August 8, 2019

Booths For Large And Small Dogs

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Any dog ​​needs personal space, but those animals that live in a house next to people can do without a shed. Dogs living on the street, the booth serves as a shelter from the weather, so it is very important to ensure that your pet is comfortable and cozy. What are the booths for large and small dogs, described in our article.

The design and types of booths for dogs

Any owner of the dog, if desired, can purchase or design their own dog box. Depending on the breed and the purpose of the content, the booths are divided into decorative, insulated, booths for large dogs, booths for puppies of bitches or for small dogs.

Since frosts and winds are far from uncommon in our latitudes, owners of dogs need to choose warm booths that are not blown through. You should not prefer the booths of standard sizes, because the dog should be comfortable in a small kennel. If the booth is too big, the heat will not be stored there, and an overly small booth will restrict the dog from moving. It is better to measure the dog and build an individual booth for it.

Requirements for booths

The design and types of booths for dogs can be completely different and individual for each dog. The most common are the booths of wood. For the manufacture of booths manufacturers use high-quality timber, dried to a moisture content of 10% of conifers, where there are no knots, cracks, blue or blunt wane. If you make a cedar box, it will be durable and durable. You should not save on a house for a dog, because he is always on the street, and he will have to withstand not only cold, but also piercing winds. In addition, you will not once again worry about your dog, knowing that she is in hiding, and she is not in any danger. In addition, the dog will get used to eat in the booth, which will save you from the mess in the house.

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The popularity of wood as a material for a booth is also explained by the fact that this material is a recognized natural insulator. In the summer, coolness will be maintained there, and in winter, in cold wood, it will allow the heat inside the kennel to be preserved better than other materials do. In addition, you can put additional heating devices in the booth.

It is desirable that the walls of the booths were double. The outer wall is made of dried timber of coniferous trees, the inner wall of the booth is made of plywood, the thickness of which is more than 10 mm. The gap between the walls is filled with dry sawdust and dry chips.

A grooved softwood board, 35 mm in thickness, is used to make a floor in a kennel. The roof in the booth must be made removable so that you can perform regular cleaning. On the wide side, make a hole, shifting it to the side wall. If possible, choose a collapsible booth, then it will be easier to clean and disinfect it. If desired, such a booth is easy to transform and rearrange to a more convenient place.

The dog is your friend and protector, remember this when you choose or build a booth for her. Choose high-quality materials, constructing a house for your pet, strength and reliability of the booth will keep your dog’s health.

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