August 14, 2019

Brick Doghouse

Good day! My son began to build a brick box, but then the question arose how to insulate it so that the dog does not freeze in the winter? Help with advice, because we have a “contract” with our son, WILL BE A WELL – WILL BE A DOG! The booth is almost finished, it remains only to warm and make the roof.

Forced to disappoint you a little, stone dog houses do not build. At least I have not heard of such. Because if in the summer you can live in a stone house without danger, just imagine for a moment, and what would happen to you if you slept one night in such a structure without heating? What blankets and fur coats or hide, and the tooth on the tooth does not fall. And how does a dog differ from a person like a living creature? We do not speak about intelligence, although not all people are superior in this parameter to our smaller brothers.

Yes, the dog has permanent clothing in the form of a skin with long and sometimes short hair. But, according to observations, dogs rarely live in unheated stone premises in winter, using them only as a temporary cover from snow or wind. And they always try to bury themselves in wooden buildings, under wooden houses, etc.

Why all the same not a stone, and a tree use for dog structures? Stone accumulates cold in itself, unlike wood. But then I will not go on this topic.

If you can, it is better to build a wooden doghouse for your future dog. About how to do this, you can see in the relevant literature or on my website in the section dedicated to this.

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If you do not want to do this in any way, then let the son finish the job. A warming let him do the most enhanced. Namely – the walls inside should be covered with a layer of insulation with a thickness of at least 150 millimeters. For what it is necessary to make a wooden frame of a cut board with a cross section of at least 40/150 millimeters, fill the sinuses between the boards with insulation like mineral basalt wool. The thickness of its plates is 50 millimeters standard, so you have to take 3 layers. Size 1 / 0.6 meters. The number of plates in the package from 8 to 10.

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Calculate the required amount of insulation so that it is enough not only for the walls, but also for the ceiling. In addition, you will need a roll of thermofilm (otherwise moisture-proof), in order to isolate the inner space of the kennel from the possible getting there of the smallest suspensions of mineral wool, from which the dogs sneeze and lose their scent.

The film is stretched between the racks and on the ceiling, fastened with stapler brackets. Then it is desirable to sheathe the film with wooden boards (edged or carpentry), otherwise the dog may tear it with its claws. Paint the board should not be anything.

All these additions significantly reduced the living space of a dog kennel.

The entrance to the kennel is covered with a tarpaulin mat with a slit so that the wind does not blow and the dog can get inside the room. The mat is a tarpaulin in two layers, quilted with a harsh thread and cotton wool placed between its layers. Boards and a similar canvas mat are laid on the surface of the earth, coniferous chips without resin are poured. (But not sawdust!) You can apply other bedding.

But again, if you make a wooden one next to a similar brick kennel, then the dog will most likely prefer it than your version.

Good luck and health to the future dog! Although from personal experience I will say that after some time, the care of a new pet will fall on you.

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