Bosch 125 sander with variable speed control


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This section of our online catalog presents the best Bosch grinders. As an official dealer of the German company in Uzbekistan, we have created optimal conditions for the sale of power tools. Read a detailed description of the category and discover the advantages of our offer to buy a Bosch angle grinder in Tashkent. Here you’ll also find answers to the most frequently asked questions from the customer service team on the Bosch-uzbekistan and in our showrooms.

Bosch grinders: general description and application

The tools in this section of our catalog are commonly used in construction and repair work. Angle grinder (angle grinder) is used for grinding, cutting and deburring of hard materials (stone, metal, etc.). The constructive feature of the tool is the location of the motor axis and the working tool (grinding disc) at an angle of 90° to each other. Such design facilitates ease of use and increased productivity.

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angle grinder (angle grinders). customer feedback

In the hand lies well. By weight is heavy for its size, but for the tool is even a plus, it means there is no emptiness. Smooth start, speed regulation and speed stabilization, that’s what you need for working with angle grinder!

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Angle grinder (angle grinder) Bosch

Each Bosch angle grinder has its own individual, distinctive features.

Some can boast the presence of a certain function, while others do not. For example, not all of ushmkov have anti-vibration handle, etc.д. But it is worth noting that there are a number of features that unite all angle grinders of this company without exception. Specifically:

What features of Bosch angle grinders you should pay attention to when buying?

Name Information
disc diameter It is selected according to the required cutting depth, the material to be handled and the type of work to be performed (cutting and scraping blades).
Speed adjustment Suitable for sanding plastic or paint finishes. Motor overheats faster at low speeds (single-speed machines).
Inrush current limit Soft-start capability on almost all of our models. Wears out the gears much slower.
Motor overload protection Depending on the degree of overheating of the motor, the motor either speeds down little by little or stops completely. This prevents the motor from burning out.
Emergency stop of the motor To avoid injury to the operator, some of our models feature an abrupt motor stop if the disc jams.
Spindle lock An idler pinion retainer is a safety necessity when replacing a disc.
Vibration-absorbing handle Frequent and prolonged vibration when working on an angle grinder is bad for your health. When vibrations occur, the handle cushions and makes working as comfortable as possible.

We hope that this information will help you buy a Bosch angle grinder in a practical and competent way.

Bosch arc grinders in the GWS and PWS series

Bosch manufactures its angle grinders in 2 variations:

Before you buy a Bosch angle grinder, you should know what’s behind these German acronyms and what the difference between them is. We explain it all hereafter. It’s as easy as that. WS stands for Winkelschleifer, which is German for. angle grinder. G stands for gewerblich (professional or industrial), P for persönlich (personal or household).

What are the differences between the grinders?

As you have already understood, the GWS angle grinder is intended for professional use, while the PWS is for home use. Their first characteristic difference is the color of the products. Professional angle grinders have a blue color, household. green. The first version is reliable, durable and designed for long daily work. Such products need only rest when a person is resting. At the same time, the tool for home use should not be used more than 3 hours a day. Professional grinders use higher-quality plastic (usually reinforced), while metal ones are made of alloy steel. Handles of industrial lathes are non-slip and sit comfortably in the hand, and automatically turn off when overheated. Professional angle grinders also boast release clutches in case of jammed saw wheels.

Bosch cordless angle grinders

The main advantage of these devices is their autonomy. They are lightweight, compact and ergonomic. All this allows you to work with it in hard-to-reach places in the absence of electricity. Bosch cordless angle grinder also allows you to hold it over your head for extended periods of time. Designed for cutting, grinding and sanding various materials (wood, plastic, ceramic). Not suitable for very long jobs because of the battery capacity and for jobs where deep cutting may be required. This is not possible because of the small diameter of the disc. Like cordless angle grinders, cordless angle grinders have a “soft start” system, that is, they are equipped with a constant electronics.

Bosch angle grinders with variable speed

Products from Bosch are always of the best quality and guarantee the efficiency of your work. Angle grinder Bosch with adjustable speed is very well known to Ukrainian consumers who are engaged in construction or repair of cars.

  • Qualitatively clean joints from dissimilar contaminants, including rust and scale;
  • Cut tiles, ceramic tiles, marble, concrete, stone, glass and more;
  • polish and sand any surface.
bosch, sander, variable, speed, control

Bosch angle grinder with variable speed: benefits

The equipment on sale differs in some parameters, but it guarantees a higher level of quality and a greater degree of durability. Along with these factors, almost all models from the company Bosch demonstrate the following indicators:

  • high motor power;
  • smooth start-up, thanks to which switching on takes place without sudden jumps and drops;
  • housing, reliably protected from dust and small debris;
  • ability to withstand vibration processes;
  • Automatic switch-off of brushes;
  • support of constant revolutions;
  • relatively low price;
  • Excellent design and ergonomic shape.

In addition to the features listed above, the Bosch angle grinder with speed control also has another useful function, which is directly evidenced by the name of the product. When you have to machine “sensitive” materials, it is essential to be able to adjust the speed of the disc. Precisely for this function, and a special device that allows you to adjust the speed. Thanks to this function, it is possible to cut glass without fear of breaking off small pieces. And machining of soft metals will not be accompanied by melted edges.

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Bosch GWS 14-125 Inox angle grinder (0601829K00)

The Bosch GWS 14-125 Inox angle grinder is suitable for sanding, gentle machining, this is ensured by low rotational speeds. Powerful 1400 Watt motor with 50% more torque for fast and powerful operation.

Ventilation holes are provided so that the tool can cool down after extended periods of work, thus extending its service life. Innovative technological advances enable the tool to detect a disc lock and can stop the tool immediately, also with protection against accidental start. A pivot proof guard with easy and simple adjustment guarantees safe handling and avoidance of accidents.

bosch, sander, variable, speed, control

Constant RPM even under high load, thanks to electronic stability. Also the advantage is that with the extra handle reduces the vibration level to 40%, which suggests doing everything without fatigue and is very comfortable and effective. Spindle thread M14, wheel diameter of 125 mm. It also helps to perform the work easier and without much effort just a small for such a grinder weight of 2.2 kg.

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“Angle grinder”. an excellent assistant to the owner during repairs at home, in the garage or in the cottage. And for it to serve him as long as possible, it is necessary not only to use it correctly, but, above all, to choose a quality tool, proven in practice and proven itself from the very good side. So, the 10 best angle grinders, based on reviews of users who tested them in work.


Handy, inexpensive 125 mm angle grinder with variable speed. Its power is impressive despite its small size (900 watts). The tool is fast and handles tasks, whether sanding or cutting materials, without problems.

Ergonomic handle ensures safe handling of the angle grinder. Disks can be easily removed or clamped on the machine. Speed control is included. The tool does not overheat. Cable length of 2.5 metres.

Bort BWS-905-R

Compact 125 mm angle grinder, attracts attention with low price and high power. Low weight (1.8kg) allows you to work long hours without resting or taking breaks, without being distracted by fatigue.

Its adjustable speed and spindle can be set at any time. angle grinder is equipped with a protective cover, additional brushes and a handle, a key for replacing discs. Locking button on the housing for protection against accidental start-up.

Hammer USM 1200 E

High power angle grinder with discs up to 125 mm in diameter. It has a high performance, the user can easily perform both cutting and grinding work. Speed adjustment allows you to set the angle grinder to the mode that suits the operator.

The special feature of the grinder is the handle, which can be fixed in two positions. on the left or right, making it more convenient to use. Also the special attraction of this machine is the spindle lock, which makes it easy to change accessories.

Zubr angle grinder-125-1100 TM3

Great angle grinder with a smooth start at an affordable price. Its power (1100 watts) allows you to carry out even fairly complex and time-consuming work. Model with ergonomic housing, easy to operate. The supplied auxiliary handle can be locked in two positions, which makes it even easier to operate.

In addition to speed regulation, it has a button that prevents accidental start-up and overload protection.

Sturm! AG9512P

Easy-to-operate 125 mm angle grinder with variable speed at an attractive price. It is indispensable for a wide variety of jobs: scraping or grinding surfaces, trimming metal and other materials.

The tool is equipped with a removable auxiliary handle, which can be installed on the housing of the unit in three different positions. It also has a protective guard that prevents dust, debris, and sparks from getting on the operator and spreading over long distances. Locking the power angle grinder allows you to protect the whole family from injury if you accidentally press the button.

Bosch GWS 850 CE

Simple and robust angle grinder with 125 mm disc, attractive due to its low price and high performance. It handles all surfaces with ease, cuts through many different materials. Disks and brushes are easy to remove and mount.

angle grinder is equipped with an ergonomic handle, which makes operation even easier and more comfortable, as well as a protective guard, which prevents sparks from spraying and flying over long distances.

bosch, sander, variable, speed, control

AEG WS 13-125 XE

An excellent compact tool. It has a moderate price and high power. the angle grinder copes superbly with its tasks, and is equally at home when sanding surfaces and cutting materials.

Easy change of accessories (discs, brushes) and adjustment of the hood without additional tools. The included handle is easy to use, it does not vibrate and locks securely to the body.

Metabo WEV 15-125 Quick

Reliable in operation, the machine is functional. Its price may slightly confuse the buyer. However, it is worth the money spent. The user will never regret about his choice over a long period of operation.

The model is characterized by high performance, due to the incredible power of the motor, which is 1550 watts. The angle grinder fits snugly in the hand because of its small dimensions. It is easy to operate, thanks to the handy housing and the ergonomic removable two-position handle.


One of the best angle grinder 125 according to the reviews of owners, which also has adjustable speed and soft start. In addition to its original appearance, it is distinguished by its excellent power, which gives the tool a high performance. It cuts and grinds any surface and material quickly and effectively.

angle grinder is equipped with an active dust extraction system, a reinforced gearbox design, unique graphite brushes. It has an accidental button lock function, overload protection. Includes additional detachable two-position handle, wrench, safety guard.

Compare table

For easy comparison of all 125 mm angle grinder in our ranking, we have compiled a table with the most important technical characteristics of each model.

Model Power, W Maximum speed, rpm Power cord length, m Weight, kg Average price,
MILITARY AG900VS 900 12 000 2,5 2,2 2 392
Bort BWS-905-R 900 11 000 2 1,8 2 596
Hammer USM 1200 E 1200 2,5 2,2 2 800
Zubr angle grinder-125-1100 TM3 1100 2 2,5 2 904
Sturm! AG9512P 1200 2 2,33 3 159
Bosch GWS 850 CE 850 3 1,9 6 271
AEG WS 13-125 XE 1300 4 2,4 6 495
Metabo WEV 15-125 Quick 1550 4 2,5 8 500
DeWALT DWE4257 1500 10 000 2,5 2,6 8 936
Makita 9565CVK 1400 11 000 2,5 1,8 9 709

Bosch angle grinder Bosch GWS 2200-230mm 06018C10R0 06018C10R0

Angle grinder Bosch angle grinder Bosch GWS 2200-230mm 06018C10R0 06018C10R0

Power, W 2200V, 220Voltage, 220Diameter disc, mm 230Diameter seating, mm 22.2RPM 6500Supelanets noBystrozamnaya nut SDS noRobotka on concrete (stone) yesSupport a constant speed under load noVibrating handle noAdditional boxSize, weight 5,4Dimensions, mm 475h110h140 engine type brushSpindle thread M14Ugolgrinding mash.

Description and parameters of the angle grinder Bosch GWS 2200-230mm 06018C10R0 06018C10R0

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The manufacturers recommend

Grinding machine

Grinder Makita BO6050J

Voltage 220VoltPower 750WDiameter of grinding plate 150mmDiameter of abrasive wheel 150mmRPM frequency 1600-6800rpmRPM oscillation amplitude 5.5 mmGraffiti brush 326Dimensions 330x155x145 mmGrid cord 2.Extra Vibration-Preventive Handle for Comfortable Handling 5 mWeight 2.6 kgSpeed controller NoDouble insulation YesDust extraction YesLock fastening NoRPM adjustment YesElectric.


Grinder ELITECH ELITECH MSHU 0812 Grinder angle MSHU 0812

Angle grinder Elitech MSHU 0812 has a protective bandage on the rotor, which protects against abrasive wear. Brushes will automatically shut off when worn. Additional anti-vibration handle contributes to comfortable work of the user. Rubber cable is resistant to mechanical impact and low temperatures. Technical data Disc diameter, mm 125.

Description and parameters ELITECH MSSHU 0812 Angle grinder


Grinder Makita GS6000

The Makita GS6000 straight grinder has an improved gearbox to ensure a long service life. Thanks to the electronic adjustment of speeds, you can adjust to a particular type of material. The machine is easy to operate and maintain. Technical data Power, W 750 Electrical. Speed regulation yes Weight, kg 5.2 Delivery box Diam.

The grinder

Hyundai G 1200-150 G 1200-150 grinder

The gear housing is made of magnesium alloy. Spindle lock for easy tool changes. Quick-change carbon brushes Quick access for brush changes. Lock-on button for additional safety. Handle Rubberized handle. Ergonomic modern design, compact design.

Description and parameters G 1200-150 G 1200-150

angle grinder

Angle grinder WERT EAG 1012E Angle grinder EAG 1012E

Power consumption 1000WPower supply 220VDiameter of disc 125mmHeading diameter 22.2mmRPM 3000-11000 min-1Spindle thread M14Dimensions 320x100x120mmWeight 2.2kgFeaturesA 3-position side handleHandle-block switchErmostable speedSpindle lockErgonomic designDouble insulated cable length 2mComplete.

Description and parameters WERT EAG 1012E Angle grinder EAG 1012E

angle grinder

FELISATTI angle grinder angle grinder-125/750(M) angle grinder FELISATTI 411.5.2.00

Power consumption: 750W Rotational speed: 11000 rpm Disc diameter: 125 mm Spindle thread: M14.

Description and parameters angle grinder-125/750(M) angle grinder FELISATTI 411.5.2.00

Orbital sander

Used WORX WX 652 orbital sander.1

Motor type Electric Motor type Brushed Speed, rpm 0 / 12000 Power, W 300 Voltage, 220V HookLoop Technology Included Dust bag. Sanding paper (grit 60). Sanding paper (grit 80). Sanding paper (grit 120). WORX WX652 220V orbital sander powered by st.

Sanding machine

Used Makita 9555HN angle grinder

Compact but powerful angle grinder that allows you to work with one hand Small body diameter for easy operation Labyrinth design protects all bearings from dust and debris Anchor coated with several layers of protective paint and stator coated with powder coating protects the motor from dust and damage, ensuring sufficient durability even when cutting.

angle grinder

Denzel AG150-1500 angle grinder 26910

Weight 3 kgCable length 3 mChapel speed 8500 rpmEasy access to the carbon brushes areHeight 280 mmNo. power 1500WPackage width 390 mmWarranty 3 yearsPackage type boxMaximum abrasive wheel size 150 mmDuration in packaging 470 mmPower supply 230 VUniversal angle grinder Denzel the average size with a pronounced back handle.


PATRIOT angle grinder PATRIOT AG 128 110301285

Power 850 W Disc diameter, mm 125mm SDS quick-clamping nut no Vibrating handle no Superlad no Unintentional start protection included in the box Operation with concrete (stone) yes RPM kept constant under load no Weight, kg 2.5 Speed, rpm 11000 Electrical. Speed regulation no Smooth start no G.

Description and parameters PATRIOT AG 128 angle grinder (angle grinder) 110301285

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