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Leaving the dacha after the end of the garden season, one often has to leave the family’s most beloved household friend in the cold, namely a refrigerator. But can this be done, is it worth keeping it turned off in the cold? Could it be that after the next winter in the garden house the refrigeration unit will no longer carefully store fresh produce?

The effect of low temperatures on parts

Cold affects the refrigerator, as well as any other mechanism. At low temperatures, water freezes, the climate in the room changes, and therefore the parts and components of this device will experience a special load.

What happens to parts in the cold:

  1. Thermostat. The numerical indicators of this device, namely the installation and differential, in an unheated room will be far from normal, and therefore, if you try to turn on the device, nothing will work. The electric circuit simply does not close, but when turned off, low temperatures will have almost no effect on the thermostat.
    At What Temperature Store Screwdriver
  2. Oil. Different types of refrigerators are characterized by the use of different types of oils, which will respond differently to low temperatures, but regardless of type, they will gradually thicken with decreasing temperature.
  3. Freon. In the main line, the pressure decreases in the cold, and therefore, when you try to turn on the refrigerator, Freon may refuse to leave the condenser, but this, perhaps, will not affect the device off.
  4. Evaporator. At low temperatures, ice growths appear on it, which during defrosting will adversely affect the operation of the unit, especially the No Frost system will not like it.
  5. Sealant. Now he really will suffer very much from low temperatures, since the rubber is not designed for frost, and therefore will begin to crack, collapse and lose its flexibility.
  6. Electronic boards and conductors. Moisture, which is usually a constant companion of low temperatures, will adversely affect their state of health.
  7. External coating. The protective layer and the paint on which the refrigerator is coated will also crack under the influence of cold and high humidity. The machine may begin to rust.

An additional load on the external parts of the device will be its presence on the street in winter.

Some families are forced to store refrigerators in the open BAL-KOne, and therefore air, moisture and sunlight will definitely adversely affect its appearance and useful life.

What you need to pay attention to

If, however, there is no other way, and you have to leave the refrigeration unit in an unheated room, then you need to pay attention to the following points and perform the following steps:

  1. Carefully read the instructions for use of the device, usually there is data regarding the temperature conditions for the operation of the device and its storage in the off state.
  2. If there is no such information, then it is recommended to disconnect the device from the network as soon as the temperature drops to 5 degrees. This is an acceptable minimum, below the refrigerator will work with great wear.
  3. All products must be taken out of the unit, cleaned and prepared for wintering.
  4. Try to move it to a place where direct sunlight, snow and rain will not fall on it.
  5. It is better to cover the device with a cloth so that condensate does not settle directly onto the surface of the unit.
  6. During wintering, it is better not to touch the refrigerator, do not open the doors so that the rubber seals are not damaged, and it is certainly not worth turning on the device in the cold, although he himself should not allow this to be done.

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By following these simple rules, you can make the wintering of a beloved household friend the most comfortable and least harmful for its subsequent operation.

Features of using the device after wintering

After wintering in an unheated room, the apparatus can again be brought back to life and useful operation, but this must be done wisely. First of all, you need to dry the device well so that there is no short circuit. You need to make sure that there are no ice growths on it, and all the parts are dry, only after that you can think about using the unit.

You can turn on the refrigerator in the network only after it has completely warmed up.

To do this is quite simple, you just need to create a temperature around the device higher than 10 degrees. It is recommended to keep the device turned off at room temperature. not less than 2 hours, however, it is better to extend the period to a day.

Some craftsmen with the help of heating elements only heat the compress, in this case the refrigerator will also work, but such irresponsible handling of the device will reduce the useful life of the device.

Usually, gardeners do not encounter problems of drying and heating their equipment, since the summer season begins when the ambient temperature reaches sufficiently high levels, which means that the refrigerator has already managed to completely thaw, dry and warm up. In this case, it is quite simple to externally evaluate the performance of the device and plug it into the network.

How to extend the life of the refrigerator

If the device is forced to winter in an unheated room, then over time its functionality gradually begins to lose ground. However, you can follow several simple rules, allowing to extend the life of the refrigerator:

  1. Always keep the appliance clean.
  2. Maintain an acceptable level of humidity in the room.
  3. Do not expose the unit to direct sunlight.
  4. Always adhere to the correct temperature conditions of operation and storage of the device.
  5. Replace all failed parts in time.
  6. Remember periodic maintenance of the device.
  7. Protect the appliance from rust.
  8. If the outer cover is damaged, the refrigerator should be painted with special protective paint, this can be done in the car interior.
  9. If extraneous chemical odors occur in the refrigerator, it may be unsafe to store food in it; it is better to take the unit for repair.

What else to remember

If the refrigerator is forced to be stored in the cold in winter, and the winter temperature in the home region obviously does not fit into the temperature regime of the device, then this is a serious risk of losing the possibility of warranty repairs.

If the device is still under warranty, then you can not count on free repair. The specialists of the service center will immediately determine the cause of the failure of the device due to improper operating conditions.

Summarizing all of the above, we can answer that you can keep the refrigerator turned off in the cold, but it’s better not to do this, since such handling reduces its service life. However, if there is a special need to leave the device for the winter in an unheated room, you only need to follow some storage rules and carefully monitor the performance of the device.