July 5, 2019

Booth For Two Dogs

We make a booth for two dogs with our own hands.

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Our four-legged friends can live in different conditions: in an open-air cage, in an apartment, or dwell in a hand-made booth. If you have several animals, you will need to determine the "place of residence" for each pet. Much depends also on whether animals get along with each other. But agree, it will be cramped and uncomfortable for two dogs to huddle in the same kennel. In any case, a place to rest and sleep should be individual.

Booths for animals must comply with several principles: functionality, comfort for living, durability, have an aesthetic appearance.

We will tell you how to make a booth for two dogs with your own hands – two isolated rooms for animal rest under the same roof.

The installation site of the kennel should be in the shade of buildings or trees away from the drainpipes, provide an overview of the entire protected area.

You can make a dog house with your own hands from the material at hand: boards, pallets, bricks, plywood, even a refrigerator or washing machine.

A quick version of making a double dog kennel with your own hands

Some craftsmen recommend making their own kennel car tires. To do this, you need to lay several tires on each other, tie them with wire and lay on their side. Determine the number and diameter of tires based on the size of the dogs. For two animals, the length of the booth will double. It is possible to refine the inside of such a booth with the help of insulation and plywood, dividing the pipe into compartments for each dog. Outside tightly wrap tires with plastic or a piece of linoleum. And having laid the treated boards on the floor, you will create comfort and quiet rest for your pets.

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Now let’s talk about the features of making a traditional kennel for two dogs with your own hands.

Determination of the size of the booth for two dogs

The size of the kennel for two animals depends on the size of the dogs. If they are about the same height, then both parts of the booth will be symmetrical in size. If one dog is less, consider this when building. After all, a large space inside the house will not allow the dog to warm up, and a small one will not allow him to stand at full height and freely unfold.

The main parameters of the dog in the manufacture of booths with their own hands are:

  • distance from the nose to the base of the tail. This is the depth of the booth with an allowance of 10 cm;
  • height at withers, which allows to determine the height of the entrance to the kennel;
  • the full height of the dog to the ears is the height of the inner space;
  • the width of the chest will allow you to set the horizontal size of the manhole with an allowance of 5 cm.

If you do your own box for a puppy, then consider its growth in the future to the size of the parents.

On average, for large dogs the length, depth and height of the booth will be 140 × 100 × 95 cm, for medium ones – 120 × 75 × 80 cm, and for the smallest – 70 × 55 × 60 cm. The width and height of the manhole will be: 40 × 60 cm, 35 × 50 cm, 30 × 40 cm.

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Materials for making DIY kennels for two dogs

As a material, we recommend residues from the performance of basic construction works.

  • timber section 4 × 4 cm;
  • boards of 100 × 20 mm or pre-treated pallets of linseed oil. Pine or larch will last up to 12 years;
  • plywood sheets;
  • slate, a piece of linoleum or soft tile;
  • insulation to choose from: foam, foam, mineral wool;
  • polyethylene film in a roll or a substrate under the laminate;
  • nails, metal corners.
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