Angle grinder attachment for cutting circles

interesting angle grinder attachments from AlieXpress for extending the functionality of the tool

AlieXpress offers a huge range of useful attachments for angle grinder, with which the tool can be turned into a chain saw, belt grinder, etc.д. It can greatly speed up and facilitate the work of the home craftsman. Many types of tooling is almost impossible to find in our stores, so home craftsmen often order it on the Chinese marketplace AlieXpress. Today I have prepared for you a selection of 10 interesting attachments that may be of interest to the home craftsman.

Cutting platform

The platform allows you to install an angle grinder to accurately perform cutting of metal profiles, wooden structures, etc.д. Its dimensions: 241927 cm. Equipped with a protective cover and a special lever with a spring for more convenient and safe work. Reviews indicate that the platform performs very well in spite of its compact size.

Disks on the angle grinder for metal cutting

The first link to you can find inexpensive cutting wheels with a diameter of 125 mm, a thickness of 1.2 mm and a fitting diameter of 22.23 mm.

These discs are suitable for most angle grinders and allow you to quickly cut ferrous and non-ferrous sheet metal, cut profiles and pipes.

The maximum permissible speed of the angle grinder in this case must not exceed 12,000 rpm. rpm.

If you need something more reusable and robust. look at diamond discs. They are made of alloyed steel, but the cutting edge is diamond-coated, which greatly increases their cutting capacity and service life.

These discs can handle even the hardest materials and still produce fewer sparks.

Wood cutting discs

You will find wood cutting wheels at the first link and chain saws at the second.

Their diameters are 115 and 125 mm, the planting hole is 22,23 mm, the maximum speed of the angle grinder. up to 12 thousand. rpm.

In the first case, the cutting edge is coated with carbide chips using laser melting, and anti-vibration slots provide high speed operation and prevent deformation. Great for cutting, milling, deburring wood, nailing wood, and cutting plastic pipes, drywall, copper pipes.

In the second case, the disc is equipped with a cutting chain and is suitable for woodworking, small works on the cottage, cutting plastic, hard rubber.

Please note that these discs are extremely dangerous and you must be extra careful and wear protective gear.

Straight cut nozzle

Metal nozzle enabling tool to be clamped at a 90° angle. It can be used to make straight, even cuts in metal or other materials. Mounts this design into the side handle mounting holes. Dimensions of the head are 300200 mm, weighing about 500 g.

Disc sander for wood

One of the varieties of wheels for angle grinder, for work on wood or plastic. Allows effective removal of the upper layers of the work material, as well as shaping. The working surface of the wheels is made of a high hardness alloy. On the page of the seller there are circles with different diameters (85-100 mm) and a variety of notches.

The general order of work for making the fixture

First, the metal is taken, and the plate is cut out of it. Then the corner is made from the plate. First make a triangular cut-out, and then bend the workpiece at an angle of 90 0.

Make six notched holes in the metal plate. The holes are necessary for screwing the self-tapping screws into them, which can be used to install the corners and the handle. The notches in the holes are necessary for the screw heads. The optimum size for the fastener elements is 335 mm.

Next, a metal plate is inserted into the structure. Such fixtures are fastened with 320mm self-tapping screws.

Then the metal brackets are installed. It is important at what angle the first corner is bent. It must be bent at an angle of 60 0. Otherwise, the construction can not be fixed. When the brackets are in place, the tools are fastened to them.

So that the parts of the structure and the tool itself were connected, they use bolts with nuts on one side, on the other. the handle. Screws and nuts are needed to prevent the screw of the structure from unscrewing when cutting metal.

Need a bed

Any angle grinder needs a frame. Frames are devices that facilitate the craftsman’s work and allow him to cut materials without unnecessary effort.

Making the bed is as follows:

  • making a box out of wood;
  • removing the hood of the angle grinder;
  • Installation of the disk on the tool;
  • fixing the disk to the side wall of the fixture itself;
  • installation of a mark in the place of the gap.

How to cut a circle in metal with a welder

Before you cut a circle in a sheet of metal with a welder, make a marking.

Apply arc to contour and hold until hole is created.

Lead the arc along the marking until a full circle is cut into the metal.

Please note! It is possible to cut sheet metal up to 4 mm thick with the welding machine with maximum current of 150 ampere. Larger power tools are required for work with thicker workpieces.

To cut circles in the metal welding machines use thin electrodes. This saves time. But you have to replace the thin electrodes often. It makes it necessary to heat the metal after installing new consumables.

Picture : Powerful domestic welder (maximum amperage 400 A)

How to cut a circle in metal with a gas cutter

The gas cutting torch is the best tool for cutting circles in metal. Both thin and thick workpieces can be cut with this tool. This cutting method is known for its maximum productivity and accuracy. Here’s how to do it.

Before you cut a straight circle in metal with a cutting torch, mark out the workpiece.

Slowly and accurately cut out a circle in the metal along the planned contour.

Picture : cutting metal with a gas cutter

Angle grinder attachment for straight cutting

The easiest device for even cutting with an angle grinder, a detailed photo and description of how to make a home-made machine.

Convenient and simple device for the angle grinder, you can make with your own hands. With the help of this home-made device, you can evenly cut a sheet metal without much effort.

See the photo of step by step making of this device.

From sheet metal we cut blanks for fastening of the angle grinder.

In the workpieces we drill holes for bolts to attach the angle grinder.

In the sole plate cut a hole for the disk of the angle grinder.

Also, another nut is welded to the top of the device and screwed into it the handle.

We get such a construction, fix it with bolts to the angle grinder and use.

Now to evenly cut the workpiece from a sheet metal, it is enough to secure the sheet itself and the guide (flat bar or angle) on the table with clamps. We press the sole of the device to the guide and cut the metal.

A simple and convenient homemade device for the angle grinder.

We suggest you watch the video, the author of this homemade device:

Cutting machine from the angle grinder

In order to understand how to make a cutting machine from an angle grinder (angle grinder), you can look at various drawings on the Internet. But they will little help, because all the dimensions of parts will still have to pick up, based on the dimensions of the available to you have an angle grinder. Variants of execution of devices can be both simple and more complex, requiring the ability to handle a welding machine.

Option 1

To make this attachment for the angle grinder, you need the skills of a welder. So, you need to do the following.

First cut from the angle (50×50 mm) 2 small pieces. Their size is selected based on the dimensions of the gear unit of your angle grinder.

Next, drill 14 mm diameter holes in them and screw the corners to the angle grinder, as shown in the following photo. If you do not have suitable bolts, you can use studs with M14 threads. Just be careful that the bolts are not too long. Otherwise, in some models of angle grinder, they can cling to the impeller located in the gear housing.

Without removing them from the angle grinder, tack weld them together. After that, the angles can be removed and well welded.

Grind the welds with a grinder for the angle grinder.

Then you need to make a rotating support for the lever, which will be attached to the machine. To do this, select 2 pipes of such diameters that one can easily enter the other.

For a more accurate cut, you can glue a painter’s tape on the tubes and draw a trimmer line on it.

Then, turning the tube, carefully cut it with an angle grinder. The piece of pipe with smaller diameter shall be 20 mm shorter (thickness of 2 bearings). it will serve as a spacer.

Match the thicker pipe with 2 bearings that match its inside diameter. Then insert the thin tube into the thick tube and press in the bearings on both sides.

Then insert a stud in the bearings. Be sure to place a washer in front of the nut.

When the swivel is ready, a small piece of angle should be welded to it.

The next step is to make a stand for the swivel mechanism from the same 50×50 mm angle. To make sure the pieces are the same length, the angles can be clamped and cut.

Also, without unscrewing the clamp, they can be drilled at once.

Attach the angles with the drilled holes to the already completed swivel block with the nuts.

Weld a longer angle to this post, as shown in the following photos.

Now it is necessary to determine the length of the lever, which will be fixed angle grinder. This is done by the method of selection, based on the dimensions of your angle grinder. You can lay out the parts on the table and calculate the approximate size of the lever, which is better to make from 2 segments of a square profile pipe 20×20 mm.

The pipes should also be clamped with a clamp and cut to equal sizes.

Once all the parts are ready, they can be welded together, as shown in the following pictures.

In the next step, you can attach the angle grinder to the finished construction and once again check what has come out of it.

Ready pendulum mechanism for the angle grinder is easily installed on any flat surface, for example, on the workbench. Also, this design can be installed on a specially made table for it. For a more rigid attachment of the mechanism, you can weld small pieces of angle bars on both sides of a long angle bar, and drill holes in them.

Cutting a sheet metal hoist with an angle grinder

To cut sheet metal, you will need to purchase a special carriage that moves on a guide (square tube profile).

But as practice shows, the cost of a good carriage is high (more than 100 dollars), so you can make it with your own hands. Since this process is quite complicated to describe, you can understand the technology of making this slider from this video. Not only steel, but also ceramic tile and porcelain tile can be cut with the device.

Please note that cutting ceramics generates a lot of dust. Therefore, it is recommended to adapt the casing of the angle grinder dust collector with a nozzle for a vacuum cleaner.

How to choose the right angle grinder for cutting metal

How clean will be cutting metal with an angle grinder, depends on the performance of the machine and the convenience of its use. Power and diameter of the cutting wheel are taken into account when selecting the tool.

Picture : Angle grinder “Zubr” power 800 watts

For working with metal work we recommend to choose the model under the 125 mm discs with power of 800-1000 W with a spindle that develops speed of 10 000 rpm.

Picture : Einhell BT-AG 1000 W angle grinder

Also look at the ergonomic design of the machine. The tool must fit comfortably in your hand. Preferably, the handles should be made of rubberized plastic or rubber. They dampen vibrations and reduce slipping. Preferably, the handles have recesses for the fingers.

What wheel to cut metal with the angle grinder

It is equally important to buy discs for the angle grinder on metal, suitable for the characteristics. When choosing, take into account the diameter and thickness of the workpieces. these parameters determine the maximum depth of cut.

Very thin cutting wheels (1-1,2 mm) are best for metal work. They allow you to make even cuts without applying considerable effort. For figurative processing of thin rolled steel use a wheel for the angle grinder on metal of the smallest diameter.

Photo : Metal angle grinder discs (125 mm)

Next, when selecting a device for an angle grinder for cutting sheet metal, focus on the material to be processed. Different blades are needed for cast iron, steel, aluminum and brass. You will find information about the purpose of the specific product from the marking on the label.

  • For stainless steel. Unlike other consumables, discs designed for stainless steel does not damage the protective film on the metal, which protects the material from corrosion.

Photo : Stainless steel cutting wheel for angle grinder

  • For non-ferrous metals. There are separate varieties for cutting cast iron, aluminum, copper, brass. In the composition of the wheels, which work with soft materials, add add additives against clogging. Products for machining cast iron, on the other hand, have hard diamond inclusions.

Picture : cutting wheel for angle grinder on aluminum

  • For thin profiles and pipes. Cut sheet metal with an angle grinder using discs with the appropriate diameter. Profile sheets and sheet metal are processed by products with small teeth. Angles and fittings. with discs of greater thickness.
  • Roughing. Used for deburring and cleaning weld seams. The thickness of discs is 5-10 mm. Grinding is performed with the machine inclined at 30-40° to the surface.

Photo : Wheel for angle grinder

Photo : Brushing disc for metal

  • Petal and abrasive. The former are used for finish sanding of smooth surfaces. The latter are used for removing rather large overhangs and burrs. A quality grinder requires the alternation of two types of wheels.

Photo 0: Finishing wheel for angle grinder

You need materials:

The process of making a homemade, is shown in detail in these photos.

We need to remove the magnet from the sound speaker. To do that we clamp in a vice and drill out the heads of the screws, by which the basket is screwed to the upper flange. Separate the basket with the upper flange from the permanent ring magnet and the lower flange with the steel cylinder (core). Again, we clamp the basket with the upper flange in a vice and use a hammer and an insert to knock the flange out of the basket.

We need a permanent ring magnet, top and bottom flange. We clamp the lower flange in a vice and cut off the core at the base with an angle grinder.

Then, turn the part over, drill a hole in the center. Coat the surface of the lower flange from the side of the core remnant and the ring magnet with glue, and put the flange with the flange downward on the magnet, and after alignment fix them.

Then we cut two equal pieces of length 35mm from the angle. Weld the pieces together.

Let’s weld vertically in the center of the joint, an elongated hex nut, with a bolt screwed in from above to fix the nut while welding.

Now drill two holes opposite each other.

We take the metal strip, metal strip, make a bend that separates the ends of the strip on two vertical planes. We place it over and longitudinally to the welding seam of the corners without resting in the extended nut and weld the strip-handle in this position.

We take the magnet, screw in from the face of the flange bolt with a washer and nut. Place the extended hex nut on top of the bolt head and weld it in this position.

To the stud, screwed into the extended nut on the bolt head, on the other end we weld the same nut, but with a smaller diameter.

Put the first node on the angle grinder so that the holes in the flanges of the angle grinder coincided with the holes on the angle grinder, and the handle of the node was directed along the body of the tool from above.

We fix the knot on the angle grinder with bolts from both sides, and the handle is attached to the body with a clamp.

In the extended nut of the permanent magnet assembly we screw a stud with a nut of a smaller diameter welded to its end.

In the nut on the end of the rod screw a handle with a thread.

Rotating the assembly with a permanent magnet around the stud, you can increase or decrease the distance between the center of the nut (axis of rotation) and the disk of the angle grinder, which will be equal to the radius of the circle we are going to cut in the sheet metal.

We put a magnet in the center of a cut out circle, and we move the angle grinder with a disk by the handle under the set radius, pressing the tool to metal.

Thus cut out the circle from the metal sheet of the desired diameter.

We also recommend to watch video, where the author shows in detail the process of making this self-made device.