Bosch battery angle grinder with adjustable speed

Cordless angle grinder. what it is and why

The widespread switch from cordless to cordless tools is gaining momentum. In modern construction, the cordless angle grinder is used quite widely and intensively. Cordless angle grinder is convenience and the ability to work away from AC power.

Features, advantages

Angle grinder can perform a variety of work related to treatment of wood, plywood, concrete, metal, tile, stone.

Cordless angle grinder can also be used for grinding tools: knives, chisels, chamfering before threading (say, on the end of the pipe).

The price of a cordless angle grinder is higher than that of a corded tool. First of all, due to the high price of high-capacity batteries. Cordless grinders mainly use lithium-ion batteries, which have a number of significant advantages:

  • Significant reserve of working cycles (over 1000);
  • absence of “memory effect”;
  • high density of stored energy;
  • high service life.
  • a wide range of operating temperatures (-20, 50 °C).
  • minimal self-discharge percentage, in a year it will be only 10-20%.

angle grinder battery device price is not so fundamental when it comes to buying. It is necessary to be guided by other criteria:

bosch, battery, angle, grinder, adjustable

inexpensive devices with battery 10.8 or 12V are used for carrying out small cuts or sanding work in t.ч. in hard-to-reach places. They cannot replace a “full-fledged” angle grinder, but the convenience of having no wires is obvious. The most powerful cordless angle grinders with 18V or 36V supply voltage are close to the capabilities of corded models. They are very handy on large construction sites or in non-electrified locations

The manufacturer reserves the right to change the characteristics, appearance, equipment and place of manufacture without notice to the dealer. The information on this site is not a public offer

How to choose a cordless angle grinder

To choose a good cordless angle grinder, you need to consider not only generally accepted technical characteristics, but also specific ones:

  • Diameter of the disc. it determines the maximum depth of cut and is the basic parameter for selecting any angle grinder, even a chain sander.
  • Speed of the disc. Professional models accelerate from 8,500-900 rpm to 11,000, which is comparable to the capabilities of networked. Domestic are less productive. up to 8,000 rpm, therefore, the cutting speed and overall efficiency is lower.
  • Battery capacity is the tool’s operating time. Experts recommend taking models from 4 A / h, but for occasional use or when working on wood, plastic suitable and smaller parameters.
  • Battery voltage is the power of the angle grinder. For a professional-class device 18V is enough, the general characteristics will allow you to carry out a large amount of work. When buying a household tool, it is better to take more powerful. from 20V.

What cordless angle grinder is better to buy

If the angle grinder performs the main workload, it is better to take a professional model. When wireless angle grinder is purchased in conjunction with a network grinder, as an auxiliary tool, you can get by with the household.

It is also worth considering that professional equipment is equipped with various auxiliary and protective functions. soft start, automatic brake when the disc jams in the workpiece, maintaining power under load. As well as other options. light indication, more convenient design. Household devices, in most cases, are deprived of such technical solutions, due to which they win in price.

Choosing which grinder is better, experts do not recommend relying on someone else’s experience of use, and be guided only by the conditions of use and the volume of tasks to be performed. After all, even the most budget-priced tool will perform well when used infrequently, while in the professional field it will prove useless. Independent TOP best cordless angle grinders in a combination of price and quality will help to understand the features of technology and make a successful purchase.

Bosch battery-powered angle grinder. which battery to choose? advantages, characteristics

Be sure, it’s not hard to choose from this range, especially if you know what you expect from the tool. Understanding the goals that will be set for it, as well as being aware of the strain that it will be subjected to in operation, will help make a balanced decision. Do not take it lightly and just buy the most expensive option, more expensive does not mean better.

Cordless angle grinder Bosch 125, 76 mm diameter, 12, 18 volts

We believe it is right to list the main features of the line, why it is so popular.

  • mobility, portability. Bosch battery-powered angle grinder is able to do the job where the mains electricity is not available, including the conditions of absence of a network. You can move freely on any territory, site, which is especially important for builders. Lightweight, compact, ergonomic and easy to use, especially when working in hard-to-reach areas.
  • High spindle speed determines the efficiency of the workpiece. Every revolution counts, and they have really high ones, which says about good performance. Great torque and speed is characterized by the drive, motor.
  • Reliable motor of brush or brushless type, both versions make the angle grinder a very productive, uninterrupted helper. Energy-efficient motor for long startup times, durable, easily withstands demanding workloads.
  • Regardless of the circumstances of the operation, you will find a model equipped with the optimal disc. The greatest potential for choice of processing method is based not only on the variety of models, itself in practice are different varieties of equipment. The universal m14 spindle allows the freedom to select a headset.
  • Functionality is one of the key merits. Speed regulation, soft start, constant speed, battery charging control, all these features provide additional ergonomics and operating efficiency.
  • Li-ion battery is ideal for professional use. Buy a cordless angle grinder Bosch useful, their batteries have no defects self-discharge, memory, deep discharge. They are durable, productive, thorough.
  • Quite affordable price that makes it possible to find a decent helper for construction, workshop, home use.
  • Warranty from the manufacturer, service, all this is important. There are always spare parts for them, so their maintainability does not suffer. Even the most complicated repairs are feasible thanks to official support.

When sorting, pay attention to the characteristics, they determine almost everything. Do not neglect them, too weak acb or insufficient turnover will nullify all the efforts during special application in practice. We want to list a few parameters that are important to consider:

  • Power. it shows how productive this or that model will be, whether it can be used, performing work of increased complexity. In addition, it is worth noting. Type affects the operation. The brushless type is more durable, consumes less power, but will cost more. Brushed motor is cheaper, for home buy angle grinder wireless Bosch more cost-effective.
  • RPM. determines the efficiency of grinding, cutting and other tasks, as a rule, the speed is high, especially during metalworking. Give your preference to the spindle speed control, it gives you the flexibility to adjust to specific tasks, technical conditions of use.
  • Capacity, battery voltage. The battery is the power source. This provides a number of advantages, but it is also worth focusing your attention on its values. The 18 volt battery extends the potential, and a solid capacity delivers long turnaround, which means that on a single charge, the angle grinder Bosch will be able to function longer.

What is the best angle grinder (angle grinder) cordless Bosch, Bosch. top angle grinder

If you choose for the home, the better one is the one that is cheaper, but remains functional, powerful, resistant. Professionals prioritize features, add-ons, ready to accept any cost. We want to show you a few models that are in demand, popular with our customers.

Angle grinder, Bosch gws on battery power rating

Bosch GWS 12V-76 (06019F2002). a small tool on the construction site, during repair, installation, applicable to the production. Notable for its small size, one of the most compact of the entire portfolio. Has the right set of functions, systems to ensure the stable operation at home or in the workplace. This model comes with a battery, but there is a frame version, the Solo.

Bosch GWS 18-125 V-LI. the choice of a true pro. The professional series is characterized by an enormous increase in performance and is designed for the most demanding tasks. This particular representative has a set of systems to improve the operation as a whole, including support for constant speed. Ergonomic design makes it comfortable to use. Also available with battery or with Solo modification. frame.

The Bosch GWS 18V-10 SC is the solution for the construction site, large-scale workshops and professional trades. This angle grinder not only comes with a case, you also get batteries, charging, anti-vibration handle. It is designed for long-term continuous use, work at high intensity of load.

Buy Bosch cordless angle grinder in Ukraine

Modern construction or repair is now impossible to imagine without the use of angle grinder. Thanks to this tool it is possible to make cuts, grind surfaces and many other tasks. Every professional builder knows that a Bosch cordless angle grinder is the best solution. The main advantage of this tool is that it provides maximum autonomy for each. Angle grinder from Bosch in Ukraine you can buy at the official representative of the TakiDa, here are the best and long term quality assurance.

Why many choose Bosch?

Bosch is the world’s most recognized manufacturer of construction tools. The products of this manufacturer were first released more than 100 years ago, and now they have no equal. Every professional angle grinder Bosch has an excellent performance, the highest quality and a sufficiently reasonable price. It is this combination for themselves and many people are now trying to find. The main feature of the manufacturer. it provides a three-year warranty, which gives confidence to every buyer.

During the manufacture of angle grinder, apply their own development, innovative technology and years of experience. In production, everything is built in such a way that defects and possible defects are excluded due to strict inspections at every stage. The manufacturer provides a three-year warranty due to the fact that he is confident in the quality of their own products.

bosch, battery, angle, grinder, adjustable

What are the best cordless grinders Bosch?

Everyone who wants to buy a cordless grinder Bosch, should learn about the most popular models of the manufacturer:

bosch, battery, angle, grinder, adjustable
  • Bosch GWS 12V-76. One of the easiest cordless grinders from the manufacturer. Wheel diameter is 76 mm, which is the minimum value for a professional grade tool. The angle grinder generates 19,500 revolutions per minute, which ensures the highest speed. No soft start and no adjustable speed.
  • The Bosch GWS 18-125 V-LI is an excellent angle grinder with a speed of 10,000 rpm. Diameter of the disc 125 mm. The surface machining speed is low, but this is compensated for by the low cost of this building tool. Battery has limited capacity, so for comfortable work on construction sites, it is better to buy an additional battery separately.
  • The Bosch GWS 18-125 V-LI L-BOXX is one of the best models. Diameter of the disc 125 millimetres, the angle grinder revolves at 10,000 rpm. Weight 1.5/6.4 kg, depending on equipment. The angle grinder has one of the best batteries in its class, which makes it versatile.

What kind of angle grinder Bosch cordless grinder to choose?

The main thing that everyone should look at during the purchase. these are the main characteristics. They are very few, among the main ones we can highlight: power, battery capacity, disk diameter for work, the number of revolutions per minute. If the angle grinder needs to work for a long time, it is worth thinking in advance about the purchase of an additional battery, which can be used at any time.

And if you want to order an angle grinder with a battery Bosch, but there are difficulties during the choice, you can always contact a qualified consultant online store TakiDa, they will help to make the best decision and answer all existing questions. Consultants know perfectly the range of products and will help you find an angle grinder for specific needs.

Advantages of online store TakiDa

Now the price of a battery angle grinder Bosch in Ukraine with delivery in the online store TakiDa is one of the lowest. The reason is simple. the store is an official representative. In addition to low cost, there are always long quality guarantees and full service. The store boasts several other key advantages:

  • collected a huge range of cordless grinders and angle grinder. All products have a detailed description and characteristics. Guided by them, everyone can avoid any errors;
  • All the information on the site is relevant, and it is regularly updated. For example, situations when after the purchase there are questions about the conformity of the claimed products are excluded;
  • The store always provides fast delivery in Ukraine. If the customer resides in Kiev or Kharkov, you can pick up, which further saves money. Sending is carried out immediately after ordering, the store works with New Mail, Mist Express and Intime. Before shipment, each tool is thoroughly tested for quality;
  • there are many ways to pay for the products, it will help choose the best option for each buyer;
  • there are often promotions and discounts, getting on them, you can buy an excellent power tool and save a lot of money.

The store has its own YouTube channel, you can find interesting reviews and comparisons here. Watching the most popular videos, you can gain new knowledge and then do not make mistakes when choosing a tool.

Price range category Cordless angle grinder (angle grinder) Bosch from 1065 to 25467 USD. “Power tool Cordless angle grinder (angle grinder) Bosch from TakiDa

Average rating of products in the category Cordless angle grinder (angle grinder) Bosch 4.67 Based on 57 reviews

Battery-powered angle grinder angle grinder with adjustable speed. which one to choose? benefits, features

Any tool shows a number of advantages, advantages, grinders are no exception. The first thing you should pay attention to is that the range under consideration uses an autonomous power source. a battery. Several features follow from this at once:

  • Mobility, portability. You will be able to use it regardless of the conditions, in remote areas. The wire will not interfere with its manipulation in space, as there is simply no wire. Akb makes the model mobile, autonomous, you can successfully start the task even in the absence of the network.
  • Motor power, battery capacity.
  • Reliable high power battery will unleash the full potential of the engine. Continuous startup is ensured, based on battery capacity. In addition, this angle grinder with adjustable speed can be used in any way, its power elements are not afraid of deep discharge, overcharging, memory effect, if it is a lithium energy cells.

Focusing on the range, which is presented today on the site of our store, it is possible to distinguish a number of advantages, which please most of them:

  • Ergonomic controls. Regulator positioned so that you can use it at any time.
  • Snap start button for continuous uninterrupted use.
  • housing protected against dust, chips, abrasive grit.
  • Shockproof design for normal use.
  • Symmetrical body, possibility to install additional handle in several positions. convenient angle grinder for right-handed and left-handed persons.
  • Ability to select the optimal load on the motor, gearbox, allows you to provide the normal conditions of use.
  • Compact size, ergonomic design allows comfortable use even over head.
  • A metal cover is used, which allows you to divert the main flow of sparks from the master. It increases comfort, safety during sanding, and will allow for better control of the tool itself.
  • The manufacturer always takes care to ensure normal motor cooling, allowing you to perform tasks normally without rest.

angle grinder angle grinder with variable speed cordless grinder: a range from Tools

We offer you a choice of many manufacturers that have been delighting you for years with their novelties, as well as established models. We want to list some of them, which would look great at home or in large-scale production. This list does not include all of them, but that does not mean that they are the only ones that deserve attention.

Each company offers an excellent range, which is easy to choose from, knowing what you want from the tool. One of the most in demand can be called Metabo, the model Metabo w 18 ltx 150 is very popular due to the high power of the motor, advanced functionality, opportunities.

Cordless angle grinder angle grinder angle grinder with variable speed control cost

On the site of our online store you will surely be able to find the best solution for themselves, buy a battery-operated angle grinder with adjustable speed. Don’t forget to look at the range: 125 mm, 76 mm. We wish you a good day and wish you a good shopping!

Bosch cordless angle grinders

Bosch is well known all over the world and in Ukraine as a manufacturer of high-quality and reliable equipment, which is used in different spheres of modern life. The manufacturer’s range also includes angle grinders that allow you to carry out a variety of processes related to the processing and cutting of materials of varying rigidity and complexity.

Bosch cordless angle grinder: what it’s good for

The company’s products include angle grinders with a variety of power sources. Each of these types has its own features and disadvantages, but the best in terms of practicality is considered an angle grinder battery-powered Bosch.

This type of device allows to work in the most unsuitable conditions, when the operator does not have access to the power grid. Equipping devices with spare batteries allows a person to work efficiently throughout the working day.

In addition to mobility, the Bosch cordless angle grinder has the following parameters:

  • equipment with a powerful motor, which provides sufficient speed of rotation of the spindle;
  • excellent potential for combining with discs of different diameters;
  • availability of features that greatly improve the functionality and safety of the device;
  • quite affordable price, giving the possibility of a decent choice for any category of buyers.

If you have decided to buy a cordless angle grinder Bosch, look at the list of products on this page. In the online store S Torgom you will find many interesting offers, because we recommend for sale only high-quality and reliable equipment. Place your orders right here, and get a great tool at the best price.

Bosch angle grinder (angle grinder)

Each Bosch angle grinder has its own individual, distinctive features.

Some of them boast a certain function, while others do not. For example, not all grinders have an anti-vibration handle, etc.д. But it is worth noting that there are a number of features that unite all angle grinders of this company without exception. Namely:

What features should you look for when buying a Bosch angle grinder??

Name Info
Circle diameter It is selected according to the required cutting depth, the material to be dealt with, as well as the type of work to be performed (cutting and scraping blades).
Speed adjustment Suitable for sanding plastic or paint finishes. The motor overheats faster at low speeds (plate grinders have a single-speed gearbox).
Starting current limitation Soft-start capability on almost all of our models. Gearwheel wear is much slower because of it.
Motor overload protection Depending on how hot the motor is, it either stops or slowly decelerates. This prevents the motor from burning out.
Emergency stop for the motor To avoid injury to the operator, some of our models feature an abrupt engine stop if the disc is jammed.
Spindle lockout The idler must be immobilized for safety reasons when replacing the disc.
Vibration-absorbing handle Frequent and prolonged vibration when working on an angle grinder is harmful to health. When vibrations occur the handle cushions and makes the work as comfortable as possible.

We hope that the above information will help you to buy a Bosch angle grinder.

Bosch angle grinder product lines: GWS and PWS

Bosch makes its angle grinders in 2 variations:

bosch, battery, angle, grinder, adjustable

Before you buy a Bosch angle grinder, you should know what is behind these German acronyms and what the difference between them is. Here we explain it all. It’s as simple as that. Letters WS stands for Winkelschleifer, in translation from German. angle grinder. The letter G stands for gewerblich (professional or industrial), P. persönlich (personal or household).

What are the differences between the angle grinders?

As you have already understood, the angle grinder line GWS is designed for professional use, and PWS. for household. Their first characteristic difference is the color of the products. Professional angle grinders have a blue color, household grinders have a green color. The first option is reliable, durable and designed for long daily work. Such products need only rest when a person is resting. At the same time, the tool for home needs should not be used more than 3 hours a day. For professional grinders use higher-quality plastic (usually reinforced), while metal ones are made of alloy steel. The handles of industrial grinders are non-slip and sit comfortably in the hand, and automatically shut off when overheating. over, professional angle grinder can boast the presence of release clutches in case of jamming of the saw wheel.

Bosch cordless angle grinders

The main advantage of these devices is their autonomy. They are lightweight, compact and ergonomic. All this allows to work with it in hard-to-reach places in the absence of electricity. Also a cordless angle grinder Bosch allows you to hold it over your head for a long time. Designed for cutting, sanding and deburring various materials (wood, plastic, ceramic). Not suitable for very long works because of battery capacity, as well as for works that may require deep cutting. This is not feasible due to the small diameter of the disc. Like cordless angle grinders, cordless angle grinders have a “soft start” system, that is, they are equipped with constant electronics.

Angle grinder with adjustable speed

I tried it in the store. But the price tag was higher than on the site. Ordered through the dodatok and went to the Ordering Center. Hereby perevyryviv packaging, checked chi firmy slifovy disk i zavzdy comes with the original in a complete set of “legs did not make, guaranteed with a check in his hands and happily at home. The layout on the site is normal, I did not find a cap on the pressure washer (I do not know if it should be there or not, there is a cap on the supporting one). original). The main thing.- It was the same one I held in my hands. Traces of bruised fingers were on the inner part of the device, and then I checked. The price tag “bogus” at 100 UAH, so that through the dodatok price is less, but more.70 grn just through this inmate of an unmitigated hand.) And he calmed down, what difference did it make in the store. In a drawer or in a window, I am happy!) Conclusion. feel in the store. And order with the additives! And do not saw 5030 and Soviet tanks, and even if you do. Let’s calm down and do not step on it with all your weight and you will be happy. This is the best miniature angle grinder, for their tasks goddess!

A good powerful angle grinder for its price, especially on the stock. Long cable. For half an hour of continuous work with a grinding wheel, not heated at all. For 3 hours of work heated up, barely warm, and that in the reducer, just imagine, 3 hours of continuous work )))).

The angle grinder is of high quality and well built. The big plus. soft start. Good in the hand. long cable. angle grinder copes well with its tasks. All tip

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Overview of popular models

As an example, let’s take a look at some popular models of cordless angle grinders with adjustable rotation speed of the wheel.

Note! This list is shown as a review. Do not use it as a kind of rating.

Bort BWS-18Li-125

Cordless angle grinder compatible with 125 mm discs. Has a two-position rubberized handle, brushless motor, automatic adjustment system and stabilization of the wheel speed. Equipped with effective overload protection and securely clamping the clamping spindle. The advantages of the model Bort BWS-18Li-125 include such features:

  • 18 V lithium-ion battery pack (2 pcs). included).
  • Optional two-position handle with rubberized inlays.
  • Compact pouch for transport and storage.
  • Metal protective cover.
  • Low weight (1.7 kg. (as equipped).
  • Mechanical spindle speed switch, allowing to work with 4 000 and 8 000 rpm.

Useful at! Manufacturer of cordless angle grinder with manual adjustment of speed, claims a 5-year service life of the tool.

Elitech MSHU 18BL

Compact angle grinder with 18 V lithium-ion battery pack and brushless motor. Compared to its corded counterparts, the model has a higher rotational speed of the wheel, which has a positive effect on its performance. Has a comfortable, ergonomic handle with rubberized inlays. Low weight (2.3 kg).) permits long periods of non-stop work. Of the additional features of the angle grinder should be noted the following:

  • Protective metal cover.
  • LED workspace illumination.
  • Automatic spindle speed adjustment (0-8 500 rpm).).
  • Plastic case for convenient and safe transportation.
  • Reliable battery.
  • Optional two-position handle.

Important! In most cases, the Elitech MSHU 18BL angle grinder is sold without battery and charger, which are sold separately.

Makita DGA517Z

Compact angle grinder with a 125 mm circle diameter. The two-position handle allows for a comfortable grip during work. Automatic torque adjustment with electronic protection against backfire. Power supply via 18 V lithium battery. Other features of the unit are:

  • Dust- and liquid-resistant brushless motor for high performance and long service life.
  • Comfortable operation thanks to comfortable body weighting and rubberized handles.
  • Automatic stop of the grinding wheel in case of recoil or clamping.
  • Smooth start-up that reduces the chance of jerking when switching on.

Important! Can be used with additional batteries via adapter.

Makita DGA504Z

Also for use with 125 mm blade. Has spindle lock for quick and easy wheel change. Optional handle that can be positioned in 2 positions. Automated torque control. Other advantages of the angle grinder include:

  • Protective shroud protects the operator from dust and sparks.
  • Soft-start option, which reduces the chance of the tool falling out of your hands when starting.
  • 18 V lithium-ion battery.
  • Indicator of protection against restart.

Useful at! Spindle speed monitoring system allows tool use from 0 to 8,500 rpm.

Fein CCG18-125BLPD 71200461000

Model with brushless power unit, quick-release nut for changing the 125th disc and LED light. Capable of spindle speed ranging from 2,500 to 8,500 rpm. Benefits of the model include:

  • Protective shroud.
  • Special housing vent design.
  • Anti-vibration two position handle.
  • Anti-slip rubber coated housing.

Bosch AdvancedGrind 18 06033D9000

Compact cordless angle grinder with 125 mm wheel. Powered by a universal 18 V lithium-ion battery that can be used with any tool in the Power for ALL series. Advantages of the model include:

  • Two-position knob.
  • Automatic spindle speed adjustment (2,800-10,000 rpm).).
  • Protective cover.
  • Soft-start system.
  • Quick-clamping nut for replacing the disc.

Important! In most stores, the angle grinder is sold without the battery.

Technical features

The speed regulator on the angle grinder is designed as a switch that is operated with the grinding wheel at a standstill. The trigger principle (as in drills or electric screwdrivers) is not possible here for various reasons. This is primarily related to the safety of the tool.

Correct operation of the angle grinder requires a firm grip in the hand, which is possible only with a firm grip in the palm of the hand. Speed-switching manipulation is not permitted due to the high risk of injury.

The angle grinder works on the principle of a voltage supply at the moment the start button is pressed. In the angle grinder without a regulator at this point, the rotor and stator receive excessive current, which sharply increases the starting voltage on the coils. Although the manufacturers and provide for use in such modes, sudden jumps in voltage have a negative impact on the state of contacts and mechanical parts of the motor drive. The result of such operation will be an inter-turn short circuit, the time of occurrence of which depends on the quality of assembly and the quality of components.

Useful at! Cordless angle grinders with disc speed control have a high reliability due to the reduced loads on electrical elements and mechanical parts of the tool.

Sudden transition from the off state to high revolutions negatively affects the gearbox, forcing it to work in overload modes. This can be understood from the fact that when you turn on an ordinary angle grinder “tends” to jump out of your hands.

The lithium-ion battery angle grinder shows in practice more convenience and functionality than corded counterparts. Due to its technical features, it belongs to the multidirectional tool and can be used for cutting, grinding and scraping metal, stone, wood. The absence of wire makes the angle grinder mobile and allows you to perform construction or repair work in areas where there is no possibility of connecting electricity or pulling cable is difficult for some reason: on scaffolding, roofs, in the woods, cottages.