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How to change the oil in a chainsaw

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  • How to change the oil in a chainsaw
  • How to dilute gasoline for a chainsaw
  • How to start a STIHL chainsaw correctly

Oil change in older models

In old models of chainsaws, such as “Druzhba” and “Ural”, the oil change is a little harder than in the new ones. The design of the engine is arranged in such a way that it is possible to find an approach to all the connecting links of this device. Whether it’s a carburetor, kickstarter or piston. The motor is similar to the shape of a domestic moped, but in a more compact size. Remove engine oil from frame before changing engine oil. To do this, unscrew the carburetor so that it does not interfere with you, remove the holder and unscrew the spark plug. On the opposite side of the fuel distribution mechanism, unscrew the exhaust pipe, it resembles the shape of a soap dish. After that, unscrew the bolts holding the engine and frame and remove the motor. Then unscrew the side cover from it, there will be a motor chain and a hole leading to the box. Turn the engine over and drain the old oil, it is also called working off.

An hour and a half later, after the mining has completely drained, turn the engine over and check the motor chain. High revs during the operation of the chainsaw stretch it. Replace the chain with a new one if necessary. Fill in engine oil, M-8B or otherwise AC-8 will do very well. This oil is mainly poured into the box of motorcycles. It does not lose its lubricating properties for a long time, even due to high revs. It should be changed after three to four seasons, depending on the degree of use of the chainsaw.

Oil change in new models

New models of chainsaws have two valves on the side and bottom of the engine. The mining is drained through the bottom, new oil is poured through the side. The difficulty lies in the fact that most often the engine in new models is completely covered with plastic casing.

Remove all plastic before renewing the lubricant. Unscrew the bottom valve and let the old oil drain completely. Be extremely careful. Drain the waste into a previously prepared container. When it hits the ground, it poisons the soil.

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When everything has merged, screw on the bottom valve and fill in the side with new oil. For such chainsaws, a special two-stroke engine oil is sold in auto parts, which is intended only for them. This oil has a softening and cleansing effect, which has a positive effect on the technique and prolongs its “life”. This oil should be changed after two to three seasons. As in the past, it all depends on the degree of use of the chainsaw.

The proportions of oil and gasoline for a chainsaw: what to use, the ratio, how to fill, dilute

The chainsaw is started by an engine running on a mixture of gasoline and oil adapted to the ambient conditions.

It is necessary to observe the proportions of oil and gasoline for the chainsaw, then the device will work stably. To achieve high power, the saw is used at high engine speeds.

Therefore, increased requirements are imposed on the quality of lubricants and fuel.

For imported chainsaws, the following oils are recommended:

  • classification of TA, TB and TC (TSC-1/2/3) according to American API standard.
  • 2t oil for chainsaws of the Japanese JASO standard, corresponding to classes FA, FB and FC;
  • oil of the European standard ISO, class EGB and EGC.

As for domestic chainsaws, high-quality oil is also recommended for them.

If it is not possible to purchase it, then you can use a lubricant intended for 2-stroke motorcycle engines.

Features of the preparation of the mixture

For safety reasons, it is recommended to prepare the fuel mixture in a metal canister that is not subject to the formation of static electricity.

  • The recommended proportions of gasoline and oil for each model are individual. In most cases, this is a ratio of 50: 1 and 40: 1. Chainsaws running on a gasoline-oil mixture in a ratio of 25: 1 are much less common.
  • According to the manufacturers of branded chainsaw equipment, their products do not need running-in. Nevertheless, during the first hours of operation, experts advise to operate a new chainsaw on a fuel mixture with an increased m of oil and, if possible, in a gentle mode.

For preparation of the working mixture, containers with built-in dispensers are convenient. The selectivity of fuel filters at gas stations, in some cases, leaves much to be desired, therefore, it is recommended to filter gasoline through suede or non-fiber material.

The implementation of these recommendations will save you from spontaneous equipment failures associated with a malfunction of the carburetor.

The specific characteristics of mineral or organic chain oil are focused on the lubrication and cooling of the saw set, therefore not suitable for preparing a fuel mixture.

Chainsaw oil and gasoline: what you need to know? Failures, video

Chainsaw owners know perfectly well how to fill in gasoline for a chainsaw.

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But for those who just buy such equipment and do not know how to use it correctly, you need to know that you cannot just take and pour gasoline into the tank. as a result of such an erroneous action, your chainsaw will fail in a short time.

The reason is very simple. for two-stroke engines, which are installed on chainsaws, there is no separate lubrication system. It is necessary to dilute the gasoline for the chainsaw with engine oil in a special proportion.

Why oil does not flow to the chainsaw chain?

In the event that the oil does not go to the chainsaw chain at all, it means that either the oil pump drive itself has failed, or there are problems with air leaks.

  • Breakdown of the oil pump. If, when the oil pump plunger adjustment screw is unscrewed, oil is still not supplied to the chainsaw chain, then the drive, which is a plastic ring with grooves, has broken. Over time, the grooves can wear out, and the drive will fail, after which it will simply have to be replaced.
  • The hose that supplies pressurized oil to the chain is loose or worn out. You need to re-attach it to the fitting or replace it.
  • The grooves along which the oil is supplied to the chainsaw chain are clogged. this is the most common occurrence. They need to be cleaned, after which the feed will resume.
  • How to dilute gasoline for a chainsaw?

    Before pouring fuel into the tank, it is necessary to prepare a gasoline mixture.

    The ratio of oil to gasoline for a chainsaw is regulated in strict proportions. as a rule, they are indicated in the instruction manual.

    In the event that you do not know how much oil to pour into gasoline for a domestic chainsaw, it is recommended to use a ratio of 1:15. 1:20. That is, use 50-70 ml of oil for 1 liter of gasoline.

    As for imported equipment, the proportions are completely different. For example, how to dilute gasoline with 2 kW Husqvarna chainsaw oil? To do this, we look at the instructions and see that the manufacturer recommends using a ratio of 1:50, i.e. for 1 liter of gasoline, no more than 20 ml of oil is used. If there is no passport (lost, torn, etc.).

    e), use the Internet or contact a service center. so you will find out exactly how much oil you need to fill in gasoline for a chainsaw. An increased amount of oil threatens with increased carbon deposits and cylinder clogging, which will lead to fracture of the piston rings and a decrease in compression, besides, it is expensive.

    If the amount of oil for chainsaws in the mixture is low, this will lead to overheating of the engine and a sharp decrease in its resource.

    If you do not know how much oil to pour into a Chinese chainsaw, and you do not have a passport at hand, then this proportion is approximately 1:25, that is, 40 ml of oil per 1 liter of gasoline. In general, the amount of oil directly depends on the layout. the tighter all units are installed, the less oil is needed.

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    Before preparing a gasoline mixture for a chainsaw, you must first pour gasoline into the canister, and only then add oil, not otherwise. Otherwise, the more viscous oil will stick to the sides and bottom of the canister and dissolve worse, which will disrupt the correct proportions of gasoline and chainsaw oil.

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    Is it possible to pour 95 gasoline into a chainsaw?

    Almost 75% of manufacturers in the passport for chainsaw indicate that it is necessary to use AI-92 gasoline.

    Those owners of such equipment, who first encounter it and do not know what gasoline is needed for a chainsaw, draw parallels with car engines and conclude that the higher the octane number, the better.

    As a result, not understanding how to properly dilute gasoline for a chainsaw, they dilute oil and AI-95 gasoline.

    The thing is that an increase in the octane number is achieved by introducing various additives into gasoline, as is done in AI-95 and AI-98 gasoline.

    For two-stroke engines, additives are harmful due to their special design, so you need to use AI-92 gasoline, especially in our country. Firstly, it is correct and will extend the life of the motor, and secondly, it is cheaper.

    But for some manufacturers, for example for Stihl, AI-95 can also be used, but it is better to take it at good proven gas stations.

    The device of a gasoline motor for chainsaws

    Chainsaws, like most other similar equipment, use two-stroke internal combustion engines.

    Their main advantage over four-stroke engines used in cars is the fact that for 2-stroke engines it is possible to remove power one and a half times more with the same volume.

    But there are also disadvantages. the oil for chainsaws must be added directly to the fuel tank, which increases oil consumption. As a result, the mixture of oil and gasoline, when burned in the working chamber, turns into oil mist, which settles on the cylinder walls and lubricates the elements of the connecting rod-piston group.

    Oil for 2-stroke chainsaw engines is diluted in a certain proportion with gasoline and poured into the tank. When the gasoline in the tank runs out, it is necessary to prepare a new mixture. At the same time, you cannot use car oil in a chainsaw. you need a special oil for two-stroke engines.