August 24, 2019

Booths For Dogs A Variety Of Options

A country house is a concentration of inner peace. But its “small world” must be protected from external interference. Of course, you can set the alarm, but such actions require significant cash costs. Therefore, an excellent option is to enlist the support of a personal guard – a dog.

This devoted and dear friend requires care, which is the duty of the owner. Therefore, he should take care of a house for a pet. Doghouse can be purchased and built independently.

Consider the conditions for selecting the booth to the dog. A host who worries about his pet will surely provide him with a place to stay in a warm and clean booth. Today, you can easily buy ready-made design. But you need to pay attention to its size, so that the pet was not crowded. But, of course, in our situations, the most interesting is the question of organizing the residence of large dogs. So how exactly they will be able to protect the house from unwanted visitors.

Warming dog booths:

Near the booth you need to provide a dog walking area, which can be enclosed with a steel grill.

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But you can build a dog house and yourself. There is nothing difficult in this work. For this you need to submit a design. To work brought the desired result, consider the main stages of the construction of the dog house.

First of all, it is necessary to determine the dimensions of the future house of the pet. To do this, measure the animal. At the same time we follow the following rules:

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– Laz in the kennel must be at least eight centimeters greater than the width of the dog and five centimeters in height;

– The width of the kennel should be equal to the length of the pet.

The resulting dimensions can be increased in accordance with their wishes.

The next stage is the choice of the material for the manufacture of the kennel. The best option is natural and environmentally friendly materials. The tree corresponds to these parameters. Experts recommend the use of coniferous wood. Canine housing is also built from bricks or blocks.

In our option, consider the manufacture of wooden kennels as the most appropriate option.

Construction begins with the installation of the bottom. For a start, a floorboard is nailed to the two bars. After that, flip it vertically. In the corners of the base and in the middle of the walls bars are nailed. At the place where it is planned to organize a manhole, smaller bars are attached.

Sheathing booth frame or aviary:

The next option is to trim the frame. At the same time it is necessary to carefully monitor that the elements of the wall panel stand exactly. During the work small galvanized carnations are used.

Waterproofing is installed at the bottom of the booth, which will protect the base from the occurrence of mold. To do this, you need to process the bottom with a special protective solution and attach the roofing material to it with the help of bars. They will, moreover, provide natural isolation.

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For greater comfort pet inside the design must be warmed. The best way is the following – to fix the glassine on the bottom. Over it you need to put a ball of insulation, then with the help of a stapler to secure another layer of glassine. In a similar way, the walls of the booth are insulated. With the help of fillets can be further processed joints between the walls and the floor.

The next stage is the installation of the ceiling and roof. These structures should be removable in order to make it easier to clean the booth and disinfect it. Be sure to warm the ceiling. First of all, a roof is made consisting of a frame, which is constructed from bars of an appropriate size, and a plywood sheet sewn on them. After that, you need to warm the structure with foam or mineral wool. Having carried out these works, the insulation layer is sewn up with a plywood sheet. A handle can be attached to the roof, which makes it convenient to remove it.

The final stage is the finishing of the outside of the booth. These works include the following elements: painting the exterior of the structure, mounting decorative fittings. Many attach to the manhole special curtains.

Observing the above recommendations, we get a comfortable warm shelter for the dog. This design will protect the dog from rain and in winter frosts.

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