Bitten A Drill In A Puncher How To Pull Out

  • Bitten A Drill In A Puncher How To Pull Out

SDS-Plus drill mount, number of speeds. 1, the power of 850 watts, power. from the network, operating modes: chiselling, drilling, drilling with impact, wear indicator of carbon brushes, electronic speed control, weight 4.5 kg.

Price: 902. 06. 1 049 p.

Functions and Features

Kavechkin Anatoly

Lack of reverse is the smallest of the problems with this rotary hammer. God is with her, in powerful tools, not all of them exist, although the cost in half a thousand bucks somehow implies the presence of ALL possible features and convenient bells and whistles.
The saddest thing is that the protective sleeve is completely not designed for the power of this hammer drill. The choice fell on this model, as often it is necessary to go through the walls through, and quickly (installation of air conditioners) and a solid diameter. Naturally, you won’t get anywhere from the fittings. We constantly get on it. And such moments are death for this model. Fast and high quality.
See: during use, two cartridge changes and two gearbox repairs. In the last one I don’t remember one reason, and the second time gears were replaced, which lost half of their teeth.
All breakdowns are after wedges caught, all breakdowns are at our expense. The cost of the tool increased (including repairs) by another 50%. Sorry, how’s that?

Rokhlya Oleg

The punch is really powerful, but the problem is that, apparently, the designers very well saved on the quality of components. The main problem of this drill in sudden wedges, when you have to go through walls and ceilings through. Besides the fact that there is no reverse in it (all powerful perfs sin by this) and you have to pull out the borax with the help of a hammer and that same woman from a joke, the saddest thing is that the cartridge and gearbox breaks. Campaign, with the protection of the perfo serious problems.
The first cartridge had to be changed in just 2 weeks. The second in 2 months. The third. in a year. In addition, the gearbox was repaired six months later. the teeth of the gears fell. After a year with a slight re-trouble with the gearbox.
In general, the cost of repairs is already higher than the cost of this drill, which is already not small.

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Leonov Eugene

The boss bought so that there was a powerful hammer drill in the brigade. And he did not regret the money, it should be noted. And the unit is really powerful and convenient. A slip in another manifested.
There is no reverse on the punch. It is really powerful, so much so that it is able to plant a drill so that it is impossible to pull it out without a sledgehammer. Or another punch, with reverse.
They got stuck three times. The first time the drill sat down so that it was necessary to knock it out with a hammer. The perf then went to repair. Gearbox repair, gear replacement. The second time about Bosch, and after the third again went to repair. the cartridge spat out a snap. Under warranty, replace the cartridge. The second time we were told that the drill can be pulled out by another punch, with a reverse. And they did, now we always carry the second with us. In general, we are not looking for easy ways.

Nemaev Vlad

It was a matter of choosing it, buying it, dumping a ton of money, did not even think that Makita would begin to crumble in six months. At first, he repaired the cartridge due to the fact that a drill bit in concrete was wedged a couple of times, having felt the fittings. Shaken specifically. A month ago, the trunk was covered. Repair and parts, coupled with more than half a punch, cost. Unreliable model and expensive repairs.

Zapatiy Taras

Sivkov Oleg

Faithful friend, many meters of concrete passed together.