Angle Grinder Board 125 With Speed Control

angle grinder 125mm Sturm AG9012TE with speed control. Small angle grinder 125 mm Yato YT-82100. Large angle grinder.

Inconvenient for making precise cuts, for example, cutting pores in welds on thin-walled pipelines. The 6.7 kg weight, as in the GA9040RF01, is more difficult to control for the accuracy of the immersion depth. Cutting discs of large angle grinders start at 2 mm thick, as opposed to 0.8 mm in small 125 models.
Even a physically Strong worker can hardly cope with the force of a jerk, when the rig is jammed. But a cutting depth of up to 85 mm, in one plunge without turning the workpiece, can only be performed by large angle grinders, such as DWT WS22-230 D or Titan BSUM20230. Cutting through more hinder the dimensions of the case. You can go a little deeper by tilting the angle grinder, but the cut will NOT be perpendicular to the surface.

Small one-hand angle grinder 125mm Titan BSUM7125. The soft start function is the same for all tools?

No. And the speed of reaching the operating mode and the user experience are different. In the Flex L 3406 VRG, the rig unwinds in 1.5 seconds and is very soft. In Makita GA9040RF01, the jerk, though small, is felt. And in Fiolent MSHU 1-20-230 acceleration occurs without Dergan, but in two stages.

angle grinder 125 mm Energomash angle grinder-90125M. angle grinder with speed control.

The function of reducing the speed of rotation of the rig is present on all models except the 230’s. For example, Intertool WT-0209 under the 180th disc or Dnepr-M MShK-1600r under the 150th. But most often it is installed on a small angle grinder with 125 wheels, such as Proton MSHU-125/1150 Semi-Pro or AEG WS12-125 XE.
On the basic 125 modifications, the rotational speed is in the range of 10-12 thousand revolutions per minute and does not change. an adjustable angle grinder has a regulator at the end of the body or at the top of the main handle, which allows you to reduce them from a maximum to 2800, as in the Makita GA5040C, or 6000 rpm, as in Intertool DT-0272.

Why the lower limit is NOT lowered to the minimum?

The variable speed angle grinder gives you more options for grinding and polishing, but not cutting. Deep scratches are NOT removed at high speeds. The fur coat or foam pad attached to the rubber sole will be torn off, the rubber platform will start to smoke, the polish will fly off the rig. Burn marks will remain on the wooden blank, and the plastic will soften and melt.
The impact with felt, foam rubber, wool, sisal or polymer-abrasive wheels is performed at low, but different speeds and the wider the speed range on the angle grinder, the more possibilities for processing.

However, the cooling system of the electric motor of the angle grinder depends on its rotation and at low speeds the motor, especially under high load, quickly overheats.
In professional models of most manufacturers: AEG WS12-125 XE, Makita 9562CRV, Flex LE 14-11 125 the lower limit is 2800 rpm. On a household tool, you can also find 1000 rpm, like the Titan PSUM11125E. The operation of such an angle grinder requires more attention from the user and periodic activation at maximum idle speed to increase the flow of cooling air.

Two Hand Small Angle Grinder.

Despite the name, even one-hand angle grinders, in which the body is used for the main grip, are equipped with an additional removable handle screwed into two or three fixation points on the gearbox.
Titan PSUM11125E, Proton MSHU-125/1150 Semi-Pro are equipped with more powerful electric motors, for which it was necessary to increase and lengthen the case. With them, the second hand is already not used to clamp the workpiece. Such a tool is held with both hands, but due to a reliable grip, it has become easier to control the position and wiring of the rig. Cooling is also improved, as on one-handed the vents are partially covered by the palm.

Tips for choosing

The angle grinder with speed controller is one of the most popular and widely used tools. Since this tool is represented by different modifications, it is difficult to make the right choice in favor of this or that device. The first step is to decide how the device will be used for domestic or professional purposes. In the event that infrequent and simple work is planned, then a small low-speed machine will do. For the simultaneous implementation of high-quality cutting and grinding of the material, it is best to opt for professional models.

Angle Grinder Board 125 With Speed Control

In addition, it is worth paying attention to the following characteristics of the device:

  • Performance:
  • Minimum and maximum number of revolutions;
  • Additional functions;
  • Disc parameters that can be used with the instrument.

An important criterion when choosing is the frequency of operation of the device. For constant and intensive work, it is necessary to buy models in which the outer case is made of durable metal and supplemented with brass inserts. When installing the pipeline, it is advisable to use devices with the maximum level of protection against water and dirt.

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Models and their characteristics

Today, angular grinders equipped with speed control are in great demand among craftsmen. This type of tool is well suited for cutting, polishing and grinding workpieces. The construction market is represented by an angle grinder manufactured by both domestic and foreign companies. Models from several brands have proven themselves well.

  • Bosch GWS 850 CE. This device is lightweight for easy handling. The machine has a power of 850W and is good for polishing marble and granite. The set of the tool includes a disc speed regulator with six positions. The minimum speed of revolutions is 2800, the maximum is 11000 per minute, a special nozzle designed for high speed is used for processing wood with a machine. The manufacturer additionally equips the device with a handle, a wrench, discs and washers for attaching nozzles.
  • Makita GA5030. It is the lightest grinder (weighs 2 kg) and is designed for simple household work. Using the device, you can easily cope with cutting, grinding and polishing various materials. Thanks to the additional handle, the workflow is greatly simplified, this model can be used for discs with a diameter of 115 and 125 mm. The tool has a power of 1400 W, thanks to the speed control it is classified as a professional model. In addition, the angle grinder has a turn-on lock, a speed stabilization system, in order to protect the device from overheating during intensive work, it is recommended to turn it off periodically.
  • Metabo WEV 10-125 Quick. This modification is produced with the ability to change the speed and maintain a power of 1200 W, the design provides for an electronic engine overload protection system. The speed of rotation of the cutting wheel automatically changes depending on the type of work and is fixed at varying loads. Of all the 125 mm machines produced, this model is the best, it features a large number of revolutions and variable speeds. The angle grinder also has a safety clutch and replaceable brushes, which turn off when there is a voltage drop in the mains. In addition, the manufacturer has supplemented the tool with an overheating indicator, a stabilizer and a long cable.

The review of the popular angle grinder with adjustable speed can be completed by the modification of Hitachi G13SS. Due to its high power indicators and the possibility of using it with discs with a diameter of 150 and 230 mm, it takes a high rating among the types of this equipment. The device is perfect for both renovation and construction work. The device can cut metal workpieces and cut parts from different materials. A distinctive characteristic of the device is its narrow delight and light weight, which makes it comfortable to operate.

angle grinder with speed control: models, characteristics, subtleties of choice

Every master has at hand such a reliable tool as an angle grinder. With the help of this device, you can not only perform high-quality cutting of material, sand the surface, but also sharpen kitchen knives. Since for SEPARATE types of work minimal rotation of the disc is required, it is recommended to purchase a device with a speed control.

Advantages and disadvantages

Angle grinders with adjustable speed Presented on the construction market in a huge range. Depending on the design features and technical characteristics, they can have both pros and cons. So, household models are compact and lightweight, but their functionality is limited. In such devices, productivity is also reduced, during operation they quickly overheat and require constant stops.

As for professional tools, they are very powerful and endowed with additional functions, which allow them to be used for a long time without overheating the mechanism. These angle grinders are of excellent quality, easy to operate, and are designed for both cutting and grinding workpieces. The disadvantages of these models are the high price and high weight, since the frame of the device and additional components are made of durable material.


The angle grinder with speed control is a versatile and multifunctional tool that makes it easy to cope with any task in construction and renovation. The main difference between such an angle grinder is the ability to independently set the speed of rotation of the disk, depending on the type of material being processed. Manufacturers produce a device with an electric motor, the power of which can range from 500 to 1500 watts. For cutting workpieces, you can choose machines with an average capacity of 800 W, but if you plan to carry out grinding, it is recommended to give preference to more powerful models, since the area of ​​contact with the surface of the material being processed is larger in this case.

angle grinder with adjustable speed is an absolutely safe device to use, since all models are equipped with a full range of protective systems to prevent injury. Let’s list the main.

  • Soft start device. It is responsible for the smooth operation of the tool after pressing the start button. This device can also act as an inrush current limiter, which extends the life of the device.
  • Safety clutch. In the event that, when processing the material, the disc of the angle grinder begins to “bite” or wedge, this device starts an emergency stop.
  • Emergency brake. When machining hard material, the tool can twist and pull out of the hand. The brake helps to stop the disc rotation in 3 seconds.
  • Coil impregnation with a special compound. Since cutting and grinding of the material is accompanied by the appearance of abrasive dust, its penetration into the device is prevented by additional processing of the coil with a protective layer. This avoids short circuit problems.
  • Heat dissipating slots. Protect the device from overheating during intensive work.
  • Balancing system. The circles of the machine may be ground unevenly, after which trembling and beating of the machine may occur during the processing of workpieces. Smooth work is helped by special automatic balancing.
  • Overload fuse. When the cutting part heats up to a temperature above 160 degrees, the automatic system is triggered, and the rotation speed of the disc first decreases to 200 rpm, then completely stops.
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angle grinders with speed regulator weigh from 2 to 5 kg, their performance depends on the diameter of the disc and the number of revolutions. Mini models are very popular among craftsmen, which are suitable for working with 115 and 125 mm wheels. In them, the number of revolutions is from 10,000 to 11,000 rpm. Angle grinder with 115 mm discs is generally used for cutting material up to 28 mm thick and is well suited for sanding wood, tile, porcelain and glass. Devices with 125 mm discs are considered the most popular, as they perfectly cope with grinding the surface of any material and cutting parts with a thickness of 30 mm. If it is necessary to cut and grind steel pipes, bricks and concrete, then it is recommended to use a device with a circle of 150 mm, while metal processing should be carried out at high speeds, and stone at lower speeds.

The attachment of the cutting disc to an angle grinder with speed control is carried out using a spindle stop and a safety key, in some models there is also a self-clamping system. Additionally, manufacturers also equip the tool with a casing, which protects the craftsman from dust, sparks in the eyes and breaking the circle on the go.

What is the adjustment for??

The quality of cutting and grinding of the material directly depends on the set speed of rotation in the angle grinder. Since hard and thick workpieces lend themselves well to cutting at maximum speed, and aluminum, on the contrary, can melt when heated, then when working with them, the speed of rotation of the disk should be adjusted. Control of operating modes is provided only in models equipped with special regulators. This function is useful and used in several cases.

  • When processing stone. This material is well cut and polished at low speeds; for each type of stone, its own disc speed is selected separately.
  • For finishing fragile surfaces that require careful handling. At high speeds, such products can deteriorate.
  • When replacing one circle size with another. In this case, a speed adjustment is needed.
  • When using in the work of crowns and discs with diamond dusting. To avoid their overheating and breakage, workpieces must be processed at low speeds.

If the tool is only planned to carry out threaded operations, then there is a need for a speed controller. When used universally, the angle grinder is irreplaceable. The speed control system in the angle grinder is represented by integrated microcircuits. They are reliable in use, function with a soft start system and a tuned module.

How to use?

Despite the fact that all models of the variable speed angle grinder serve flawlessly, they still require proper care and operation. Therefore, it is necessary to periodically replace the working attachments and contact brushes, add oil to the gearbox and clean the engine compartment from dirt. In addition, a technical check of the tool is also provided, it should be carried out at least once a month.

When replacing the disks, the device must be turned off, the gearbox must be locked with the button, then the old nozzle must be removed and a new one put on, tightly pressing it with a nut. Filling with oil is simple: to do this, remove the gearbox cover, having previously unscrewed the mounting bolts. As for cleaning the case from dust, it is carried out using a vacuum cleaner.

Working with an angle grinder must be carried out in accordance with all safety regulations. The technician must wear protective gloves, goggles or a face shield. Do not start cutting material with a broken or cracked blade as it could cause injury. Grinding with a cutting disc is also not allowed, and cutting with a stripping.

For cutting and polishing various materials, a certain speed of rotation of the disc is required, it can be adjusted using a special automatic system, which is controlled on the body by moving a lever. Thus, the revs can be easily decreased or increased. In addition, you can reduce the speed by using large diameter discs.

For information on how to properly adjust the speed in an angle grinder with your own hands, see the following.

Which angle grinder to choose? Household and professional tools

When buying an angle grinder, you should consider such indicators as rotation speed, power, availability of additional functions and disc sizes.

Angle grinders are indispensable in everyday life. This is an ordinary angle grinder, which are compact in size and demanding on the operating mode. After 10-15 minutes of work, the owner of an ordinary grinder is forced to take a break in order to prevent it from overheating. The household angle grinder is NOT intended for daily use. Their technical characteristics are much lower than in professional devices, which can be used for a long time, and without fear of overheating. In addition, professional angle grinders are equipped with brass inserts and a metal body. This is due to the fact that they have to be applied in extreme conditions: laying pipelines, earthworks, etc. This environment requires a tool that is maximally protected from dust and moisture.

angle grinder with speed control: an overview of the best models

An angle grinder, which is popularly called an angle grinder, is a versatile tool that can be used to perform a whole range of work: cutting, grinding, cleaning metal, wood, stone and other materials. This tool has found its way into industry. It is ideal for both professional renovation work and household chores.

Now on the market there are a large number of different models of angle grinders intended for home or professional use. The last angle grinder with adjustable speed is equipped with special attachments of any size, characterized by the presence of trigger safety devices and additional functions. With all the variety of models and sizes, the angle grinder has a common task, which is to make the work process as easy as possible for a person and save time.

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Metabo WEV 10-125 Quick

This is another variable speed angle grinder. 125 mm is considered the optimum disc size for Metabo WEV 10-125 Quick. Among all the known 125 mm angle grinders, this model is considered the best in terms of power. It features a wide spindle speed adjustment range and constant speed under variable load. This is ensured by built-in electronics that protect the angle grinder’s motor from overloads and smoothly start the system. The angle grinder has an automatic safety clutch and angle brushes, which turn off if the voltage suddenly disappears. This is important for safety during operation of the powerful angle grinder.

Polishing attachments

The quality of the polishing work depends on the adjustable speed and the correct attachments. For the grinding of marble and granite surfaces by experienced stone engravers, flexible diamond discs are recommended. For wood, an emery flap wheel is suitable. For polishing metal products and surfaces, it is best to use circles containing felt or felt, which are attached to the attachments with a special Velcro. Felt attachments are also suitable for glass polishing. But in this case, you need to purchase a special diamond paste. Painted or varnished surfaces must be treated with lambswool attachments.

Bosch: Model GWS 850 CE

Angle grinder “Bosch” with adjustable speed and power of 850 watts is ideal for grinding with diamond cups of natural and artificial stone. This angle grinder is one of the most demanded electronic tools in the work of professional stonecutters who every day face the need to polish in places where granite or marble is cut. This angle grinder is lightweight, which makes operation much easier: the master can hold it with one hand.

Bosch GWS 850 CE variable speed angle grinder comes with a one-year professional warranty.

You can adjust the grinding speed using six positions. Rotational speed range of grinding attachments and discs from 2800 to 11000 revolutions.

The quality of polishing directly depends on the speed of rotation of the attachments. The smaller it is, the higher the quality of work. This requirement applies to granite, marble, glass and second surfaces, which can be operated with a grinding tool equipped with an adjustment function. For working with marble surfaces, experts recommend choosing the speed at which the sander produces 2800 revolutions. Wood surfaces can be treated with special attachments at the highest speeds. The maximum speed for this angle grinder is 11000 revolutions.

Bosch GWS 850 CE includes a wrench, handle and two fastening washers for discs and nozzles.

Professional angle grinder Makita 9565Cv

Angle grinder angle grinder “Makita” 125 mm by adjusting the revolutions ensures the implementation of any kind of work at speeds from 2800 to 11000 rpm. The Makita 9565Cv requires a 125 mm disc and a 220 volt power supply. Power consumption of angle grinder. 1400 watts. Angle grinder 125 mm with adjustable speed 9565Cv is a professional power tool, the design of which contains:

  • Adjustment of rotation speed, which makes it possible to optimize the operating mode. The spindle receives a certain speed required for a specific task: cutting, cleaning or grinding;
  • Power button lock. This is important to ensure safety during operation, especially in cases of unplanned power failure (turning off the light, pulling the plug from the socket). Thanks to the secondary start fuse, the owner of the Makita 9565Cv is protected from arbitrary switching on the angle grinder and does NOT risk getting injured;
  • Double insulation;
  • RPM stabilization system, which, due to changes in disk loads, facilitates the process of working with massive labor-intensive parts;
  • Two-position side handle, which provides a secure hold of the power tool during operation. Convenient handle option with anti-vibration function.

angle grinder 9565Cv is an angle grinder “Makita” 125 with adjustable speed and smooth descent, due to which the power tool is protected from critical overloads at the moment of switching on. The smooth start-up protects the angle grinder system and the numerous parts contained in it (disc, winding, engine brushes) from a strong voltage surge. Speed ​​gains smoothly, the angle grinder does NOT tremble in hands.

Universal angle grinders

An angle grinder with speed control is considered universal. Ideal for jobs such as cutting, grinding and polishing any material.

angle grinder with variable speed and soft start is mainly used when polishing stone or wood surfaces. This is due to the structural features of THESE materials, the processing of which at high speeds is undesirable, since it leads to surface destruction and rapid wear of the nozzles.

How to choose the right disk size?

For angle grinders, discs with a diameter of 115 to 230 mm are intended. The working part is the part that protrudes outside the body of the apparatus. The attachments tend to wear off during use. Discs with a diameter of 115 mm wear out quickly and are suitable for cutting products with a thickness of NOT more than 3 cm. over, this diameter is not suitable for working in hard-to-reach places. For such operations, discs 180-230 mm are better suited.

Hitachi G13SS

The ergonomic shape of the model, the presence of an adjustable handle in its design, which allows it to be installed from any side, the ease of replacing carbon brushes are advantages for Hitachi G13SS, which many users have already appreciated.