Angle Grinder Board 125 Adjustable Speed

Angle Grinder Board 125 Adjustable Speed

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angle grinder (angle grinder) Bort BWS-1000-R is a powerful tool for cutting various metal substrates and is suitable for use in the home workshop or for short-term work tasks in construction. Among the features of the device can be noted the optimal balance between power and weight of the tool. With a sufficiently high performance, the angle grinder has a fairly low weight, which allows for ease of use. In addition, the advantage of the unit is the presence of the function of adjusting the speed of rotation of the disk, due to which you can easily adapt to work with a specific type of processed base. For convenient and quick replacement of the disk in the angle grinder, the spindle lock function and the ability to adjust the position of the protective cover without a key are implemented.

In a set:

  • side handle (1 pc);
  • a key to change the disk (1 pc);
  • additional set of brushes (1 pc);
  • protective cover (1 pc).

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Vanya F.

I came in a great build, I made a 5-year warranty. I advise everyone immediately after purchase to register with this brandan website.
For standard work tasks. okormormchik) issues the declared, does not glitch, does not overheat, does not wedge

12/30/2019 Pros: easy Cons: Took home for minus. 10 degrees the wire broke off near the entrance to the handle the wire was replaced by itself as it was taken on a site in Moscow. I. Orenburg guarantee expectation time no today the wire near the brush broke off from vibration. And before that I was looking for a malfunction. I disassembled it turned off the speed control did not help and then the needlework

The fan is blowing out of the big winter as cold.

12/06/2019 Pros: Not heavy, there is a speed regulator, a company guarantee. 5 years (of course, this is hard to believe). Cons: I did not like the power button! Very clumsily executed, the feeling that it will break.

Conventional angle grinder, made in China. Acquired several years ago, only the wire broke. The rest did everything to her: from cutting pipes to grinding various materials of wood, metals.

Pioneer P.

12/04/2019 Pros: Adjustment about, two handles, quick brush replacement. During active work it does not heat up Cons: The switch is uncomfortable just sucks! The wire is rigid, the casing does not have a quick clamp. Side handle in a terrible dream does not dream!

I worked with different angle grinders, at first I worked with my son’s angle grinders, and when the volume increased, I bought two in turn. the first China was PAG860K 115 mm 11 thousand adjustment, long handle. honestly worked for 8 years. this year brushes worn out. bought it. replaced, and they were enough for half a day. the second was not enough for an hour. The second Makita angle grinder 230 mm.
A week ago I bought a Bort BWS-1000-R and on the go to battle! A good unit, but the switch is not a tooth in the foot. it would be better, as in Chinese. small key and side button. in some moment. released the key. turned off and you can’t turn it on with a random press. The second unpleasant moment. oak wire even at 5-8 degrees. lies on the floor in waves and constantly hurt his foot. Once hooked and the angle grinder fell from a height of 40 cm. The side handle broke off. regretted to make it thicker. the wall is slightly thicker than 1 mm. Fitted from a Soviet drill. began to lay on the floor and still constantly cling to the oak wire.
There are pluses. I work a lot with metal and a second handle is needed, sometimes it’s necessary to crawl into "secluded" place and maintain the desired angle, and adjust about. allows you to perform complex "aerobatics".
In a word. judge you, and I work. if it weren’t for the thin pen, the stupid on and the oak wire, I would have put 5 s! The degree of reliability and durability should be high. Brought home. he took off his sides and looked at the brushes. when turned on, do not spark. then it will work for a long time! But in 2-3 minutes the gearbox heated up. there are dry gears, and the cat burst into tears. charged with lithol and now I drive for hours. I make blanks for two oil-working furnaces. I cut with meters and cleaning the entire area of ​​the workpieces. rusty metal, but dv. cold at all loads, and the gearbox is warm. degrees 30. no more.

11/29/2019. The board plows and at least henna. I bought an extension cord to replace the cord. from the factory would be put.
In summer, the gearbox is heated, but within reasonable limits.

Vladislav V.

12/04/2019 Pros: A good device, for this price for household needs what is needed. adjustment of revolutions is great convenient to grind or sharpen something at low revolutions. The casing is convenient in that you can adjust its position by pressing the eccentric lever in a few seconds without using the key. Cons: The start button is a bit uncomfortable.

Alexander K.

Saperov Alexander

11/30/2019 Pros: I’m happy with the Cons: the button sticks a little

Bogdan M.

Reliable angle grinder. I went through three repairs and landscaping with my parents in a cottage. Cope with grinding, and if you need to cut something. Very comfortable design, as for me.

Andrey L.

10.29.2019 Pros: It works out completely with its own money. Convenient grip due to the normal handle, speed control under the finger. Cons: I would advise everyone to unscrew their heads and use a normal amount of lubricant in the gearbox before use, there is little of it.

It must be understood that for this money you are acquiring a “hobby” class instrument, not a professional one. Accordingly, and to submit relevant requirements to it.

Maxim D.

09/13/2019 Pros: Good inexpensive angle grinder. In stock speed adjustment. Cons: Removed one star due to a power button lock. Most often, konka sinks and does not let go after removing her hand. Once knocked out of my hands, the angle grinder continued to work after the fall.

Took for repair at home. No experience with other angle grinders.


Video: Angle Grinder Board 125 Adjustable Speed

09/03/2019 Pros: price, speed adjustment. Cons: Workmanship

I bought it in one famous marketplace. Enough angle grinder for a park of weeks of inactive use. He was left alone with the service center, Mkrketpleys did not even send a warranty card with a seal. It’s better to overpay and take a proven brand angle grinder.

The angle grinder is very convenient and practical. The previous one worked faithfully for three years. The anchor failed. Tell me. Could you sell the angle grinder spare for this model?

The angle grinder is very convenient and practical. The previous one worked faithfully for three years. The anchor failed. Tell me. Could you sell the angle grinder spare for this model?


04/07/2019 Pros: Adjustable speed, for homework is an excellent tool. Cons: No

The description says. (spare brushes). not available

vital p.

03/30/2019 Pros: speed adjustment, price, convenient handle. Cons: button lock does not work.

the machine is powerful, very comfortable, not for long work, it gets very hot.


01/09/2019 Pros: Affordable cost Cons: Broke down very quickly

It lies comfortably in the hand and all that can be said about it

51 RUS Sergey Vasilievich RUS 51

11/27/2018 Pros: price and build quality Cons: the gearbox is heated without load, can it be so?

assembly and price are all normal, the reason is the heating gear

Sergey Kuznetsov

11/23/2018 Pros: Lightweight, moderately powerful, not to say that WOW is straightforward. Cons: MINUS LATCH button fixation, (bronze bushing) crashes, but it has finalized. And it’s not sickly how long HZ will last.

Max Larionov


11/02/2018 Pros: comfortable thought it would be worse Cons: until I noticed for the same amount I think it will not appear

Edward S.

10/30/2018 Pros: Price

He cut the tubing pipes, almost without a break, erased 3 circles. A friend skeptically assured that the apparatus would smoke, which was painfully cheap. I did not wait. The product is excellent.

Marat N.

10/25/2018 Pros: Quick-detachable cover, speed adjustment, good build quality Cons: Not yet revealed

Oleg N.

10/23/2018 Pros: Convenient handle, speed adjustment, quick-pulling casing Cons: not found

Cope with all tasks with a bang. Not very hot. He sits comfortably in his hand. Not very heavy. In general, I liked it. recommend

Ivan I.

10/04/2018 Pros: Price Cons: The gearbox crumbled after 3 days of use

Vladimir Maslovsky

Kirill Zelinsky

09/12/2018 Pros: convenient Cons: not yet found

Igor Ya

08/07/2018 Pros: Price. Purchased for only 1350. Cons: Poorly assembled

Not very assembled, backlash on the spindle, the clamping nut is not balanced, I think it’s clear how it will affect reliability. There is no way to get an extended 5 year warranty. The adjustment is smooth, but there is no speed support, at low speeds it is easy to stop with your hand. It was collected for all 1350 rubles (at first I thought that it was used, but there wasn’t a new one, but the whole thing was shown). It smells like a decent Chinese instrument)

Sergey E.

06/14/2018 Pros: Grip handle, length, weight. Quick-release casing on an eccentric. Speed ​​controller from zero to maximum. Hatches for replacing brushes (included). Soft wire. Cons: As such, directly, here are the flaws. not found.

Here I will leave my comments and dreams, suddenly the developers of Bort read.
Turnovers are regulated from zero. it’s great, but in this case the machine does not pull. When polishing a tree, it is necessary to catch the force of pressure, eat, feed and speed at the same time. Fortunately, it is easy to catch revs, the wheel is exactly under the finger, but if you replace the variable resistor with a variable capacitor, then you can work without losing power on the spindle. It would be nice if the handle with the button had the ability to rotate 90 ° to the right / left. it will be more convenient. It would be nice to have a case, because a bunch of different disks fly around the bag, and the native cardboard box has no dimensions for the disks and, in general, is intended only for delivery to the buyer.
I’m still glad to use this tool and I recommend this Bort bws1000r device to others.

Fedor V.

05/20/2018 Pros: Good price, build quality. Cons: None.

For several months it works without interruptions, complaints. Absolutely enough power. The cord is long. The device for the home is indispensable. And I think that in professional activity it is quite applicable.

Vyacheslav P.

03/14/2018 Pros: Sits in hands. Convenient adjustment of turns

Igor M.

02/04/2018 Pros: Affordable price, while this quality is quite good, it’s nice to work with such a tool. Now we are doing the repair. I use it very actively while everything is super. It does not get very hot, comfortable, and everything is needed in the kit. Producer well done, did a good thing. Normal materials selected, not flimsy.

recently acquired this miracle of technology, very pleased with the purchase. Of course it is difficult to judge how this device is suitable for the pros, and I use it not so long ago to evaluate it as objectively as possible. But! I like it so far. It is well assembled, comfortable, good materials used. It does not overheat, it works well, at least for now. Well, in general, a successful model for lovers. small yes udalenka. Now let’s see if it can withstand the repair, but so far inspires confidence.

Sanya T.

12/30/2017 Pros: I liked everything as a whole, and the assembly, and equipment, and most importantly. quality and stability in work. For my price, I think this is a very good option. Hold comfortably, the extra handle fits comfortably and locks well in a comfortable position. Cons: not found yet

Dmitry h.

Valentine M.

12/06/2017 Pros: a convenient handle in which the switch is combined with the lock and immediately adjust the speed. Compared to my second Hyundai angle grinder, this one is much more convenient. I do not regret that I bought it. Cons: I haven’t revealed any flaws so far, I use little, but Bort chose because Bort had already bought a drill for himself and was very pleased with its quality. So I recommend everyone the budget quality of the Board.

I like the colors 🙂

Alexey S.

06/08/2017 Pros: Convenient crustacean and power button. There is a speed control. Easy. There is enough power for small work in the country. Cons: for the price they are not))))

Great car for its price. I bought it to my father first, did not work much, and immediately bought it for myself.

Dmitry S.

05/18/2017 Pros: The price is sky-high, while the characteristics are quite decent, and it also works pretty well. A complete set, the angle grinder is assembled decently, there is no feeling that this is some kind of cheap Chinese bullshit. There is enough power to go here. Cons: as for me there are no shortcomings, at least some significant ones that would interfere with work.

Ruslan Sh.

05/07/2017 Pros: compact size, convenient, lightweight, inexpensive Cons: not found yet

on weekends for the holidays they moved to the country and finally tested my new thing. already managed to make a small bench for the kids) A very convenient cool thing, powerful, functional and most importantly. inexpensive after all. With such characteristics. great option. Country option.

Valera W.

04/25/2017 Pros: the price pleased, I took the products of this manufacturer for the first time, I did not know what was waiting for me, but I must say, I was pleasantly surprised, a good angle grinder, comfortable, thoughtfully everything, everything suits the function. It is powerful, lightweight, compact, and it’s generally convenient to work with the second handle, all the more it is attached in any position, if only it would be convenient. Well, in general, the price-quality ratio is more than good. and the body is normal. Everything suits me

normal thing, you can take

Victor S.

04/18/2017 Pros: price, quality, comfortable Cons: no

I bought this angle grinder on the Internet, of course, at first it was embarrassing that it was made in China, and the price is suspiciously good, but because of the price I decided to take it all the same to try what kind of apparatus it is. And you know, I was pleasantly surprised by the quality. made very carefully, plastic looks not cheap china, very durable, the seams are made carefully, in general there are no complaints about the assembly. Power is good, enough for domestic tasks. It is very comfortable due to its light weight and compact design.


04/12/2017 Pros: decent power is quite assembled, it’s kind of not horny, everything keeps securely, it’s convenient to hold it on the snot, the hand does not slide on the function’s surface, everything you need is there, nothing extra size and weight are good, a purely household option Cons: so far, it’s not, I like everything, we will see how it shows itself further

02/16/2017 Pros: Not heavy, there is a speed regulator, a company guarantee. 5 years (of course, this is hard to believe). Cons: I did not like the power button! Very clumsily executed, the feeling that it will break.

Conventional angle grinder, made in China. I got it recently, while the flight is normal.