Angle Grinder Status 125 Variable Speed

Engine power angle grinder is 1250 W

Set the optimal settings for specific tasks. With speed control on any material, an even cut is obtained.

Disc diameter 125 mm

The most popular disk size for household and repair work.

  • Angle Grinder Status 125 Variable Speed
  • 3 year warranty
  • 14 days to return
  • Official Manufacturer’s Warranty




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The Dnipro-M brand is well known to the Ukrainian consumer due to the ratio of reliability, comfort and reasonable price. He deservedly takes a leading position and receives in return the respect and trust of customers.

Video: Angle Grinder Status 125 Variable Speed

Internal characteristics. an important aspect when choosing an angle grinder. Consider in advance what tasks the tool will perform and, in accordance with this, choose an angle grinder. Let us consider in more detail the main indicators of the GL-125S model. The 1250 W engine produces up to 11,000 rpm. For this model, a circle with a diameter of 125 mm is suitable, which is quite enough to perform basic household tasks. Such a size can make a shallow cut of corners, pipes, tiles and other materials. However, remember! To remove a protective casing and establish circles of the wrong diameter or disks for circular saws are forbidden!

Among the advantages of the GL-125S model it is worth noting:

External parameters are equally important when choosing a power tool. The compact design weighs only 2.2 kg, which allows it to be transported, stored and carried out in small rooms and even at height without any problems.

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