Can I Cut Busbar For Track Lights

Mounting track lights on the busbar

Can I Cut Busbar For Track Lights

Installation of lighting systems 04/11/2018

Installation and installation of track lights on the busbar trunking is a simple procedure and does not require any special knowledge or special skills. All work can be done independently, especially since the price of installing track lights by specialists can be unreasonably high.

So, during the initial work it is necessary:

  • draw a plan diagram of a track lighting installation;
  • determine the method of supplying electricity;
  • to decide on the fastening of tires (directly to the ceiling or to special cables).

Installation and connection of the busbar trunking

If the standard busbar length does not allow you to assemble a precisely calculated track lighting system design, then the track can be sawn into pieces of the required length. To do this, you can use the usual hacksaw for metal.

Further, for the installation of the busbar, we carry out the following activities:

  • When attaching directly to the ceiling or wall, drill holes in the tire.
  • To create a suspended track installation, you will need a special cable and bracket.
  • A plug is installed on one side of the busbar through which power will not be supplied.
  • A terminal block must be installed on the other side. If it is not installed initially, then the block must be placed next to the end of the track so that the marking strips coincide and then carefully insert it into the busbar. The connector will join the track.
  • Next, an electrical wire is connected. To do this, the cover is removed from the connector, the screws are unscrewed with a screwdriver, after which the wires are inserted into the resulting holes.
  • After connecting the power supply, it is necessary to tighten the locking screw and finally fix the connection.

Busbar connection

The tires are interconnected in several ways, depending on the final configuration of the track lighting system and the location of the power supply.

The first way is to lengthen the busbar with a central connector. To do this, you must:

  • Place the central connector between the tracks and remove the cover from it.
  • Connect the electric cable to the contact group.
  • Connect the busbars to each other by inserting the central connector at both ends.
  • Tighten the fixing screws.

Corner connectors are connected in a similar manner. In order to lengthen the length of the busbar without using a connector, conventional connectors are used.

Installation of the lamp in the track

After the busbar trunk is installed and electricity is connected to it, it is necessary to install track lights. To do this, they are equipped with special clamps, which make it possible to mount the fixtures to an already suspended busbar trunking.

  • First, set the clamp to the OFF position (parallel to the bus).
  • Having chosen the location, it is necessary to insert the base of the lamp into the busbar and turn the clamp 90 зажим.

After setting the required number of fixtures and adjusting the angle of their inclination, the track lighting system will be ready for operation.

A single luminaire is installed using a special cover, which consists of a miniature busbar and a contact block.

Entrust the installation of track lighting systems to professionals?

Despite the apparent simplicity of connecting lighting systems, there are a number of difficulties that a person may have who decides to independently connect the track unit to power supply. This is primarily the difficulty with the correct connection of electricity, fastening suspensions and drawing up a connecting structure.

A team of professionals of our company will install electrical equipment, including track lighting installation at an affordable price.

What are track lights and where are they used

Track lights, also known as busbar lighting, are systems in which lighting fixtures are fixed and moved using a busbar trunking.

The characteristics of such luminaires allow you to create individual positioning of light or accent lighting.

So, consider the features of these lighting devices.

Design features

Track-type lighting systems are devices consisting of several light sources located on a busbar. The principle of operation of such modern devices is based on combining the same type of illuminators into a common wiring system using electrical modules and special calipers.

Contact groups placed on the busbar allow you to connect a system of track lights and ensure their reliable performance.

Wiring calipers can be represented by several main varieties, markedly different structural features.

To date, cross-shaped, flexible, straight, U-shaped and L-shaped calipers are produced, as well as a rectangular type.

The end part of the tire is represented by a simple utilitarian and decorative plug, and the system itself includes several basic elements:

  • conductive part;
  • transformer;
  • elements of the connecting type;
  • fixing devices.

The connecting elements included in the standard package allow you to fix the lighting system on almost any type of surface, regardless of height. Turning on and off the light sources included in the track lamp can be simultaneous or separate.

One busbar is designed to accommodate lighting fixtures, which may differ in design and power indicators. The number of light sources can be changed according to needs, which greatly expands the scope of use of such lamps.

Light sources move easily in different directions, which allows providing the necessary area and individual degree of illumination in the room.

Main application

Light track structures are very in demand in the conditions of modern development of a design that emphasizes or emphasizes lighting, so their use is relevant in a variety of areas:

Thanks to practicality and versatility, modern track systems allow you to illuminate the desired object or local area in the room, as well as save money on payment for the services of an energy sales company.

Residential interior designers are actively using this type of lighting equipment to mask repair flaws or to effectively focus on individual areas of the apartment and private home ownership.

Depending on the busbar voltage indicators, devices can be low-voltage and high-voltage, and according to typical characteristics, single-phase and three-phase devices are distinguished. As a light source, halogen, metal halide, fluorescent and LED lamps can be used.

With track lights, even the simplest room can be easily tinted with various shades of light, which favorably affects the visual perception of space and helps create a chamber environment.

Pros and Cons of Track LED Systems

The most significant advantages of modern LED track lights are determined by the design features of such devices and diode components that consume a small amount of electricity and are characterized by guaranteed durability. The undeniable advantages of LED systems include:

  • high strength;
  • silent work;
  • significant resistance to temperature changes;
  • excellent moisture resistance;
  • variety of design solutions;
  • ease of regulation of light fluxes;
  • guaranteed fire safety;
  • ease of disposal;
  • lack of harmful UV radiation.

Track LED lights visually change the spatial perception, are very easy to install with your own hands, and if necessary, quickly dismantled, after which they can be mounted in any other place. If you wish, you can perform an independent system upgrade by modifying the number of light sources or replacing them with others in terms of power, shape, color and size.

Thanks to a wide range of models, such systems are perfect for arranging rooms in a modern or classic style, and are also in demand in an industrial and minimalist design solution.

The only drawback that should be taken into account when choosing track lights is their rather high price, which quickly pays off by operating models with built-in economical LEDs.

Performance characteristics

All models of track lights produced today differ in their main operational characteristics. For example, the number of phases determines the total number of all light sources connected to the contact group. However, the most common include the so-called mini-designs, which operate under low voltage 12 V.

Track LEDs in room design

In the process of independent choice of a lighting device, it is important to focus on such characteristics as power indicators and the level of luminous flux.

For example, LED track lights on 30W will be the best option for installation in a residential area.

In terms of power, such devices are quite comparable to ordinary lamps, but a 1 W diode corresponds to 5-7 W of light from a traditional device, so a 10-watt LED lamp will be a worthy replacement for a 60-watt lamp.

Depending on the installation method, surface and built-in models are distinguished, which allows such a track system to easily cope with any tasks related to the organization of lighting.

Connection Features

Installation of the lighting system is extremely simple due to the presence of a bus with fasteners, a power supply and light sources. Self-installation of a track light, as a rule, does not cause any problems or difficulties, but involves the phased implementation of the following electrical work:

  • fixation of lighting devices on the track body;
  • organization of a contact system for connecting fixtures.

The ends of conductors stripped from insulating material should be located to the ends of the busbar. At the same time, all cables have standard color marking, which makes it easy to determine the location of the phase, zero and grounding conductor.

Instructions for self-installation and connection of a track lamp:

  • blackout of the object in which it is supposed to install the lamp;
  • fixing the structure on the ceiling or wall surface using special fasteners included in the package;
  • dilution of wiring to the areas allocated for the installation of the track;
  • serial connection of conductors according to color coding;
  • isolation of all sections of the wiring;
  • assembly and fastening of track lights according to the scheme supplied by the manufacturer.

At the final stage, the correctness of the connections is checked, the power is turned on and the operability of the installed lighting system is tested.

Track Light Connection

During installation, you need to remember that the device can be equipped with different types of adapters, therefore, in some modifications, a left connection is provided, and in others, a right-handed power supply is used.

Track lighting system appeared relatively recently, but very quickly became incredibly popular, which is easily explained simply by the huge number of undeniable positive characteristics of the device.

Nevertheless, in order for the use of such devices in the interior to be completely safe and advantageous in terms of design, it is necessary to strictly adhere to the main recommendations for selection, self-assembly and subsequent connection to the power supply network.

How to connect track lights

Thanks to bright, even light, LED lamps are widely used for lighting rooms of any size.

Why do most people choose this kind of lighting? There are several good reasons for this:

  • bright, directional light;
  • variety of shapes and colors of the case;
  • ease of installation design.

Track lights give the interior of any room a special unique look.

Rail and busbar mounting

You can install track lights on flat and inclined planes. A flexible wire (bus) installed in a plastic or aluminum rail is easily mounted to any surface included in the kit with self-tapping screws.

There are two types of mounting structure:

  • hanging, on a cable or a decorative chain;
  • waybill to the wall or ceiling.

Regardless of which mounting method you choose, whether it is suspended or laid on, you first need to determine the final shape of the entire structure: straight, curved or rounded. It is necessary to bend, cut into necessary parts the conductive bus itself on the floor in advance.

The conductive bus has an electrical wiring on one side only. Therefore, this part should be fixed at a certain distance from flammable objects: curtains, bookshelves. The tire itself is located inside the rails and is fixed directly to the ceiling, wall with screws.

If a semicircular design is used, special connectors must be available. Having fixed the rails on which the lamps will be located, we can proceed to the next step, installing the lamps themselves in them.

How many lamps can be on the rail?

In apartments, the track structure can be from 2-4 lamps, which will be enough for bright even light for the whole room. Since the lights will easily move along the rail, they can be moved and sent to anywhere in the room.

The main advantage of the design of track lights over other types of lighting is the ability to direct the flow of light in any desired direction. Therefore, for high-quality lighting of the room, two or three LED or halogen lamps will be enough.

How to connect the lamp we look in the video:

Source No. 1:

Track lights: how to choose and connect

Lighting trade and exhibition halls, art galleries requires the use of specific lighting equipment. It requires maximum quality and effective lighting, while its source should not attract too much attention. Classic chandeliers or sconces will look simply out of place here.

To solve this problem, track (or bus) systems were created. a special type of device, which is a rotary lamp located on the busbar. The direction of each of them can be adjusted separately, focusing the light on the most important details in the room.

But increasingly, busbar lighting systems are also used in home interiors. The reason for this is not only practicality, but also a stylish design.

Laconic designs look fashionable, modern and effective, refresh the atmosphere in the room.

They are ideal for use in the living room, in the kitchen or in the bedroom, with them you can easily change the direction of the light rays at any time and create a new mood.

In addition, busbar systems are often used for lighting:

  • restaurants, bars and cafes;
  • night clubs;
  • coworking and modern office space;
  • youth libraries and other public places.

Depending on the desired effect, the track can be installed either directly on the ceiling or wall, or suspended on cables.


Wall mounted models are good for installing in spacious but low rooms. Point the light up. this will create the illusion of a higher ceiling and visually increase the space.

Those who do not want to bother once again, we recommend choosing a complete system. In their configuration, the busbar trunking, a certain number of lamps, busbar and head mount racks are immediately supplied.

You can assemble the system yourself from individual components. You will need the following components:

  • busbar trunking of necessary length;
  • linear and angular connectors for connecting tracks;
  • fixtures (their number is calculated depending on the area of ​​the illuminated area);
  • adapters for connecting light sources to the bus (usually come with a lamp);
  • stubs;
  • mounting brackets for installation on a supporting surface or special suspensions for installation on a stretch ceiling.

When searching for a suitable option, we recommend that you pay attention to the following factors:

  • Busbar Type: can be single-phase, two-phase or three-phase. Depending on its type, it is possible to divide connected luminaires into one, two or three groups with independent switching on and off.
  • Type of lamps and type of cap. The cheapest way is to purchase models with incandescent lamps, however, they will heat up very much and consume a large amount of electricity. Halogen lamps have excellent color reproduction, but they are very hot. Metal halide lamps provide a powerful stream of light, but warm up for a long time (approximately 3 minutes). Over time, the glow becomes a greenish tint. LED bulbs are more expensive than others, but consume 8 times less electricity and last up to 8 years. Also pay attention to the base. With threaded, you can use incandescent lamps, compact fluorescent and LED bulbs. With pin. halogen or LED lamps.
  • Colour temperature. The lower this indicator, the warmer the shade of the glow will be.
  • Voltage. Most models run on 220 V, but there are also mini-track systems that run on 12 V.
  • Material of manufacture and degree of protection. The busbar must be durable, but at the same time flexible enough. Most often they use alloy steel, aluminum, an alloy of steel and titanium and other metals, and plastic. If you plan to install the system in a humid room, choose models with protection from IP44 and higher, otherwise moisture will leak into the case and disrupt the operation of the device.
  • Design. Despite the fact that, in general, the systems on the bus have a modern design, there are models with design in classic and modern styles. Choose the right one depending on the type of your interior and don’t be afraid to combine classics with modern concepts.

Video: Can I Cut Busbar For Track Lights

An important feature of track systems is the possibility of combining different types of luminaires on the same busbar: metal halide and luminescent, LED and halogen, and other combinations.

First of all, it is necessary to plan the scheme of the future system and calculate the weight distribution of the fixtures. A maximum of 5 luminaires weighing no more than 5 kg each should fall on 1 m of busbar. The recommended distance between them is 20 cm. Suspensions should be placed at a distance of not more than 1 m from each other and 80 cm from the ceiling surface.


It must be remembered that the maximum load on the adapter should be no more than 10 kg, otherwise the lamp may fall out of the adapter.

It is also necessary to take into account the current consumed by the system: the permissible current limit in the busbar per phase is 16 A. If this value is exceeded, it is necessary to divide the system into groups with separate current leads.

The suspension system will have to be assembled on the floor, while the invoice or built-in can be assembled directly on the ceiling.


All work on the installation and connection of the track system must be carried out with the power off.

  1. Turn off the power. Connect the parts of the track with each other using special connectors.
  2. Secure the system frame to a predefined location using mounting brackets or suspensions.
  3. Route the wires to the places where you plan to install the busbar.
  4. Wires of the same color need to be combined and insulated with tape all exposed wires.
  5. Install the track light adapter into the groove. A characteristic click will be heard when the device is securely fixed.
  6. Adjust the direction of the light beam.

At least 2 people must be engaged in the installation of the track system, otherwise it cannot be reliably and evenly fixed.

With all the many advantages, track systems have one drawback. a high price. However, their practicality, functionality and long service life fully justify the means invested in lighting.

Choose modern lighting and create comfortable conditions in your home!

Choose track lights

Track lights


Track lighting systems are a special type of lighting fixture, in which tracks or busbars play the role of connecting wires, as well as load-bearing structures that hold fixtures.

The track can have a different design, most often it is a profile made of aluminum, steel or plastic, inside of which there is an insulating insert with live busbars. The supporting structures can be mounted directly to the ceiling or walls, or on special suspensions.

There are also embedded options when tracks are placed in the grooves of wall or ceiling panels. The voltage on the tires of the lighting system is supplied by the light switch, several such systems can be mounted in the room.

Installation and connection of track lights is carried out using specialized clamps adapted to a certain type of busbars.

When installing them, it is not necessary to make wire connections, the electrical contact is carried out by a special clamp, when it clicks, the current-carrying strips of the lamp are pressed to the tire tracks, while simultaneously providing mechanical fastening of the lamp.

The main feature of the lighting system using load-bearing busbars is the ability to quickly change the location of the fixtures by moving them along the guides.

According to the level of voltage supplied to the busbars, track lighting systems are divided into the following types:

  • high-voltage, in which a voltage of 220 volts is supplied to the lamps;
  • low voltage, most often using a voltage of 12 volts.

In the first case, the voltage to the busbar is supplied directly by the light switch. The low-voltage version uses a step-down transformer, which is usually installed behind decorative panels, suspended ceilings, etc.

On the one hand, the use of low voltage makes corresponding requirements for the lamps used in lamps, on the other hand, it allows the use of open busbar designs. So, in 12-volt systems, the bearing and current-carrying parts of the luminaires can be combined and often represent open, uninsulated structures from the outside.

Due to the specificity of the appearance of bus electrical wiring, it is most often used to illuminate large offices, offices, exhibition halls, cafes and restaurants. At the same time, a large number of lighting equipment with a significant total load power can be installed on the tracks.

For this reason, track systems are most often equipped with lamps with LED lamps, as having the lowest current consumption. Sometimes it is advisable to divide the lighting devices into groups, connecting them to different phases. For this, high-voltage busbars are produced not only in a single-phase version, but also in two-phase and three-phase.

Lighting devices designed for installation on the bus, in addition to LED lamps, are also equipped with halogen or fluorescent lamps. The design of the luminaires themselves, designed for installation on tracks, is different. The most common version of point devices of directional light with the ability to control the direction.

Track lighting in the apartment

The original appearance of track LED lights, initially used only at production facilities and public places, could not fail to attract the attention of interior designers of apartments and other residential premises. The use of such lighting devices in houses and apartments can create a special atmosphere, reminiscent of the atmosphere of a creative studio.

Especially good LED track lighting fits into the interiors of apartments decorated in the style of "techno". This type of illumination is very appropriate in various utility rooms of a house or apartment, where it is important to highlight a separate local area. The LED system in the kitchen looks very good, regardless of what style it is designed in.

The functionality of the system is useful. The direction of light of the lamps can be selected and adjusted in such a way as to create an increased level of illumination of the exact portion of the kitchen where it is required, for example, on a dining or cutting table, sink or hob.

The track system of lamps has a number of advantages:

  • the relative simplicity of installing the system in an apartment or house, allowing you to perform it without the involvement of qualified specialists;
  • the ability to emphasize the illumination of individual sections of the interior;
  • the ability of lighting devices to easily move along the track, which allows you to quickly change their location;
  • the availability of creating special lighting and color effects using track led lights with three-color LEDs with controller control.

The disadvantage is that such specific designs are not able to harmoniously fit into all design solutions for an apartment. In addition, luminaires on a busbar trunking are not the cheapest lighting option.

A brief overview of the lighting fixtures for mounting on the bus.

Track Lights A1310PL-1WH.

Track light produced by the Italian company Arte Lamp. Made in the form of a rotary single-lamp floodlight. It can be used to illuminate the residential area of ​​the apartment or utility rooms.

A 220-volt halogen lamp with a power of 50 W with a GU10 base is used as a light source. The lamp has a warm glow color with a color temperature of 2900. 3100 K.

The fixture is painted white.


Installation and connection of track systems

Installation of track lights is relatively simple, but there are a number of points that need to be clarified before proceeding with its production. The most time-consuming is the installation procedure of the supporting structure. Since the installation can be overhead, built-in or suspended, the technique for its implementation is different.

Installation should be preceded by a design phase, which determines the location of busbars and their length. With an overhead installation, it is necessary to make markings at the mounting location.

If special mounting elements (brackets) are included in the scope of delivery, the places of their installation and fastening to the ceiling should be noted.

Depending on the massive structure of the assembly, including LED lights, for fixing, you can use a dowel. nails or anchor bolts.

Suspension busbars are more convenient to assemble on the floor before lifting and fixing on suspensions. System configuration may vary. For this, special angular or cross-shaped connecting elements are used, which are interconnected by simple snap-fit.

Before drilling holes for installing suspension elements, careful marking is also necessary in accordance with a pre-compiled layout of system elements. The configured system assembled on the floor is carefully lifted and connected to the suspension elements by means of special mounting brackets.

The location of the power supply of the track LED system is determined at the design stage. Connection is made from the end of the busbar, for which a plastic plug is pulled out of it.

The installation process ends with the installation procedure of track lights. This operation is perhaps the easiest. The lighting fixture is simply inserted into the grooves of the supporting structure and fixed with a latch.

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Mounting track lights on a stretch ceiling

The modern interior design contains a lot of lighting. It can be in the form of large chandeliers or several wall lamps. This choice is individual for everyone.

We will tell you what this is and how to install them in this article.

What does track mean?

Track lights are devices that are mounted on a special wire in the form of a bus. During installation, all connected contacts are connected to the current-conducting conductors of the track, so you will not have any problems during installation.

Let’s talk about the advantages of these fixtures:

  • very fast and affordable installation;
  • without any unnecessary efforts or costs, they can easily be removed and moved to another place;
  • this type can work even with backup power.

Of the shortcomings. only the price, and so they are impeccable in everything.

Installation methods

Due to its uniquely simple appearance, such lamps are very popular in the market. You can not rush to the installation and carry it out at the end of the repair, while not having problems with the wires. Installation can be done on the wall or ceiling.

The most important point during installation is that you need to determine how to fix it on the surface. If, for example, you want to install on a suspended or suspended ceiling, you must use special cables, chains and brackets.

All work is divided into three parts:

  1. Please note that before installation it is necessary to assemble the entire lighting system on the floor.
  2. After the entire structure is assembled, it is installed on the ceiling.
  3. For cutting the busbar, you can use a conventional hacksaw.
  4. To establish the so-called bases or branch points, it is worth having joints and turning angles. All components are connected to each other using conventional latches.

In the event that you are going to install the wire in the form of a bus on the cable, you need to use brackets, since they are connecting components.

In order for everything to work, you need to connect everything correctly, namely: the busbar must be screwed to the ceiling with ordinary screws. Cable length varies between one and five meters.


To ensure that the luminaire reliably rests on the structure of busbars, they just need to click and fasten near the base using the rotary elements.

Track lights what it is, how to choose for home

From the article you will learn what track lighting is, where applicable, design features, advantages and disadvantages of track lights, installation and connection.

Track lighting systems for home or apartment special designs, characterized by the ability to mount and move the lamps on the busbar with the aim of a certain positioning and create an accent of lighting in the area of ​​interest. This is their main difference from other types of lamps.

What is a track lighting system for home

Tire track lighting systems are unique in design. It contains inflexible busbars, lamps, cable entries, a transformer, track suspensions, as well as connectors with plugs.

One of the main structural elements is the busbar trunking, which is a profile for mounting fixtures. It is in it that light sources are installed.

The busbar is manufactured using steel, plastic or aluminum, and tires are installed in the inside to determine the type of product.

The device is often made in the form of a channel, a metal string or cable.

Track lights have special contacts, thanks to which they are connected to the busbar during installation.

The number of light sources can be different and is selected individually depending on the room that needs to be lit in the apartment, house, trading floor and office.

Scope of application

The task of any lighting system is to ensure complete and high-quality lighting of the room.

It is important to consider that in a house or apartment lamps can play not only the main, but also the additional (decorative) role.

And while in apartments and houses, the level of illumination that can be controlled with dimmers still comes first, then in entertainment complexes, retail halls and cultural institutions, proper lighting plays a key role. Here track lights come to the rescue.

In general, such structures are used in the following rooms:

  • Exhibition and trade halls;
  • Cafeterias, bars, restaurants;
  • Offices
  • Rooms in a house or apartment. Here, such devices perform the function of additional illumination. Most often they are used in arranging the interior of a bedroom, living room or kitchen;
  • Entertaining institutions (clubs).

That is why track lights on the busbar are increasingly found in trading floors. Read on. what lighting standards exist in the premises.

What is worth knowing and considering when choosing track lights?

Today, many companies are engaged in the production of such devices. Here are just some of them.

"Globo Lighting"

The Australian brand, which is one of the five most famous manufacturers of lighting equipment. The main motto of the company is the release of products at an affordable price for the consumer.

This is a universal option for consumers who appreciate quality products, but do not want to overpay for interior elements.

The most popular devices of the brand include:

  • BARONI 56946-1. LED lamp made of metal; BARONI 56946-1
  • Globo Kirogi 56453-1H. a device for the G9 lamp, power. 33 W, height. 1.2 m;
  • Globo 54904-6. a construction of glass and metal. Power. 66 watts. Base type. E14.BARONI 56946-1


The company, which began operations in 1994 and during its work significantly expanded its product range.

Today, under this brand, all types of lighting equipment used in the interior of residential and office premises are produced.

The advantages of the manufacturer’s devices are the elegance of external solutions, simplicity of design and reliability.

The increased power is guaranteed thanks to the presence of several spotlights that provide bright and stable light.

  • CL561165 Citilux Accent. Power. 50 W, material. glass and metal. Base Type. GU Length Two Meters. CL561165 Citilux Accent
  • CL561141 Citilux Accent. Track lamp made of glass and metal, with a power of 50 watts. Base Type. GU Length. 2 meters. CL561141 Citilux Accent

Odeon Light

The Italian company, which has become famous in the market, thanks to a wide selection of quality products, a unique style and a huge assortment.

In the manufacturer’s catalog, it’s easy to choose devices that are suitable for arranging any interior. both modern and with the effect of antiquity.

The lamps produced by this company are of high quality and modern design, and the installation of suspended structures allows you to transform any room, whether it is a kitchen, hallway or living room.

The most sought after models are the 2075/6 ODL Odeon Light Medeo, as well as the 2066 / 5C ODL Odeon Light Terza.

Other options for track lights.

When choosing LED track lights on a busbar, the following recommendations should be taken into account:

In fact, these are new generation light sources that are distinguished by high power and the ability to provide good light without significant heating of the surface.

In addition, the Led-module is more durable, which ensures the performance of the lamp for five years or more.

The main problem remains the high price, which often scares consumers away. That is why at the present stage MGL options are in great demand.

Design Features

As noted above, track systems consist of a group of devices, including busbar trunking, lamps and other elements.

The system works on the principle of combining several light sources on one busbar, which acts as the basis for mounting and provides voltage to the lamp.

Thanks to this design, it is possible to combine several lighting devices of the same type.

Track lights are connected by a common busbar trunking, as well as a special caliper. Tires are made of various materials, but most often aluminum is used.

These devices have contact groups, thanks to which they are connected to track light sources.

Wiring calipers come in several forms and can be selected taking into account the design of the system.

The most popular forms are straight, flexible, G- or U-shaped, and also in the form of a rectangle. At the end of each tire is a plug that performs a decorative function.

Thanks to the use of different connecting elements, it is possible to place the system at different heights. In this case, the inclusion and shutdown of track lights can be carried out separately.

The design advantage is that network sources of various capacities and designs can easily be placed on one busbar, and the number of track lights can be changed taking into account the assigned tasks.

The presence of the tire allows, if necessary, to adjust the location of the light sources along the entire length of the system.

In this way, a change in the level of illumination in a certain part of the room, as well as the directivity of the light beam, is achieved.

How are products classified?

Busbar track lights can be classified according to the following criteria.

By voltage they are:

By light source:

  • LED. In this case, LEDs are used, which in recent years are gaining popularity. This is explained by the great resource and cost-effectiveness of the light source. Also, LED devices can boast of compactness and modern appearance.
  • Halogen. Here, more affordable halogen lamps are used, which are distinguished by a low price. In practice, this advantage is almost the only one, because the rest of the halogen track lights are inferior to LED and fluorescent "brothers." These types of light sources are still used in the arrangement of interiors for entertainment and retail premises.
  • Fluorescent. The advantages of such lamps are comparative efficiency and a high level of illumination. But they are gradually losing popularity and are being superseded by more advanced LED track lights.
  • Metal halogen. In such constructions, a special metal-halogen lamp is used, which provides a powerful stream of light. Metal-halogen lamps

The main disadvantage is prolonged warming up, which makes us look for other options. After some time, the luminous flux becomes “greenish”.

By type of busbar.

Based on this criterion, track systems can be divided into:

  • Single phase;
  • 2 phase;
  • 3 phase;
  • Minitrack designs designed for a small voltage of 12 volts are gaining popularity.

Depending on the number of phases provided on the track, it is possible to connect a different number of bulbs. up to several groups, each of which is turned on individually.

By installation method:

As can be seen from the classification considered, track lights on the busbar can be selected for any type of room and for solving problems of varying complexity.

Advantages and disadvantages

Track lights located on the busbar open up unlimited possibilities in creating the interior.

Over the past few years, such a system has become truly in demand, and the lighting market is saturated with new options for such products.

Installing track lights on the busbar in any room has many advantages:

  • Ability to create directional lighting. Having picked up a suitable design, it is possible to direct a ray of light to a point of interest in the interior, making maximum emphasis on it. This is achieved by moving light sources along the busbar, taking into account the tasks of lighting the room.
  • Simplicity and multifunctionality. The use of LED and other track lights is the ability to provide basic lighting in a room or a trading floor, as well as organize additional lighting.
  • The ability to reduce or increase the area. Due to the different combination of lamps and the possibility of changing their location, you can achieve any effect. give the room volume or, conversely, make it visually smaller.
  • Convenience in operation. Track systems are well thought out, and their main features include the ability to move fixtures, as well as the independence of various groups from each other.
  • Possibility of mounting fixtures having various shapes, dimensions and design on one track. According to the manufacturers, the technical specifications may vary, which in no way affects the capabilities and functionality of the design. If necessary, the system can be easily dismantled.
  • You can install track lights on any surface. To mount the busbar does not require any special skills, so even a beginner can cope with the work. So it is not surprising that such designs are gaining popularity. The ability to change the direction of the glow of the device in any direction, which allows you to change the accents of lighting after installation.
  • High installation speed. According to experts, the fastening of all parts takes a minimum of time. To further simplify the task, it is worth using fasteners of the same brand. In this case, stability and structural strength are ensured, and the track lights themselves are "excellent" to cope with the task.
  • Low power consumption. This is especially true if LED lamps act as light sources, which are also distinguished by their durability and reliability.
  • The original design. Many designers use such designs to solve various problems in the design of premises. A feature of track systems on the busbar trunking is its versatility, which is why they fit perfectly into various types of interiors.

Track luminaires on the busbar remain cold even during continuous operation (in the case of LEDs).

In addition, they do not create additional noise and give minimal electromagnetic radiation, which eliminates the slightest harm to health.

In view of the foregoing, the conclusion is drawn about the relevance of the use of such a design for a home, office or any other room where basic or additional lighting is required.

Despite a number of advantages, track luminaires on the busbar have a drawback. the high price, which today is not affordable for many. But here everyone determines what is more important for him. quality and convenience or economy.

Features of installation and connection

The installation of track LED lights, as well as the mounting of the busbar, causes a lot of questions.

The design feature is that they are sold as a kit, which includes the power supply and everything necessary for fastening.

If you bought a design without such a block, installation and connection is carried out according to the following algorithm:

  • Turn off the power supply in the house or apartment where the work is done. Using a multimeter or other device, make sure that there is no voltage;
  • Put light sources on the track body, then connect the contacts of the fixtures to the intended contact connections;
  • Extend the edges of the cables on opposite sides of the busbar. Remember that each wire has its own color, which allows you to easily determine the phase, neutral wire and ground.

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The installation algorithm is simple. The task is simplified by the fact that there is no need to cut and call the cable.

The next step is the installation of LED lights directly on the busbar.

Here the principle is the same as in the case of spotlights:

  • Put the frame. It can be fixed with brackets or chains of a suspended type. It is allowed to suspend the system using special cables;
  • Connect the wiring. Route the wires to the places where you plan to install the track;
  • Combine wires of the same color;
  • Insulate all exposed conductors at the connection points to avoid a short circuit in the network;
  • Put the track lamp assembled earlier. To solve the problem, insert the electric adapter into a special groove (provided by the design of the device). During installation, listen and stop the pressure when a click occurs. it indicates a reliable fixation of the device;
  • Adjust the incidence of the light beam, focusing on the interior elements of interest.

It is worth noting that during the installation and connection of track LED lamps on the busbar, you need to pay attention to the presence of adapters for connecting power from the left and right sides.

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Track luminaires on the busbar trunking are the present of modern design. They are easy to install, distinguished by functionality, provide high-quality lighting and open up a lot of opportunities for interior decoration.

As for the high price, it is not an obstacle for people who put comfort and safety above money.

Remember that using track lights you can improve the quality of lighting and make it more practical. At the same time, the original design of the systems will give the room such an important “highlight”.