August 29, 2019

Booths And Dog Houses

booths, houses

In order for the dog not to spoil the furniture and the floor in the house and feel comfortable outside, you need to create normal conditions for his life in a country house. The main building in the country for this will be the dog box. To choose it correctly, it is necessary to take into account the climatic conditions of the area.

Beautiful dog house

What material is suitable for building a doghouse

Dog houses can be made of different materials: wood, brick or metal. Manufacture of the box from a tree enjoys wide popularity. This material is considered practical, environmentally friendly, construction can be done by hand in a short period. In addition, the wood is quite durable, and with its help you can create structures of any complexity.

booths, houses

The lock for a dog which will ideally fit into any landscape project of a country site

Wooden box

Simple box made of wood. The choice of location for the booth at the site will be based on the size of the site itself and the purpose of its location. Typically, these facilities are located at the entrance to the suburban area, in extreme cases, they are located near the entrance to the house.

Typical design of a wooden dog house

Before starting to build a house for a pet, you will need to first draw up a design drawing. It, as a rule, indicates all the dimensions of the booth and the amount used for this material. The process of building a booth does not take much time. It does not require specific skills and experience in this area. To make the dog comfortable in a new house, it is necessary to take into account its size when drafting a sketch.

Drawing of a simple wooden dog house

Council If you have a large dog, the booth should be at least 1.3-1.5 in height and about 2 m in width. If you need a booth for a small dog, then its size can be 70×70 cm or 80×80 cm. Everyone chooses the best option for their dog.

How to calculate the size of the structure

In order to choose the normal size of the booth, you need to make certain calculations. The height of the walls of the future house is calculated by adding 15 cm to the dog’s height. If you plan to make certain floor insulation or just put a rug inside the booth, then this is all taken into account, added together and added to the existing result.

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As for the width of the house, it is calculated by measuring the length of the pet. It will be necessary to add up to 60 cm to this indicator so that the booth can be separated into a sleeping place and a kind of vestibule. The depth of the booth can correspond to its width. But it is taken into account that the size must be such that the dog can freely in his dwelling, stretching out his paws. Only then the dog house can be considered comfortable.

Example of calculating the size of a doghouse. Back to table of contents

The process of building a wooden box

Once the layout of the booth and the material for it is ready, you can proceed to the construction of the house.

Tools and materials needed for construction:

  • wooden panels,
  • wooden beams
  • roofing material
  • hammer,
  • screwdriver
  • saw or special electrical equipment of this kind,
  • nails
  • self-tapping screws
  • level,
  • ruler,
  • pencil,
  • insulation,
  • sheets of plywood or thin osb.

The first thing to do is to cut the prepared material according to the dimensions specified in the plan. All finished elements are fastened together with screws or ordinary construction nails.

Necessary building material and construction scheme of the device of the box with dimensions for a large shepherd dog

Council In order to make the construction more durable, in the joints of the structural elements, prefabricated wooden bars are laid and mounted, to which the parts must be fastened.

Previously, a frame is made of small wooden beams. All its elements must be set strictly to the level so that the design has an even proportion. Also, this will further help to give symmetry to the structure, and it will be quite easy to adjust the size of the material.

The wooden frame should be assembled with screws or nails. In order to give strength to the whole structure of this type, it is necessary to coat each compound with PVA with glue, which perfectly fixes the wood even without the use of special fasteners.

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After the frame is ready, you need to go to its skin. Wooden boards, which were previously prepared, are mounted on the frame with nails and screws.

The frame of the wooden dog house

In the first case, a hammer is used, and in the second – a screwdriver. The sides of such boards should be smooth so as not to allow cold air to penetrate through the gaps when connecting.

Council In order to ensure the integrity of the design, you will need to go through all the connections with a special sealant.

Metal corners for rigidity and reliability of the design

To protect the wooden walls of the structure, it is necessary to coat them with varnish or paint. So wood will be largely protected from the effects of weather and climatic conditions. Do not forget about the insects that can feed on the tree. It is best to treat it with an antiseptic.

The floor in the booth is done on the principle of the side walls. During construction, special wooden legs are provided, they are fixed in the ground and do not allow the tree to rot as a result of high humidity under the house.

Inside the walls and floor must be insulated and insulated. Especially in those regions that have a cold climate. This can be done with foam plastic, which does not absorb moisture and does not deform under the influence of temperature differences. You can use mineral wool, only it must be sufficiently protected from moisture, otherwise it will lose all its technical properties.

Insulation attached after the frame is sheathed on all sides except the roof. The necessary dimensions are cut out of the insulation material, which will correspond to the framework cells. It is necessary to make the heater tightly inserted into them. If this is not possible, then you can fix it to the wall with ordinary glue or double-sided tape. On top of the insulation sheets of plywood or thin OSB are attached.

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Council For the construction it is best to use plywood, as it is considered to be better pressed than OSB sheets, and when wet, it will not swell too much. What can not be said about OSB.

In order for such material to last longer, it is recommended to coat it with varnish or paint. Only then can its structure be protected from deformation. From the sheets of this material are cut the desired size. They should be similar to the size of the walls and floor. Mounted with nails or screws, depending on convenience.

In the construction of dog booths it will be more rational to use a screwdriver and screws. They can significantly reduce the time for the construction of such a structure.

Do not forget in the manufacture of the booth and about the entrance to the house for the pet. It should be quite spacious so that the dog can crawl into it freely and at the same time not too “open” so that water does not get there during the rain. For this, special rubber doors are often used.

The dog can without obstacles enter and exit the booth, and rainwater or cold air will not penetrate inside. Such doors can be removable for the summer period, and can be stationary, only in the summer in such a house will the dog be uncomfortable.

Wooden summer dog house

The roof of the dog box can be made of any roofing material and have a variety of shapes. It is best to apply a dual-pitch roof in the construction of the house. It will easily drain rain and melt water, which will allow the roofing material to serve longer.

It may seem to some that it will be too expensive to use metal roofing for a pet’s booth, but this material has excellent technical and operational characteristics.

For this reason, low cost most people prefer sheet slate. For many years he has already established himself as a strong, durable and warm roofing material.

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