September 11, 2019

Build A Dog House For The Shepherd With Their Own Hands

In the modern world, the options for sweet dog life are plentiful. A variety of feed, clothing and toys is very large. In the apartment of indoor little dogs quite comfortable. But how to keep a large breed pet in the house? Caucasian Shepherd, Alabai or German Shepherd will feel uncomfortable in the apartment. If the owner of the dog lives in a country house, the right decision would be to build a house for the German shepherd.

In relation to large breeds of dogs, the first thing to do is to place the dog outside the house. What is better to choose – an aviary or a booth?

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Aviary implies premises , where the animal freely rests and lives. Some aviaries contain fenced walking area.

Dog houses are also distinguished by a variety of designs for every taste and color.

Shepherd Dog It has the same functionality as the house for a person, it has walls, floor and roof.

It is important for the animal that the booth warms in the cold and in the heat to provide the necessary coolness. To make the dog comfortable in the booth, the room is made according to the size of the dog. Usually, 10 cm is added to the height and width of the pet so that the dog can comfortably move and turn from side to side in her house. Such dimensions of the structure for the German Shepherd will most of all correspond to the normal conditions for the dog.

When choosing a design, it is necessary to consider roof features It is advisable to make the roof removable – ascending, so that you can clean the room inside and air it in sunny weather. The roof structure can be any. Only it is necessary to take into account that German shepherds love to inspect their surroundings from an elevation, which means that it is most convenient to make the roof flat and sloping. In addition, physical exercises such as climbing and jumping from the roof are very useful for a dog, which is mostly restricted in movement and tied to one place.

Start of construction

Before starting the construction, it would be nice to draw a drawing of the booth. With sizing calculations. The size of a German Shepherd Box should take into account its height, length and width. The box should be comfortable and designed to protect the animal from cold, rain and wind.

Materials under construction , better to choose natural. You can make a construction of a thick sheet of OSB. As the insulation, you can use glassine, or any known mineral insulation.

Having drawn the drawing, and having marked all the dimensions of the box for the German shepherd, you can begin to build a dog house.

Necessary materials

  • The bars.
  • Boards.
  • Plywood sheets, or OSB sheets.
  • Glassine or other material for hydro – windscreen.
  • Mineral wool, or sheets of foam, or other insulation.
  • Iron, or other roofing material.
  • Hinges if the roof construction is assumed to be removable.
  • Siding, or other material for covering the outer layer.

First you need make a frame. Then the floor. On 4 bars, connected in the shape of a rectangle, attach OSB sheet, or a layer of plywood. Paul is ready. At 4 corners, vertically, 4 bars are nailed, these will be bearing for the walls. In the wall, where it is assumed Laz, bars also nailed along the border of the entrance hole.

Further, on the bars, a sheet of material is being nailed, which can be warmed outside with insulation, previously, upholstered the sheets with waterproofing. Outside, you can trim with siding, or nail another sheet of plywood or OSB.

The roof, it is better to do a removable, or, on the hinges, which will allow the roof to open, like a hatch. This will allow to clean the building, and air it.

Optimal size

The optimal size of a sheepdog box:

Do not forget to warm the building. The dog must be warm, even the most fierce winter.

How to choose a place to install the booth?

To make the dog comfortable in its new house, you need to carefully plan booth location The dog must control all movements outside the house, it needs a good overview.

In order not to interfere with the person and so that the person does not interfere with the dog, it is desirable to arrange the structure no closer than 10 meters to the house.

It is desirable that the dwelling of the animal was in a lighted place. But, well, if this place is in the shade so that in hot summer the dog can take shelter from the heat. Do not install the design directly to the ground. Try to build a slight elevation.

What tools will be needed in construction?

In addition, stock up with screws and staples.

It is necessary to prepare insulation – mineral wool, waterproofing and vapor barrier.

The booth for the German Shepherd should be strong enough – who knows what the dog will produce inside the movement.

It will be very good to equip for the dog a pedestal for bowls with food and water. It can be fixed next to the dog house, or embedded in the vestibule. Tambour for a dog is also a necessary design. It is designed to protect the manhole of the dog from wind and snow, with an attached vestibule, direct wind currents will not be able to blow into the room for the dog and harm it. If the structure of the vestibule is not provided, try to make a roof of greater width, so that there is a sufficient canopy in front of the entrance to the shepherd’s box.

At arrangement and construction , Try to make it absolutely safe. In the walls, floor and ceiling there should be no protruding screws, splinters and other interference that can damage the health of the dog. And the walls and other parts of the construction for the German Shepherd should be carefully otkkureny, otgrantovany and, preferably, covered with colorless varnish.

The floor must be mounted so that there are no gaps in the floor. If the dog gets a claw in the gap, it can tear it out and thereby cause injury to itself, which then will heal for a long time. In addition, from the cracks in the floor, the wind can blow and the room will be cold.

If you choose a special kind of material for building a dog house, choose a coniferous tree. It is more environmentally friendly, its scent will not distract the pet and harm the dog, because it is the natural smell of wood.

The booth should not stand directly on the ground You can build for it a pedestal of foam blocks, or make a wooden platform. This will protect the booth from the cold and wind, and protect the dog from ants, bedbugs and other blood-sicking insects moving on the ground.

If the pet weighs too much, or its size is larger than the standard, the floor of the booth may sag and even crack. In order to eliminate this phenomenon, it is required to fasten several bars under the floor of the booth to prevent the boards from bending.

It is possible for special comfort, make the floor plywood, or lay linoleum on it. This will protect the pet’s paws from unexpected injuries.

Laz booths, in the cold season, you can arrange a curtain. It will not allow cold air to get inside and prevent the release of warm air from inside the booth.

How to measure a dog

Measure the dog when it lies quietly on its side, with its arms spread. This is the most optimal and correct size, the volume of which is as faithful as possible.

It is very important to make the booth the right size. Indeed, in a cramped, uncomfortable booth the dog is unlikely to want to be long. Comfortable room, with the correct walls, a pleasant aroma of coniferous forest, will surely enjoy the German Shepherd Dog and will become a favorite place for its pastime.

If the booth is designed correctly , the dog will gladly enter it and settle in his new house. If the design of the booth is too narrow or short, the dog will not live in it. But even in an overly spacious room, the dog, although it will be at ease, but in the winter, it may be cold. The booth for the German shepherd should be a reliable shelter from cold, wind, rain and heat.

It should be noted that on strong frosty days, or on wet, dank, rainy days, it is best to start a dog home, where an additional place will be equipped for it. This will save the dog from colds, illnesses and bad mood. A happy dog ​​will serve the owner faithfully. And the booth, which the owner made his own, can be shown to guests as their own attraction.

A well-made dog box is evidence of the owner’s concern for his pet. And she, as well as a residential house should be built with an understanding of the case, taking into account the minimum requirements necessary for a comfortable stay of your pet.

The main argument for refusing to warm the doghouse is that a huge number of stray dogs overwinter without any roof over their heads, and they even tolerate very great frosts. At the same time forget that not all. Such statistics are not kept in Russia. But the cries of help during the big frosts from the dog shelters are very audible. Dogs freeze in them, not having places for warming, in spite of the fact that they also increase the amount of meat in the ration and even the smallest and smooth-haired are attached to at least a little bit, but warmed places.

In addition, stray dogs are still not limited in movement and can find a place to rest, at worst find a free heat pipeline hatch, and home dogs, and even chains, are limited by the possibilities that you will provide them.
If you do not transfer your animal for a period of high frost into a heated room, you should definitely make a booth for it insulated. The dog will choose where it is more comfortable, but for some reason in cold weather prefers the warmed part of the booth, if it is available, but let’s talk about the design features of these facilities a little later.
Booths for dogs without insulation can be built in warm regions of the country, where the temperature rarely drops below zero, but in such cases it is desirable to provide easily removable outdoor insulation. But the floor and the roof in all cases, make warmed. It is useful not only for winter.

Sizing doghouse

A booth must be built for a particular dog. Or on the contrary, pick up the animal, taking into account the dimensions of the existing booth. The option when a large box is made that is able to accommodate a large dog guaranteed, and a dachshund settles in it, just as unacceptable as a small box for a large dog.

In the first case, the dog will not be able to sufficiently heat his (even well-insulated) housing, and in the second, the dog will be extremely uncomfortable and he will not be able to stay in such a booth for a long time. There is no complicated scheme for calculating the optimal internal dimensions of the booth.

If you decide to make a booth from two rooms and warm one of them, then the dimensions of the warm cannot be smaller than the calculated ones, but the so-called vestibule can be slightly reduced. But not much.
In the case when you will pick up a ready-made booth or choose an animal taking into account the dimensions available, consider these average parameters:

  • small breeds of dogs – 600 x 600 x 800 with a manhole of not more than 300 x 400;
  • medium breeds of dogs – 800 x 800 x 1100 with a manhole of not more than 350 x 450;
  • Large breeds of dogs – 1100 x 1100 x 1300 with a manhole of not more than 400 x 500.
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But, if you have time, not very expensive material and minimal skills in working with carpentry tools, make a booth for your dog with your own hands. He will feel your care and pay back a hundredfold.

Design features of the doghouse

Now, when we have dealt with the dimensions, we can consider the design features of a dog’s home.

In fact, this is 90% of all the options used. The remaining 10% remain for various kinds of manipulations with the appearance, fitting into the landscape design and demonstration of either the skills, skills and artistic taste, or the thickness of the owner’s wallet.
With all this, it is necessary to observe several conditions:

  • the absence in the inner lining of elements that can injure or degrade your pet;
  • the ability to cover walls and floor for a long time to withstand the effects of dog claws;
  • the absence of cracks (especially in the floor) in which the dog’s claw can get stuck;
  • possibility of free and easy periodic access inside for sanitary and hygienic processing;
  • the resistance of the inner coating of the booth to the chemical components of disinfectant mixtures and solutions.

The ability to easily access the insides of the booth is most often achieved by arranging an easily removable or folding roof, less often by opening (tilting) one of its walls.

In the variant with a gable roof and a single-volume room, the height of the side walls can be reduced. The main thing that the dog had the opportunity to stand in the booth in full growth. But, making such a roof, you deprive your pet of one of the pleasures of lying on it, which all dogs love to do. Therefore, on sloping roofs it is recommended to arrange a minimum slope. If the booth is placed under a canopy or in an open-air cage, then make its roof flat – without any slope at all.
By the way, if you are doing an aviary, then note that its dimensions should not be less:

  • 6 sq.m. – for dogs up to 50 cm high at the withers;
  • 8 sq.m. – for dogs from 50 to 65 cm at the withers;
  • 10 sq.m. – for dogs that are at the withers above 65 cm.

Its height should be sufficient to move to the full height of people serving the aviary, but not lower than the height of the booth the growth of your dog, in the case of building a booth with a flat roof.
It is possible to build a booth with flooring under one roof or as a separate element, but only in the case of relatively free movement of the dog outside the structure.

But, the design shown in the third photo can be recommended only for warm regions of our country, for the rest – with the installation of a heating system. After all, the booth not only has a clearly larger size than even a large dog like the German Shepherd can warm with its body, but all the warm air will accumulate under its roof. The animal will be cold in severe frosts.
Even in the construction of any booth, you should provide a device for quick and easy mounting in winter time over the manhole curtains or curtains of thick coarse cloth such as burlap or felt. And above it should be drilled from one to 3 holes for access of air with a total area of ​​20 – 30 mm.
There are no special requirements for this node, except for:

  • maximum snug fit to the manhole;
  • the ability to take the original position after the passage of the animal;
  • minimum ventilation;
  • ease of disinfection.

To carry out the second point, a small oblong container with sand is sewn into fairly light fabrics at the bottom of the curtain.

Selection of materials for the German Shepherd Doghouse

It would seem that talking about the materials for some booths? What we have is what we use. But, as mentioned above, some rules must be followed. For example, one skilled worker for warmth upholstered the inside of a booth with thick felt – not enough for one season. In addition, this material is a great breeding ground for evil spirits.
Therefore, from the materials used for the frame and the outer enclosing structures during the construction of the shepherd box, we can first recommend a softwood tree treated with a biostop or impregnation with a coloring effect containing antiseptic materials.

It is not recommended to use metal, including to cover the roof, if the booth is not located in the aviary or under a canopy. Glowing up on the sun, he will create unbearable (even for a dog) conditions inside the building and make a potential rookery unsuitable for use.
As a heater, it is best to use polystyrene foam.
Firstly, it is more effective than any cotton one and a half times.
Secondly, it does not require hydro- and vapor barrier.
Thirdly, it does not sink into the design.
Fourth, has the best price-performance ratio
of all modern heaters.

If any cotton wool is used as a heat insulation material, we recommend using its marks not lower than the 45th density and on both sides to limit the moisture access to it with a dense polyethylene film. As mentioned above, the dog basically heats its dwelling with the temperature of its own body. At the same time, although the dogs do not sweat much, their breathing makes the environment inside the booth quite moist. If cotton wool, being a very hydrophilic material, is nourished with this moisture, then from a heater it can be a conductor of cold, which is not necessary for us, or, especially, for our dog.

For the inner layer of our sandwich, we recommend using either very dry, tightly fitted (and preferably grooved) boards, be sure to be thoroughly sanded and opened with paint or varnish that prevents the appearance of splinters, or moisture-proof plywood or OSB. And, for God’s sake, do not be afraid that glue, fastening plywood veneer or wood chips in the OSB will cause damage to the health of your pet. Phenol begins to stand out at temperatures above 32 ° C, which, with the proper construction of the roof, is impossible even in summer, and in winter even more so. But, for greater confidence, cover their surface with some kind of durable moisture-resistant varnish, and then periodically renew the coating as it abrades. As a fastener is best to use screws on the tree.

But the correct device of the roof provides for the presence of 100 mm. insulation, even if you arrange a dog’s home is not in the sun, which is, by the way, a prerequisite. In addition, its coating should not only be waterproof, but also, if possible, heat insulating. Not bad with this task several layers of roofing material cope, the top of which will have to be replaced every 7 – 8 years, flexible (bitumen) tiles, which will need to be periodically cleaned from dirty traces of the owner of the housing, or newfangled geomembrane, thickness and density sufficient for successful resistance to his claws.

We are assembling a booth for a German shepherd dog, according to the size of the dog

The German Shepherd Dog is considered a medium sized dog. The breed standard has defined dimensions:

  • height at withers 60-65 cm for males and 55 – 60 for females;
  • body length 10 – 17% more than the height at the withers.

On this basis, the internal dimensions of the booth, or its main compartment 1000 x 700 x 650, will be optimal.

Dogs of such breeds with street maintenance, as a rule, are placed in cages, so we will describe the process of assembling a box with a flat roof, which does not require a ramp and roofing.

We cut the bars 50 x 50 in the number and size shown in the images above. We will need:

  1. 1700 – 4 pieces;
  2. 750 – 8 pcs;
  3. 700 – 15 pieces;
  4. 450 – 4 pieces;
  5. 400 – 2 pcs.

We connect them, as shown in the photographs using self-tapping screws on a tree 92 or 102 mm long, pre-drilled the attachment points with a 3 mm drill.
Tip: When using such a long fastener, we recommend using a grease for self-tapping screws. Put a small engine oil container in place of the assembly and before screwing in the screw, dip its threaded part into it. You can also replace the oil with a bar of soap, which lather the threads of the screw before screwing.
Of course, you can replace the screws with nails 120-150 mm, but the screws are more reliable and do not split when connecting not very thick bar.
Connect all the elements obtained, except for the roof, by positioning the inner partition with a manhole opening to the back wall so that the dog does not twist in a small vestibule.
Fill the interior with OSB sheets or plywood, attaching them to the screws on a tree 40–45 mm long, slightly sinking the head. To prevent the dog from getting hurt, treat the surface with emery cloth.
If you decide that only the main room should be warm, only sheathe it from the inside.
Fill the outside of the cavity of the booth for a shepherd dog or its main compartment and the partition between the bars with polystyrene foam PSB-C-15 with a thickness of 50 mm, preferably using foam, and sheathe the outside with the same OSB, plywood or tongue-and-groove wooden material (board, paneling, etc. ).
Make the roof of the booth a single sandwich panel filled with the same polystyrene foam. Cover all with two-three layers of a varnish for external works or the paint suitable for such purposes.
Attach the cover to the powerful hinges so that it does not move when the dog jumps on it, and on the front side, install a couple of latches-latches.

It remains to glue on the upper beams under the roof two rows of self-adhesive insulation for doors and you can invite your dog to a housewarming party. You can fix the roof support, which is used to fix it in the open position during cleaning and disinfection.

A little about heating booth

And yet, especially for especially cold regions of our country, it is worth thinking about inexpensive, easy to maintain and install, heating booths. Those today are infrared film electric heaters – PLANS, mounted on a reflecting heat insulator such as alyuf. Heating not air, but objects, they can be, without any additional preparation, bolted to the booth ceiling and heat the animal itself during its stay in it, or the floor during the absence of the dog.

Dear readers, if you have any questions, ask them using the form below. We will be glad to communicate with you;)

Almost all dog owners, sooner or later, but the thought comes that the animal also needs its own housing. Of course, except when the dog lives in the comfort of a city apartment or a private house all year round. A kennel for a dog is an important aspect in its life. This building serves not only as a place to rest – it is a shelter from windy and rainy weather and from the scorching, hot sun.

A kennel for a dog with his own hands

With certain skills it is possible to build a kennel personally. Such work is not difficult at all, it will take a little time, will not require significant financial costs. For the construction of the kennel fit a variety of materials – timber, plywood, boards, OSB. Provided that the selected building material is susceptible to deformation from the influence of moisture, its outer part will have to be protected. As protection, linoleum or any kind of not very thin polyethylene is quite suitable.

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The size of the kennel

As with the start of any other construction process, at the beginning of the construction of the booth you need to make a drawing diagram. The data for drawing up the project will depend on several factors: the age of the animal, its height at the withers and the width of the chest, the characteristics of the climatic conditions of residence.

Climatic conditions play a significant role in the construction of canine shelter. If the booth is designed for year-round living of the dog on the street, and the northern region, then you should not make the structure too large or multi-room. An animal will be cold in such a house. Constantly being in uncomfortable, cold conditions will lead to chronic pet diseases.

If the region of residence is southern and the climate is warm, then it is possible to add another 10 centimeters in height, length and width to standard sizes. This will increase air circulation in the booth and save the animal from overheating. The standard dimensions of the booth are calculated as follows: for an adult, already fully grown dog, the length of the booth will be equal to the length of the animal from nose to tip of the tail 5 cm; the width of the booth will be equal to the height of the animal (from the floor to the tip of the ears) 5 cm; the width of the entrance to the booth is equal to the width of the chest 5 cm; Entrance height – height at withers 5 cm.

To determine the size of the kennel designed for the puppy, you need special literature that will allow you to find out what kind of dimensions the animal will grow up to.

Building on this data and adhering to the standards described above, construction can begin.

The location of dog housing should be thought out in advance. The chosen place should not be blown from all sides by the wind and should not be located in direct sunlight.

How to build a kennel for a dog

The first construction steps begin with the formation of the floor. If necessary, it is warmed and will do it immediately, before fixing the other components. All metal moments of fastening reliably heat in a wooden surface. Such a disguise will relieve the paws of the animal from injury. Now you can assemble and attach to the floor the rest of the frame. The corner parts of the box are fastened outside with metal corners. They in turn will add durability and structural strength.

If the roof of the kennel is planned to be flat, then the front part of the structure should be made slightly higher. In this variant, thus, the necessary inclination will be provided for a good flow of water. The upper moments of the side parts of the kennel should be bevelled and ideally coincide with the size of the back and front parts.

How to make a kennel with a gable roof

During the construction of a warmed version of a kennel with a gable roof, the front and rear walls are initially made with a triangular upper part. All vertical parts are attached to the floor. Outside more tightly fix side corners. Now fixing the roof. It can be made both removable and capital. Both the roof and the side parts of the structure can be upholstered if necessary or desired. Such material will also be additional protection from gusts of strong wind.

German Shepherd Doghouse Sizes

Quite often, German Shepherd breeders have a kennel in the aviary. The aviary itself is mounted away from the premises and buildings intended for breeding domestic animals. Smells from stables, poultry houses and so on will negatively affect the sense of smell of the dog and accordingly irritate it.

The location of the enclosure should be as convenient as possible for the dog in the first place. Being in his "apartment", the dog should not be too hot or cold, and there should not be a constant draft. Therefore, the owner, choosing the location, must necessarily take into account all the above factors. In the construction of housing for such a breed as a German shepherd, the most important thing is to correctly measure all the necessary dimensions of the animal and make a drawing of the kennel. The booth should be neither small nor large. It should be just the size of the animal.

One-room will be housing or two-room, depending on the region of residence. If the weather is raging most of the year (rain, snow, wind, and so on), it’s better to make a two-room booth. The partition dividing the structure into two parts will best protect the animal from drafts, penetration of cold air and heat leakage. Being engaged in the construction of a kennel for a shepherd should be done thorough.

To achieve maximum structural strength will need the following building materials:

  • bars or thick boards
  • plywood
  • nails or other fasteners
  • moisture-proof material (durable polyethylene or linoleum).

In regions with particularly harsh climatic conditions, you can additionally warm the dog’s housing with foam plastic (outside) and hang a not too long fabric canopy at the entrance. In such a house, the shepherd will be warm in the winter cold and cool in the summer heat. To calculate the minimum size of the booth you need to measure the dog in length.

It is better to do this when the dog is asleep and its body is in a relaxed state. You will also need her height at the withers. Professional dog breeders recommend adhering to the following parameters when producing an adult animal shed:

  • depth – 1 meter
  • width – 1.35 meters
  • height – 0.95 meters
  • entrance to the booth – 0,6х0,4 meters

Dog breeders are advised to do the floor in a kennel with a thickness of at least 4 centimeters. A sufficiently thick and insulated floor will provide the animal with a more comfortable wintering.

When asking what exactly a kennel and a beloved pet should be, always remember that in the first place it should be as comfortable as possible for the animal. The best design of the booth will be with a removable roof. It will allow you to freely engage in disinfection and cleaning dog housing, as well as in any force majeure to assist the animal inside.

The box for a shepherd dog is a place where your pet is resting, hiding from the weather and just secluded. If the dog is kept in an apartment, then the issue of accommodation is solved simply. The place is allocated to it, the laying is put, and everything – the issue of residence is resolved. This is completely different when the place where the dog is kept is a country house or cottage. Here for its placement it is necessary to allocate a part of the territory in which the shepherd will live and at the same time feel comfortable.

As you know, all dogs have a single ancestor – a gray wolf, which means that they have similar habits. The wolf retires to feast on prey, marks and guards its territory. She-wolf brings offspring in the lair, and wolf-breeding begins near it. Much of this is inherent in our pets. And this must be considered not only when building a booth, but also when choosing a place for its installation.

Like any construction, the manufacture of a house for your pet begins with the definition of its location and design. The best option would be to install a doghouse in the aviary. This allows you to solve several problems at once:

  1. The dog will have not only a booth, but also a place for walking and feeding.
  2. Will not run around the yard and pester the people who come to you.
  3. Will be in the aviary without a chain, which will positively affect the character of the dog.

Aviary should not spoil the view of the site, but harmoniously fit into the landscape. It can be placed under a tree growing deep in the plot. At the same time, there should be no buildings nearby that contain or may contain livestock or poultry. It may be located in the shade, but at some period of the day should be illuminated by the sun. Sunlight is necessary for the formation of vitamin C in dogs. Aviary needs to be protected from the winds. As a rule, the walking place is covered with a roof. It will protect your pet from rain and snow.

Paul aviary better concreted. In the far corner, leave a non-concreted part of the floor measuring approximately 0.7 x 1 m. The place is covered with sand to the level of the concrete floor. It will be a dog toilet. A wooden pallet with an area equal to the floor of the booth should be installed on the concrete floor. The enclosure walls to a height of 0.5 m are laid out with bricks. The supports, the gate and other elements of the enclosure enclosure are made of metal. The grid for the fence is used either expanded metal or woven, made of wire with a diameter of 5-6 mm. Wicker ("rabits") is better not to use, as the dog with his teeth will pull the wire and can damage them. In the aviary install booth and equip a place for feeding and drinking. A door or wicket should open only inside the enclosure.

Materials and tools

For the manufacture of the booth the following materials are used:

  • edged board;
  • timber and slats;
  • slate or other roofing materials;
  • insulation;
  • plywood;
  • nails and screws.

The box for the German shepherd with his own hands is usually made of pine boards. The material must be dry, of adequate quality and, if possible, without knots. The board is processed from all sides, there should be no bark on it. If the dog will be at the site all year round, the booth must be done with insulation. If you have a sheepdog puppy, then the house is made by the size of an adult dog. No excesses should not be. For a guard dog, this is primarily a place to rest after serving. It means that there should be enough space there so that the dog can turn around and lie at full length. The smaller the booth area (within reasonable limits), the faster the dog will heat it during the cold season.

To assemble a booth from these materials, you need tools:

  • hacksaw or circular saw;
  • hammer;
  • manual or electric plane;
  • tape measure and carpentry corner;
  • drill, screwdriver or screwdriver

Before the start of building a dog house, it is necessary to determine its size. They will depend on the height of the dog at the withers and the length from the tip of the nose to the root of the tail. But since the German Shepherds are about the same, there are average sizes used in the construction of the booth. They are as follows:

The dimensions of the manhole are:

This does not mean that the booth should be made only for these sizes. They can be adjusted depending on the size of the dog. A diagram showing how the size of the dog corresponds to the size of the box is shown below. Now you can proceed to its construction. Drawings showing how to do this will help you with this.

Manufacturing and assembly of individual elements

Work begins with the manufacture of the bottom of the booth. According to the available dimensions, a frame is made of a bar with a cross section of 50 x 100 mm and fastened into a groove or butt, fixed with nails or screws. The fabricated structure is treated on all sides with anti-rotting preparations, and in their absence, with linseed oil. After drying it is painted with oil paint. Such processing will protect the material from moisture and, accordingly, from rotting. Then, racks are made of 50 x 50 mm bar and installed vertically at the corners of the box and on the side of the intended manhole, on both sides of it.

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Before installing on racks, you must select a quarter on the side that faces inward. On top of the same bar racks are fastened together. An additional bar is installed that limits the height of the manhole. The resulting design is the frame of the future booth. It is processed on all sides in the same way as the frame. Processing and painting of parts can be made before the assembly of the structure.

The lining of the frame begins with the manufacture and fastening of the bottom. From plywood or other sheet material is cut detail to the size of the bottom frame. After painting is installed and fastened with screws to the outer surface of the bottom of the frame. On the inside of the bottom fit insulation. He can be any. But if foam is used, it must be glued to the bottom. After completing these operations, the bottom of the booth will be laid. The material usually serves as a board with a thickness of 25-30 mm. Boards used for interior decoration are not processed and not painted. The floor is covered with a sheet of plywood, which is attached to the subfloor along the perimeter. If a floorboard was used in the manufacture of the bottom of the booth, the plywood will not be laid.

After this, the wall covering begins on the outside of the frame. The material of the skin used edged board thickness of 20-25 mm, impregnated with varnish and painted. It is better to use a grooved board. With proper assembly, moisture will not get into the internal cavity of the wall, it will not be blown. On the inner surface fit insulation. Inside the booth is sheathed with plywood. In the front wall is cut Laz, better than a rectangular shape. It is usually shifted to one side. His sides should be cleaned from possible chips that will protect the dog from injury. The presence of protruding nails in the booth is not allowed.

Roof options

The roof for the booth can be single or dual slope. At production of the box for a sheep-dog the odnoskatny roof gets out. It is easier to manufacture and requires less material. The main requirement for its manufacture – to prevent water from entering the booth. For ease of cleaning and disinfection inside the booth, the roof is removable or folding. This is especially convenient if inside the booth there are partitions. All dogs in warm weather like to climb on the roof and relax there.

If you chose a dual-pitch roof, you need to know that in its manufacture you need skills in performing such work. Such a roof is more difficult to cover with roofing materials, and the question of how to make it removable or folding, disappears by itself. However, a booth with such a roof looks much more attractive. Dog houses with such roofs are either bought or made by craftsmen.

Manufacturing and installation of the roof are the final stage of work. The booth is installed on a permanent place. You can not place it directly on the ground. Be sure to put it on the blocks or specially made for this purpose a stand. The gap between the bottom and the ground should be at least 15 cm. This will protect the elements of the booth from getting wet and prevent the appearance of all kinds of living creatures under it.

The booth is made and installed in place, which means that soon the housewarming. For the care rendered, the dog will serve you faithfully, protecting you and protecting your property.

If you decide to have a shepherd, then you need to understand that this pet will require special attention. And this applies not only to nutrition and care, but also to show the new member of your family how important it is to you.

But when the pet grows up, you need to think about where it will live. On the chain to keep these dogs is not worth it, but they should not walk around the site. An excellent solution would be the construction of an aviary.

The German Shepherd is a versatile breed of dog that is started to protect and guard. Adult animals are of medium size. Since German shepherds have thick wool with undercoat, this allows them to be kept outdoors. But for the full growth of the dog, it is necessary to provide an open-air cage with a booth, where it will be able to feel extremely comfortable.

As for the size of the enclosure, it can be infinitely large. Its width must be at least 2 m.

In the video-volunteer for German shepherd:

The total minimum area is determined taking into account the withers of the pet:

  • up to 50 cm – 6m2;
  • from 50 to 65 cm – 8m2;
  • more than 65 cm – 10m2.

When we have decided on the dimensions, we can proceed directly to the construction:

  1. The first step is to choose the best place for your pet. It is best to have an open-air cage on dry terrain, which is located in partial shade. To perform the work, it is necessary to prepare such material: a wooden bar for arranging the floor, boards for flooring, metal rods for fencing and pipes for the framework.
  2. Now you need to create a drawing for future construction. It includes the location of the enclosure. To optimize construction costs, it is necessary as one of the walls involves the wall of the shed or garage.
  3. You can proceed to the preparation of the site for the aviary. The best option would be concreting or asphalting. But you can use a simpler option – to level the surface of the earth and lay a layer of roofing material. Along the perimeter of the site to perform a low curb. On it the construction flooring will be mounted.
  4. For the arrangement of the floor is better to use a wooden beam. Such material will create a warm floor, which is easy to care for. When knocking the floor board, it is necessary to fit the boards tightly to each other. If this is not done, the pet’s claw may fall into the gaps between the boards, causing him to be injured. Under the shield lay logs or brick supports. This will prevent it from sagging. And the best option would be to lay the board floor on the crate of pipes. The design can be installed on the pavement, but what is the pattern of laying pavers, indicated in the content
  5. Fasten the walls of the structure to each other and to the floor using self-tapping screws. This method will be safe for the dog. As a rule, 2-3 walls in an open-air cage are made of wood, and one – of reinforced rods, the space between which should be no more than 10 cm. In this grille there is a door.
  6. Now you need to build a roof over the aviary. At the same time, make sure that it necessarily has a slope necessary for the flow of precipitation. Thus, the back wall of the aviary to perform 15 cm above the rest. To cover the roof choose slate. Such an open-air cage can be insulated using insulation for the front door in a private house, and how the whole procedure takes place is described in detail in this
  7. In the finished enclosure set the booth, which will become a place to sleep a dog In the next corner to put containers for food and water.

For Caucasian Shepherd Dog

If you decide to start a Caucasian Shepherd, then it should be done at the highest level. Only then the pet will be able to fully develop not only physically, but also mentally. For this, it is not necessary to hire specially trained people. All this can be done if desired by yourself.

So, the important point is the construction of the enclosure in which the pet could feel as comfortable as possible. The dimensions of the structure should be as follows: width – 3 m, depth – 2 m and height to the height of a person.

On the video – aviary for Caucasian Shepherd:

To collect an enclosure for the Caucasian Shepherd, you need to prepare the following materials:

  1. Profiled – 3 sheets.
  2. Grid with d = 5 mm, cell sizes 100×100 mm.
  3. Fittings 10 mm.
  4. The frame of the corner 40x40x4 mm.
  5. Strip 40×4 mm.
  6. Bore – 40x40x4 mm.

The first step is to weld the frame for the walls of the future dog house. Then welded mesh and reinforcement to it. Rear, side right wall and roof to equip with sheets of corrugated sheet. Under it set the grid d = 5 mm.

To complete the framework, a steel corner with dimensions of 40x40x4 mm is used, as well as strips and corrugated pipes. Under the floorboards is also a grid. The door to the feeder to make of steel, but you can use a more budget option – to block the net. Install the cage door on the garage hinges d = 25 mm with latch. For arrangement of a roof it is worth using a professional flooring.

What are, and how they look, help to understand this information.

On the video for the Central Asian Shepherd:

Before you build an aviary, to choose a place for it. It is best to do this where the view of the whole territory opens. Another design can be located on the place where the attackers can easily enter the territory. It is extremely important for the shepherd dog that all strategic objects are in the circle of its views. Do not forget that Alabai is a strong and protective animal.

Simple option

If you have a minimum of building materials, then you can make a good and durable enclosure for the Central Asian Shepherd Dog. The dimensions of your building will be such: length -5 m, width and height – 3 m. The framework obtained from the metal profile will be the basis for the construction. Attach welded mesh to it by welding.

After performing these simple steps, you will receive an aviary. It remains only to establish a booth and a feeding trough with a trough. And here, and how to do it correctly, will help to understand the video.

Difficult option

In the ground to dig and pour concrete metal poles. They already welded grille. All metal elements should be coated with primer and rust should be removed. Now apply enamel on them. From the front of the door to perform, the opening of which will take place inside. The latches will be located outside; they must be equipped with robust latches. Such an open-air cage can be installed near the beautiful outdoor lighting of the house, and how to do it correctly is described in detail in this

For arrangement of a floor it is necessary to use ground boards. They need to be treated in advance with special compounds against rotting. For the construction of the roof, you can use lightweight beams. The very same roof structure should be leaning. To cover it is better to use ondulin.

To create a reliable protection to the pet from the wind sheathe the walls with polycarbonate. In this case, the front part must be open. This will allow the dog to form a sense of spaciousness. In addition, the dog will be given an excellent overview of the area.

Build an aviary for the shepherd is not so difficult, despite the fact that it is quite a responsible process. It is necessary to choose the right dimensions of the structure, choose a place for its installation and pick up materials. If you build an open-air cage with love for your pet, then he will answer you with his devotion.

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