Best Trimmer For Summer

The trimmer for a summer residence is a mechanized scythe for bringing the lawn and garden plot in proper form. From early spring to late autumn, this tool is necessary for summer residents, because the grass grows continuously throughout the season. Every gardener wants to choose the best trimmer for the garden.

Top Trimmer Manufacturers

For 47 years of existence of trimmers, the following firms have proven themselves best:

On a note. Choosing a trimmer for a summer residence is not an easy task, because, in addition to well-known brands, there are many good, but not so popular manufacturers: Pros, Caliber, Kruger, Taiga, Bison, AL-KO, Energomash and others.

The principle of the device and work

The essence of Lawn Mower is no different from a hand tool for cutting grass. The only difference is that the cutting element is driven by the engine. The trimmer has a fairly simple device:

  1. Power unit (battery, gasoline or electric);
  2. The engine is located at the top or bottom of the braid;
  3. Telescopic or stationary rod with handle;
  4. The head with a cutting element, protected by a casing;
  5. Mount for fixation and comfortable wearing;
  6. Shaft or cable (depending on rod configuration).

The trimmer has the same principle of operation as a lawn mower, but at the same time more maneuverable and compact, which allows you to remove grass even in very limited spaces (near the wall of the house or around the perimeter of the fence, pond). Trimmers are chosen by public utilities for professional use and gardeners for individual use at their summer cottage. The principle of operation is to bring the cutting elements into rotational motion using an engine. For soft grass or dead wood, fishing line wound on a reel is most often used. To work with hard grass or with twigs and young shoots of bushes, plastic and steel discs are used.

Types of trimmers for a summer residence

  1. Electric. The mechanism is powered by 220 V. The disadvantage of such a trimmer is that it is dependent on the availability of electricity. There should always be a power outlet in the access area, so their use is not practical in large areas of several hundred square meters. At the same time, the electric trimmer has several important advantages:
Best Trimmer For Summer
  • Environmental friendliness
  • Low noise
  • High performance,
  • Low price
  • Height adjustment and replacement of the cutting mechanism.

Choosing an Electric Trimmer

  1. Gasoline. The rotary mechanism is started by an internal combustion engine, so the device has a fuel tank. In this regard, the first inconvenience of using a brushcutter arises. a large mass of the unit. In addition, the cost of gasoline is quite large. Also, this type of energy poisons the air with decay products. Pros of using such a trimmer:
  • Suitable for large areas;
  • Used for commercial purposes;
  • Reliability, power and high performance;
  • Replacement of cutting parts.
  1. Rechargeable. This type of braid should be chosen for the care of a small garden, as with all its lightness and mobility, the trimmer has a limited charge. Over a large territory, it will require constant recharging, which is inconvenient and long in time. At the same time, the battery trimmer is very light, environmentally friendly, quiet and quite powerful. One charge is enough for 45 minutes of continuous operation.

Battery Calm Trimmer

Criteria and selection options

Which trimmer to choose for a summer residence depends, first of all, on the volume of work and the specifics of use. The main parameters to rely on when choosing:

  1. Power is the main parameter responsible for performance. Depending on the area of ​​use, 3 main groups can be distinguished:
  • Household (for lawn and local area). 0.25-0.8 kW;
  • Professional and semi-professional (for large plots and work in the utility sector). 0.9-1.8 kW.
  1. Capture of the knife and the length of the fishing line. the volume of cut grass in one pass depends on this:
  • For narrow sites and small territories. 25-27 cm;
  • For continuous territories. 30-42 cm.
  1. Weight is a very important criterion, since it depends on the comfort and duration of the mower. The spread of the indicator is very large. 1.5-9 kg. Electric and cordless braids are lighter. Therefore, for small areas and in the zone of accessibility of electricity, it is worth choosing models weighing 2.5-3 kg. In large areas, most often you have to use gas mowers. Such models are not light, but you can find options weighing from 7 kg.
  2. The speed of the cutting element is also an indicator of productivity. For personal use, 6000 rpm is enough, so any household braid is suitable (they have an average of 7500 rpm.). On an industrial scale, you need to use professional models with an indicator of 9000-12000 rpm.
  3. The thickness of the fishing line affects the ability of the braid to cut thick stems and branches. For a grassy lawn, you can use a 1.4-2 mm fishing line, 2.4-2.7 mm for curbs and trunks of bushes, and 3.0-3.3 mm for overgrown vacant lots.
  4. Cutting elements are of two types: fishing line and knife. The fishing line copes well with grass on uneven surfaces. It will not fail when stuck in the soil and collision with a stone. She gently circumvents such obstacles, but cuts only soft grass. For the stiffened rods and thick stems you need to pick up a knife. It can be made of plastic or steel. Such a tool makes an even cut.
  5. Fixation method. For short work, mounting on one belt is suitable. If you plan to carry out a large amount of work, you need to distribute the load on the spine evenly, so the trimmer is attached with two straps over both shoulders, like a backpack.
  6. The configuration of the device also affects the comfort and duration of work. For domestic conditions, a braid with one handle and an auxiliary handle is suitable. In large areas, the handles should be the same. The load distribution depends on the location of the engine. In the upper position of the engine, it’s easier to control the oblique, since when placed from below, the load on the spine is multiplied.
  7. The amount of energy stock. This parameter is taken into account for brush cutters and cordless trimmers. The volume of the gas tank varies from 300 ml to 1.5 liters, which in time is from 20 minutes of continuous operation to 1 hour. 2 Ah batteries are suitable for a small amount of work (about half an hour). On a large territory, you need to take a scythe with a battery of 3-4 A / h.

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What trimmer to give

A spit with parameters: 0.25 kW, 6000 rpm, fishing line. up to 2 mm, coverage. 25 cm, with one belt and engine from the bottom, is suitable for a modest area near the territory of the house. An inexpensive Chinese unit, for example, Black, is suitable&Decker GL250.

If silence is important during the work, preference should be given to battery models with a capacity of 0.7 kW, capacity A / h, fishing line. up to 2 mm. In this group, it is worth considering the quality of the product and choosing a trusted manufacturer, for example, Japanese Lawn Mower Makita

Japanese Lawn Mower Makita

If the cultivated area has uneven ground and obstacles in the form of a fence or walls of the house, while the area is small, it is worthwhile to give preference to an electric scythe for 7500 revolutions, with a fishing line thickness of 2.7 mm and a width of 25 cm. The Daewoo model DABC1400E, Caliber ET-1350V is suitable Motocosa Carver TR-1500S \ BH.

In large garden areas, it is necessary to use a 1 kW petrol trimmer, 10,000 revolutions with a cutting element, 2.4 mm thick and 42 cm wide. In this case, any manufacturer can be considered, since choosing a petrol brushcutter will not be difficult even among unknown brands, such as Lawn Mower Okof, Parma, Alco.

Interesting. For production purposes, it is necessary to choose a powerful gasoline unit with a tank volume of at least 1.5 liters with thick fishing line (3 mm), at maximum speed (12000), for example, the Ural BK-4100 Lawn Mower.

Reliability trimmer rating
Rating petrol motokos for agricultural work:

  1. Lawn Mower Cayman SPX26 has increased wear resistance of the main components and a large complete set. In addition, the bar is disassembled, so the device is easy to transport and store.
  2. gas trimmer Calm FS55. a compact model with a soft strap for comfortable wearing and great functionality. Cope with almost any grass. Simple control system on the handle.
  3. The brush cutter-Lawn Mower Interskol KRB 23 / 33V is a high-speed productive tool with a flexible drive shaft. Included is a knife and fishing line. The handle is perfectly balanced for easy wearing and handling. There is a quick start function after standby.

Grass trimmers rating (on battery):

  1. Honda HHTE38. a very light braid (5.2 kg) of aluminum with an engine in the upper half. High battery capacity. 4 A / h, grip. 38 cm. Convenient D-shaped handle. Very quiet at work.
  2. Patriot TR340 XL. has a high capacity of 2.5 A / h and a performance of 7500 rpm. Adjustable boom height, tilt angle and head rotation. Included are wheels for mowing grass from the edges.
  3. RYOBI RLT36. stands out for its good duration without recharging (40 minutes). Automatic supply of fishing line and configuration can greatly facilitate the work of the gardener.

Electric scythes, reliability rating:

  1. Lawn Mower Hammer ETR1100A. designed for delicate work: under benches, along the fence and walls, to trim the lawn and lawn. With a fishing line, you can easily trim the grass, the included knife quickly cuts thick stems and branches. For convenience, the bar is disassembled. Also included is a shoulder strap.
  2. HUTER GET-1500SL is a German trimmer for domestic use, but over large areas. High power and productivity allow you to quickly perform work. A flexible cable serves as an electric drive. High degree of safety against accidental start. fuse on the handle and protective cover. Adjustment of the handle and belt allows you to adjust the tool for a specific user.
  3. MAKITA UR3000. has an engine with a rotation angle of 180 degrees. This allows you to cut grass around round flower beds. The handle is adjustable in height. There is a fuse against accidental starting. In a set. goggles and a belt.

Reliability rating of petrol trimmers:

  1. Texas CG430B is a powerful braid with an ergonomic bicycle handle and accessories for comfortable wearing. Suitable for domestic and semi-professional use. Easily copes with lawn grass and small bushes. Good cross allows you to work on uneven areas and get close to obstacles.
  2. Lawn Mower Partner T265CPS is a rare eco-friendly model among gas trimmers. The set includes a knife and fishing line, the configuration of the casing is designed specifically for any cutting mechanisms. The bar is collapsible, so the scythe is easy to transport. In the kit there are many useful tips: for sawing, cutting bushes and harvesting dry foliage.
  3. Lawn Mower Izhmash BK-4300 is a powerful and high-performance tool of Russian production. The configuration of the cutting part easily copes with grass of any thickness. The spit is suitable for trimming grass and hay. Spit easily copes with grass in hard to reach places.

The motokos market is really huge. In order to make a choice, you need to find out the primary tasks. You need to understand the amount of work, the quality of the grass and the presence of obstacles in the territory. With an objective assessment of these parameters, you can choose a decent model that will last for many years.