July 1, 2019

Booth For Kurzhaar Do It Yourself

The optimal size of the kennel should be calculated for each dog breed. The use of conifers is especially recommended.

But it is better to process wood by impregnation at the end of the work, and only from the outside: When we start a dog, we not only get a four-legged true friend, but also become caring owners of it.

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The option of a single-shed roof box will be more spacious, since the entire plane of the roof will be raised to the optimum level. Before you build a booth, you should find out if the dog can live on the street. In too big she will also feel uncomfortable. The dog who will live here will become not only the guard and reliable protection of the site.

The owners of dogs whose pets live in urban apartments with them know that the dog is always trying to find the position in which he has the maximum visibility. What is needed for this and where to start, we will now figure it out. You should also take care that the booth is not spent most of the day in the sun, as the dog can get a heat stroke. In order to properly make a booth, you must decide on its shape and size.

After all, the structure may look completely different in accordance with your taste or in harmony with the surrounding landscape. The dog who will live here will become not only the guard and reliable protection of the site. A kennel for a dog can be equipped with a tambour or be made in a simple one-volume version.

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The dimensions of the booth must correspond to a specific dog, so when drawing up a sketch, it is imperative to take measurements: If the dog has to spend the winter in this booth, then it makes sense to fill the space between sheets of plywood with insulation. We first deal with some things of a general plan, then with particulars, including the size of a canine house, and then proceed to construction. It is a mistake to think that only a small box will become uncomfortable for a dog.

Above the aviary you can make a shelter so that the dog will have the opportunity to walk in it during the rain, in the snow and in sunny weather. The dual-pitch roof is more economical and provides the necessary height, reducing excess space for heating. Laz do 5 cm wider than the circumference of the chest of the dog, and its height – 5 cm more than the height at the withers. The booth should not be placed on a wind-blown area. If you live closer to the south, you can make it a little more, exceeding the recommended figures by 5 cm.

You can attach legs to it from below or just put it on bricks, but in any case, provide some clearance between the floor and the ground. In an open-air cage there can be a common flooring made of planks, on which a booth is installed at a certain place, which is fixed outside by several bars-restraints. Ordinary softwood is the best material for a dog house.

In the course you can put the boards, plywood, OSB and even timber. Tambour plays the same role as in a residential building, protecting the main room from the weather. Boards and bars before assembling should be carefully cleaned, otherwise the dog may skew paws.

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It is breathing wood that can provide the air circulation necessary for the dog and, therefore, the microclimate he needs. It’s quite simple to create a box for a dog with your own hands, because you only need a clean sheet of paper, a ruler, a pencil and a little ingenuity. That is why it is necessary to install corner beams on the finished base.

In the case when the inhabitant of the small breed box, the threshold should be wider so that the dog can jump to the ground, completely coming out of the kennel, pos. For dogs, this place is a booth.

But there is not enough space for her in a city apartment, but a country house gives the opportunity to finally make children’s dreams come true. To properly build a dog house with your own hands, you need to be able to take into account all these factors. If the animal has already reached a peak in its growth, then it is necessary to measure its parameters and make a house, based on them.

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