August 1, 2019

Aviary And Dog Box With Their Own Hands, How To Make A Dog Box

Any dog ​​needs its own small housing, where it would be possible to rest after active games, sleep and take shelter from the cold in the autumn-winter period. If you live in a private house, then personal space for your favorite bugs can be organized in a special booth or aviary. A dog house with its own hands, like a larger pen, is made quite simply, and a beginner can handle it. The main thing is to follow the basic rules.

How to build a dog house with their own hands, size and insulation for the winter, photos

Before you make a dog house, you need to find a place for it. The site should be light, dry and at the same time slightly shaded. Ideal – near the gate under the crown of a spreading tree. It is desirable that the shelter would have a view of the whole yard, or at least most of it. Otherwise, not being able to visually inspect the protected area, your pet will be nervous.

The kennel should be located on a small elevation so that water does not flow under the base. By the way, the best option would be to install the booth not on the ground, but on a solid foundation in the form of a stone foundation or a wooden pedestal covered with roofing material.

Thinking about how to build a dog house, think about the design. If your winter latitudes are harsh, it is advisable to make a universal house, designed for both warm and cold days. Convenient is the design of the "two-room" kennel, when there is a small "waiting room" and a bed where the dog can take shelter from the cold wind and rain. The walls of the “bedroom” would be well insulated with mineral wool, and on the floor to lay old rags or a jacket.

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Pay attention to the structure of the roof. Ideal if it is removable. This will facilitate periodic cleaning of the home and provide quick access to the animal in case he needs emergency veterinary care. If the frame of the dog house which photo is in the gallery will be installed under a canopy, then the roof can be made in the form of a simple sheet of plywood. For an open house you need a construction with an "attic". The best material for construction is needles.

Finally, before developing the drawings of the dog box, it is necessary to determine the size. It is calculated as follows:

the height of the kennel = the height of the dog from the ground to the crown

the depth of the booth is approximately equal to the height

width of the house = distance from the nose to the tail

aviary, their, hands, make

manhole height = height of dog at withers-

manhole width = is the width of the chest.

It is necessary to add 5-10 cm to each indicator so that the dog box with its own hands will turn out to be spacious and at the same time easily warmed up. The berth should be smaller in size than the vestibule.

Do-it-yourself dog enclosure, construction and manufacture of enclosures for large and small dogs

The booth is good for pets with a calm temperament. For very active dogs that trample the owner’s beds with enviable regularity and haul neighboring chickens, you will need to additionally master the theory of how to build a dog cage. He, unlike the chain with a collar, will not hamper the movements of the animal, but it will limit the area of ​​his walks.

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Dog playpen is open or closed, like a cage. In our opinion it will be easier and more humane to make an open dog enclosure with your own hands. For this you will need a netting chain-link, supporting posts in the form of old pipes or bars and a metal frame under the gate. Additionally, the side walls to the level of the head of the dog can be trimmed with boards, recessed into the ground by 1-1.5 meters. This will reduce the risk of "escape" by digging a fence.

When deciding how to make an enclosure for a dog, the size of the dog "yard" is determined based on the size of the dog itself and the capabilities of the owners. If the plot, for example, does not differ in large size, then a very spacious paddock will seem too cumbersome. The height of the enclosure should be slightly greater than the height of the four-quarter guard in the position when he stands on his hind legs. Usually this parameter is 1-2 meters.

If your pet has a big growth and jumps higher than 2 meters, then we recommend to look at the covered dog enclosures photos. Durable and at the same time, bright roof will turn out from the same grid of the chain-link. As in the case of the booth, it should be done folding, then you will have the opportunity to go inside the paddock and clean it.

Experienced dog breeders recommend covering a small plot of land in an aviary with wooden boards. They will protect your shoes from dirt in the rain. If by nature your pet likes to make digging, then it is better to cover the dog enclosure with its own hands completely.

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And a couple of recommendations. During the manufacture of dogs enclosures, the front door must be hung so that it opens inwards. If instead of a grid you build a fence of twigs, make sure that between them the dog could not stick his head. A stuck muzzle is the strongest shock for an animal. Wood flooring needs a full roof.

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