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Which punch to choose for home: recommendations, overview of the best models and cost

About this instrument, some of the twenty years ago, most of us are not safe even to dream, and if it appeared with someone, he became the subject of acute envy. Let’s try to understand this issue in more detail. Which punch to choose for home to get a really reliable “assistant”.

Now the punch has become an almost mandatory object of the home instrumental Arsenal with a good owner. It is probably even difficult to explain to the young generation of home craftsmen today that it was possible to spend even a lot of physical effort and ten to fifteen minutes of time to make a small hole in a concrete wall or ceiling. With a perforator, this operation takes a matter of seconds.

But so that this tool does not bring quick disappointments due to in vain spent funds, fully met all the expectations of the owners, it is necessary to approach the issues of its acquisition with the knowledge. That is, to take into account the nature and scale of the work that it is planned to assign to it skillfully navigate in evaluative criteria, which allow you to choose the most suitable model in all respects.

Advise the handbuilder for the home. The energy of the blow

For a perforator, the effectiveness of the impact movements of the processing tool depends on the energy that the striker passes to the drill, peak and so on. Joules are used to measure this parameter. With an increase in its value, the probability of executing larger holes increases.

In this case, it is not recommended to look for a device with maximum impact energy. After all, the choice of a perforator for the home should be based on common sense. Thus, an electric device with an energy of 27 J will greatly resemble a jack of a hammer that is used during road construction and weighs about 12 kg. If you need to drill holes with a diameter of a maximum of 30 mm, a power performer is suitable with a strike force from 1.5 j to 2.5 j.

The impact force and other technical characteristics of the electric perceptor source NIX.Ru

If you select a power tool with a small impact energy, then the hole will not break through, but drill out. This will lead to Rapid wear of the equipment. In addition, you have to completely forget about high performance.

The frequency of strikes

This parameter allows you to find out the number of piston strikes in the boiler in 1 minute. With an increase in its value, the speed of the hole drilling increases. The performance of the devices depends on the frequency and strength of the shock.

Leading manufacturers harmoniously combine both parameters. Therefore, they produce effective electrical tools that have a long service life. They usually lead the rating of perforators by reliability. Therefore, it is recommended to give preference precisely the products of well.Known brands.

Shock frequency and other technical characteristics NIX source.Ru

The frequency of rotation of the shaft

The spindle of the perforator rotates slower than that of the electric drill. Manufacturers produce shock machines with a rotation frequency of 600-1500 rpm. Reducing the parameter occurs with an increase in productivity and power of electrical systems.

So, productive models rotate slowly installed equipment, because they have a large diameter. Although the rotational movement is performed, by and large, only to remove dust, which is formed as a result. Boors of small diameter rotate faster compared to large equipment. Otherwise, the latest consumables with working edges decrease wear resistance.

Electric deviations for drilling and breaking bricks, concrete and other similar building materials according to this parameter are conditionally divided into three categories. Small models pull a maximum of 4 kg. Medium-sized devices weigh 4-5 kg, and large-5-10 kg. There are also heavier models.

parameters, choose, perforator, power

Heavy powerperperforator Enkorliski source.Ru

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The easier a shock machine, which also provides the rotation of the working equipment, the more convenient it is to use it. However, with weight loss, the energy of the impact decreases. If you do not need to drill holes of large diameter, then a light shock machine is suitable for work. For example, a device weighing about 2 kg will allow the use of drills with a diameter of a maximum of 18 mm, since its impact force will be approximately 1.4 j.

A light model for drilling and piercing holes Asset Source.Conrad.Com

Types of cartridges

For attaching drill, shock-revolutionary electrical devices are equipped with three types of cartridges. If you have to choose a punch for a home whose weight does not exceed 4 kg, it is recommended to give preference to the model with SDS-Plus. A drill tool in such a configuration will make holes with a maximum diameter of 30 mm.

Types by type of drive

There are four main types of drives, each of which has its advantages. The selection of the drive must be carried out depending on the features of the work performed.

  • Gasoline the drive will become indispensable if you carry out repairs roadway, or perform work in open areas where there is no access to electricity. In such perforators, an internal combustion engine is installed, they have very Great power of impact, and the low fuel consumption allows you to carry out work for two hours from the moment the tank is refueling. Along with the advantages, they have a number disadvantages: You will need a supply of fuel, you will not be able to regulate the power of the blow, from which unwanted destruction can occur, they have a very large weight, dimensions and a very high price.
  • Electric Perforators. The most used in repair and construction work. The constant presence of a power source makes the working time unlimited, they have Good performance And sufficient power, Additionally equipped with an anti.Vibration system, which greatly facilitates their use, mainly, includes threeregime work, have a rotation speed regulator and an affordable price. Disadvantages, Unfortunately, this type also has: the radius of your movements will be limited by the length of the network cord, of course there is an extension of the extension cord, but still if the voltage is unstable in the network, then the productivity of the tool will be unstable, the wear of the clamping cartridge during prolonged operation and unnecessary waste to buy a new one.
  • Battery Perforators are very convenient in places where No access to electricity or when repairing the facades of the building, where you are unlikely to be able to get with the power tool. They have Light weight and a compact case, which makes them very comfortable in use. Despite the use of the battery, they have constantfrequency rotation that can be adjusted, and sufficient power, which allows you to drill even concrete. To disadvantages It can be attributed to a limited working hours, which directly depends on the battery capacity, the need for recharging, which requires a long time, which means that you cannot use the tool immediately after it is discharged and formed in work. Sometimes buying a new battery may be a difficult task, and if you accidentally drop such a tool, then it will also fail.
  • Pneumatic Perforators are mainly used in explosive rooms, since the principle of their operation is built on the transformation of compressed air. They have small weight, a fairly high speed and impact power. The disadvantages of such a tool are significant: for continuous work, you will need a compressor that will supply air. The movement area will be limited by the length of the hose connecting the compressor and the perforator, and most importantly. The high cost of such a tool.

Rating of popular models

The best batteries

Dewalt DCH481N-XJ

Another professional battery punch that is very similar to the previous model in terms of characteristics. Equipped with a battery for 3,000 mAh. It has three operating modes: drilling, drilling and dollars. Equipped with SDS Max cartridge. The pluses include the force of the shock mechanism of 6.1 J with a small weight of 5.4 kg for such power. Users note the high ergonomics of the device: the handle is equipped with a start button, on which several fingers are conveniently falling. For additional convenience, the manufacturer added a removable drilling handle to the supply kit for drilling.

True, specifically for this model, the manufacturer did not put anything else in the box. Additional batteries and charging for a perforator must be purchased separately. Because of this, the price of the device also seems to be overpriced-from 40 thousand. Rubles in Russia. If such amounts do not scare you, then the tool is perfect for construction and final brigades, installation of Windows, entrance doors and even satellite antennas.

Bosch GBH 180-Li

The operator of the perforator (it was Bosch made the first punch in 1932) continues to produce high-quality tools to this day. GBH 180-Li differs from other brand models with a 4,000 mAh battery with a capacity of 4,000. At the same time, the weight of the assembled device (along with the battery) does not exceed 7 kg. A little heavy for home repairs, but it is perfect for professionals. Three operating modes will like them: D some, drilling and drilling with a blow. In addition, the model can tighten screws, which is convenient if there is no appropriate tool at hand.

GBH 180-Li is made under the SDS Plus cartridge, so if you have drilling rooms with a standard connector from other sets, they can be used with this device. Another bonus is an additional battery included. Having charged both batteries at a time, you can work continuously up to 1.5 hours. Minuses? First of all, the price. Bosch asks for a model up to 10 thousand. Rubles in the Russian market. For this money, you can buy several perforators from our rating at once.

Shock drill and punch. By no means the same

Some mistakenly believe that a drill with a shock mechanism works in the same way as a perforator. But this is not the case-although they call such a drill a “perforator drill”, but the principle of operation of these two electrical tools is very different. Yes, both of them break holes, but the blows have different power, as well as different origin.

The shock type drill works as a punch due to the gear transmission of two wheels called rattles. With a certain pressure, the oscillatory movement of its axis occurs on the drill, which allows you to make a hole. But the performance cannot be high, and the blows are quite weak. Therefore, solid concrete, for example, can not be pierced with such a drill.

But the punch is just intended for drilling stone, brick and concrete. Also, with its help, you can transfer the effort to the working edge of the peaks, shoulder blades or drills, allowing these tools to work with maximum return.

In the perforator, the mechanism of electromechanical or electro.Pneumatic type is used as the main structure of the structure. Thanks to it, a shock force is created sufficient to break through concrete or stone. At the same time, the master does not need to press the punch on the handle very much. In some models, the mechanical shock mechanism is similar to the drill, but it is less durable than the electromagnetic or pneumatic mechanism.

The piston and the mechanism of the pneumatic system of strikes, as a rule, are equipped with Figuration perforators.

The mechanism of the type “drunk” bearing, which rotates forces the boiler to strike, narrow perforators are equipped with such a mechanism.

So, if we compare the mechanical and pneumatic mechanisms, you can notice that the latter greatly facilitates the work on the solid surface. When using a mechanical shock device, you have to attach an effort three times more than when using a pneumatic device. When choosing a perforator for home, it is better to pay attention to more modern models, and forget about mechanical successfully.

Optimal punch in terms of price and quality

Those who have thought about which punch is better to buy for the home, you can advise buying an inexpensive, but effective and ergonomic technique. Makita HR2300.

The cost of this device in various stores does not exceed 9,000 rubles, while it has a low weight and is suitable for work at a height. Makita HR2300 is considered a semi.Professional tool, so the manufacturers have concerned with such a function as the convenience for the work of left.Handed people. The reversal change is made with one hand without separating the second hand from the perforator handle.

Makita HR2300 is equipped with an additional handle with a fixing button. Setting the storm rotation mode allows drilling in delicate surfaces, for example, ceramic tiles.

A high.Quality and inexpensive punch will be the best device in home use when performing any work.

Perforator device

In order to understand which punch to choose, you need to deal with its device. The tool consists of the following parts:

Also, most models have a safety coupling. Such a function is necessary so that the device does not jam in the process of work.

Perforator is the same thing that the shock drill?

Outwardly they are similar, but They are arranged differently. Perforator and shock drill are used in various areas.

At the drill, the main working details are 2 gear rates, which, with constant use, wear out quickly, you have to put new. When working with it, you need make great efforts. The disadvantages include a high degree of return and weak amplitude.

The perforator has no such shortcomings. He possesses greater power and speed, It serves longer.

Bosch PBH 2000 Re

After good impressions of household screwdriver, I decided to try in the case of a punch of the same Bosch PBH 2000 series. I will say right away, the result exceeded all expectations.

Bosch PBH 2000 Re

I took it purely for fast.Speed 6×40, 6×60. But with the maximum energy of a single strike, 1.5 J “baby” can easily cope with larger holes, up to the declared 20 mm. Almost as simple as light professional brothers in blue buildings. Can this be? In general, the ratio of the motor power with a strike force of 550 W/1.5–1.7 J in professional circles is considered ideal in terms of instrumental resistance, many manufacturers adhere to such a proportion for superflowing models. Its engine is only 550 watts with power, so some difficulties, of course, occur on viscous bases (for example, not completely dried concrete), but this is rather a rare exception to the rules. It feels very fast, looked into the passport. Indeed, the shock frequency is 5800./min., and the nominal speed of rotation of the shaft 2300 about./min.

For comparison, these indicators in GBH 2–24 DSR are 4850 beats./min. And 870 vol./min. Respectively. Now it is clear, the developers have relied on speed. In addition, the Germans proposed an interesting design of the shock mechanism: they did not use the gearbox, but transferred the engine rotation directly to the pneumatic drive spindle, the battles were launched along the unique trajectory, the trunk was reliably recorded with a 50 mm spindle neck. Such technological innovations and the use of very high.Quality details made it possible to make a PBH 2000 of a three.Resistant with a function of pure deterrence (plus you can fix a certain position of a flat chisel), which competitors did not decide on. There is a lock of the button on, it is drowned in the plastic of the handle and does not work from an accidental touch. Manufacturers do not talk about protection against jamming, but there are sensations of the response of a sensitive overall coupling-probably this is secret information about another know-how. Our reverses and a very sensitive button, which provides electronic control of the rotation frequency, smooth acceleration from 0 to maximum. Therefore, we put a transitional cartridge, and we work further as a screwdriver. The perforator is the lightest and most compact of all that I held in my hands. Its weight is only 2.2 kg along with three meters of the cord, length. 32 cm.

Plastic from which the case is made pleasant to the touch, clearly anti.Suggested. Verified. The recognizable triangular structure of the case makes it even more durable and stable. And also Bosch PBH 2000 Re is incredibly beautiful.

This is a great punch, even for the construction site. Its positioning as a tool for home use is quite conditional. The conclusion suggests itself that Bosch is one of the few that has made the budget line of the “home workshop” tool and was forced to “strangle” the characteristics of the professional series for the assortment. But something special came out for which thank you for the developers. For three years we have been operating this baby at the facilities, and no problems, even the brushes did not change. I think he can easily survive several Chinese specimens close to the price. The cost of PBH 2000 re in retail is only 110–120.

The reason for the longevity of my punch, I largely consider the respect for them and strict adherence to the recommendations of the manufacturer. I determined for myself some general rules:

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What the repair quality depends on? From experience, selected materials and tools. This also applies to perforators. You can’t do without this tool, whether you work with electrical wiring, whether you fasten the frame ceiling frames or mount the plumbing. Beginning masters often cannot find the perforator suitable for them in price and quality. Which type of tool is better for your work, and which 12 punch are the best. Read in our analysis.

First of all, when choosing a tool. Not only a perforator. You should answer two questions: how often will you use the tool and why you need it.

If you want to make home repairs and do not plan in the future to often post holes in the walls, then it makes no sense to spend money on expensive professional equipment. Otherwise, professional masters can safely pass by shelves with “household” devices, since they are not intended for daily and difficult work.

Like other repair tools, perforators can be divided into three types:

  • Household. A distinctive feature is an insignificant weight, within five kilograms. Used for home repairs and simple work. Often, for the sake of savings, manufacturers refuse additional functions and complex settings.
  • Semi.Professional. A border option that is suitable for both amateurs, not a limited budget and professionals. Such perforators are more powerful and, accordingly, heavier than household models.
  • Professional. The most serious cars are powerful and heavy. A professional punch can weigh more than 9 kg. Often has increased impact power. Withstand high intensity of work, do not require frequent breaks in drilling.

What is the difference between a shock drill and a perforator

But first, let’s figure out that the shock drill or punch is better than they differ and what is better to choose. The shock drill in some situations can replace the perforator. The shock drill has several functions that the perforator has, it is drilling holes in metal and wood, drilling holes with a blow in stone, brick and concrete, it can be used as a punch and as a screwdriver. At the same time, the shock drill costs cheaper than a punch, spare parts for it are easier and they are also cheaper.

However, given all these advantages, the shock drill greatly loses to the perforator, since it has a number of significant shortcomings. The main of them, the power of impact and the diameter of the hole, which can drill the drill in concrete and brick. The perforator has in its structure a mechanism that hits a drill instead of a person and the power of a blow is much higher than that of a shock drill. For a lot of impact power, all the perforators have two mechanisms: a drunk bearing or an electro-pneumatic battle with a piston from the gearbox, while the shock drill, all the impact power depends on how strongly a person presses on the drill, which provides a very low efficiency.

Therefore, if you need to drill holes in solid concrete or drill holes with a diameter of more than 6 mm in loose brick, especially if you need a small jack of a hammer, you should choose a perforator, and not a shock drill.

The difference between the punch and the shock drill

A drill with a perforator has similarities. Shock mechanism and drilling. But then the question arises, what is better to choose for working with brick and concrete? At the drills The impact mechanism is carried out thanks to the rates. As a result, a small impact energy is formed. In order to get at least some result, the shock drill must be pressed hard to the material. But even the most inexpensive model punch It copes with concrete and stone much more efficiently, since it has a completely different shock mechanism. It is more powerful. Therefore, if you need to work with solid materials, it is worth studying the review of the list of reliable perforators from the best manufacturers and take a suitable model.

Our rating will help choose the best punch from a trusted company. They are distinguished by good assembly quality, reliability and long service life.

Makita HR2470, 780 W

Punch p 3 work modes, protection against dust, coal brushes, torque limiter. It can make holes in a tree 32 mm, and in steel. 13 mm. There is a depth limiter, electronic speed adjustment, additional handle, rubber linings and a dissolving coupling. The equipment can be fixed in 40 positions.

Bosch GBH 240, 790 W788888

Bosch’s punch easily copes with wood, brick, metal and concrete. There are 3 modes: shock drilling, drilling and dollars. Device with the maximum diameter of the drilling mode. 68 mm. Additional opportunities: protective coupling, powerful reverse, Electric adjustment of the speed of rotation. The equipment consists of a case, protection of the power button, drilling depth and auxiliary handle.

Elitech P0724REM Promo, 750 W

The device is ideal for drilling, dutling and drilling holes of various diameters in different materials. The SDS-Plus cartridge provides Fast replacement of working equipment. The tool is equipped with an additional adjustable handle, which guarantees full control. For convenience during prolonged operation, the launch key has a fixed launch position. The device is slightly weighty and compact.

Makita HR2470X15, 780 W

The durable, reliable and durable tool of the Japanese brand can operate both a regular drill and a jack of a hammer. A special cartridge provides a quick replacement of the nozzle. Internal details are protected from dust. With a speedy torque, the perforator is triggered limiter. The configuration has a set of drills, which makes it possible to immediately start work.

Bosch GBH 2-26 DFR Case, 800 W

Network perforator for work in work and in everyday life. It works great with solid materials. Metal, concrete, brick and natural stones. There is a special switch on the case that smoothly regulates the number of revolutions. As a result, it turns out to make a hole of the desired size with an accuracy of a millimeter. The kit comes with a fast.And.Packed cartridge, side handle, depth limiter And the case.

Bort BHD-800N-K, 800 W

The device supports work in simple drilling modes, drilling with shock and detection. It is equipped a set of drill and drill with various tips, shanks SDS-Plus. They guarantee reliable fixation. The gearbox is equipped with a reverse system, which makes it possible to easily extract the equipment stuck in brick or concrete. Perforator is equipped with a drilling depth limiter and an additional handle.

Bosch GBH 180-Li 4.0 ah x1 case

This model from the German company includes a rating of 2021 perforators. He is equipped 1 speed and performs the function of screwdrivers, detection and drilling. The battery is removable, and the type of charging is pulse. There are ergonomic devices on the case: protection of the inclusion buttons, depth limiter and auxiliary handle. Summary: case, 2 batteries and fast.Sounding device.

Dewalt D25133k, 800 W

Reliable, ergonomic and high.Quality tool has good thoughtful design, good characteristics. It is distinguished by convenience, ease and simplicity of operation. A powerful device can operate at high speed. It has 3 modes. Drilling, blow and drilling. He has ergonomics, high efficiency, low weight, low noise and vibration.

Bort BHD-1000-Turbo, 800 W

The tool has an extended equipment that includes Ergonomic case, Boers on concrete, additional proprietary handle, depthmer. It is equipped with 3 work modes, therefore, as functional as possible. There is a long network cable with a fork. The engine power is impressive.

Lists of the best

In my opinion, Makita represents a wide range in which each buyer will find a tool for his own tasks. Powerful perforators are perfectly coping with a large amount of serious work, and battery models will become excellent assistants in everyday life.

The best punch Makita in terms of price-quality ratio-HR2811FT

The HR28111FT model has shown very well both in household conditions and in the professional field. This is a balanced tool that is characterized by an average weight, sufficient power. Three operating modes, a long cord, a universal cartridge provide work comfort. The average price of the tool is 20416 rubles.

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The best “heavy” punch Makita is HR5211C

Great instrument opportunities are most often adjacent to a lot of weight. One of the powerful perforators is the HR5211C model with a possible diameter of concrete drilling up to 52 mm. This is a quite professional tool that withstands serious loads. The average price of this model is 52649 rubles.

The best battery performer Makita. DHR171Z

A balanced and compact model applicable in everyday life and simple works. Small weight and battery provide mobility, and technical characteristics. Confident work with various materials. The average price of the punch DHR171Z is 8486 rubles.

What to look for when choosing

It is not so easy to decide on a punch. Here we need to take into account many factors that are able to influence the final decision.

It’s one thing when you need to choose the right punch for homework. And quite another, if it is a professional unit.

Since experts already know all the nuances and are well versed in the tools, the main emphasis will be placed on household consumers.

The main task for the majority is to choose an inexpensive, but at the same time high.Quality and reliable punch. An important role is played by the manufacturer.

Among the brands, the following is true to attribute the following:

To pick up an inexpensive, but quite high.Quality and reliable punch, it should also be chosen by key characteristics. Namely, by:

Impact strength

The characteristic shows what kind of effort the tool exerts when immersing the nozzle to the surface. Measured in joules (J). The impact force directly affects how quickly it will be possible to carry out dismantling work.

If we talk about which parameter to choose, then an indicator of such a characteristic as the impact force depends on the scope of the perforator:

Or you can choose something average. Then it will be the semi.Professional level of the instrument. But here a small battery autonomous punch is no longer suitable. Focus better on electric network models.

Power parameters

By power, the tools are classified into 3 groups.

  • Lungs. This is a small capacity up to 800 watts. Weigh up to 4 kg. The impact force does not exceed 3 j.
  • Medium. In power vary from 800 to 1100 watts. Weigh no more than 8 kg. In this case, the impact force can reach 9 j.
  • Heavy. Professional units with a capacity of 1200 watts and above. Weigh more than 8 kg, and by the power of the blow they give out 15 J or more.
parameters, choose, perforator, power

Here it will be correct to choose precisely for home use the punch of a light or middle class.

As for which a perforator will be better to choose for regular and professional diamond drilling, then it is worth giving preference to heavy models. They will not come in handy in everyday life.

Frequency values

The performance of the impacts also affects performance.

Therefore, high frequency values ​​of strokes are of key importance for the professional sphere.

So you need to FOCUS on the sphere of activity.

Rotation speed parameters

Speaking about what parameters you should choose a good perforator, you can not bypass such a characteristic as the speed of rotation of the shaft.

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This is due to the fact that at home the punch is more often used as a drill, that is, in the drilling mode. Therefore, the speed of rotation is made at the level of 1,500-2300 rpm.

Professional units are more focused on shock functions. Because of this, their rotation speed is left at the level of 750-1100 rpm.

parameters, choose, perforator, power

Available operating modes

Mostly tools are equipped with 3 modes.

For household tasks, 3-mode tools are better suited. In the professional sphere, 1-2 regime devices are often used.

Cartridges and diameter of nozzles

SDS cartridges on the vast majority of punch are currently used. They have established themselves as the most reliable, safe and universal.

At the same time, SDS cartridges are 5 subspecies:

SDS-Plus cartridges are suitable for household appliances and semi-professional perforators. And for professional tasks it is better to FOCUS on SDS-MAX.

A set of additional functions

Also, we must not forget about additional functions. Usually their presence increases the cost of the tool. But some of them are really useful, and sometimes necessary.

  • Running regime. Not mandatory, but recommended functionality. So you can easier to extract a drill by simply turning on the reverse rotation. But you should not abuse reverse, since the mechanism wear out quickly.
  • Protection against jamming. Useful function for high.Power perforators. Prevents injury, as well as combustion of motor windings.
  • Smooth start. Excludes jerks and risks associated with the sharp launch of the device.
  • Switching speeds. Allows you to adjust the speed of rotation of the cartridge (spindle), as well as choose the optimal rate of strike.
  • Stabilization of revolutions. Contributes to the stable speed of spindle rotation, regardless of the load.
  • Stop button. With its help, you can fix the pressed button so that during drilling or drilling, do not crush your finger on it.
  • Anti.Vibration. Useful function for professional perforators. This minimizes the harm to muscles and health during prolonged work.
  • Emphasis. So you can determine and regulate the depth of penetration of the nozzle into the surface.
  • Vacuumber. Simplifies cleaning the field of work. Usually it is a special nozzle, to which you need to connect the hose from the vacuum cleaner.
parameters, choose, perforator, power

Think about what additional options you really need. From this and orient yourself when choosing a tool.

8th place. Makita HR2470

In 8th place in the top of the best perforators for the home in terms of price and quality ratio, Makita HR2470, which will become a reliable assistant for home masters, builders and furniture workers. Thanks to the horizontal location of the device, the device turned out to be easier and more compact.

The tool will be able to make a hole in the most durable materials and inaccessible places: with a diameter of up to 32 mm in a tree, up to 13 mm in metal, up to 24 mm in concrete. When drilling a crown, the diameter rises to 65 mm. The main handle is rubberized, which excludes sliding, and the additional reduces the load on the user when drilling. The safety coupling prevents injuries with a sharp jamming, and the tool itself will last longer from this.

A good inexpensive home punch is able to hammer the walls to expand doorways and destroy partitions. Doloto rotates 360 degrees and is fixed in 40 positions. The device will last longer due to the lack of impact on idle, and the accuracy and quality of work is increased by automatic adjustment of the speed of rotation. The energy of the blow reaches 2.4 J, and per minute is performed up to 4500 beats/min.

  • Low.School;
  • He sits perfectly in his hand;
  • Very high quality and reliable;
  • Maintainability;
  • Convenient case in the kit;
  • Long network cord;
  • Light and compact;
  • Rubberized handles;
  • A lot of space storage space.

How to choose a handbuilder for home

Perforator is a tool designed for processing stone, brick and concrete. As a rule, such a device is used in overhaul. Compared to the shock drill, the power of this device is ten times stronger, so such complex works as deterrence and drilling solid materials are extremely fast. The market presents a large range of perforators that differ in affordable functions, design and equipment. But how to choose a punch for homework? Let’s break the right to punch the right.

The purpose of the perforator

The perforator is used in order to destroy solid non.Metallic surfaces, as well as for drilling in structural construction elements, for strokes in the walls of grooves. Depending on the purpose, perforators are industrial and for home use. The difference between them is only in power level and equipment.

Perforator and shock drill: What is the difference?

The shock drill and the perforator are largely similar, however, these tools have different functionality. The shock drill is a device designed for drilling in different materials of holes. Such a device is equipped with a special mechanism that pushes the drill in the axial direction to facilitate the passage of solid surfaces. Despite many advantages, the shock drill cannot destroy concrete. In addition, in terms of impact power, it is significantly inferior to the perforator. Using a shock drill, you will not be able to make a groove or deep hole in the monolithic wall.When carrying out a major overhaul, you can’t do without the use of a perforator. Using such a device, you can facilitate and speed up the execution:

  • Dismantling walls, Windows, doors, concrete screed, foundation elements, other building structures;
  • Drilling for fastening brackets, clamps of pipes, anchor bolts of holes;
  • Drilling in concrete and brick walls of large diameter holes.

We recommend that you look at our top of the best homeorship for the home.

How to choose the right punch: criteria

In order to choose the optimal model of a punch for home use, you should be guided by certain criteria. Among the number of main:

In addition, it is no less important to take into account the presence of equipment, weight, dimensions, location of the engine, the presence of additional functionality and protective coupling.

Impact power and power

Such parameters are determining when choosing a particular perforator model. By impact power and power level, such devices can conditionally be divided into several groups, although, in essence, there are no standard restrictions and any norms for choosing a particular device. Over, if your plans are home use of a perforator, it is better to buy a medium or low power device. Conditionally, all the perforators can be divided into groups:

  • Low.Power devices (their weight is not more than four kilograms, up to 800 watts, the maximum hole is up to 26 mm, the impact force is less than 3 J);
  • Low-power devices (their weight within 5-6 kg, up to 1000 watts, impact force up to 8 J, the maximum hole is up to 34mm);
  • Medium power perforators (weight-6-8 kg, up to 1300W, impact force-up to 13 J, maximum hole-up to 45 mm);
  • Great power devices (weight. Up to 10 kg, over 1300 watts, impact force. Up to 20 J, maximum hole. Up to 60 mm)

The operating modes of the perforators

Thinking about which high.Quality perforator to choose, be sure to specify which operating modes are provided for the model that you liked. As a rule, all devices are equipped with drilling, detection and drilling modes. In this case, to switch from one to another mode, toggle switches are used. The principle of operation is this: we turn the toggle switch and install it opposite a certain marking. If the toggle switch is installed opposite the “drill”. The drilling mode. If on the contrary. “drill hammer”. Drilling mode. If opposite the “Hammer” icon. Doling mode.Some models provide additional functions. In particular, we are talking about a blow with a twist of a bit. This mode helps to facilitate the destruction of very hard surfaces and is used, as a rule, in professional models. For home use, three main operating modes are quite suitable.

Horizontal or vertical location?

Depending on how the engine is located in the perforator, some functionality will differ. For example, those models in which the engine is located vertically have a higher power level, as well as a large torque. In this case, the motor is better cooled. But such devices have some disadvantages. First of all, we are talking about the large weight of the case, the presence of strict requirements for maintenance and the frequency of lubrication. It is better to use a similar type for work performed in a vertical plane: if you need to cut out the grooves on the ceiling or drill any holes there. Using such a device is quite convenient, holding one hand. In some cases, perforators with the horizontal position of the engine are more convenient. These devices are used for:

  • Installations of drywall structures;
  • Wall drilling;
  • Dismantling tiles;
  • Facade devices;
  • Stroke of walls;
  • Drilling for electrical equipment of niches.

If we compare these perforators with those that have a vertical orientation of the engine, then they are more easily arranged, unpretentious in maintenance, have less weight.If you plan to buy a punch for home use, then such a parameter as the location of the engine is not determining when choosing. Nevertheless, if you need a device for professional purposes, it is better to purchase a powerful perforator with a vertical location of the motor.