Can I Polish Machine Angle Grinder

Can I Polish Machine Angle Grinder

Types of polishing agents

Even the most reliable paintwork fades sooner or later. because of this, chips and cracks appear on the surface of the car body. It is them that polishing destroys, returning your “iron horse” to its original appearance. Of course, in order for the game to be worth the candle, you need to choose the right polish and paste:

Car polish

  • Abrasive products. Polishing using these substances removes scuffs and scratches from the surface of the car. Remember that such tools at the same time destroy a small layer of varnish, so after polishing the machine you need to restore it. Of course, do not abuse abrasive polishing. too frequent use of such tools can destroy the paintwork of the car body;
  • Non-abrasive substances. Using such means, protective polishing is carried out. In order for the car to look presentable, a similar procedure must be carried out at least once a year;
  • Silicone polishes. These substances fill the smallest cracks in the body. and give the car a pleasant shine. Often they are used in combination with abrasive products to fix polishing.

How to polish a car angle grinder

Despite its simplicity and efficiency, this method of polishing causes lively debate among motorists. Some drivers are firmly convinced that the angle grinder will only ruin the car, while other car owners are diligently rubbing their vehicles with this particular tool, and are completely satisfied with the result. The thing is that polishing is a very responsible matter, so it must be done extremely carefully and carefully. Even one wrong move can nullify all your efforts.

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Polishing steps:

  1. Preparing for work. First of all, clean the car from dirt and dust. If you do not, then polishing will not bring the expected result, and you will waste the substance. In addition, remove signs of rust. Every driver knows that corrosion is one of the main enemies of the car, and untimely destruction of rust can lead to expensive repairs.
  2. Sanding the machine. Use only fine-grained skin. it reliably removes all deep scratches and chips. Due to the degree of grain, such paper clogs quickly, so do not forget to moisten the surface of the body with water from time to time.
  3. Use abrasive polish or paste. The angle grinder for polishing must be equipped with a speed regulator. if you select another tool, you risk severely scratching the car. Fasten the polishing wheel to the angle grinder. apply a paste on it. In addition, do not forget to put a little money on the working area of ​​the car. Remember that polishing is necessary crosswise, slowly moving horizontally and vertically. Make sure that the angle grinder moves smoothly. if the tool starts to slow down, sprinkle water on the working area of ​​the car.
  4. The use of silicone paste. After the surface of the machine is polished, remove the remaining paste with a soft cloth. Then apply a little silicone paste to the polishing wheel with an angle grinder. and go over the surface of the body.
  5. Drawing a protective layer. At the final stage of the work, you no longer need an angle grinder. Now on a soft rag or on a special mitten you apply a little protective polish. Try to distribute the layers evenly. then there will be no excess polishing, and smudges can be easily removed with a napkin.

Advantages of Polishing Machine Angle Grinder

The popularity of this method is growing by leaps and bounds. The reason for this lies in the fact that polishing an angle grinder has several advantages:

  • Availability. An angle grinder is in every man’s tool kit, so you won’t need to purchase or rent professional tools.
  • Simplicity. To polish a car, an angle grinder does not need to have specific knowledge and many years of experience. Patiently and accurately enough to carry out this work.
  • Universality. Using an angle grinder, you can easily tidy not only the surface of the body, but also the glass with headlights. By the way, when processing headlights, completely abandon silicone products. In some cases, the use of coarse sandpaper is necessary.