Can I Cut Metal

There are many tools for cutting metal, but only a pendulum (face) saw makes it possible to obtain an angular cut. With its help, window frames, door frames and much more are produced. However, the article will consider a miter saw for metal. What features does it have? How is classified? What to look for before buying? The answers to these and other questions are given below.

General tool information

Along with jigsaws, circular and circular saws, trimming is able to cut metal sheets, profiles, various types of pipes. The design of the device is simple. the main elements are a bed (base), a handle with a start button, a saw blade, a gearbox and an engine. The latter is of two types:

The first advantage is ease of maintenance, the second. long service life and less noise during operation.

The engine is connected to the saw blade by means of a belt or gear transmission. They have advantages and disadvantages. For example, the belt one is almost silent, excludes vibration of the disk, but can slip during long work, forcing the user to stop the process. The toothed is spared from this minus, but it makes noise and slightly vibrates.

The working body of the end saw is a disk. It is made of strong metals, since it is under a serious load. On the surfaces of some removable elements there are wavy lines or cuts. This is done to reduce noise during operation, as well as to compensate for temperature deformation.

Varieties of pendulum saws

It is easier to classify a trimming tool than, for example, an electric jigsaw, which can be mechanical or electric. The products under consideration are divided according to the following criteria:

  • appointment;
  • the presence of a broach function;
  • saw blade parameters.

According to the purpose, household, professional equipment and machines are allocated. The first are distinguished by low power (up to 1500 W), compactness, cost up to 20-25 thousand rubles. An example is Bosch GKM 18 V-LI 0 L-BOXX (battery model for 15 thousand rubles), Kolner KMS 210/1400 for 4000 rubles, domestic Caliber PTE-900 / 190M with a power of 900 W at a price of 4,500 rubles.

Trimming machine. equipment not for homework, used only at enterprises that produce metal and daily engaged in their cutting or other processing. Such machines cost tens and hundreds of thousands of rubles, their power exceeds 1000 watts, weigh a few centners. An example is domestic production machines CT 10-4 (3 kW, 360 kg, 105 thousand rubles) or TsKB-40 K (5.5 kW, 700 kg, 340 thousand rubles).

Professional trimming for sheets, profiles and pipes according to the specified parameters occupy an intermediate position. For example, Makita LF 1000 (1650 W, from 60 thousand rubles.), DeWalt 27111 (1500 W, from 50 thousand rubles.).

Having the broach option gives the user a slight advantage when processing long sheets or pipes. The models have two parallel rails on which the cutting disc is mounted and moves freely on them. A tool with a broach is distinguished by a large width of the cut of the part, as well as especially small teeth on the disk. Also, the tool sometimes has a laser pointer for easy marking and process control. Metal trimming with a broach weighs more than usual, and the presence of an option increases the cost by 20-30%.

The parameters of the cutting disc are the most important classification criterion. They have two diameters. external (at least 20 cm) and internal (also known as planting; about 3 cm). The size of the teeth determines the depth and width of the cut, and the material. the ability to work with one or another metal.

Now a few words about manufacturers that you can trust.

Product Brand Recommendations

The best miter saw from the point of view of safety, manufacturability and comfort of work is the product of one of the following companies:

Most of them offer an extension of the table for the workpiece, however, additional supports are sometimes required to cut overall parts. These are found in the manufacturer "Makita", for example, in the model LF 1000. This simplifies the user experience. In this case, the movable part of the saw for metal makita enters a stable bed, in which there is an area for setting the cutting angle.

The best trimming from the point of view of reliability and stability are those whose bed is made of aluminum or magnesium alloy. They are strong, stable, but at the same time they weigh acceptable. An example. Bosch GCM 10, popular among professionals, weighs only 15 kg.

Can I Cut Metal

The leader among saws with a possible inclination of the cutting edge to the workpiece is Hitachi. When “Bosch”, “Metabo” or “Makita” for the most part allow you to set the cutting angle only at 0, 90 or 45 degrees, the Japanese concern offers the user the opportunity to rotate by 15; 22.5; 30 degrees. This option forces you to add a rotary device to the design, due to which, however, the weight of the installation for cutting profiles, sheets or pipes will still not exceed 30 kg. The price increases by 15-25%.

The manufacturer of DeWalt is distinguished by the presence of the XPS system (projection of a clear line). Before work, a shadow is projected from the saw blade, which makes metal sawing more accurate.

Domestic models of Interskol are structurally simple (have a disk, handle, base, engine, start button), inexpensive (from 5000 rubles), light. To cut a metal profile, sheet or pipe, you need to turn the table or disk. The latter can rotate in both directions.

Before buying, pay attention to the models of these manufacturers. Now. to the recommendations on the competent investment of money in equipment.

Miter Saw Tips

The following tips are required to read before buying a tool.

  1. For rare and short-term jobs, choose household equipment (low power, compactness, price not more than 15 thousand rubles), for permanent ones. professional (price from 15 thousand and more, power. more than 1 kW).
  2. The more powerful the engine, the less it will heat up during operation, the higher the operability of the tool, and the larger the disk can be delivered with your own hands if replacement is necessary.
  3. Many discs indicate the manufacturer’s recommendations regarding the material being cut or its type (for sheets / pipes / profiles); pay attention to it.
  4. Models with a spacious canvas for work are more expensive, but cutting metal on them is much more convenient.
  5. The design welcomes the presence of a cutter depth limiter. so you can choose a groove for processing the workpiece in width.
  6. Evaluate if you need laser light, broach and similar options. If not, do not overpay.
  7. If the protective cover does not cover the disc during operation, this is a poor tool and it is dangerous to work on it.
  8. The wider the workpiece will be cut with a miter saw, the larger the diameter of the blade should be.
  9. The large weight of the device during cutting will cause fatigue, although the cost for it is higher than for compact analogues.

Video: Can I Cut Metal

This material briefly reviews the types of miter saws for metal and tips for choosing. You can describe your experience using devices or give tips on choosing a tool to visitors to our site.

Saws for metal

Metal cutting methods

Metal cutting can be performed both hot and cold. The hot method is based on heating the separation point to the melting temperature. These are such methods as laser cutting, cutting with electrodes, cutting in a gaseous medium (plasma), cutting using an autogen.

These types of cutting are used in most cases in production.

Flame cutting

Cold cutting includes such things as guillotine cutting of metal, cutting with a grinder, cutting with a hand tool, for example, scissors, a hacksaw for metal, a drill bit. The most progressive and convenient is cutting with a metal saw, which is designed specifically for working with metal.

As a rule, a miter saw with conventional equipment and a medium-power engine is used to cut carpentry, but there are cross saws for metal and wood, which, if you use the right saw blades for metal for trimming saws can cut metal, but mostly colored and plastic, and, of course, wooden pieces.

What to choose. a band saw or a miter saw for metal

The principle of band saws is that the cutting tool is not a disc, but a belt and a special mechanism located on it. The speed is rather slow, about 100 revolutions per minute, but this tool can see quite large diameters, both logs and metal pipes.

Scheme of a band saw for metal cutting

Like any tool, band saws can be:

  1. Household, when the delivery of the frame that fixed the saw blade occurs manually. It is used for occasional work when sawing mild steel. Lubricant and coolant technology is not used in these machines.
  2. Semi-professional saws, in which the frame is lowered using hydraulic feed. Coolant must be used in this equipment. They can see carbide grades.
  3. Professional saws are fully automated equipment where the operator performs the work. Good speed, cutting quality, as a rule, the presence of rotary jaws that allow you to cut at an angle of 45 degrees.

Professional tape saw for metal cutting

A big plus saw is the tape itself, which can be installed on a machine of any manufacturer and power.

Very good feedback from a semi-professional jet aircraft Jet J-349V at a price of 36 000 rubles.

A good option. This is a semi-professional band saw from JET

I read somewhere that it’s impossible at all. And it turns out you can
" >
I wonder what diameter of the circle he used.

I think 200×32 mm through the adapter washer. Everything is possible in our country)))

In a telecast, I saw how men cover a steel profile with a circular, not just a pendulum profile, but one that moves along the bar. They had a metal disc there and it seemed that even coolant was pouring.

Yeah. The health of our people, apparently, is dofiga.

2 BEARED What do you think are the risks?

acrobat wrote:
What risks do you think?

Burning the edges of the workpiece, the increased venrobity of the destruction of the disk at such speeds, and as a result, the work not done and possible injuries, snapping or complete disabling of the tool, a waste of time and effort (which we don’t like to consider) to remake and fine-tune a deliberately poorly made tool

It’s possible there are special discs, usually partitions installers often cut the dural profile with such a tool.

Serg wrote:
often cut a dural profile with such a tool.

Dural profile, aluminum profile is another story.
I’m talking about steel. pipes and corners, for example.

Bearded there are wheels for steel and stainless steel (metal). Only power at the saw should be enough.
" >. Here is an example, there are vidos, as people are sawing with a hand saw of a channel and even pipes like gas-oil pipelines.

Actually, there are special saws that look very similar. Unknowingly, easy to confuse.
Mounting saw 2414NB (abrasive disc) " >
Metal cutting saw LC1230 (carbide blade) " >
Miter saw LS 1040 " >

Alex_dr wrote:
Actually, there are special saws that look very similar. Unknowingly, easy to confuse.

They usually have different diameters for "unknowingly" not confused
But at the link above the saws, which are in assortment of metal and wood, and all with one saw, only change the wheels. Especially impressive is 9-inch.

guron wrote:
They usually have different diameters for "unknowingly" not confused

This is when I already bought it. But in this case.

acrobat wrote:
I read somewhere that it’s impossible at all. And it turns out you can

Or looking from the side easily.

guron wrote:
Here is an example, there are vidos, as people are sawing with a hand saw of a channel and even pipes such as gas and oil pipelines.

AAAAa! do not confuse a circular with a metal saw! Different things! at all! just look like. Vidos are not an indicator if you confuse these saws.

Alex_dr wrote:
Or looking from the side easily.

Bearded wrote:
AAAAa! do not confuse a circular with a metal saw! Different things! at all! just look like.

I don’t confuse this universal. they saw both metal and wood, one that can’t cut metal purely from wood due to structural differences, "wedge", eg. There are console and trimming pure metal with low speeds and coolant. Only because of the lack of the market, people are putting cutting discs on trimming, although it will be cheaper to take the same Jet for money.

2 Bearded Disc Metal
" >
Power Consumption 1100 W
3500 rpm idle speed

" >
Power Consumption 1650 W
Speed ​​4600 rpm

The characteristics are comparable. The metal disks for the angle grinder are designed for 12,200 revolutions, i.e. use of trimming has a 3-fold margin. Theoretically, I do not see any constraints. It remains only to find the drive with such a fit. But they are

acrobat wrote:
The metal disks for the angle grinder are designed for 12,200 revolutions, i.e. use of trimming has a 3-fold margin.

At such speeds, 115mm discs are designed. If you look at the 230mm disc, then the speed will be noticeably lower. 6600 rpm

acrobat wrote:
2 bearded
Metal disc
" >
Power Consumption 1100 W
3500 rpm idle speed

This saw cuts NOT with an abrasive disc.

I read confused, but interesting. Would you even write "abrasive disc", "abrasive saw", "carbide disc".

acrobat wrote:
The characteristics are comparable.

For milling on wood, the speed for abrasive is small, and for a carbide disc for metal it is a bit too big.

acrobat wrote:
Metal discs for angle grinder rated at 12,200 rpm

What diameter is 115?

acrobat wrote:
those. use of trimming has a 3-fold margin.

Stock of what?
To clarify, I suggest stitching linear speed
For an abrasive it is 75-80 m / s
For carbide metal, this is not more than 35 m / s, if the disk is good.
The miter box Makita you quoted above has a linear speed with 255 disc 61 m / s. If you put there 255 carbide for metal is a lot, the disk will fly apart. If you somehow stick in there 230 abrasive from an angle grinder, then linear will be 55, which is not enough for an abrasive.

guron wrote:
it’s universal. they saw both metal and wood

NOTHING. And Makita is aware that she is a super thing. for everything just. releases ??

guron wrote:
pure metal trimming

PURE there are no metal trimming. there is a cutting saw for metal (and even better a mounting saw).

guron wrote:
Only because of the lack of the market people put cutting discs on trimming

The market has everything or much in almost any corner of the vast. I’m more often afraid of greed and Olympic feelings. for many, it’s NOT SPORT to buy a ready-made tool sharpened for specific purposes, everyone is hunting for universality.

acrobat wrote:
The characteristics are comparable.

Then the cart and Lada in TTX also have almost no difference.
Never. 12200. the maximum speed, already on it there will be an imbalance of circles at 115/125 mm and their early destruction. Yes, and an angle grinder with such unit rotation speeds (indigenous Chinese do not count).

acrobat wrote:
has 3x margin.

acrobat wrote:
It remains only to find the drive with such a fit. But they are

Yeah. Suicidal motives. marching national fun. These speculations from the category of installing saw blades on an angle grinder are nonsense and deadly danger. The presence of a disk is not always an indicator. By the way, there are saw blades on the market with a landing at 22.23 and an inscription about, say, 12,000 revolutions for 125 laps. And the people are being led.

Alex_dr wrote:
This saw cuts NOT with an abrasive disc.