Best Aftermarket Bandsaw Fence (2023 Review). Magnetic bandsaw fence

Carter MAGFENCE /h2>

When Band saws actually come with a factory fence those systems often leave woodworkers under whelmed by their price-cutting design and reduced features. The search for an aftermarket fence gets even more difficult if simple installation onto your Band saw is important to you. The unique design of the Carter MAGFENCE(tm) means that it could be exactly what many of us have been looking for. As with everything else that I have reviewed from Carter the MAGFENCE /strong> is very well designed and fabricated from quality materials. Plus, using the MAGFENCE /strong> does not require ANY modification of your Band saw.

The Fence

The Carter MAGFENCE(tm) is made from a high-quality aluminum extrusion that is both straight and rigid. The Carter MAGFENCE(tm) featured in this review measures 16″ long but a 19-1/2″-long version is also available. Both versions are 4″-tall and 1-1/2″-wide. The fence body is anodized and the ends are sealed with plastic caps.

The T-shaped grooves in the Magfence (left) will accept add-on accessories being developed as this review was written. The row of rare Earth magnets, each in a focusing cup (right) produce a tremendous amount of holding power. Click images to enlarge

Both tall faces of the MAGFENCE /strong> fence have three T-shaped slots that are designed specifically for upcoming MAGFENCE /strong> accessories. I spoke to Carter and there are several MAGFENCE /strong> add-ons in the works but no specific release dates were available at this writing. (7-8-2010) The Carter Circle Jig (see my review here) is currently available and comes with an adaptor for mounting it on the MAGFENCE /strong> when it is installed as a table extension.

I know it will be tempting to mount shop-made jigs and fixtures such as featherboards on the MAGFENCE /strong> but anything that applies pressure will work against the magnetic force. The MAGFENCE /strong> has a substantial amount of magnetic force but counteracting any portion of it is asking for trouble. As with any tool, using it in ways other than recommended by the manufacturer could be dangerous.

“Mag” Power

Each of the 1″-diameter rare earth magnets (left) is retained in its own focusing cup that increases the overall magnetic power to insure a stable fence with no other physical mounting. those magnets make it easy to use the Magfence as a table extension (right) to add more support. Click images to enlarge

The key feature of the Carter MAGFENCE(tm) is a row of six, 1″-diameter rare earth magnets along the bottom surface that generate what I found to be a surprising amount of holding power. Rare earth magnets are known for exceptional holding power first and economical cost farther down the list. Though expensive, Carter’s design criteria called for lots of magnetic grip so they chose rare earth magnets. Then Carter went a step further by adding a focusing cup to each magnet that increases the overall dead lift power of the magnets to a total of approximately 250-LBS! It is clear that Carter wants the MAGFENCE /strong> to stay put during use.


The Carter MAGFENCE(tm) needs only a flat table that is made from magnetic material like the cast iron and steel woodworkers are so fond of. Because there is no bolt or screw-type mounting, the Carter MAGFENCE(tm) actually is universal!

The Carter MAGFENCE(tm) can literally be set on a suitable surface and requires no other fastening. This unique mounting method offers some equally unique options. When attached to the edge of a table the MAGFENCE /strong> can function as an aluminum table extension, instantly expanding your light duty work area where (and when) you need it. It can be installed vertically anywhere on the surface to guide workpieces.

Cam Releases

The tremendous holding power of the MAGFENCE /strong> means that an equal or higher amount of force is required to reposition or remove it. Carter builds in lever-operated cams at each end that when pushed down lift the MAGFENCE /strong> enough to break the majority of the magnetic grip. That lets you fine tune the alignment on the surface or remove the MAGFENCE /strong> without having to use a lot of force.

In the Shop

The toughest part of using the Carter MAGFENCE(tm) is learning to place it where you want it. That means learning to use the cam releases to position the Carter MAGFENCE(tm) where you need it. That really is the only learning curve and it is a short one. For me, trying to move the MAGFENCE /strong> with brute force alone showed me in no uncertain terms how valuable the cam levers truly are!

The holding power of the rare earth magnets intensified by their focusing cups is remarkable and it might take a little while for you to get fully confident in this mysterious grip. Not seeing real live nuts and bolts holding something in place just does not process correctly in some minds. I also wondered about how stable the MAGFENCE /strong> would be during use but those concerns disappeared the first time it was set on the table and I tried to move it.

Video Tour

I have used the Carter MAGFENCE(tm) on my bandsaw throughout this review and it worked great every time! One of the things you have to overcome is the feeling that you are forgetting something when using it. The Carter MAGFENCE(tm) really is that simple and it really does work that well! We just are not accustomed to that combination of features in one woodworking tools.

best, aftermarket, bandsaw, fence, 2023


Simply put, the MAGFENCE /strong> is a great idea that has been executed very well. The size of the fence along with its unique mounting system give the MAGFENCE /strong> lots of uses, many of which you may not realize until you start using it in the shop.

With a street price of 79.99 (6-6-2010) the Carter MAGFENCE /strong> is a real bargain. Factor in the non-existent installation frustrations along with an ever-increasing list of uses and the deal gets better quickly. If you are looking for a bandsaw fence or can think of instances where something like the Carter MAGFENCE(tm) would have made your life easier, take a good look. The folks at Carter have once again made our life a little better.

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Best Aftermarket Bandsaw Fence (2023 Review)

It is common for bandsaw blades to not fit perfectly to your table’s front edge. That is why a bandsaw fence is essential. It would be impossible to get a straight cut without a fence. By using a bandsaw fence, drifts can be eliminated, allowing for more exact cuts.

Adjusting the bandsaw fence to the drift angle of the blade will improve the accuracy of your Band saw. The best fences will make this possible. Most bandsaw fences can be mounted by drilling a hole in the mounting bar; fences that don’t fit can be altered.

Best Aftermarket Bandsaw Fence in 2023

Kreg KMS7200 Bandsaw Fence

The precise target cursor on the Kreg KMS7200 Bandsaw Fence helps you work with your wood with pinpoint accuracy. There is an 18-inch mounting rail on the back and a 26-inch mounting rail upfront. It’s made of aircraft-grade aluminium that’s been anodized for long-term use. It is designed to accommodate most 14-inch bandsaws because of the mounting rail’s pre-drilled holes.

This fence can be used to calibrate the “drift” that occurs with every Band saw. It’s simple to adapt to your bandsaw blade’s drift angle, making it more accurate. Drilling a hole in the mounting rail will allow you to adapt the fence design to various Band saws of varying diameters.

To remove the fence, you don’t need any special tools; it only takes a few seconds to do it. To remove the fence from the mounting rail, just release the locking knob. Because it’s mounted below the table’s surface, the mounting rail won’t get in the way when you’re cutting.

CARTER MAGFENCE II Universal Magnetic Fence

In terms of bandsaw fences, CARTER MAGFENCE II stands out as one of the top options available today. Its compatibility is amazing. Two high-quality magnets are used in this particular universal bandsaw fence to keep it firmly attached to the ferrous metal tabletop.

Before investing in a CARTER MAGFENCE II magnetic bandsaw fence, be certain that your saw has a ferrous metal-made work surface. If you’re unsure about ferrous and nonferrous metals, take a look at asm-recycling. You’ll be able to determine the material of your saw table thanks to their page on ferrous and non-ferrous metal.

If your table is made of aluminium, you should look for other products on this list.


If you’re a professional in need of high-quality products on a tight budget, this is a good choice to consider. While it lacks a few features of the more expensive devices like Kreg, it is still a great value.

The bandsaw fence is still made of robust aluminium and is ideal for guiding the saw blade for straight and parallel cuts.

The aftermarket bandsaw fence’s clamp may be adjusted from 11 to 12 inches, and the cam lock lever and rear glide rail keep it in place. To shorten or lengthen the fence, simply turn the lock lever.

RIKON 13-900 14-Inch Band Saw Fence

The RIKON 13-900 14″ Band saw fence is a one-of-a-kind instrument that includes a magnified cursor and a ripsaw bar in addition to an easily legible scale. In addition, the fence has a cam-lock lever and a rear glide rail for excellent control. The fence can be squared up to 90 degrees to the table by adjusting the drift and squaring it.

Designed for DIYers and amateurs who want to utilize a bandsaw for more than just curved cuts, this aftermarket Band saw fence is a great option. Multiple adjustments on the fence allow for a custom cutting experience. The ripsaw bar on this high-end fence makes it simple to use.

Excellent control and precise and accurate cutting are made possible by this RIKON aftermarket bandsaw fence. Fences like this one feature a rear glide rail and cam-lock lever for improved control and handling. The fence’s easy-to-read scale and magnifying cursor make cutting exact.

Grizzly Industrial H7587

When it comes to the Grizzly Industrial, you can count on it to last because of its sturdy construction and accurate dimensions. Grizzly bandsaws benefit from this device because it’s simple to install and can be retrofitted to previous models with ease.

These characteristics make it simple to cut the product at various angles. Because of the excellent cut quality, this is a long-lasting and dependable product that will assist reduce blade drift.

However, the range of devices with which it is compatible is fairly restricted.

RIKON 10-305 Bandsaw

If you’re a woodworker or a hobbyist who doesn’t need a lot of cutting capacity yet doesn’t have much shop space for large bandsaws, this is the bandsaw for you. The rip fence on this tool makes it convenient and dependable to use. Your cutting jobs will be a lot easier with the saw’s cast-iron work surface.

There is no comparison between this bandsaw’s steel plate frame and the plastic frames found in other bandsaws because of the superior quality of the steel plate. As a result, the bandsaw’s longevity and dependability are greatly enhanced. The saw is also small and light, making it simple to transport.

This bandsaw’s high-quality rip fence may be easily removed for free handwork. This bandsaw’s 1/3HP motor, which is powerful enough to cut pen and bowl blanks, is even more remarkable. The saw’s Micro-Adjustable Guide Post lets you easily adjust the guide-post height by turning the handle.

Woodhaven 7280 Band Saw Fence

You can use the Woodhaven 7280 bandSaw fence with any of these popular 14-inch bandsaws made by Ridgid, Jet, Porter-Cable, and Powermatic, among others. It is compatible with both 14-inch and 16-inch bandsaw tables, so you don’t have to make any adjustments.

There are numerous modern features on the Woodhaven bandsaw fence, which makes the fence a fantastic buy. The metal used to construct the saw fence is of the highest grade. Because of the metal content, it has a higher strength-to-weight ratio and hence should last longer. Furthermore, it has the following features that set it apart from the competition:

It’s easy to connect the Woodhaven 7280. In order to use a bandsaw from any of the previously stated manufacturers, simply insert the fence into slotted holes. It’ll be a perfect fit for the screw hole, no problem.

Frequently Asked Questions – FAQs

What is an aftermarket bandsaw fence?

A replacement fence for a bandsaw is known as an aftermarket bandsaw fence. It is intended to increase the cutting saw’s accuracy and precision.

How do I know which aftermarket fence to buy?

It’s important to take into account things like the size of your saw, the kind of work you’ll be doing, and the materials you’ll be using. Look for fences that are appropriate for your saw and have received favorable user reviews.

Can I install an aftermarket fence on any bandsaw?

Not every bandsaw can use aftermarket fences. Before buying one, be sure to check the compatibility.

Are there any safety concerns when using an aftermarket fence?

When using a bandsaw with an aftermarket fence, it’s crucial to take all necessary safety precautions, just like with any power tool. Always wear the proper safety equipment, carefully read the instructions, and be cautious.

Do I need any special tools to install an aftermarket fence?

The accuracy and precision of your saw’s cuts can be increased with an aftermarket fence, which could result in better overall performance.

Will an aftermarket fence improve the performance of my bandsaw?

Many fences can be installed with simple hand tools, but some may need specialized equipment. For details, consult the manufacturer’s website or the instructions.

Drill Press Fence/Band Saw Fence

The Vogt Drill Press Fence (VDPF) is an aftermarket product designed for woodworking, an accurate fixture with several add-on options. It is especially useful for wood workers dealing with mid-small size pieces who want precision without having to add a full plywood, metal, or combination table, which can be cumbersome and add weight when needing to raise the table quickly between different length drill bits.

It addresses the need for a fence that:

New Magswitch Enabled Tool

  • is easy to install and fix in an exact location (or remove) on the stock metal drill press table;
  • integrates sliding stops that lock down positively with no “creep” or “climb”;
  • is lightweight and comfortable to handle and store;
  • requires no mounting hardware.


The front working face is Bamboo Plywood, hard, dense, and stable. On the top face of the laminated Europly beam is a tool steel plate that guides the sliding stop blocks.

Each sliding block has a Magjig /strong> with 150 lbs of clamping force. Two Magjig 150s secure the fence to the table. To learn about MagJigs click here. They are available here.

The Basic Stop is a ½” piece of Europly. The two cap screws remove with a hex key to allow optional stops and fences to attach.

Best Table Saw Fence Reviews 2023 [Top 8 Picks ]

best, aftermarket, bandsaw, fence, 2023

Band Saw Fence with optional Pivot Block/Drift Fence

The semi-circular cut out of the rear edge allows for the maximum depth between drill bit and fence. (Note that the VDPF is designed for square or rectangular tables and may not be suited to round tables where the magjigs would be unsupported. Check this drawing for plan dimensions.)

Auxiliary Table

A sacrificial support surface is always necessary for drilling through holes.

The 1/2″ Auxiliary Table has four cup magnets on the underside that provide ample holding power to maintain a fixed position but not at all difficult to slide and move as needed. This is very convenient for supporting holes that are drilled on a regular basis. The same hole can be registered with the drill bit and reused indefinitely.

The Auxiliary Table is also useful as a support platform under larger work pieces.

Adjustable Sliding Stops

The Basic Stop extends down to the work table surface and can interfere with an auxiliary table for through drilling. An alternative is to have an additional ½” ply stop that is ripped to clear auxiliary platforms.

The Adjustable Sliding Stop rides up and down to allow the Auxiliary Table to slide against the fence and underneath the stop. It slides up to allow for ½” and ¾” plywood tables.

Band Saw Fence

The Vogt Drill Press Fence can double as a Band Saw Fence. It is a solid rip fence that:

  • can lock down quickly without clamps;
  • can adjust (as an option) with a fence 90 degrees to the rip line or adjust for “drift” by means of a simple and effective pivot block and clamping lever;
  • requires no mounting hardware;
  • has an accurate stop.

The Basic Stop is interchangeable with the Point Fence (for sawing curves relative to a fixed point).

Band Saw Fence with optional Pivot Block/Drift Fence

The Vogt Drill Press Fence/Band Saw Fence comes with the Fence and one Sliding Block and Basic Stop.

  • Auxiliary Table;
  • Adjustable Sliding Stops;
  • Additional Basic Stops;
  • Additional Sliding Blocks with Magjigs.

The Vogt Drill Press/Bandsaw Fence is for woodworking applications, not metalworking. It is the obligation of the purchaser to maintain a clean table surface that is free of oil, wax, and dirt in order for the magjigs to maintain proper contact.