Bulgarian 125 With Speed Control

Bulgarian 125 With Speed Control

Angle grinder 125 with speed control Buy grinder in the online store inexpensively. Small 125 mm and large 230 mm with soft start and speed control! One-handed and professional from Makita (Makita), DWT (DVT), Proton, Shturm, Energomash! With dust protection and quick-change disc nut!

Grinder 125 mm with speed control Sturm AG9514P. The most powerful grinders.

The thinner the disc, the faster the workpiece is divided into parts and less motor power is required. For cutting, the weakest, but lightest angle grinders are often chosen. The power of small angle grinders can be 720 watts, like Titan BSUM7125, and large 2000 watts, like Einhell TE-AG 230/2000

The requirements for grinders for grinding are completely different. 6mm sharpening wheels are heavier and require additional watts to unwind. When peeling, many locksmiths increase the pressure, trying to remove a larger layer from the surface in one pass and crush the engine. When pressed, it is more difficult for a low-power motor to rotate and it overheats faster.
When cutting blanks, friction occurs at the end of the disk (1-3 mm), and when grinding the angle grinder, tilt and the contact width of the wiper disk is equal to several centimeters.

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When choosing powerful large grinders for stripping parts, like Dnipro-M MShK-2700 (2700 watts) or Titan BSUM26230 (2600 watts), the weight requirement fades into the background. Grinding is carried out under the own weight of the tool, and not on the weight, only by controlling the trajectory of the tooling and pressing slightly.
Among the small angle grinders, the leaders in power are: Forte EG 14-125L with 1400 watts, Makita GA5021C with 1450 watts, Svityaz SKSh 15-125 DR with 1500 watts.

Is the soft start function the same for all tools?

Not. And the speed of reaching the operating mode and the user experience are different. In the Flex L 3406 VRG, the rig unwinds in 1.5 seconds and is very soft. The Makita GA9040RF01 jerk, though small, is felt. And for Fiolent MShU 1-20-230 acceleration occurs without jerking, but in two stages.

Grinder 230 mm Sturm AG9524P. Small one-handed grinder 125mm Titan BSUM7125. Grinder with speed control.

The function of reducing the speed of rotation of the rig is present on all models, except for the 230s. For example, Intertool WT-0209 for the 180th disc or Dnipro-M MShK-1600R for the 150th. But most often it is installed on small angle grinders with 125 circles, such as Proton MSHU-125/1150 Semi-Pro or AEG WS12-125 XE.
On the basic 125 modifications, the rotational speed is in the range of 10-12 thousand revolutions per minute and does not change. Adjustable grinders have a regulator at the end of the body or at the top of the main handle, which allows them to be reduced from a maximum to 2800, like in the Makita GA5040C, or 6000 rpm, like in Intertool DT-0272.