Bosch Gsr 12v 30 Review

Cordless brushless screwdriver Bosch GSR 12V-30 Professional 2 battery GBA 12V 2 Ah for GAL 12V-40 Cordless drill-driver Bosch GSR 12V-30 with brushless motor. 0-420 / 0-1600 rpm. 30/18 Nm. In a suitcase with 2 x 2 Ah batteries and a charger. Order: (067) 315-09-72, (095) 873-72-90, (073) 154-02-63

Cordless brushless screwdriver Bosch GSR 12V-30 Professional 2 battery GBA 12V 2 Ah for GAL 12V-40

Cordless Drill / Driver Bosch GSR 12V-30 Professional in a suitcase with two GBA 12V 2 Ah batteries, a GAL 12V-40 charger. Brushless motor. Two continuously adjustable working speeds (0-420 / 0-1600 rpm). Maximum torque at hard screwing 30 Nm, soft 18 Nm. Keyless drill chuck. Screws and unscrews fasteners up to 8 mm, drills wood (20 mm), metal (10 mm).

Description of the Bosch GSR 12V-30 Professional cordless brushless screwdriver:

  • For drilling wood (20 mm), metal (10 mm), twisting / unscrewing screws with a diameter of up to 8 mm is intended cordless drill Bosch GSR 12V-30.
  • A reliable tool with a brushless motor, two gears, a pair of batteries and a charger in the kit will be an excellent assistant for long-term autonomous work at a remote site, without access to the mains.

Technical features of the Bosch GSR 12V-30 Professional cordless brushless screwdriver:

  • The Bosch GSR 12V-30 drill driver is powered by a Li-Ion 12V battery. Two 2 Ah batteries in the set make it possible to work autonomously for a long time.
  • A battery charge indicator with three LEDs will help you fully monitor the charge level.
  • Highly reliable brushless motor provides good power, quiet operation and long maintenance-free life.
  • Mechanical speed switch. First gear (low speed 0 to 420 rpm) is suitable for screwdriving or drilling large holes. Second gear (high speed from 0 to 1600 rpm) for working with small diameter drills.
  • At each speed, the number of revolutions is gradually adjusted by changing the force of pressing the switch.
  • The operating mode drilling or screwing / loosening of screws is set using the adjusting ring.
  • The required torque is regulated in 20 steps. With the correct setting, the working tool stops as soon as the screw is firmly screwed into the material or when the set torque is reached.
  • Reverse allows you to change the direction of rotation.
  • Keyless chuck for nozzles with shanks 0.8-10 mm. When the switch is not pressed, the spindle is automatically locked together with the chuck (Auto-Lock). This is very convenient for quick, easy replacement of the working tool in the drill chuck.
  • When the switch is released, the drill chuck is braked, which prevents the drill bit from coasting. The coasting brake is applied.
  • When using the drill-driver for its intended purpose, its overload is excluded. If an overload does occur or the battery is overheated, the thermal overload protection is triggered and the speed is reduced.
  • The tool is equipped with an LED backlight that illuminates when the switch is pressed lightly or fully.

Cordless screwdriver Bosch GSR 12V-15 FC Professional

Bosch Gsr 12v 30 Review

Compact tool Bosch GSR 12V-15 FC with additional attachment drill chuck GFA 12-B (1-10 mm). Two working speeds (0-400 and 0-1300 rpm), reverse, adjustable torque (15 Nm soft / 30 Nm hard materials). Works with fasteners up to 7 mm. Drills holes in wood 19 mm, metal 10 mm. Powered by lithium-ion 12 in battery 2.0 A / h. Supplied in L-Boxx 102 with a GFA 12-B drill chuck, two batteries and a GAL 12V-40 charger.

Description of the Bosch GSR 12V-15 FC cordless screwdriver:

  • Bosch GSR 12V-15 FC screwdriver, Due to its compactness (132 × 178 mm) and light weight (0.6 kg), it is ideal for working in narrow, difficult-to-access places, for drilling or overhead screwing.
  • Tightens and unscrews screws and screws (7 mm in diameter), drills wood (19 mm), metal (10 mm), plastic.
  • The set includes GFA 12-B drill chuck, which allows the use of drills with shanks 1-10 mm.

Screwdriver with the possibility of using additional four attachments

Technical features of the Bosch GSR 12V-15 FC cordless screwdriver:

  • The screwdriver is provided with a 12 V Li-Ion battery (this configuration includes two 12 V batteries, 2 A / h each). You can also use a 10.8V Li-Ion battery.
  • The battery is secured against complete discharge by the electronic ECP system.
  • When the instrument is switched on, three indicator LEDs indicate the battery potential level.
  • Two speed modes(0-400 and 0-1300 rpm) make it possible to more efficiently perform the assigned task. To change from one gear to another, the tool is equipped with a switch.
  • In the process smoothly adjust the speed you can change the force of pressing the switch.
  • Extreme torque provides high performance 30 Nm. Adjusting the fastener tightening force (up to 15 Nm in soft materials and up to 30 Nm in hard materials) will help 15-stage torque setting, feasible with a setting ring. One position, in which the ratchet is disengaged, for drilling.
  • Simple change of the direction of rotation of the chuck with a switch
  • Chuck hex иг inch.
  • Automatic locking of the spindle Auto-Lock guarantees a safe replacement of accessories, and also allows the tool to be used as a screwdriver in case of insufficient battery charge, and as a screwdriver.
  • Flexiclick 5-in-1 system provides a tool-free replacement of the supplied drill chuck attachment and makes it possible to quickly switch from one type of work to another.
  • Easy attachments turn to the required position.

Comfort and safety

  • Under excessive load, triggers thermal protection, which turns off the instrument.
  • LED light for illuminating dark work areas.
  • The tool with an ergonomic handle with a rubberized grip is easy and comfortable to hold, even when you have to keep it in your hands for a long time.
  • Metal gears for reliability and long service life of the screwdriver.

-presentation of the Bosch GSR 12V-15 FC cordless screwdriver:

Review of the cordless drill-driver Bosch GSR 12V-15 FC Professional

You can look at the work of the Bosch GSR 12V-15 FC Professional cordless drill / driver in our review:

Bosch tools are well known throughout the world. Today we will look at the Bosch GSR 12V-15 FC Professional cordless drill / driver in the most complete configuration. On sale you can find a complete set with fewer accessories.

The screwdriver is supplied in the L-Boxx 102 plastic case, which is part of the Bosch Mobility system. A suitcase in special shapes contains a fast charging station, two batteries, four attachments, a belt holster and an instruction manual.

The small lithium-ion battery has a capacity of 2 Ah and a nominal voltage of 12 V. It is also possible to install compatible batteries with a voltage of 10.8 V. To full capacity, a discharged battery is charged in 45 minutes. From a practical point of view, this means that in normal use, the drill / screwdriver will always be in service, since during the work with the first battery, the second battery will already be charged and ready for use.

The battery is located inside the handle of the drill-screwdriver, which made it possible to maintain the small dimensions of the tool: 132 by 178 by 90 mm. True, the handle is somewhat thick in girth and the balancing of the tool is imperfect in comparison with models in which the battery is attached to the handle from below. But you quickly get used to these features. The weight of the screwdriver and accessories is shown in the table below:

Screwdriver only 644 g
Battery 175 g
Bit attachment 73 g
Cartridge 194 g
Angle nozzle 332 g
Eccentric nozzle 254 g
Holster 55 g

The drill / driver is equipped with an LED battery level indicator, which is convenient. A light press on the power button allows you to see the current charge level. In the front there is a white LED to illuminate the work area.

Attachments or adapters are installed via the FlexiClick mount. When installing, you need to align the key, then turn the locking ring until it clicks. Simple and intuitive. No additional tools or efforts are required.

At the top of the drill-screwdriver there is a speed switch, and in front there is a clutch for choosing one of twenty stages of torque limiting or a rigid connection for the drilling mode. The maximum torque is 15 Nm in restricted mode and 30 Nm in drilling mode.

The drill-driver uses a brushed brush motor, so sparks are sometimes visible during operation, which is not a malfunction.

Standard bits can be installed in a drill / driver without the use of adapters, for which there is a one-quarter inch hex magnetic mount. In dusty conditions, as well as if rigid fixation of the bit is required, it is more convenient to use the bit holder attachment. The bits can be used to drive screws with a diameter of up to seven millimeters into different types of materials. Socket heads allow you to comfortably screw in roofing screws. The presence of a reverse is useful if you need to unscrew the screws and self-tapping screws.

If you need to screw the screw close to the wall, then it is convenient to use the offset bit. Thanks to the eccentric bit, the bit seat is offset from the axis of the drive, which allows working close to the corner. The adapter can be turned in the desired direction without the use of special tools.

If you need to work in a narrow space, when the tool simply does not fit in size, an angle adapter will come to the rescue. The nozzle can be easily turned in the desired direction. Bit adapter, eccentric bit or drill chuck adapter can be attached to the angle bit. As a result, the tool provides the necessary flexibility and comfort for the user.

Of course, a drill-driver is not a hammer drill, and the power is small. You won’t be able to drill concrete, but you can easily make a hole in wood or metal. The presence of the drill chuck attachment allows making holes up to ten millimeters in diameter in steel and up to thirty millimeters in wood.

All in all, Bosch offers a lightweight and compact cordless drill / driver with a range of adapters, making this tool truly versatile and, importantly, handy. In addition, this device is designed for professional use, i.E. The manufacturer guarantees long-term continuous use. The drill / driver comes with a three-year warranty. The retail price of the considered set is about fourteen thousand rubles.

Cordless screwdriver BOSCH GSR 12V-30 2х2,0Ah 0 601 9G9 020


  • Brand name Bosch
    Country Malaysia
    Maximum shank diameter, mm ten
    Minimum shank diameter, mm 1.5
    Number of revolutions, rpm 1600
  • Battery capacity, A / h 2
    Number of batteries included, pcs 2
    Number of speeds, pcs 2
    Maximum spindle rotation speed at idle at 1st speed, rpm 420
    Maximum frequency of rotation of a spindle at idle at 2nd speed, rpm 1600
  • Maximum drilling diameter in wood, mm 20
    Maximum drilling diameter in steel, mm ten
    Maximum torque, Hm thirty
    Maximum torque, soft screwing, Hm 18
    Additional front handle not
  • Illumination of the working area there is
    Battery voltage, V 12
    Reverse there is
    Battery type Li-lon
    engine’s type Brushless
  • Cartridge type and standard quick-release
    Packaging Case
    Number of speeds 2
    Number of stages of torque adjustment, pcs 201
    Max drilling diameter in metal, mm ten
  • Removable battery Yes
    Engine brake there is

Cordless screwdriver BOSCH GSR 12V-30 2×2.0Ah 0 601 9G9 020 is designed for screwing and unscrewing screws, as well as drilling. It is used in all cases when it is necessary to quickly perform work with screws. For this reason the device is used in almost all areas. Starting from domestic use in solving small tasks, and large operations on construction sites or during maintenance, when it is necessary to constantly carry out unscrewing / twisting or drilling operations.

Among the functional features, it is worth noting the presence of a keyless chuck, which allows you to quickly change old equipment to a new one. There is a reverse function to change the direction of rotation. If the drill is stuck, then simply use the reverse function and then the direction of rotation will be reversed. This allows the drill to be removed quickly, even in the most difficult situations.

The screwdriver has a torque adjustment available in 20 speeds to choose from. The operator, to improve the quality of work, can choose the most suitable operating mode to obtain a high-quality final result.