advantages in such a remake for households. needs a very good machine, just don’t drive on public roads.

uniaxial tractor Ural. instruction manual, technical characteristics

the uniaxial tractor Ural with the UMZ-5V engine has been serving faithfully for many years with some of our readers. The technique has proven itself well, and even after buying from hands for a long time helps in the personal household.

Manufacturer of motoblocks Ural with UMZ-5V engine. OJSC Ufa Engine-Building Production Association. For 25 years, the association has been producing small-scale mechanization equipment. motoblocks. During this time, UMPO collected 160 thousand motoblocks.

Official website of the Agro walk-behind tractor manufacturer.

Iron Buffalo, 2 Wheel Tractor, Walking Tractor. Thailand

In 1998, the enterprise began production of a heavy Agros walk-behind tractor. a more powerful and productive product with an expanded set of functions and a set of attachments for it. Ural production was discontinued.

The multipurpose uniaxial tractor UMB-K Ural is designed to perform various works on personal plots, in gardens and vegetable gardens for individual and collective use.

With the help of a walk-behind tractor, complete with attachments, you can cultivate and plow the soil, huddle and dig root crops, mow the grass, transport goods, etc.

a single-axle tractor, complete with the attached rotary cultivators, can work on any type of soil, including heavy, clayey and stony.

alteration, ural, walk-behind, tractor

The UMZ 5V engine withstood the heat and heavy loads, spare parts and consumables for it were not in short supply.

uniaxial tractor Ural. instruction manual, technical characteristics

Technical characteristics of the Ural walk-behind tractor with UMZ-5V engines

Name Value
Walk-behind tractor type Universal, uniaxial
Gearbox oil TAD-17, TAP-15V, TEP-15, TSp-15K, TSp-14 in accordance with GOST 23652-79
Oil volume in the gearbox, l 1.5
Overall dimensions, mm length width height

Malfunctions and methods of their elimination

Operation manual for uniaxial tractor Ural. download

Operating instructions for the UMZ-5V engine for the Ural walk-behind tractor. download Here you can find a detailed description of carburetor adjustment and ignition installation, as well as possible engine malfunctions, causes and remedies.

Replacement of engines

Taking into account the fact that technical development does not stand still, the manufacturing company periodically releases new and more improved engines. Since a single-axle tractor is a multifunctional equipment that is designed for a long service life, sometimes an engine replacement is required either due to a failure, or in order to improve the model and make the equipment more powerful.

alteration, ural, walk-behind, tractor

uniaxial tractor Ural with zid engine

The Ural motor cultivator with a similar engine starts up from a cord that is wound on a pulley. Can be started with the starter grip, but this will require much more strength. This is because the crankshaft goes through the gearbox. The unit is a four-stroke single-cylinder engine that runs on gasoline and is designed for installation on light self-propelled agricultural equipment.

In more detail, you can familiarize yourself with the walk-behind tractor in the photo or video. The technical characteristics of the Ural walk-behind tractor give a guarantee of operation up to 2000 hours within one year, if the work is carried out in accordance with all operating rules.

uniaxial tractor Ural with umz 5 engine

The device for a uniaxial tractor Ural is an engine with trouble-free operation for a long time with proper operation. The detailed instructions for the engine of the Ural walk-behind tractor indicate that it is categorically impossible to start the UMZ 5 without gasoline and oil, the oil should be changed after 50 hours of operation, periodically check all filter elements, at least after 25 hours, inspect the air cleaner.

Repairing the engine is not expensive; you can almost always do with home tools. This also applies to the engine with a gearbox for the Ural walk-behind tractor, which also does not require special skills to repair it.

The Ural single-axle gasoline tractor is distinguished by its durability and excellent wear resistance.

uniaxial tractor Ural with umz 5b engine

the uniaxial tractor Ural has similar characteristics to the UMZ-5DU-B. It has a two-stage gearbox, which is installed on self-propelled vehicles. With the help of this unit, a single-axle Ural tractor with any attachments can work with high quality and durability. details can be found in the instructions that are attached to the walk-behind tractor.

Motoblocks Ural

the uniaxial tractor Ural was developed back in the 90s on the territory of the Russian Federation and remains popular among farmers to this day. When designing, all the details were taken into account, thanks to which the Ural walk-behind tractors have excellent technical characteristics.

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With the rapid development of technology, this agricultural technique is still popular among landowners. An excellent alternative to rakes and shovels, as well as significant savings in time and effort when plowing the soil. over, this type of agricultural equipment does not require special skills in work, minor breakdowns can be easily repaired right “on the spot” using simple pliers and pliers.

Distinctive advantages:

  • the single-axle tractor Ural umz, although made by Chinese manufacturers, is distinguished by a good margin of safety and almost complete absence of serious breakdowns;
  • these are air-cooled four-stroke engines;
  • the motor of the Ural walk-behind tractor consumes fuel economically, despite the weather and climatic features;
  • the Chinese uniaxial tractor Ural practically does not require repair, has high power and is able to handle almost any soil.

Mounting Tracks to walk-behind tractor

Detailed instructions for repairing the engine for the Ural walk-behind tractor is attached.

The Ural 650750cc engine is real. ) | Topic author: Kasuga

Oppositor gentlemen, whose engine from the Ural 650 has been converted to 750 cubic meters. Now I am assembling such an engine, what can be the nuances of a stacked alteration, what broke or unscrewed from someone, who drives on such an engine, any information from the owners of such an alteration. Thank you all in advance.

Artyom (Bhupati) Why didn’t your Kasikov engine please you? And so, in terms of alteration, somewhere on the opposite I read that you can put cylinders from a wolf

Shura (Janosch) Subject buddy !! ) no, cotton wool boilers !! ) I put the Kasovsky knee in the Ural crankcase, spacers, etc. according to the ABC book, all according to the mind, but with advice or operating experience, a living example, his mother. at least with anything, somebody will write at least something. )

Artyom (Bhupati) You can try to overheat 650 boilers.

No Shura (Janosch), you don’t need to liner anything, it’s not about the cylinders at all. ) I am very interested in who else assembled such a motor, in general, in Soviet times, the Urals were preparing for competitions!!

Shura (Janosch) And I have a very wonderful Kasovsky motor, I’m like a pereretres, I don’t pick it for 4 years, once the spring on the exhaust valve broke and there were no more problems, a very, very reliable and durable motor. unfortunately, time goes on and I feel sorry for the old man, I want a more powerful motor, I will send my retirement to another frame, and I will continue to drive on the 750 Ural! )

Shura (Janosch) is almost ready to launch its engine. )))))

Shura (Janosch) actually is my Ural 750ka, it is in the frame of my mot and has been safely put into operation. ))) Whoever wants to assemble such a motor can safely ask for advice. ))))Good luck everyone. ))

Artyom (Bhupati) Describe the entire list of improvements

Shura (Janosch) knee k-750, spacers for samopal cylinders, rods, rocker arms, valve-dipro, digging in the heads with a cutter, rocker axles samopal, changing the cover of the rods. Well, in general, there is even a book on preparing the Urals for cross-country competitions, in fact there are enough nuances !! )

Dmitry (Giordano) and the starter did not think to stick?

Shura (Janosch) dynamics pleased me, the engine came out brisk. )

single-axle tractor Ural with Lifan YouTube engine

uniaxial tractor Ural with Lifan engine Replacing the ZID-4.5m engine on the Ural walk-behind tractor with a Chinese one. Duration: 7: 44HAROSCHIJ-.

Uniaxial Tractor Oil | Topic author: Boris

I have a single-axle Ural tractor with an UMZ-5b engine that stood for about 8-9 years in the garage, t.

Andrey there is a drain and control plug on the case, look. fill in mineral, buy good for the same amount of time. yes, the old one.

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