Angle grinder attachment for cutting concrete

Metal brushes

In the event that the main task in grinding metal material is to peel off rust, then metal corrosion brushes can help with this. Everyone knows that getting rid of rust is a near impossible task, but not for metal brushes.

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The structure of these nozzles is arranged in such a way that a ring-holder is located in the center, and metal nozzles of small sizes, but in large quantities, extend from it perpendicularly upwards.

Very often, such a nozzle is used to tear off old paint from the surface of walls or window frames.

over, some people manage to clean glass windows from dirt and paint, while using metal brushes. Some craftsmen and artisans use this brush to grind wood surfaces.

This use of a metal nozzle is not correct, because after that a large number of chips and burrs remain on the wooden surface.

Dry method

The most common type, used in most cases when sanding concrete floors, is the dry method. The maximum depth of the removed layer is 2 mm. It is worth noting that, performing such an operation, a large volume of dry cement dust rises into the air, so the use of protection is mandatory. But it settles very quickly, making it possible to objectively assess the result of the work and correct shortcomings.

Tool selection

The angle grinder must be handled very carefully and carefully, as the wheel can slide off onto an object or even a person.

The likelihood of a danger of such a plan is another reason to make sure of the quality of the purchased tool. With an angle grinder, you can easily polish and create a smooth, beautiful surface.

Choice of cutting type

As a rule, cutting is carried out with water, in which case the procedure is dust-free. In addition, water can increase work efficiency, as well as increase the resource of the tool. Due to the fact that the process can be continuous, the speed of work will increase. (See also the article Aerated concrete wall chaser: features.)

However, there is not always source of water near the work area. In this case, dry cutting should be done intermittently, i.e. consisting of several cuts.

Grinding and Polishing Discs for Angle Grinder

Today, there are a lot of subspecies of this type of disc.

1) Felt. 2) Cloth. 3) Spongy. 4) Emery.

To use each of these types, it is necessary to lubricate the nozzle with a special paste, in order to avoid fire from strong friction on the surface. Used for primary processing of any material.

It is noteworthy that these attachments make the surface slightly rough, due to which the paint or putty forms a strong bond with the surface. Polished and sanding discs are used in automotive workshops, as well as in auto paint centers.

The main technologies used for grinding concrete floors

Depending on the effect you want to get, the grinding process is carried out according to different technologies, but with the same equipment that can cope with the processing of not only concrete, but also stone.

What and how concrete is ground

Concrete surfaces are characterized by high strength and durability, and with a properly selected protective coating, they are also resistant to abrasion. But before applying thin layers of paint, high-quality concrete grinding is necessary, and in some cases polishing.

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The grinding process not only allows you to get an absolutely flat surface of the coating, but also to remove the top layer of concrete. It is he who is the most fragile part, since the first signs of cracking and wear appear here. This type of concrete processing is used for the following types of work:

  • Preparation and polishing of the base for painting or the device of a polymer coating (self-leveling floors).
  • Strengthening the screed by removing the carbonized layer.
  • Elimination of unevenness of the coating.
  • Cleaning from contamination.
  • Opening the pores of the monolith to improve the efficiency of impregnation.
  • Installation of a mosaic floor with an exposure of the aggregate by about a third.

Professional grinders

If you need to grind a large area, then you simply cannot do without professional equipment. There are many models, but the essence of their work is as follows: grouting occurs by rotating the grinding attachments both around its axis and around the axis of the base. In addition, most models are equipped with a water supply and dust extraction function.

Roughing and sharpening attachments for angle grinders

Features of using cutters:

  • It is forbidden to remove the protective cover when working with the cutter.
  • It is allowed to use the cutter only for the work specified in the instructions for it, with the recommended rotation speed, and other instructions.

Cutters are designed for:

Wood sanding attachments

The sander can be used for sanding wood surface, cutting trees. For this, special types of attachments are used for certain types of work. Before starting surface treatment, it must be marked.

After grinding, discs remain on the surface. This is noticeable after coating the surface with varnish or paint. This is the peculiarity of working with an angle grinder. Therefore, it is additionally necessary to walk over the surface with a sandpaper by hand. It is necessary to work on wood with an angle grinder carefully, without making great efforts, do not use thin circles, correctly fasten them.

How to use an angle grinder to cut and smooth concrete

Devices for rough processing

This category includes two types of attachments.

Angle grinder attachments greatly enhance the functionality of your grinder. angle grinders are widely used in construction and many other fields. And together with various attachments, they become versatile equipment.

These disks can be divided into the following types:

  • Twisted cones are used for roughing stone and metal surfaces when removing old cement mortar or dried paint. The roller cutter consists of two steel cups. Steel wire brushes are located along their perimeter. Depending on the type of processing, the wire can have a different diameter.
  • Grinding discs are used for sharpening cutting tools, cleaning welded seams. Most often, such nozzles are used on low-power grinders, since they are more convenient to work with such discs. Sharpening discs differ from cut-off models in shape and thickness. In the middle of the disc there is a recess that allows sharpening with the flat surface of the disc. Its thickness is usually at least 5 mm.
  • Diamond roughing discs are similar in design to grinding wheels. The difference is that the diamond disc works only with its peripheral part, which has cutting edges. Also, the diamond roughing disc is not suitable for metal processing. It serves for roughing stone, concrete and other similar materials. For roughing hardened cement mortar, a diamond disc is perfect.

Features of cutting with an angle grinder

After choosing equipment and a circle for it, before cutting concrete with an angle grinder, you need to get acquainted with the recommendations for work:

  • The tool must be held with both hands. In this case, if a kickback occurs, it can be held, which will minimize the displacement of the mowing line of the cut;
  • Work should be carried out only on a flat surface so that the person’s balance is maintained;
  • Place the power cord on the opposite side of the disc to prevent accidental damage. A cut cord can cause a shockwave from the unit and a short circuit in the power supply;
  • The tool must be firmly held in your hands until it comes to a complete stop;
  • When changing the place of sawing, the angle grinder must be turned off so as not to accidentally touch the surrounding objects;
  • In the event of a power outage, be sure to disconnect the equipment from the network. This will prevent it from turning on when power is supplied without operator control.
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Tip: The discs get very hot during operation, therefore, after turning off the angle grinder, you must not touch it until it has completely cooled down.

Types of tools for cutting concrete

For cutting concrete, diamond wheels are used, their main dimensions:

  • Outside diameter of discs, within 100. 600 mm;
  • Thickness, within 0.4. 3.5 mm;
  • The bore diameter is more than 15 mm, the optimal diameter is 22.23 mm.

Diamond wheels also differ in other indicators.

  • The quality of the diamonds on the disc;
  • The material of the discs themselves;
  • Soldering method;
  • The form;
  • Appointment.

The last two characteristics are basic when classifying a tool.

The table shows diamond discs with different configurations of working edges:

According to the spraying technology, circles are distinguished:

  • Brazed with silver solder, they are used only for wet processing of concrete surfaces;
  • Laser welded. These are the strongest and most durable blades that can withstand dry cutting. Such a diamond disc for concrete for an angle grinder is most often used for cutting reinforced concrete;
  • Coated with special compounds, which are then exposed to high temperatures. These are universal discs with average characteristics.

The circles also differ in the degree of concentration of the spraying, which in high-quality tools reaches more than 30%, and the abrasive grit is distributed over the entire volume of the teeth and grooves. With this design, the service life of the wheel is significantly increased; when it is grinded, new layers are opened for cutting the material.

Tip: When choosing a circle for cutting concrete, you should consider all of the above tool characteristics.

Determination of the type of concrete

Before you start cutting concrete with an angle grinder, you need to determine its type. The choice of the type of diamond disc depends on this.

  • With a cutting depth of about 100 mm and deeper, a metal grill or reinforcement cage can be located. There are special disks for these purposes;
  • It is necessary to take into account the change in the structure of the material over time. Fresh concrete is more abrasive, while old concrete is more hard. Because of this, the diamond wheels for fresh and old materials must be different;
  • There are different concrete reinforcement schemes;
  • If possible, it is worth studying in more detail the structure of the material, this will allow you to purchase the most suitable circle for cutting. Materials such as basalt or quartz will quickly dull the edges of the tool. In this case, the diamond segments are selected bonded with a soft material, while new diamonds will begin to “open up” faster;
  • The cutting speed is influenced by the size of the filler. the larger it is, the slower the work.

Features of working with an angle grinder

An angle grinder for cutting concrete is an indispensable tool, but it can also cause injury. This requires following the operating rules when working with the equipment.

  • Work should be carried out only in a sober state and in good health;
  • Before starting work, it is recommended to prepare such devices and protective equipment:
  • A face mask or goggles to prevent sparks from entering the face, especially eyes;
  • Vacuum cleaner or respirator;
  • Gloves, preferably thick or genuine leather mittens;
  • Protective clothing that covers all parts of the body;
  • Nozzles that are allowed to use the instructions for the equipment;
  • Headphones.
  • A cover that fits between the instrument and the person.

All these items will keep the worker safe when cutting concrete.

Attachment on the angle grinder for connecting a vacuum cleaner How to cut concrete without dust DIY

Equipment selection

Correctly selected equipment is the key to high-quality and long-term operation of the tool. When purchasing it, you need to pay attention to such basic parameters as: power and diameter of the cutting wheel.

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Tip: Often buyers are afraid to purchase high power models. But this is absolutely wrong! It should be borne in mind that a machine with low power may jam discs. the device does not have enough strength to pull it out.

How to Cut Concrete with a Angle Grinder

For beginners, you should purchase a tool with the following characteristics:

  • Power in the range of 900. 1000 W;
  • Spindle revolutions, approximately 10,000 rpm;
  • Disc for concrete on an angle grinder with a diameter of 125 mm.

Equipment with such technical characteristics may well cut iron. If, according to the technical characteristics, the selected model is suitable, but it is inconvenient to use it during work, you should give preference to another option.

Cutting concrete with an angle grinder. the choice of tool and features of working with it

Today it is difficult to imagine the work of locksmiths or builders, repairmen and other similar professions without an angle grinder. It is actively used when cutting, trimming and grinding various materials.

With an increase in the number of attachments, its functions become more diverse. The article invites you to get acquainted with how concrete is cut with an angle grinder, and its features.

Cutting concrete along the mowing line

Once the concrete angle grinder has been prepared, work can begin.

  • The line of the cut is outlined. At the same time, it is advisable to fix wood bars along the mowing line, which will allow the cut line to be made more even;
  • The angle grinder turns on and a cut is made approximately 5-10 mm deep;
  • Bars are removed;
  • The cut is made to the required depth. If the incision is made dry, the procedure should be interrupted periodically to allow the instrument to cool.

How to cut concrete with an angle grinder correctly is shown in the video with all the details. The process is best done with tool cooling.

  • A conventional spray bottle sprays water directly onto the furrow to reduce dust;
  • Water is sprayed directly onto the disc, in the absence of a power source nearby. This will reduce heating of the diamond discs and extend their service life;
  • If it is not possible to spray liquid onto the disc, air cooling can be performed. Periodically, the circle should be removed from the cut and given the opportunity to work in air.

If you have any questions about cutting concrete, if you want to know how concrete is polished with an angle grinder and other details on using similar equipment, the video in this article introduces.

Making a casing for a vacuum cleaner

To get rid of small particles of material formed during cutting with an “angle grinder”, the equipment of an angle grinder, in which a vacuum cleaner is built in, helps. But if it is not there, you can make the device yourself. The photo shows a self-made protective cover on the disc of an angle grinder.

To make a convenient attachment you will need:

  • Simple plastic canister;
  • Construction cutter;
  • A container of suitable dimensions, in which the diameter of the neck fits the hose of the vacuum cleaner.
  • Fitting holes are cut from both sides of the canister, they are needed for easy change of the direction of rotation of the disc;
  • A cut is made for a circle of a suitable size;
  • A hole is cut to fix the “angle grinder” disc;
  • The hose is connected to the canister neck through an adapter ring with a clamp;
  • the angle grinder is put into the casing, and all elements are connected;
  • Excess holes are closed with lids.

It is not difficult to cut concrete with an angle grinder. The most important thing is to choose the right diamond blade and strictly follow the certain rules that were given above. In addition, safety precautions must be observed. working with a power tool requires great care.