Better Cut Laminate Laying

Better Cut Laminate Laying

Laminate floors today are perhaps at the peak of popularity. Laying laminated material is available to do on their own. For this we need: desire, accuracy and a bit of free time. To complete the installation, you must purchase materials, a set of tools. Here the question arises: what tool is needed for laying and how to cut the laminate at home.

It is sometimes difficult to choose one kind of lamellas, the variety of colors, textures, decors with various patterns, authentic imitations: natural wood, natural stone, metal and even reptile skin is so huge. As practice shows, the diversity of the appearance of lamellas is not a factor affecting the cutting of material. Therefore, in most cases, an independent cut will not cause difficulties.

It is possible to carry out all installation work without acquiring a specialized tool, taking advantage of the available stock of inventory in the home pantry. Today we will consider what tools are needed to cut panels, than to cut a laminate when laying with our own hands.

Is it possible to saw a laminate with a hacksaw

The laminated panel should be trimmed in such a way that there are no torn marks and damage left at the cutting site, so that the cutting line is even and straight. To accomplish the task, tools specially designed for this purpose are used, which we will consider, and also talk about how this is done.

A few tips to help you make a quality cut:

  • laminated boards are well cut even with the help of the well-known hand hacksaw, only it will take longer, and you should try to make the cut clear and without burrs;
  • so that the edge of the panel after cutting is free of terry, cracks and chips, you can use any saw, but it must be with small teeth;
  • with a poor-quality cut. if there are cracks or chips on the end, such a lamella will need to be hidden with the bad side under the baseboard so that the marriage is not noticeable;
  • do not rush to trim, first you need to make accurate measurements, draw the direction of the cut on the board and once again verify that everything is done correctly;
  • to achieve a good cut on the front side of the panel, when cutting, place it horizontally on the support, with the front surface up;
  • do not use a lot of force during cutting so as not to break off the edge of the board.

A hacksaw is used for cutting laminated panels in the absence of more precise electric tools with a small amount of work. Here we must try to get an even and high-quality cut, without damaging the edge and not deviating from the intended course. What kind of saw can saw a laminate? Sawing can be done with any saw that only satisfies the quality of sharpening.

But this tool does not apply to those that are better to saw the laminate with a large amount of work. Technically, a hacksaw will also cope with a large number of panels, but it is not so easy to achieve a normal cut quality during the whole work.

How to saw a laminate with a jigsaw properly

We must say right away that this is the most optimal and fastest way to cut lamellas, yet the manual method is quite laborious and inaccurate. If you intend to continue to carry out any kind of repair work in the house, it is worth having an electric jigsaw in your arsenal.

With this electric device, it is easy to make a cut along or across the lamellas, at any angle. There are devices that allow you to make cuts located at the same distance from the edge of the board, even without marking.

Video: Better Cut Laminate Laying

Even with single cutting, such a tool shows excellent results. The answer to the question, what is the best way to cut a laminate with a curly cut line, becomes clear: jigsaw. This tool helps to get the rounded cutouts needed when meeting with heating pipes. To do this, you just need to choose the right file with small teeth, which will improve the quality of the cut.

Of course, this tool also performs straight cuts with high quality. The advantage of an electric jigsaw is that even a novice builder can achieve excellent results with it.

The disadvantages of the device include

  • noise at work;
  • a lot of dust is formed.

Note that other power tools also have these drawbacks.
How to cut a laminate with a jigsaw:

  1. The tool is equipped with a file with a small reverse tooth. If this is not included with the jigsaw, you must purchase it. This is the answer to the question, what kind of jigsaw file to saw the laminate.
  2. Marking is applied to the panel that requires cropping. The cutting line is drawn on the back of the panel.
  3. The board is laid on a solid base with a decorative surface up, after which the cutting begins on the intended line.

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How to saw a laminate with a circular saw

Not everyone will get such an instrument, but those who have it will enjoy working with it.

  • high speed of work;
  • it is possible to work with several lamellas at once.

The power of the cutter is much higher than other power tools. Therefore, if you choose the better to cut a durable and solid commercial-grade laminate, then it is worth stopping at the choice of a circular saw.

The sequence of operations when working with a circular saw for cutting laminated boards:

  • we select a disk for a circular device with small teeth;
  • mark on the decorative surface of the board to trim;
  • the boards are placed upward with the decorative layer in turn one after another on the machine, holding the panel by the edge, slowly directing it forward to the rotating disk.

Is it possible to cut a laminate with an angle grinder?

Yes, it is possible, but you should not work with an angle grinder without experience. First, you still need to learn from unnecessary boards.

There are different discs for the device: for working with wood, for metal, etc. Cutting a laminate with an angle grinder, experts advise using a metal disc with small and thin teeth, this will help to prevent the formation of cracks on the board.

Laminate Guillotine

This is a new special small machine designed for the mechanical action of the blade on the laminated material by pressing the handle of the device. The machine is easy to use, does not require huge user effort.

If you ask a question, how to cut a laminate at home, then it is worth considering this tool. Compared to a hacksaw, it works much faster and better, and when compared with an electric angle grinder and a circular saw, it is much cheaper and easier to maintain. The machine does not require source of electricity. The tool does not form dust, sawdust, does not allow chips on panels and works without noise.

This is the best option for the home master, who set himself the task of decorating all the floors in the apartment with laminated parquet.
This laminate cutting tool should be used as follows:

  1. on the basis of the cutting device is a lamella. horizontally;
  2. marking line applied on the board is brought directly under the cutter;
  3. the handle drops down to the laminated board, and a neat and clear cut is made by the cutter.

This device is capable of cutting a large number of panels quite quickly and efficiently. A practical and useful tool that should be purchased for professional laying of a laminated coating.

The better to cut vinyl laminate when laying

Vinyl or PVC laminate is gaining popularity due to its remarkable qualities: water resistance, wear resistance, ease of installation, a variety of decor. This material is easy to care for and is not at all afraid of water. often these are flexible panels similar to linoleum.

How can I cut a vinyl laminate at home? Using the tools listed above is useless. Vinyl tiles are easily cut with a clerical knife, this is a good solution for them.

How to choose the right tool

Two defining circumstances should be taken into account here:

  • panel properties, scope of work;
  • tool specifications.

For example, what should saw a laminate at home? It makes no sense to purchase expensive powerful electrical equipment, such an amount of laminated boards will perfectly help to cut a machine with the name: guillotine. When decorating a large floor with a commercial laminate in an office, it makes sense to choose a circular saw.

Sometimes there is a need to increase the technological gap at the wall, left insufficient size by mistake. How then to cut the laminate against the wall to increase the size of the gap? An example of using a jigsaw to solve this problem is given in the video:

Whatever tool you choose, not everything depends on it. It is necessary to act carefully, without rushing, taking measurements with attention and drawing marking lines for trimming. Do not apply too much force to the board during cutting, so as not to break off the edge.
Good luck!