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Chainsaw Stihl mc 180. a concise overview of a reliable tool

Stihl mc 180 chainsaw. a tool designed to cut wood in the transverse direction. The equipment belongs to the prior art for domestic use. The model differs from professional tools in the material of the working bodies and is designed for use at times, not more than 40 minutes per cycle of work.

Varieties of saws and specifications

The demand for Stihl mc 180 chainsaws among amateurs is justified by the convenience of work and reliability. Assembling and disassembling the Partner chainsaw. The basic model weighs only 3, 9 kg. Saber, blade length of 35 cm allows you to cut logs or drop trees with a cross section of up to 30 cm. Power of a two-stroke motor 2 l. with. that allows you to do all the household work associated with the transverse sawing of boards and even firewood from any tree species. The fuel tank capacity is only 0.25 liters, but this allows you to work without stopping for 45-55 minutes.

Use for refueling should be a mixture consisting of recommended or transmission oil with unleaded AI-92 and AI-95 gasoline. The ratio is 25 ml of additives per liter of gasoline.

The Stihl 180 chainsaw chain features an endless, closed loop of 50 links. Other features:

  • chain pitch. 3/8 inch;
  • groove width. 1.3 cm;
  • production material high-carbon steel, brilliant steel, victorious soldering.

The working mechanism, a saw set, includes a tire, an asterisk and an automatic lubrication system.

The chain tension system is located on the side, which is comfortable. A chain brake is foreseen.

Depending on the length of the tire and the modernization of the Stihl MC 180 chainsaw, there are a number of modifications. The saw does not start: that the Stihl 180 chainsaw does not start and stalls for about a minute. Saws with a saber length of 35 cm belong to the models marked 14, their length in inches is 14. Dismantling the Stihl 180 chainsaw part 3. The same equipment for the engine and its characteristics, but with a tire length of 40 cm, is called MS 180 16 Chainsaw Stihl mc 180 C-BE tool above class. It contains a 40 cm long busbar, a lightweight start-up system, and a quick chain tensioning system. Easy access to the air intake filter, a condition under which the tool life is extended.

Compliance with the instructions is the basis for long-term operation of the mechanism

An instrument for operation is attached to at least some instrument, all the more complicated, like a Stihl 180 chainsaw. Before making the first start, you need to study the technical management. This is all the more vital if you already have experience with the Friendship saw. Large selection of stihl tools. As for the last point, the question is how much the Stihl 180 chainsaw can be made to both the advantages and disadvantages of the product. Another assembly, the chain tension system, the conditions for starting and adjusting the tool require preparatory acquaintance. In addition, it is recommended to check and clean the oil filter. Stihl 180 oil supply repair. There are reports on the forums that the sawyer poured a candle on the first start. he repeatedly pulled the starter, it is necessary:

  • move the lever to the last position;
  • pull the starter slowly. 2 times;
  • pull a couple of times sharply and swiftly.

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So that there are no problems, gasoline must be produced to the end, without leaving “sour” in the tank for a number of days.

The operating annotation gives verbal definition of the marking on the tool body. There is also a feature line, the procedure for disassembling the Stihl 180 chainsaw for replacing nodes, sharpening the chain.

Warnings about working with high-risk equipment and about non-hazardous practices will help to avoid injury. Fundamentally, changing the chain, be sure to check whether it is recommended by the manufacturer. When disassembling the German Stihl 180 chainsaw, you need to know some tricks, we will talk about them. Inconsistency of the nodes can lead to breakdown, failure to comply with the criteria for warranty service.

Disassembly Stihl chainsaws 180 part 1

In this video we will show you how to perform a piston group change on a chainsaw Stihl MS180, crankshaft oil seals.

Replacing the piston group on a Stihl MS180 chainsaw

VK Group :. Assembly and chainsaw parts overview Stihl Ms 180.

Saw Repair do it yourself

With the advent of the lightweight and convenient Stihl MC 180 chainsaw in the household, it will completely replace the two-handed, bow and even a hacksaw. Over time, the chains become dull, the sprockets wear out, the oil supply system is damaged. Some problems can be fixed by yourself. Others require repairs at special service centers.

You can check if there is grease in the tank and if it enters the chain using a blank sheet of paper. Direct the tire onto a piece of paper; a characteristic mark in the form of an oil strip should remain on it.

You can repair the saw yourself only by understanding the assembly of the units and the sequence of operations for removing and restoring or replacing the unit. The Stihl 180 chainsaw instruction manual will become a reliable assistant. It is in it that you can find installation techniques and a sequence of repair operations:

  • oil supply systems;
  • bringing the carburetor to working condition;
  • repair or replacement of the oil pump.

In addition, the home master can shorten the extended chain and sharpen it.

If the saw chain stays dry during operation or oil leaks, it means that the Stihl 180 chainsaw lubrication system needs repair and repair. Sometimes the saw stalls at idle. But even such sturdy models as Stihl and Partner. Description of common Stihl 180 chainsaw malfunctions and adjustment. In this case, the oil pipelines and the density of the connection with the fittings are inspected. Be sure to clean the filter at the oil supply. If there is slight mechanical damage to the hoses, the tightness can be restored with sealant.

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The carburetor makes itself felt by the difficulty when starting the saw, the running tool does not gain momentum, stalls when throttling. The reason may be the wear of the cuff on the piston, as a result it draws in air during discharge. For repair, the carburetor is removed and gets to the cuff on the accelerator, disassembling the assembly in the sequence:

  • remove the cover with the membrane by unscrewing the screw;
  • remove the snap ring;
  • disconnect the air damper, remove the throttle;
  • pull out the accelerator with a spring;
  • replace the tiny piston with cuff and reassemble the carburetor in the reverse order.

Malfunctions may be due to the ignition system. After checking the performance of the candles and cleaning the soot, adjust the carburetor, the feed system and clean the injections. The carburetor is a complex unit and the operation of the chassis depends on its setting. If there is no confidence and skill, it is better to use the services of a specialist. Often, working on low-quality gasoline, with non-recommended oil, is the root cause of all malfunctions.

To help the master, there is information on resources on how to repair a Stihl 180 chainsaw do it yourself, for example, a video will show the disassembly sequence.

Video: Build Stihl ms 180 videos

About the diagnosis of the lubrication system, see here:

Features of saw chains

The working mechanism of the saw is a chain. Dismantling the Stihl 180 chainsaw part 1. The manufacture of saw chains is carried out according to a special technology:

  1. The cutting element is made of high carbon steel, and the use of chromium plating or applying a victorious layer to the cutter. Dismantling a Stihl 180 chainsaw part 1. The more complicated the manufacturing technology, the higher the cost of the chain.
  2. The hinge holes are ground to reduce friction and extend service life.
  3. Rivets are used only hardened by a special technology.
  4. Marks are applied to the teeth, by which it is possible to determine wear and perform uniform sharpening.
  5. After connecting the links in a chain, the product is subjected to stretching to ensure dimensional stability during operation.

A well-thought-out system of automatic chain lubrication increases the service life. New saws should be selected according to the characteristics specified in the operating instructions Stihl chainsaws 180.

You need to know chains with winning surfacing are 3-5 times more expensive than usual, but sharpen them with your own hands when repairing chainsaws Stihl 180 is impossible. Employees of the Ministry of Emergencies use this tool more often.

For a long maintenance-free period, use the oil recommended by the tool manufacturer. A special mineral composition is used to prevent chain grinding. It is not permissible to use oil intended for addition to Stihl gasoline for saws.

It is often asked whether longitudinal cuts can be made with a Stihl 180 saw. The power of the saw allows you to work on cutting wood only across the fibers.

The price of a Stihl MS 180 chainsaw is significantly different. Dismantling the Stihl 180 chainsaw part 3. The most inexpensive basic model of a standard configuration. The cost of the device depends on the country of manufacture. A German or American product is more expensive than Chinese for well-known reasons.

Build Stihl ms 180 videos

A chainsaw is supplied in a box. I note right away that the tire in the package for the 180th is not included in the box, so it is either given separately, or bent and tamped.

Assembly Manual Stihl MS 180

Sthil MS 180 chainsaw delivery set

Scope of delivery Stihl MS 180

Options Stihl MS180 is as follows:

  • Chainsaw
  • Tire for chainsaw length 35 cm.
  • Plastic Case for Chainsaw
  • Chain tension wrench

Assembling a Sthil MS 180 chainsaw (Stihl MS 180)

  • Turn off nuts of fastening of a cover of a chain and remove it.

Bolts of fastening of a cover of MS 180

  • Turn the chain tensioner towards the sprocket (left) until the tensioner aligns with the recess in the housing.

chain tension Stihl 180 1

  • Put the chain on the bar. Pay attention to the direction of the teeth!

tooth direction MS 180

  • Install the chain bar on the saw. The drive links must match the teeth of the sprocket.

Stihl 180 chain and tire mounting

  • Tighten the chain screw until the chain links begin to fit into the groove of the tire.

chain tension Stihl 180

  • Then lift the tire at the very beginning and tighten the nuts.

[important] A little tip: you can check whether the chain is tensioned correctly in the following way:
Raise the saw by the middle of the tire until the casing begins to come off the surface.
Leading links should half come out of the grooves. In this case, the chain is neither overtightened nor weakened.
And of course, the method described in the instructions is valid. Manual for Sthil MS 180
[/ important]

Chainsaw assembly video

I bring to your attention a video on how to assemble a chainsaw. True, another saw on the video, but the general principle is the same.

Watch a video on the Stihl 180 chainsaw chain tensioner.

1) STIHL MS 180 chainsaw malfunctions: The gas button sticks, and over time the gas button completely stops moving.
Cause: A coating of translucent resin on the axis of the throttle of the carburetor, which leads to jamming of the throttle mechanism. Resin appears when gasoline dissolves a poor choke coating.
Chainsaw troubleshooting: Clean the carburetor throttle axis with acetone and tin the air damper itself.

2) Chainsaw failure: Chainsaw "does not pull."
Cause: Carb clogged.
Chainsaw Repair: Dismantling the chainsaw carburetor and cleaning it. When cleaning the carburetor, increased attention should be paid to cleaning the additional filter (the mesh in the carburetor of the chainsaw). remove the largest cover on the carburetor, remove the membrane underneath and clean the dirt in the recess from the dirt (carefully to maintain this mesh). Independently. clean with a narrow copper wire, wash and blow our customer remains the channels in the carburetor of the chainsaw.

3) Chainsaw malfunction Stihl 180: Chainsaw idle increased (idle adjustment not effective not measured).
Cause faults: Air leaks through crankshaft oil seals or there.
Chainsaw troubleshooting: Change crankshaft oil seals and check for other likely places of leakage.

4) Chainsaw failure: After disassembling the carburetor, the chainsaw is not easy to start, snow-white smoke is pouring from the muffler.
Cause: When disassembling the carburetor, they lost the spring under the needle lever, as a natural result, the needle does not block the fuel supply and the candle “fills” with gasoline.
Chainsaw troubleshooting: Find and place the spring under the needle lever in the carburetor of the chainsaw.

5) Chainsaw malfunctions: Chainsaw starts poorly, does not work well.
Cause: “Fills” the candle with gasoline due to sticking of the needle in the carburetor or the rocker is raised high.
DIY chainsaw repair: Rinse and blow out the carburetor, set the rocker correctly.

Dismantling the Stihl 180 chainsaw part 1

In this video we will show you how to replace the piston group on a chainsaw Stihl MS180, crankshaft oil seals.

Stihl 180 chainsaw malfunctions

It either sucks in air somewhere, or something is clogged.

The main ways to troubleshoot STIHL MS 180 chainsaws are to disassemble, rinse and blow out the carburetor, change the fuel filter in the tank, check the fuel hoses for cracking (they can suck in air).
There is only one adjustment screw on the carburetor. idle speed (it happens, turned it, and the chainsaw again worked).
The connection of the carburetor with the cylinder, in terms of air intake, is reliable. there is a plastic ring (no gaskets are needed).

Stihl 250 chainsaw malfunction (chainsaw carburetor malfunction):

Immediately after the start-up, the chainsaw runs at high speeds, and if you press the gas, instead of starting to accelerate, it “chokes” and even stalls. Or it starts poorly, does not gain momentum and stalls (this malfunction of the chainsaw also applies to other expensive chainsaws with an accelerator pump in the carburetor).

Cause of chainsaw malfunction: Deterioration of a rubber cuff on a piston of the accelerating pump in the carburetor (fuel accelerator). This leads to air suction by the accelerator pump and the main jet delivers a lean air-fuel mixture (little gasoline in the mixture) into the diffuser and the chainsaw first runs at high speeds, and then “chokes” and stalls. This happens after 2-3 years of operation and usually happens in the hot summer months.

Chainsaw carburetor troubleshooting

Remove the carburetor from the chainsaw. Remove the fuel pump cover with the diaphragm by unscrewing one screw in the center of the cover. Then turn the carburetor to yourself with a throttle, on the side where there are two holes, a pin is visible in one, here under it there is an accelerator pump. Remove the retaining ring from the outside of the pin and detach the air spring of the air damper. Unscrew the screw in the center of the throttle, remember how the throttle is (to put it later) and remove the throttle. Finger plug the hole with the pin (the accelerator is spring-loaded and if you remove the throttle axis and do not close the hole, the accelerator will pop out), then rotate the throttle axis and remove it. Shake the accelerator (piston) with the spring out of the hole. On the piston there is a rubber cuff (ring). its wear is the cause of the malfunction of the chainsaw. It is necessary to replace the piston with a rubber cuff and a spring (they are sold as a repair kit). Or you can take out a worn piston with a spring and plug the hole by pushing the rubber plug there (the chainsaw will be without an accelerator pump, i.e. it will accelerate not in 3 seconds, but in 4 seconds, but it will work well since there will be no suction air carburetor).

Dismantling and assembling the Stihl 180 chainsaw.

Assembly after troubleshooting a chainsaw (after troubleshooting a carburetor chainsaw) is in the reverse order of disassembly. When assembling the throttle valve, before tightening the screw, the throttle valve itself must be correctly positioned so that it does not jam, and the thread of the screw attaching the throttle valve to the axis should be degreased and greased with a special thread sealant (sold in small tubes, red, liquid) or flattened with pliers, because if this bolt is removed during operation, it directly enters the cylinder) and repair or replacement of the piston cannot be avoided). So we examined the elimination of this malfunction of the chainsaw.