August 31, 2019

Booth For Two Dogs

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Hello, Semenych! I have two dogs. One German shepherd is a bitch (for now the puppy), the second spaniel is a male (also a puppy). Both dogs turned out to be my chance, though pedigree. Question: How can I build one booth for two (sizes). Or build two booths? I am told that the spaniel should live at home, but if I will run it home, it is only in the cold. I do not like dogs in the house. Thank.
Dear Semenych! I really like your articles. Everything is practical, understandable, wisely, judiciously, in one word: "PROFESSIONAL"! SUPER! RESPECT YOU! Good luck!

I am not such a cynologist to give exhaustive answers to such difficult questions as yours.

My last dog named Matvey (German Shepherd) lived 11.5 years. In an apartment building on the third floor. New not looking for some. Too much hassle. It’s one thing when you live in a village house or a cottage, and quite another in an apartment. Yes, and to betray the memory of the old dog and start a new one, morally I can not.

It’s clear that in a few years the faithful dog becomes an equal member of the family. But on the other hand, how much wool must be periodically removed from the apartment, how many other worries. Walking sometimes happens at night, and in the snow and rain. The dog can not explain what you want to sleep or you are busy. Started, so take care.

Not everyone around is sympathetic to the absence of a muzzle and unhooked from a leash.

Departure for the vacation period becomes a problem at all. With whom to leave a pet?

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Two dogs – cares and a half times more (not two! For here the proportion is not respected).

But since fate has developed so, you will take care of the two where to go.

In my, purely subjective view, there are certain difficulties in the coexistence of two sexually opposite dogs. I will not spread. Consultations – from experienced dog breeders.

/ One of my friends altogether adapted a loggia for a dog. He lived there both in winter and summer. Only at thirty degrees of frost did he move into the house. /

I think that if you have such an opportunity, it is better to make on the street one dog kennel in the image and likeness of the one I drew on my website in the appropriate section. But so that the rear wall was common, and the outputs would be on different sides. That is one large two-room doghouse with separate exits would turn out.

The grid the chain-link would be a demarcation of territories.

Or even smash the location of dog kennels in different places. Then you have to do two identical booths.

Just a booth with one entrance for two of your dogs (even larger), would not do. Not the case. In a year or even earlier there will be problems.

But once again I repeat that it is better to consult with experts. Maybe such a neighborhood will not lead to anything good. And the way out will be accommodation of a charming person in an apartment, and the strongest one – in a kennel. At the very least, such periods may be repeated during certain periods of time. And the rest of the time they would live in kennels on the street.

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Perhaps I can not say more.


Hello, Semenych. Thanks for the sincere message! While there was a correspondence, a lot has changed in the dog’s life. I built a booth for two. For a while, two puppies lived in this booth. At first they stole a sheep-dog (standard). She was already half a year old. Beauty. Spaniel lived in the house all winter. Cheerful, beautiful, healthy puppy. In May, he disappeared. Now the booth is empty. Now I bought a mongrel little dog. Well, very small. I do not even know what size it will be. Probably in the winter will live in the house. Thanks again for the answer! Good luck to you! I am writing briefly because I hurt my hand and it is difficult to write.

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