Angle nozzle on the electric screwdriver with his hands

Angular nozzle on the drill or electric screwdriver

The nozzle is designed for easier and more convenient drilling and/or screwing in hard-to-reach places.

This nozzle will be a great helper for both professional and home handyman. With its help, you can easily drill a hole or screw.

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angle, nozzle, electric, screwdriver

Designed for easier, more convenient drilling and/or screwdriving in hard-to-reach places.

Great for the do-it-yourselfer or do-it-yoursemaker. With its help, you can easily drill a hole or screw a screwdriver in even the most narrow and inaccessible place where you can not reach with a drill or screwdriver.

Length. 155 mmBend. 90 °Gear ratio: 1:1Bystratch/clamping chuck 0.8-10 mmHexagonal shankChrome vanadium steel

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Types of electric screwdriver chucks

Before you insert a new bit into an electric screwdriver, you need to know what chuck the tool is equipped with. The method of removing the old cutting element and installing the new one depends directly on this. There are two basic types:

Key gear

In the keyhole, the drill bit is set by means of a suitable wrench. The bit has a hole with a thread which corresponds to the teeth on the wrench wheel. To compress and unclench the “cams” of the mechanism is done as follows: you put the rod of the wrench into the hole, put the gear on the teeth of the bit and twist the crank.

With a quick-clip

With fast-clamping screwdrivers, you can change the bit without using a wrench. Loosening and clamping may be adjusted manually. These tools have 1 or 2 sleeves. You need to unclamp the “cams”, place the drill there, and then twist the sleeve to clamp. On a double-coupling chuck, the coupling closest to the housing is held with one hand and the other is screwed in with the other hand.

Difficulties with pulling out the old drill bit

Before installing a new cutting element, the old one must be removed correctly. And that can cause problems. There are 4 ways you can change a drill bit in an electric screwdriver from the old one to the new one:

angle, nozzle, electric, screwdriver

You need a special wrench to loosen the chuck. Place the tool in the recess and twist the sleeve counterclockwise. There is also this option: use a wrench to clamp the chuck body, adjust the tool so that it spins in the opposite direction, and start. This allows the drill bit to be pulled out gently.

It is necessary to insert a nail (a screwdriver will also do) into the recess of the chuck, fix one part, and unscrew the other by hand.

If the previous methods do not give results, it is likely that the drill is damaged somewhere. You need to fix the chuck with a gas wrench and a vise, and then unscrew it.

Finally, the most radical way of extraction. It is necessary to unscrew the chuck, clamp its body in a vice and knock out the part from the inside. For this purpose, a puncher is suitable. But this is done at your own risk. After such manipulations, the electric screwdriver must be repaired, and the chuck must be thrown away.

Important! Wrenches and vice should only be used together. Gentle blows with a hammer on the chuck won’t hurt either. they will loosen the grip of the clamp and release the cutting tool.

Drill bit types

Attachments used in the set with drills, are also used to expand the functionality of the latter. This includes, in particular, a number of drill bits for cutting sheet metal. These attachments on the drill for cutting metal can work as a punching or nibbling scissors. Even when used with a regular drill or electric screwdriver, they demonstrate high efficiency. For example, this drill bit for cutting is able to cope with metal sheets up to 1.5 mm thick, mesh made of metal and thick plastic.

Metal and plastic cutting attachment

In most cases, it is best to use a power drill bit rather than a hand or electric jigsaw to cut metal. This is because the jigsaw, like many other devices that can be used to cut sheet metal, generates intense heat in the work area. This can lead to burning of the protective coating applied to the surface of the sheet metal. Among the most popular drill bits used for cutting sheet metal are devices called “Cricket” and “Steel Beaver”, as well as devices that look like metal scissors but are powered by a drill or electric screwdriver.

Among home masters, as well as those who are professionally engaged in the body repair of cars, grinding and polishing attachments on the drill are very popular. Working body, which are equipped with such grinding attachments may be a drum with sandpaper glued to its surface, as well as felt or felt drive.

To use the drill as a polishing machine, it is sufficient to secure the tool to the table with a holder

The material by which the nozzle on the drill for grinding will be in contact with the treated surface, depending on the nature of technological problems. Thus, the grinding tool with which you perform a rougher processing, often made of abrasive material of the appropriate grit, and glued to the polishing tool is felt or felt. As a polishing tool is also used as a brush nozzle, which is installed in the chuck of the drill with its shank.

The nozzle on the drill for polishing the car can be used not only after the body repair, but also in cases where the owner of the vehicle wishes to give it a pristine shiny appearance. If you want to save money on the purchase of grinding nozzles for a drill, you can make such a device with your own hands. For this purpose, a homemade wooden drum is suitable, in the central part of which it is necessary to securely fix the shank. With the help of this design element, such a device will be fixed in the chuck of the drill. Grinding and polishing drill with such a drum can be carried out with such materials as sandpaper, felt and felt.

Nylon brush nozzle will help clean the engine

On a similar principle work nozzles for power tools used for scraping products from various materials. Thus, for scraping metal products, metal and abrasive nozzles can be used, as well as the brush attachment. The brush is made of metal wire and allows you to effectively clean the surface of the product of dirt, rust and residues of old paint coating. The brush itself, which is equipped with such nozzles, can be located on the end or on the side of the device (all depends on the tasks to be solved). Such nozzles also differ in terms of the material from which the brush is made. Such materials, in particular, can be polymeric fibers or metal wire.

An ordinary drill can be transformed into an effective construction mixer with a mortar mixer attachment. Mixing of construction and finishing mixtures, which is carried out with a mixer attachment for a drill, is not only fast, but also qualitative. It is important not to exceed the volume of kneading mixture, so as not to reduce the effectiveness of such a device.

Using the drill as a mixer, the load should be calculated in proportion to the power of the tool

Speaking of what can be done with the help of additional equipment used in a set with a hand-held electric tool, we should also mention a riveting bit on a drill. The tool, on which such a nozzle is installed, must have the reversing function, and the rivet, which is fixed with such a device, can only be of the extraction type.

If you want to save money on the purchase of serial devices, you can make many drill bits with your own hands. In such cases, it is better to use the advice of those who have already dealt with the practical solution of such issues and decided to share their experiences on the Internet.

Bit holder for an electric screwdriver

By a holder is meant a device by means of which it is possible to mount any kind of bit on an instrument. Nowadays there are many types of holders, some of them are below:

  • magnetic. vary in length, material and diameter. Thanks to the neodymium magnet embedded inside, not only the bit is attracted, but also the fastener itself, which prevents it from falling during work;
  • Copper-beryllium alloy. reduce the risk of ignition, used when working in explosive environments;
  • for long fasteners. for fixing a long element during the work;
  • for hexagonal heads. special bits can also be used for such fasteners.

The bits for polishing with an electric screwdriver

When polishing, you can also use an electric screwdriver, having previously equipped it with a special nozzle.

You can also use special circular saws, the so-called core bits, when working with an electric screwdriver. They are needed when sawing round holes, for example, when installing sockets.

Thus, in the presence of the necessary special attachments electric screwdriver becomes almost a universal device for carrying out a variety of works. For household applications, the use of all kinds of nozzles on the electric screwdriver can replace several other tools at once.

Filigree channel drilling

Concern A M has developed a special nozzle for drilling in wood. It is called the Pathfinder under the MILWAUKEE brand and a 3D bit under the AEG brand. Using such a special nozzle for a drill will greatly facilitate the work of builders, carpenters, carpenters and fitters, as well as electricians and plumbers, because it can be used to drill slanted holes in hard to reach places, gutters and channels for installing cables and pipes.

The cutting action of this bit has a three-directional cutting action, enabling it to cut into the material where conventional drills are powerless. The new bit is three times faster than a feather duster, and the grooves, furrows and slots are much more accurate, so the holes are smooth and splinter-free. The drill has six edges, which can be tapered with a regular file or emery stone.

We advise you to decide in advance on the nature of the work that you will have to perform most often and in large quantities. And only after that should you start looking for the accessories you need, the attachments and accessories for your drill.

Drill bits for cutting sheet metal

Perhaps it is worth to allocate to a separate category of special attachments for your drill, turning it into a unique tool for cutting all sorts of sheet materials. With such an attachment. scissors and an ordinary, even cordless drill, you can easily cut a metal sheet up to 1.5 mm thick., metal mesh and thick plastic. Malco (USA) is the manufacturer, and the whole family of nozzles. scissors called Turboshear.

Such scissors are able to cut both along the axis of the tool, and perpendicular to it, which allows you to cut squares and rectangles. The nozzle will work both on a cordless electric screwdriver and a powerful mains-powered drill. But do not think that all this will cost a penny. The cost of such scissors ranges from 4000 to 7000

To summarize

Drilling for the home handyman is a process, if not everyday, then quite frequent. It is unlikely that you can make any homemade thing without picking up a screwdriver or drill. Of course, more experienced craftsmen, who have already learned a hand, often do not need various templates and devices for drilling a perpendicular hole at right angles. But after all, there are quite a few of our readers who are just mastering a similar home profession. And it’s quite fascinating. But most of all it is interesting that there are girls, who can’t even be called the fairer sex, among the masters of their trade.

We very much hope that the information presented in today’s article will be useful to readers of our online magazine. The Homius editorial team is happy to answer any questions you may have as you read this. From you only need to state their essence in the Комментарии и мнения владельцев below. There you can discuss the article or share your own way of drilling perfectly perpendicular holes with other readers.

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And finally, by a good tradition, we bring to your attention a short video, which will help you to better understand the topic of today’s review.

angle, nozzle, electric, screwdriver

Wooden block conductor and how to make it

To make the conductor you will need an ordinary block, a pencil or a marker, a hacksaw, a cutter and an angle piece. First of all, you must make a markup on the bar. To do this, use an angle piece to draw a fishing line for a trimmer along one of the edges. Then it must be continued to the adjacent sides using the same angle piece.

On the adjoining faces it is necessary to mark a distance of about half a centimeter and make a cut along the line. The half-centimeter marks, marked on both sides, will serve as a stop. The only thing left to do is to cut the chamfer so that there is an indentation. Perhaps the photo example will make it clearer how this work is done.

That is all. Now you can very easily make perpendicular holes. But it is worth remembering that wooden tools are enough for only a few holes. After the wood rubs off on the drill bit and you can no longer vouch for the right angle.

A couple of laths and a clamp. how can they help?

The following device is amazingly simple. To make it, you’ll need two pieces of wood with a straight cut at right angles and a normal screw clamp. To proceed as follows. Slats should be stacked one on the other with an offset of 2-3 cm and tightened with a clamp. That’s all, you can safely make holes at right angles.

Metal furniture corner

A furniture corner with sides of 5-10 cm is a ready-made fixture in itself. You just have to put it on a surface and drill it. If you have time, the corner can be slightly refined by gluing or screwing machined strips to the outer edges. You can find a metal template like this in almost any garage.

Speed control problems with an electric screwdriver

The standard regulator uses a triac that activates depending on the amplitude of the voltage that controls it. Accordingly, the amplitude value is adjusted with a variable resistor. The latter is directly connected to the start button. Specific implementation details depend on the tool model, in particular, a capacitor can be connected to the speed regulator.

Button assembly

To restore (or even to create from scratch, if the model does not have it) the electric screwdriver‘s RPM regulator, the scheme based on the PWM controller is applied. It also uses a multi-channel field effect transistor.

With this circuit, the resistor that controls the speed will drive the PWM unit and the transistor. The changeover contacts connected to the reverse button are responsible for reversing polarity and switching the direction of rotation.

Schematic diagram

  • The motor consists of series elements with an active and inductive resistance;
  • their ratio varies according to the load;
  • The regulator changes the PWM fill accordingly, controlling the speed.

The PWM itself can be powered by an inexpensive 220 to 12 volt electronic transformer, which is used in halogen lamps. In addition, 4 diodes are required for the rectifier, a capacitor (25 volts, several thousand microfarads).

Simple repair and basic cleaning can easily be accomplished with ordinary screwdrivers and absorbent cotton. In some models it can be difficult even to put the return spring in place, and even directly with the disassembly of the button housing. Similarly, you need skills in working with electronics to make an adjustment circuit by yourself. In such cases, it makes sense not to repair individual parts, but to replace the entire button (or even the control unit) as a whole.

How to choose an electric screwdriver?

Focus should be on the following criteria:

  • Type. If you are not a builder, there is no need to buy a professional tool. If you need an electric screwdriver for home, infrequent work, it is suitable household device. If you plan to use it often, even if you are not a professional, you can buy a powerful professional tool. Buying a mini-electric screwdriver of the cordless type, it is recommended to settle on the variant, the battery of which has maximum power.
  • Reverse action. If you have it, you can remove fasteners from surfaces.
  • Design. The attachment must be convenient. Before you buy, check how tight or smooth the buttons are. The center of gravity should preferably be concentrated in the handle, so the hand is less fatigued while working.
  • Whether or not accessories are included. Many manufacturers provide them, so you can save money on other tools.

The power of an electric screwdriver

The higher the ratio, the more convenient it is to work with the tool. What electric screwdriver to choose, depends on this criterion. The battery should be matched to the power of the tool and calculated according to the power consumption of the tool’s motor. If it is not, the battery will run out quickly. If the type of electric screwdriver is cordless, the more power it has, the heavier it will weigh. The higher the value, the higher the cost of the tool.

Electric screwdriver bits

These additions help to expand the functionality of the device. The best electric screwdriver is the version that includes attachments as part of the package, but if none are available, you can buy them separately:

  • Bits. These add-ons are shaped like screwdrivers. They are needed for driving and tightening screws.
  • Disc Scissors. They are used to cut thin sheet metal.
  • Notching scissors. It is a more maneuverable version of the circular shears that perform a similar function.
  • Turbo scissors. Use for cutting metal, plastic, other hard materials.
  • Circular shears. Thanks to this attachment, it is possible to carry out the trimming of plastic pipes.
  • 90° angle nozzle. Screw fasteners in hard-to-reach places with its help.
  • Belt cutting tool. This accessory is needed for working with cassette screws.
  • Riveting tool. With this add-on it is possible to tighten rivets without using a riveting gun.
  • Dust guard. We recommend that you equip your tool with this attachment if it performs the function of a drill.

Case for an electric screwdriver

This accessory is a holster that protects the tool from mechanical damage, dirt. In selecting an electric screwdriver, it is desirable to choose for it and a case. Take into account such selection criteria: