angle grinder 125 mm which one to choose

Makita 9069

The Makita 9069 angle grinder has a power of 2000 W, the maximum number of revolutions is 6600. The weight of the model is 4.2 kg, with dimensions of 528189177 mm. It is a simple and reliable angle grinder with minimal functionality. There is a latching start switch, multi-stage protection against dust ingress.

angle, grinder, which, choose

Pros of Makita 9069

  • Comfortable grip, hands don’t slip.
  • There are three holes for attaching the second handle.
  • Armor and winding armoring.
  • Elastic power cord, does not interfere with work.
  • Powerful enough to cut thick-walled metal and stone.
  • No smooth start, you need to hold the tool firmly.
  • No jamming protection.
  • At the point of contact of the brushes with the body, heating occurs.
  • The plastic of the case has an unpleasant odor that disappears over time.

Output. This sander is designed for professionals. It is used for all types of work, but when cutting metal, you need to monitor the load. The tool is not suitable for grinding wood.

Bosch GWS 20-230 H Professional

Bosch GWS 20-230 H Professional 0.601.850.107 angle grinder is designed for heavy loads, tool power. 2000 W at 6600 rpm. Dimensions are 550170150, weight. 5.1 kg. Easily processes metal products, for concrete and stone you need to connect a dust extractor, since there is no protection against dust during long-term operation.

Pros of Bosch GWS 20-230 H Professional

  • Start without jerking, although there is no smooth start.
  • Large power reserve.
  • Ergonomic grip, hands do not get tired after long-term use.
  • Comes with 8 discs.
  • Reducer flange is not metal, may not withstand the load.
  • No smooth power regulation.

Output. Requirements for the operation of this model. the installation of only high-quality disks. Otherwise, beating may occur, there will be an uneven cut. Scope. industrial metal cutting, processing of concrete, brick, paving slabs. A handy tool for dismantling, construction and repair of private and commercial facilities. Has a great resource.

Bort BWS-1000-R

The Bort BWS-1000-R has a low power rating of only 900 watts at 11,000 rpm. Dimensions. 400100110 mm. Angle grinder weight. 2.3 kg. The angle grinder has a comfortable grip and the ability to handle hard-to-reach places. Adjustment of revolutions from zero to maximum. But for this, a variable resistor is used, due to which, with an increase in speed, the power is briefly reduced.

Pros of Bort BWS-1000-R

  • Quick-detachable casing, mounted on an eccentric.
  • There are special hatches for replacing brushes.
  • One-handed operation.
  • The handle is attached on the left and right side.
  • Does not heat up under significant loads.
  • The power button is located on the handle, next to the speed control, which is convenient for smooth adjustment.
  • Short network cable, 2 m.
  • No case for storing tools and supplies.
  • The shaft locking button may break if more force is applied when tightening the disc.
  • Low quality plastic of the power button, there is a possibility of breakage.

Output. An angle grinder is used for fine processing, cutting thick steel or sanding wood is difficult and time-consuming. The reason is the lack of power, its decrease when adjusting the speed. A good option for a home craftsman, not long-term work at a construction site, repair, grinding metal surfaces.

Makita GA5030

Angle grinder Makita GA5030 with a power of 720 W has a small length. 266 mm. Weight is 1.8 kg. The number of revolutions per minute. 11000. The case is thin, you can work with one hand. The manufacturer has installed ball bearings, which are more convenient and reliable than needle or bushings. The gearbox uses an oblique transmission, which increases the maintenance-free service life.

Pros of Makita GA5030

  • Lightweight and allows one-handed operation.
  • The gear housing is flattened, which makes it possible to work in hard-to-reach places.
  • High quality lubricant applied to moving parts.
  • Collector protection in case of bearing failure.
  • Armature winding fully sealed to protect against dust.
  • Network cable length. 2.5 m.
  • Protective cover secured with a Phillips screwdriver.
  • For processing metal with a thickness of 3 mm or more, there is not enough power, sawing takes a long time.
  • There is no smooth start and speed control.
  • To turn on the “Start” button, you need to press it down and forward.

Output. This angle grinder can be used at home and on small production lines where it serves as an auxiliary function. Handles both cutting and grinding equally well.

AEG WS 13-125 XE

Angle grinder AEG WS 13-125 XE can be attributed to semi-professional models. With a power of 1300 W, 11000 rpm, the dimensions are. 30010075 mm. Angle grinder weight. 2.4 kg. Additional functions of the model. adjustment of the disk rotation speed, smooth start, stabilization of revolutions taking into account the load, blocking of the “Start” button. There is a limitation of the starting current.

Pros of AEG WS 13-125 XE

  • A keyless nut is used to secure the disc.
  • Ergonomic handle.
  • Convenient adjustment of the position of the protective cover.
  • Power cord length. 4 m.
  • Side handle with vibration compensation.
  • Rotor and stator protection.
  • Unreliable power button.
  • The cooling system does not fully compensate for engine heating, but not critical.
  • Brushes without a “shot”, you need to periodically check their wear. Otherwise, damage to the armature manifold may occur. Exit. replacement of brushes with similar ones, but with the “shot” function.
  • Case diameter for some people will be large.

Output. It is quite suitable for use in the home workshop and short-term use on the construction site.


The DeWALT DWE 4150 model with 900 W and 11800 rpm has good ergonomics and a low profile body. Dimensions. 390 120 150 mm. The brush holder is spring-loaded and independent, which increases the time of maintenance-free operation of the brushes.

Pros of DeWALT DWE 4150

  • Lightweight and easy to use.
  • Hardy, able to withstand significant loads.
  • Power declared by the manufacturer
  • Moderately noisy.
  • The engine armature has a protective epoxy coating that protects the engine from dust.
  • Self-cutting brushes, prevents damage to the armature.
  • low vibration.
  • Weak side grip.
  • Short power cable.
  • Non-standard disc mounting, using a hexagon. It may be inconvenient the first time you use it.
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Output. Applications for this angle grinder are in household work or small production. It is good for use in places where precision machining is required and for bodywork. Top spindle lock button for maximum cutting depth.

All About Mini Angle Grinders

  • Features of the
  • Device
  • Models and their characteristics
  • How to choose?
  • Possible malfunctions

The main feature of the mini-angle grinder is its many modifications, which makes it difficult to choose these products. Miniature angle grinder is officially named angle grinder. The main difference between angle grinders is the size of a disc suitable for work.

Features of the

It is important to correctly correlate the choice of the working part and the tool itself. This will allow you to fully disclose all the possibilities of this tool of labor.

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The classification of mini angle grinder includes features such as:

  • engine power;
  • frequency of revolutions;
  • the weight;
  • sizes;
  • additions.

Dimensions are the key difference between small machines and classic versions. Mini-dimensions suggest a classic configuration of an angle grinder with all additional elements. Various grinding or cutting wheels and complementary parts only expand the capabilities of the unit.

The versatility of the small size machine allows you to solve problems with high accuracy. The unit performs jewelry work very efficiently, while classic products cannot cope with it.

Despite the fact that the functions of the mini-instrument and the classic sample are the same, the former has a number of positive characteristics. For example, a small car is easier to hold in your hands. The employee does not have to apply physical activity to perform long-term operations.

Mini-guns don’t even need an extra stick and protective rim. However, no one cancels compliance with safety rules. Technical recommendations must be followed regardless of its size.

Perhaps due to the lack of these parts, many consider these units to be very dangerous. This feature often occurs due to the use of circles of the wrong size. The exact diameters and thicknesses are indicated in the instructions. It must be observed. An incorrectly sized circle can break and cause injury.

Models and their characteristics

An angle grinder is characterized not only by the size and diameter of the wheels, but also by its functionality. The list of options increases the accuracy and choice of operating modes.

Household angle grinder motor usually with less revolutions and less power. The Kolner KAG 115/500 angle grinder has the characteristics of a household machine. The tool is suitable for short metal working tasks. The gun is equipped with a random launch mechanism, as well as double handles.

The protective cover does not allow increasing the diameters of the circles. If removed, it can be done, but subject to additional security. The main advantage of the tool is its low cost. The main drawback is the mediocre build quality.

“Caliber 125/955” is a Russian-made instrument that is distinguished by its simplicity and practicality. The main operations for this machine are metal cutting, grinding, deburring.

The tool is equipped with a 125 mm native circle, it is possible to reduce the size of the part to 70 mm. The machine can be used for various tasks in the garage or in the country. It is distinguished by its low price, good power and compact size. Of the minuses, a sharp start and a short electrical cord are noted.

The Bort BWS 500 R is an inexpensive handheld angle grinder suitable for home and garage operations. The machine can process metal, plastic, wood. If the work is intended for a long time, you can engage the release of the start button. Operation with a protective rim allows you to take a disc with a diameter of 115 mm and less. up to 75 mm.

The main advantage of the angle grinder is its lightness and compactness. The handle of the product is not provided with a rubberized coating. The power button is very small and cannot be turned on with work gloves.

The Spets BShU 850 angle grinder belongs to the household series, but it is the best inexpensive machine in its class. The car is distinguished by increased power and good motor life. In addition to grinding and cutting work, the tool can also perform polishing work. The main advantage of the car is its convenience and inexpensive price. Cons. in the need for additional lubrication of the bearings, as well as in a short power supply cable.

For most household chores, this angle grinder is suitable. If the tool is needed to solve permanent tasks related to professional responsibilities, it is better to choose other product options.

How to choose?

To choose the right angle grinder will help not only knowledge of their main characteristics, but also the ability to compare and analyze. The main parameter of the tool is the idle rotation speed, which indicates the power. Accordingly, powerful models have great performance.

Modern grinders are complemented by special options. On the one hand, they complicate the choice, and on the other, they simplify the processing of materials. For example, the automatic wheel lock helps eliminate unevenness in operations such as cutting or grinding. They can arise from the vibration that worn discs give. The starting current limitation mode ensures the stable performance of the implement in accordance with the standard parameters of a conventional household network. Professional angle grinders often put stress on the network at the time of start-up.

An additional handle attachment simplifies the cutting process. Without it, there is a need for strong physical pressure. Additional convenience is added by a special coating that reduces the force of vibrations. This makes it possible to process materials with high precision.

Disc replacement is a frequent occurrence when working with an angle grinder. Many models require a special tool for this operation. If the machine has a special nut, the procedure can be performed faster and more conveniently.

It is important to choose the right discs for the selected tool. The actual parameters for them are thickness and diameter. The basic size of discs for mini-machines is 125 mm. The possible cut depth depends on the diameter of this part. The optimum thickness is 1-1.2 mm. It is more convenient to make a neat cut with a disc of a comfortable size. For example, for curly operations, specialists use products with minimal parameters. The thinner and neater the work, the smaller the disk size should be.

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The cut-off discs of the small angle grinder are the main working element of the structure. Products differ not only in basic dimensions. They still have to match the processing material. For example, for the processing of thin metal sheets, the smallest discs are required.

This can be used to cut metal pipes, which are often found in places with difficult access. For work, constructions are convenient that do not require connection to the electrical network. Especially for these purposes, the angle grinder is supplied with an autonomous power source. It can be a lithium-ion or cadmium battery.

The absence of an electric cable adds convenience to the work. Possible size for angle grinder wheels. 125 mm. With a mini-size tool, it is allowed to correlate both cutting, abrasive, and diamond options. Thanks to this variety, the angle grinder successfully replaces many varieties of hand tools. The device and components of all angle grinders are the same. The difference lies in complementary components that carry different functions. Main details:

  • starter;
  • rotor;
  • electric brushes.

All these parts are elements of the electric motor, which is enclosed in a plastic case. It is characterized by increased impact resistance. Another part of the body is aluminum, with a gearbox inside. This part supplies energy to the disk, making it spin. The possible number of revolutions of the machine is related to the quality of the gearbox.

Other unit devices:

  • a clutch that prevents kickback if the wheels are jammed;
  • speed regulator;
  • engine start button;
  • engine overload protection system;
  • a button that locks the gear in the gearbox, which is necessary in the process of removing or replacing wheels;
  • attachment of the grinding wheel.

In addition to plastic cases, products can be equipped with modern reinforced polymer options. The electric motor can receive energy both from batteries and from a household network. The machine with speed control is equipped with a single-stage bevel gearbox. It is usually made of aluminum or magnesium alloy. The tool can handle wood, ceramic tiles, concrete or metal substrates. Some angle grinders are still provided with a protective cover. It protects against sparks and chips flying off during operation.

Possible malfunctions

Knowing the design features of the angle grinder, it is easy to determine the main malfunctions that may arise during operation. For example, malfunctions in the electric motor do not always lead to complete inoperability of the tool. Sometimes this only limits the functionality. When the resistor resistance burns out, the power button does not hold. By the way, it is not in all models, but the problem is solved by replacing the elements that entail this malfunction. The same problem can appear due to dust getting under the holder. The malfunction is eliminated by cleaning the contacts and, if necessary, replacing the button with a new one.

In general, all problems with an angle grinder can be divided into mechanical and electrical. The former is more often referred to as bearing wear. A malfunction leads to increased vibration of the case, excessive heat and noise. Parts are simply removed, replaced and lubricated with additional grease. The breakage of the gear teeth is also determined by the appearance. The malfunction is eliminated by a file or by replacing the entire gear. Many mechanical problems can be prevented by timely maintenance of the tool. For example, an angle grinder will not interfere with cleaning components, replacing lubricants, damaged parts.

The rotating parts of the electric motor are often damaged by the electrical work of the tool. There is wear on carbon or graphite brushes, gearbox, collector. Replacement of brushes is necessary when strong arcing is observed inside the housing of a working angle grinder. Usually it is even or not visible at all. The anchor of the mini-car breaks down under strong overloads. A typical malfunction phenomenon is burning, heating of the case, sparking. In the absence of external signs, the malfunction is checked with a multimeter. It is better to entrust the repair of this electrical part to professional specialists. It is important to know the readings of the device here. It is recommended to switch it to 200 ohm resistance mode. The readings of all lamellas should be identical, so you need to check them all. The device should show infinity between the lamellas and the body.

For more information on mini angle grinders, see the video below.

Bosch GWS 9-125 S: Made in Germany

This is a professional tool. Therefore, for household chores, he has no equal. In the hand, the angle grinder lies like a glove, in full girth. Fortunately, the handle is 56 mm in diameter, a narrow rubberized body with grooves. The machine can be used to cut siding, metal profiles, pipes, iron corners. Even sawing concrete. True, for this business it is better to change the disc to a metal one with teeth and diamond-plated. Does not slip, cuts quickly.

Due to the fact that the angle grinder is light (according to the passport 1.9 kg), you can contrive to work on weight. Provides a smooth start and speed control, moderate noise. It is possible to regulate the revolutions, which give out at the peaks 110 thousand rpm. Two-stage switch:

  • in one position only works when pressed;
  • in the second it is fixed, you do not need to hold it with your finger.

The Bosch GWS 9-125 S motor is 900 W. The machine does not overheat under heavy loads (there are ventilation holes on the sidewalls) and barely vibrates. The kit comes with an additional handle and a protective cover, which smooth out rattling. The handle is installed on the left and right sides, so a left-handed person will work handily with such a tool in the same way as a right-handed person.

The price for such a grinder is more than adequate. in the range of 2 300-2 500 UAH.

Makita GA5030: Japanese, Romanian assembly

Works without vibration (if necessary, an additional handle is included in the kit, which dampens shaking) and does not overheat during prolonged use. You can confidently work with one hand, if, of course, you are familiar with the instrument. You can cut the tiles, then grind. no discomfort. The device is small, moderately weighty, it is felt at 2 kg, although in fact it is a kilo, eight hundred (grams). The gear housing is miniature, made of impact-resistant plastic, you can crawl anywhere. So for those who are engaged in auto repair, this model can be safely taken, you will not regret it.

Makita makes professional tools. The GA5030 is no exception. Not only is this angle grinder lightweight and sturdy, the dust and moisture protection of the motor is just as good. This gives confidence that the angle grinder will work out its warranty period, and she has it for three years.

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The power is 720 W, it is quite enough for cutting a profiled sheet, a corner. This angle grinder is able to process 4-5 pipe joints with a diameter of 720mm every day, it will not wear out. Even if the disc bites when you work, the clamping nut can be unscrewed easily, without effort. For convenience, the clamping nut can be changed from an open-end nut, using a regular wrench.

The start button is soft, the tool produces 11,000 rpm, although a soft start is not provided. The circle on it is 125 mm. The cost is affordable, within 1300-1500 UAH. Compared to the tools of other companies, but with the same characteristics. a quite reasonable price.

Einhell TE-AG 125 CE: Quiet sander, vibration-free

Made in China. But according to quality standards from the German developer. Einhel. Users have repeatedly staged a hard test drive of this model for sawing, cleaning metal products and polishing cars. The speed of the angle grinder is quite good for quiet work without fear of overheating and rubbing the varnish. We took a Velcro attachment, stuck on a polishing wheel, bought a polish and go. In four hours of hard work, the coating of the machine turned into a mirror surface.

Einhell TE-AG 125 CE cuts like butter metal parts, stone blocks. It can clean, sand and polish surfaces using cutting discs and grinding wheels with a diameter of 125 mm. The engine speed ranges from 3,000 to 11,000 rpm. Of the pleasantries, three things are observed.

Sparky M 1050: comfortable under the right left hand

It copes well with metal and wood, helps in working with concrete and brick. There is a hole for a side handle on both sides of the body. it is more convenient to screw the handles in both directions. It is advisable to install a plate with diamond solders when, for example, it is necessary to peel off old peeling paint before painting. At the same time, you can use brick walls to make them smoother and look decent. It’s good that the protective duralumin lampshade can be turned without a key by snapping off the fastener of the clamping strap.

Sparky M 1050 is easy to cut and has a soft start. Even if the employee has not yet filled his hand, it is still possible to make accurate outlines and even edges. The rubberized grip protects against vibrations and does not fidget in the hand. The tool is small in size, weighs seven hundred kilo, so your hands do not get tired of holding the working apparatus.

This is a rugged 1050 watt machine. It is convenient to adjust it by scrolling the ribbed wheel from the end of the case. Rotation speed at idle speed 2800 rpm. At the peaks, it spins up to 10,000 rpm. Sparky is made into an angle grinder, has a manufacturer’s warranty for up to three years. Everything is fine in it, with the exception of the cord, which can break from constant kinks after a month of active use. So this point must be borne in mind when deciding for yourself which angle grinder is better.

For reference: for Sparky M 1050, the spindle connecting thread is M14, thread length is 20 mm., The inner diameter of the disc is 22.23 mm.

Metabo WEV 15-125 Quick (600468000): cuts metal like clockwork

German assembly. and that says it all. The angle grinder is weighty (2.5 kg), however, given its power (1550 W) and wide functionality, you close your eyes to the severity. It starts up smoothly and this feature protects the motor from overloads. For convenience, you can turn the gearbox with the power button up.

The Metabo WEV 15-125 Quick is the best angle grinder for those who don’t have a hard time. Not a cheap device for training, but it forgives mistakes, compensating for its security systems.

Three features of this tool:

Bosch PWS 850-125: for DIYers

The “green” Bosch series is especially for short-term work. Turned it on for a couple of minutes and turned it off for half an hour. To plow from 8 in the morning until 6 in the evening is not good, because he will quickly order you to live.

The Bosch PWS 850-125 case comes standard. In addition to the tool, 5 components are provided:

How To Choose Angle Grinders. DIY At Bunnings

  • clamping nut for fastening discs and spindle;
  • nut wrench;
  • handle with rubber anti-vibration;
  • protective cover;
  • paper documentation: instructions, memo with info on how to register on the manufacturer’s website to extend the warranty.

All this wealth weighs 3.5 kg. Quite compact.

an angle grinder works according to standard requirements: cuts, grinds and shades, i.e. processes surfaces with a metal brush. It copes with its work, the power allows (850 W) and the revving speed is also a sin to complain (12 thousand per minute).

The angle grinder is controlled with the ON / OFF slider. When enabled, you can lock the button by pressing it against the body. It is more convenient to work this way without controlling the pressure. The second button on the gearbox blocks the rotation of the disk, if you need to change it.

The device is equipped with a two-wire cable, two and a half meters long. It is thin, insulated with PVC. thin glossy plastic. This is not the best insulation. It dubs in the cold or can burst with frequent bends (it would be better if it were soft, like rubber, then it would protect the cable more reliably). But, as they say, what we have is ours. The tool is powered by a single-phase 220 V network, at a frequency of up to 60 Hz.

Metabo W 650-125: German brand, Chinese assembly

The cord is of high quality: it is harsh, but it also inspires confidence. The length of 2.5 meters, as they say, is neither short nor long, but you can always use an extension cord if necessary.

Against the backdrop of solid honey, this angle grinder has its own fly in the ointment. precisely, not one, but four.