Bosch twk 8613 kettle does not turn on


For tea lovers and aesthetics connoisseurs. Temperature control TemperatureControl: Temperature selection for heating water at 70, 80, 90 degrees and boiling point. KeepWarm Function: maintains water temperature for 30 minutes. 3 degrees of safety: automatic shut-off in case of boiling water, overheat protection in case of no water, shut-off function when removed from the stand. Easy to operate: lid opens at the touch of a button. 1.5 liter capacity.

General Features

Shelf life


Technical features

Cable length

Optional. options thermopot, kettle

Number of temperature modes

Device power

Type of heating element

Other functions



Additional Info

Weight incl. package (Kg)

Item height

Package height

Object depth

Packing depth

Kettle capacity

The width of the item

Package width

Country of manufacture


1 year
TWK 8611/8612/8613/8614/8617/8619
80 cm
protection against switching on without water
2400 watt
closed spiral
Non dangerous goods
2 kg
26.3 cm
27 cm
21 cm
22 cm
1.5 л
17.5 cm
19 cm
kettle; documentation

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Top 10: The Best Electric Kettles of 2022

The best electric kettles by value for money

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5. DeLonghi KBOV 2001 Beautiful and reliable electric kettle from a trusted brand 74
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1. Tefal KO120B30 The best budget electric kettle in 2022 20
2. Kitfort KT-654-5 Popular inexpensive electric kettle 19
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4. Scarlett SC-EK21S88 The best electric kettle under 1 000 in 2022 14
5. Kitfort KT-671-5 Beautiful bronze inexpensive electric kettle 19

A review of the Bosch kettle TWK 8613 (P)

This is the second Bosch kettle TWK8613P. It is clear that you can’t do without the kettle in the apartment. Very picky in choosing a kettle two years ago to replace the old one, and we chose this model. The first one worked for about two years and then suddenly stopped working. Perhaps I went too far with the citric acid decalcification of the kettle. We started to choose a new kettle, but we couldn’t find anything better than the previous kettle in terms of price/quality ratio.

Impressions of use and lifehacks:

Very nice design (very nice plastic). Rectangular base and cylindrical shape of the kettle.

It’s great that the cord retracts into the compartment as needed, because sometimes you need more and sometimes less.

Very lightweight, yet the plastic does not clatter when in contact with a hard table surface or other utensils.

Convenient lid to open. Large and round (built into the center of the lid itself). But be careful, because it opens very quickly and you can get burnt by the steam (you should not open the lid of the kettle immediately after boiling. Water flows out easily through the spout).

Minimal water volume. One cup (250 ml), you can save time and energy if the whole family is asleep, and you want to drink tea alone.

We allow ourselves to boil water 1 and reheat 1 time (no more). We heat up to 90°C (if I do it) or to 80°C (if the wife does it).

I try to brew green tea at 80°C. I wouldn’t say that it tastes better, but I don’t feel guilty about ruining the tea-drinking canon.

We do not use the Keep Warm function, but in theory this is intended for a large number of guests at the table, not to heat the kettle all the time, but to have boiling water at hand, or for “long meals”. risotto (when we pour boiling water instead of broth).

The water level indicator is well visible, even despite the scale.

I clean the limescale itself with citric acid and a brush.

The buzzer to turn off the kettle is not as loud. You can hear it in the apartment, but you certainly will not wake up to it.

Bosch Manual TWK8613P Kettle

You need a manual for your Bosch TWK8613P Kettle? You can view and download the manual in PDF format for free below. You’ll also find frequently asked questions, product ratings, and user reviews to help you make the best use of your product. If this is not the manual you were looking for, please contact us.

Your product is faulty and the manual is missing a solution? Go to Repair Café for free repair services.

Bosch TWK8617P Kettle Manual

Need a manual for your Bosch TWK8617P Kettle? You can view and download a free manual in PDF format below. You’ll also find frequently asked questions, product ratings and user reviews to help you make the best use of your product. If this is not the manual you were looking for, please contact us.

Your unit is malfunctioning and there is no solution in the manual? Go to Repair Café for free repairs.

Design Features

Electric kettles can be called a simple device, putting them on a par with mixers, blenders and similar kitchen appliances. The segment pleases with an abundance of different models, starting from budget ones to premium ones, made of high quality materials. But despite the cost, the principle of operation of the device remains the same.

  • Tank. An important feature of this part is the volume and material. In some models the tank can be freestanding.
  • Heating element (heating element). Disk and spiral solutions are available.
  • Receiver. Here we have the stand with the power cable and the interface/receiver where the kettle is mounted.
  • Thermostat. The element is usually located next to the power button and is responsible for turning off the device after boiling water.
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There are also more sophisticated devices on sale. thermostatic kettles. They differ from ordinary electric kettles with a thermostat. The latter allows you to maintain a user-specified temperature in the tank.

The principle of operation of electric kettle is simple: after you press the on button, the heating element starts working until the water boils. The device shuts off by itself thanks to a thermostat: steam entering through a special channel on the thermostat plate forces it to expand, thus opening the contacts.

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How an electric kettle works?

Before you start your own repair, you must first understand the principles of the technique. In spite of the fact that nowadays there are a lot of various models of kettles, they all work according to the same scheme.

The equipment is connected to the mains through a wire. The electric kettle is powered by the socket. The kettle itself is placed on a solid platform, which has special pins XP1. On the bottom of the kettle is a special connector, through which interacts with the contact group of the thermostat.

Electric kettle plugged into the socket

Each electric kettle is also equipped with a thermal switch SA1. It can turn off the device in manual or automatic mode, after the boiling of water. In order to ensure the safety of the device, it is installed a special switch for thermal protection. It must always be in working order, and if the kettle is turned on without water, automatically turn off the appliance to prevent it from overheating.

Once the kettle is connected to the power supply, the current will move towards the tubular heating element. A special light indicator will indicate that the equipment is in working mode. On different models of equipment it can be on the body of the kettle or on the platform.

Чайник Bosch TWK 8613 не греет! Поиск и устранение неисправностей!

Important: as soon as the water boils, the light turns off. This is due to the fact that steam begins to collect between the water and the lid of the kettle, that is, in the free space.

It then flows through a special channel to the bimetal plate. It is made of 2 different kinds of metal, so when heat occurs, the plate with contacts begins to bend, causing the contacts to open. This causes the kettle to shut off. This is where the technique works properly.