Bosch Technique Check By Serial Number

Decoding of marking of refrigerators in different models

Information on the parameters of these devices is encrypted in the labeling of various models of refrigerators. There are no general marking standards; each manufacturer has its own way of presenting information.

Marking of the Bosch KGV 36XL20 R model, made in 2012, carries information on the equipment, functions, dimensions and design of the refrigerator. K G V 3 6 X

Hotpoint washing machine marking

Hotpoint is a manufacturer of household appliances, washing machines, stoves, hoods, irons. After a series of mergers and sales, the brand owner is Merloni and Whirpool.

After purchasing the Hotpoint brand by Merloni, it was decided to merge the two brands Hotpoint and Ariston.

In this series, washing machines use a brushless motor.

How to find serial numbers

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08.24.2015 All the equipment presented on the 123BT website goes through a three-level quality control system:

  • A full check of quality and performance during shipment to the buyer.
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Of course, we all know that any equipment is subject to natural wear during operation, and cases of “hidden factory defects” are not excluded. However, none of these situations should scare you, because we consider all such cases and always solve them in favor of the buyer. At the same time, we expect that you comply with the operating rules specified in the instructions.

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-. Deciphering the serial number of the refrigerator indesit Or maybe we will show up for you instead? Look here: http: // Action = showtable&id = 59&parent = 16http: // action = showtable&id = 84&parent = 72http: // action = showtable&id = 60&parent = 16 When the temperature reaches say 3 degrees and the ice melts.

For R12 it is 0 atmospheres, and for R134a it is 0.8 atm. Still R134a and R134 without a have very different properties as refrigerants.

When contacting an authorized Liebherr service, you need to know the full model name of the refrigerator, as well as its serial and service numbers.

How to determine the date of manufacture (production) of Samsung equipment?

Samsung Company (Samsung) Electronics Co., Ltd.

establishes a warranty period (the term of free service), which can be calculated from the date of sale (indicated in the warranty card) or from the date of production of equipment, subject to the rules of operation.

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The production date of a Samsung product is usually indicated on its nameplate, and is also encoded in its serial number (for which you will have to decrypt the serial number), consider for example:

Bosch Technique Check By Serial Number

Serial number S / N 2098HLPC902542 N, for convenience, we divide it into sectors: 2098HLP C 9 02542 N Decoding (decoding) of the serial number of a product is more convenient to do from its end: The last character (N) is a control letter (sometimes it may be absent); The last five digits (02542). the actual serial number of the product; The sixth sign from the end (9) is the month of manufacture, in this case September.

Decryption of the Whirlpool serial number

Each Whirlpool, Indesit, and Hotpoint Ariston product has a unique serial number.

The full Indesit and Hotpoint Ariston serial number contains 20 digits and consists of two parts:

  1. 11 digits. an industrial code that allows you to accurately identify the product
  2. 9 digits. a serial number that allows you to identify the date of manufacture of the product and a unique number assigned to the equipment on that day

Ariston Refrigerators

The history of the Ariston brand is related to Industrie Merloni, founded by Aristide Merloni in Italy in 1930.

Today, Industrie Merloni is better known worldwide as the Indesit Company. The company began to promote the Ariston brand in the 1960s, releasing various household appliances: refrigerators, dishwashers, electric and gas stoves, washing machines.

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Where to look and find out the model and serial number, the grocery number of your washing machine, it is better if you immediately find the serial number, for quick and high-quality selection. Examples of serial numbers are provided below on this page.

2. Where to look and find out the model and serial number of your refrigerator 3.

Where to look and find out the model and serial number of your dishwasher 4.

Where to look and find out the model and serial number of your electric or gas stove, surface.

5. Examples of serial, product numbers and articles for certain brands 5.1 You need to find out the serial number for Hotpoint-Ariston, Indesit equipment, an example on the nameplate s / n 405202450 24786060700 (the last 11-digit number is always needed, the first 9-digit number indicates year, day production of your machine, the serial number number can also be in the form of a bar code, in any case you need to look at the 11-digit number.

Decryption of the serial number of the indesit refrigerator

And they need to be serviced, since the same dealer brings them to us and the same warranty cards.

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