September 4, 2019

Basic Steps To Teach A Dog To A Booth

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Four-legged friends often play the role of guards in a private house or on the plot. The animals have to perform the function assigned to them in any climatic conditions — in heat, frost, and bad weather. A caring owner after the construction for a fluffy guard of a reliable shelter is faced with the task of teaching the dog to new housing. Following the advice and recommendations of experienced dog breeders will allow you to quickly and painlessly solve this problem.

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Requirements for housing a dog on the street

On how well the new dwelling for a watchdog will be properly arranged, the ease of schooling to it depends. The doghouse should have the following qualities:

  • Match the size of the pet. The width and depth of the structure is chosen in such a way that the dog is spacious in it, it can unfold freely in it. The width should allow the pet to lie down freely, and the height should sit down without resting his head on the ceiling. Do not build too much housing. The animal will be uncomfortable and cold in it.
  • When building a booth, you must choose warm natural materials, best of all – dry wood. Wood panels should not be painted with linseed, nitrocray with a strong smell. The distance between the boards should be made minimal so that in the cold season the animal is not exposed to drafts. In areas with harsh climatic conditions, it is necessary to use heat-insulating materials to warm the shelter.
  • The roof must be made of durable material and must be waterproof, for example, roofing material, linoleum. For convenience of cleaning it is better if the roof is removable. For water flow, the design should have a slope of at least 10% to the rear of the building. Given the love of many pets to climb on their home, the roof of the booth should be made as strong as possible. Before use, it must be checked for leakage.
  • Due attention should be paid to the front of the booth. The hole for the animal should be located at a convenient height for him and be sure to have a visor. A small canopy will protect the pet from the sun, rain and wind.
  • Before placing the dog in a new shelter, you must carefully check the floor and walls for sharp objects (nails, screws) to avoid injuries.
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Considering that the booth has been serving as a watchdog for many years, you should take a responsible approach to its design. The design should harmoniously fit into the overall design of the infield, be its decoration.

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How to teach a dog to the booth

After the new dwelling is ready for operation, the owner should start training the dog to the place of permanent residence.

If the animal is street

As a rule, schooling young animals that live on the street, does not cause significant difficulties. Intelligent individuals often independently climb into the booth during snow or rain. If the pet has not shown interest in a new home, then it should be taught gradually, guided by the following tips:

  • First of all, the dog must be given the opportunity to get acquainted with the new apartment closer. Let the animal freely run around the territory where the booth is located, sniff it and get used to the building.
  • In no case can not forcefully push the dog into the booth, and even more so close it there. Such actions will cause the animal stress and persistent negative attitude towards the new shelter.
  • Familiar for the dog objects – bedding, favorite toys will help induce yourself to enter the future apartments.
  • In order for the pet to develop positive associations, you can place a bowl for food and water next to the booth. Feeding near the dwelling will also speed up the dog’s getting used to the new habitat.
  • If the dog went to the booth by himself, he should be praised and treated to a treat. Shelter should be associated with delicious food, satiety, silence and security.
  • Schooling to a new habitat should not be undertaken in freezing weather. The best period for training is spring, summer, autumn. In some cases, rainy weather plays its role. Light drizzle often speeds up the learning process of an intractable pet.
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The basic principle in teaching a dog to a booth is consistency, perseverance and gradualness. In no case can force events and force the animal, using force.

If after the apartment

Teaching a pet who lived in an apartment and who does not know what a courtyard and booth is, requires maximum patience from the owner. Drastic changes in the life of a dog can cause a sharply negative reaction, stress. Having spent most of his life in a warm apartment, it is difficult for a dog to get used to new conditions right away.

The usual for the animal objects that were with him in the apartment – mat, bedding, toys will come to the rescue. Feeding the pet near the booth contributes to addiction, strengthening the positive association.

At first, do not leave the dog alone. Living in the apartment, the animal is accustomed to, that the owner is always in her field of vision. When accustomed to the booth, you should often be close to the pet, letting him know that he was not abandoned.

It is best to measure the dog’s stay in the new shelter at first. For example, in the first 2 to 3 days after the dog enters the booth independently, you can leave it for a couple of hours in it, and then pick it up in habitual conditions for the animal. Then the time spent in the booth is gradually extended, watching the reaction of the four-legged friend. Such a leisurely approach will not cause a stressful situation for the dog and will reliably secure positive motivation.

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How to teach an adult dog to the chain

As a rule, after schooling a dog to a booth, the next stage is necessary – schooling to the chain. Training should be gradual, consistent. Do not immediately bind the thundering chain to the collar. Such manipulation can seriously frighten the animal.

The dog should first be introduced to an unknown object, give it a sniff. Let the pet get used to the sounds that the chain makes. Seeing that the animal does not show fear or aggression, you can fasten the chain to the collar, caress the dog and then remove it. Then you can take a short walk around the yard on the chain.

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When the dog gets used to the unusual accessory, you can attempt to put the animal on a chain near the booth. It is best to slowly walk with your pet near his refuge.

At first, leave the dog on the chain alone and not for long. The best option would be to put your pet on a leash for a short period of time and be at that time nearby. To the dog was not boring, you should give it the opportunity to play with your favorite toy.

Positive associations will cause feeding while being on the chain. Gradually increasing the time spent on a leash, you can easily teach the animal psyche to teach him to this integral accessory of a four-legged guard.

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Raising a reliable caretaker begins with pet teaching to the booth and the chain. The task of the owner is the construction of a convenient and comfortable booth in which the pet will feel safe. Schooling an animal to stay in a shelter should be gradual and consistent, with the use of positive emotions. The same tactic applies to the dog chain.

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