July 24, 2019

Aviary And Booth For The German Shepherd Do It Yourself

The German Shepherd is a versatile breed of dog bred to protect and guard. An adult dog is usually medium sized. The presence of wool with a thick undercoat makes it possible to keep it in the open air under any weather conditions. In order for the shepherd to grow up healthy, it must be provided with a special aviary with a kennel, where the dog must feel comfortable. If financial opportunities do not allow or do not like finished products, then you can build a house for your dog with your own hands.

Dwelling for the German shepherd do-it-yourself

We select the location

  • Place for the aviary should be dry.
  • Not recommended accommodation near storerooms and garages. In these places it can smell like chemicals and gasoline, and this spoils the dog’s scent.
  • The best option is the distance from the buildings to the enclosure of at least 500 meters.
  • Shelter house is located should be outdoors. Darkness is bad for the dog’s vision. Lack of light can cause pet eye disease.
  • It is not recommended to build an open-air cage in an open space where there may be drafts. The best option is considered to be areas protected from the sun and cold winds by shrubs and trees.
  • The place of the pet should not be flooded with melt and rain waters.
  • The best place for the aviary is considered small elevation, where in the morning the sun’s rays fall into it.
  • Sheepdogs are forbidden to keep with other pets (in stables or pigsty). The presence of ammonia, carbon dioxide and hydrogen sulfide in these rooms adversely affects the performance and health of dogs.
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Aviary for German shepherd

The aviary is a large cage in which a dog booth must be built. He should be comfortable and protect the pet from harmful meteorological influences. There shepherd, fully moving, will be able to keep the watch.

The size of the enclosure for the German Shepherd

Aviary can be infinitely large. Its width must be at least two meters. Overall minimum area of ​​the enclosure depends on the height of the dog’s withers:

  • up to 50 cm – 6m2;
  • from 50 to 65 cm – 8m2;
  • above 65 cm – 10m2.

These are the minimum sizes for those dogs that spend a significant amount of time in the barrier. If a shepherd in the evening and at night moves freely on the territory protected by it, then an enclosure measuring 6m2 will be enough.

We build an enclosure for a shepherd dog with his own hands

Design features:

  • Use only natural materials and as little metal as possible.
  • When installing, it is advisable not to use nails. It is best to use screws, nuts, bolts or welding operations.
  • From the overview of the aviary to the full height there must be a lattice. This is done so that the shepherd does not live as in a box, she was comfortable, and she could keep the watch.
  • Matrix coating also matters. Since the aviary stands in the open air and is exposed to atmospheric phenomena, the grille for it should be galvanized or painted.
  • The dwelling should be as durable as possible so that the shepherd dog cannot break it and get out.
  • The floor is preferably made of wood.
  • The door must be hung so that it opens inward.
  • Gate valve must be powerful and fit well.
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Stages of construction

  1. First of all, you should make a brick or stone foundation, on the basis of which to make the floor. It can be a cement screed or a flooring of durable boards.
  2. Along the perimeter of the structure to establish the posts. Cheap and reliable option is installation of iron poles. They are fixed in the ground with the help of cement.
  3. Between the supports stretched mesh. To feed the shepherd comfortably, a small space is left under the netting.
  4. The ceiling of slate or roofing sheets is installed on top of the grid. To do this, the posts are attached to the posts.
  5. If the canopy is not planned, then the upper edge of the net should be closed with a corner. Shepherd can try to jump over the fence and cut, if you leave the edge sharp.
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Properly constructed enclosures serve as an excellent home for the shepherd. The active life of the pet fence does not interfere.

German Shepherd Doghouse

Warm booth, built of high-quality building material, it will cover the dog from rain, scorching sun, frost and wind.

How to build a booth for a German shepherd do it yourself

  • The first step is to determine the size of the booth. Its depth should be 10 centimeters more than the length of the dog, the height is not less than the height of the pet to the tips of the ears, and the width is 5-10 centimeters more than the height.
  • The necessary materials for construction are selected: wooden blocks of various lengths, insulation, floorboards, roofing material, construction stapler, thick fabric, plywood.
  • The assembly of the booth should start from the bottom:
  • Saw off with a section of 40×40 two bars across the width of the booth and sew on them a floorboard.
  • Soak the board with linseed oil or resin.
  • Put insulation.
  • Beat the wall paneling.
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  • At the corners, install four bars, which should be 45 mm longer than the height of the booth. Where there will be an entrance, install two more bars and four intermediate racks.
  • To the bars in two layers to nail the wall paneling, paving insulation. All boards should be well fitted and trimmed, free of burrs. Nail caps should be drowned and closed with wooden plugs.
  • For waterproofing the bottom with a stapler attach ruberoid.
  • For clearance between the bottom and the ground to improve ventilation, on the bottom nail two bars 100×50.
  • It is desirable to make the roof flat and necessarily removable. Her sheepdogs love to use as an observation point. For the construction of the roof of 40×40 bars, the perimeter is knocked together. Then plywood is sewn into the size, which should be laid with insulation.
  • In winter, thick curtains are fixed above the entrance of the booth.
  • Now it remains only to paint the booth outside. Inside it is undesirable to do.
  • Shepherd box ready.

    The above recommendations and tips for building a cage and a booth with their own hands are universal. Each owner can correct them for their pet, climatic conditions or terrain features itself or consult with a local dog handler.

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