Can I Lawn Mower With Water

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Nowadays, lawn mowers produce two main types: electric and gasoline.

Can I Lawn Mower With Water

Petrol lawn mowers are very convenient when mowing grass at a distance from the house. Their main advantage is mobility, since they are not tied to a specific place, you can move to the farthest corner of the site and work there. Gasoline is much more powerful than electric and can mow for hours without interruption (does not affect the engine). Petrol lawnmowers are several times higher and grass mowing speed along with electric ones.

Before turning on the mower, you should first check the presence of fuels and lubricants, and most importantly. oil, because if it is not available or not enough, then the motor can jam sharply during operation, and you will have to spend a lot of money on repairs.

Electric lawn mowers are less noisy, unlike gasoline mowers, also cleaner (more environmentally friendly) and more economical to use (especially if there is an inexpensive charge for electricity). The main drawback of such a lawn mower is its limited mobility by connecting the cord to a power source, and the extension cord is often confused and clings to everything.

Before starting an electric lawnmower, first check if the extension cord and the power cable are damaged, as well as the functionality of the outlet.


  1. During operation, strictly follow the instructions for the lawnmower, especially pay attention to when to take a break from work. For example, a break in work with a mower that is not made at the right time can lead to overheating of the motor and subsequent troubles in connection with this.
  2. After you finish mowing the lawn, be sure to remove the rest of the grass from the deck and knives every time.
  3. Be sure to save the lawnmower in a heated and dry room, do not allow weather to get there.
  4. After work, do not forget to turn off the equipment, because its spontaneous movement can lead not only to damage to the lawn, but also become a threat to you and your family members. Never inspect or repair the unit while the engine is running.
  5. If damage is detected (cracks, chips, dents), it is necessary to contact a specialized service center for diagnosis. An identified problem in time will not lead to serious damage and therefore will save money costs.
  6. If the lawn is heavily running and the grass is tall, do not cut it in one pass of the mower. This will give a greater load on the engine, and the knives will work less efficiently, it is better to walk several times, removing the grass gradually.
  7. In order to avoid blunting the knives from touching the soil, it is necessary to smooth out uneven ground before mowing.
  8. For a high-quality haircut, drive the lawnmower slowly and only forward (the knife device is designed with the aim of cutting only in one direction).
  9. To avoid possible injuries, use the mower only in shoes and it is advisable not to have open areas of the body. Since a stone can fall onto a knife and bounce at you.
  10. It is advisable not to use the lawnmower near trees, poles, borders, it is very easy to blunt and break knives there. In such places, garden scissors or a trimmer will be more effective.
  11. If you want to have a lawn in a strip (the stripes on the lawn alternate with a bright and dark color of grass), you should mow, constantly changing direction, and a special skating rink should be installed on the lawn mower.

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  • We disconnect the electric mower from the power supply, and put the gasoline on the brake (it is advisable to drain the fuel before this). We unfasten the grass catcher (the container in which the mowed lawn is located, there are models without a grass catcher).
  • We lay the mower on its side. We put on protective gloves so as not to injure our hands and use a brush to clean the knife from the remains of grass and other waste. When the knife is dull, then remove it (below we will write how to do it). The cutting knife looks like a bar that is 50 cm long and 2.5 mm thick.
  • Then you can hold the knife in a vise and process it with a file. It is worth noting that its cutting part is hardened and therefore your actions must be careful. We process with the help of a small file only the damaged part. In case you accidentally bent the knife, put it on a hard and level place, and then level it with a hammer. Using a file, remove large burrs and remove small ones with a block. The bar should move from itself from the center of the knife to the edge. As if sharpening a scythe. You can also grind on electric machines, just don’t grind a lot, otherwise you will have to throw away the knife. it can break during operation.
  • In conclusion, set the knife to its original position.





We have prepared for you the top five cases from the category "How our people ruin lawn mowers." Read, understand, remember, and NEVER do this.

1. Stone, brick, reinforcement. yes, anything, solid and unnecessary can be on the lawn. But it is not important! We start the mower and drove off to the first stone. The knife to smithereens, into small pieces or the motor jammed. overheated. Replacing the knife is not so bad, but repairing the motor system can afford a lot of damage.