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Baking mat silicone baker

The “Baker” rug, made of silicone, will help you prepare delicious and beautiful pastries. Thanks to the material of the mat, the baked goods will not burn and stick to the tray, they will bake evenly from all sides.

An irreplaceable thing in the household. Sprinkle with flour and oil. and so nothing sticks. Durable, dense mat. Can be stored rolled up.

Convenient to use for rolling out dough.

The “Baker” rug can withstand temperatures up to 220 degrees, does not absorb odors, is easy to clean and folds. Using the silicone mat “Baker”, you will prepare for your relatives and friends their favorite cookies, pies, muffins, pizza, meat, casseroles, etc. You can also dry mushrooms, apples, a loaf for crackers on it.

Indispensable for homemade hearth loaves. Pizza bottom, loaf, never burns with a rug like this.

Very handy for anything that sticks to the pallet. And you don’t need to wash the baking sheet every time.

In the set. rug, instruction.

Material: silicone. High quality silicone.

  • Length: 38cm.
  • Width: 28 cm.

The rug is quite large. for a standard oven. If the oven is smaller, it’s okay, you can simply tuck it onto the sides of the tray.

The rug has 2 sides. 1 rough, the other smooth, lay out the baked goods on the rough side, the smooth side lies on the baking sheet.

The rug deforms during baking (if the oven is at very high temperatures), but when it cools down, it takes the same shape.

If you observe the temperature regime. does not deform. Remove it from the baking sheet when it cools down.

Although 220 degrees is declared, it is better to bake on it at a lower temperature, optimal. 170-190 degrees, then it definitely does not warp.

Similar silicone mats are available from SoftBowl and some other manufacturers.

Silicone Cooking Baking Mats

The non-stick surface of the mat is ideal for oven, freezer, microwave and airfryer. Silicone products do not interact with food and do not absorb their odors; they are also resistant to fruit acids. They can be used at temperatures from 240 ° C to. 50 ° C, also washable and dishwasher-dry.

Hello! I have a question: do I need to bake the rug separately before first use??

Sometimes the instructions say what you need, sometimes. not. You need to wash it for sure. Bake. apparently at will. It’s probably better to bake, it’s safer this way.

Silicone in the kitchen

To begin with, it’s worth talking briefly about silicone. So this material is artificial. In terms of its properties and characteristics, it is several times superior to rubber. Increasingly, silicone is being used to make kitchen utensils such as a silicone baking mat. Its main purpose is to prevent pies and other dishes from burning while cooking in the oven. On such a rug, you can easily cook a loaf, bagels, biscuits and other confectionery products. Cooking on such a rug will add variety to the assortment of dishes from any housewife.

Silicone mat for baking: its properties and application

Most of a woman’s time is spent on cooking, so the kitchen must be equipped with the latest technology. Here every little thing is important and has a special meaning. Such an indispensable kitchen part is a silicone baking mat. Few consider it an important element, but still it has its own special characteristics and properties that every housewife needs to know.

Instructions for use

In order for a silicone baking mat to last a long time, you need to properly prepare it for use. This is done as follows:

  • After buying a rug, you need to rinse it in warm water and soapy water and dry it.
  • To completely remove the unpleasant odor of the material, the rug must be baked in the oven for about two hours at a temperature of 230 degrees.
  • Before laying the rug, the baking sheet must be free of crumbs and other dirt.
  • After that, you can start baking.
  • Without greasing the rug, semi-finished products are laid on it and sent to the oven.
  • The maximum cooking temperature is 260 degrees. Can be used for short periods at temperatures up to 320 degrees.
  • After use, the silicone mat for baking is removed from the baking sheet, washed with a special agent and wiped dry.

Features and types of silicone mat

We can rightfully say that this product has only advantages. Let’s consider them in more detail:

  • The mat can be used not only for baking, but also for freezing semi-finished products. It is able to withstand any temperature from 40 to 260 degrees.
  • Silicone non-stick baking mat for easy removal of baked goods.
  • This accessory can last over 2000 baking cycles at high temperatures.
  • The special thickness of the mat helps to bake baked goods evenly and without burning.
  • Silicone mats can be produced in various sizes. For convenience, housewives can purchase it in a roll and cut it on their baking sheet.
  • Using a silicone mat for baking, you can save on lubricants, since this material does not require them.
  • Due to the fact that baked goods are cooked without oil, the oven remains clean, and the baked goods are tasty, without any foreign odors.
  • Convenient and easy to store. The silicone baking mat is compact, can be folded and stacked along with the kitchen utensils.

These instructions are intended for correct storage and use. This rug can be used in the professional kitchen to prepare large quantities of pastry and baked goods. It is worth remembering that silicone is absolutely harmless and does not emit pungent odors at high temperatures. This allows the finished products to be completely safe for health and delight others with delicious and fresh baked goods. The properties possessed by this additional kitchen equipment indicate that it should be used by all housewives. Delight all your loved ones with a variety of dough dishes.

Silicone baking mat: characteristics and advantages

Dishes and other kitchen utensils made of silicone have become part of our everyday life. Many housewives prefer silicone molds for baking and the production of cold products: jelly, ice cream, mousses. Their advantage is that they are very practical, do not require lengthy cleaning, washing, and food does not stick to them. These qualities are also possessed by a silicone mat for baking, which greatly simplifies and facilitates the cooking process.

Brief characteristics of the silicone mat

It is a silicone mat for baking fabric, impregnated with a silicone compound. Its dimensions vary in the range of 30×20 cm. 60×40 cm, it can have various bright colors. There are peach, orange, light green and green rugs. The main purpose is to bake pies, pies, pizzas, cookies on it. The silicone baking mat replaces baking paper, parchment and other cushioning materials. Place the rug directly on the baking sheet or, better, on the wire rack. In this case, the dish will be better baked due to the uniform exposure to heat. You can use a silicone baking mat in cabinets of gas, electric and microwave ovens. Temperature loads that the mat can withstand. from.60 to 200 degrees. However, it cannot be used with the grill function.

Silicone is characterized by low thermal conductivity, so food on it does not burn on the edges. This is because the product is exposed to uniform heat. Because of this, the rug is also called non-stick. The baking mat does not absorb odors, food debris does not get stuck in it, and it does not lose its original appearance for a long time.

Silicone is still not accepted unanimously. Some believe that it is harmful to health, others. what no. However, experts say silicone mats are no more dangerous than any other tableware. The main thing is that it is made of special, “food grade” silicone with the attachment of documents certifying the quality. Many are interested in how much a silicone baking mat costs. and higher. The cost is influenced by the manufacturer, the availability of additional functions. This can be special markings, for example, round outlines to obtain a product with perfectly even and the right size forms (pizza, pie). There are many advantages to a silicone mat, but does it have any disadvantages? It turns out that no. In addition, it is designed for an average of 2000 uses. But this is so much that it is rather difficult to call it a “minus”.

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The size

This parameter largely depends on the size of the oven, as well as on the dimensions of the baking sheet. But if you were a little mistaken with the size and the rug turned out to be a little larger than necessary, then this is not scary. just cut it off.

Recommendations for choosing the right silicone mat

A number of criteria are highlighted by which a suitable kitchen accessory should be selected.


If there are markings on the silicone mat, it will help to create the desired dough shape. So, if there are round markings on a square substrate, then this will allow you to get a perfectly round pizza. It is also recommended to take a closer look at the silicone rugs on which the ruler is applied. it is convenient to use it in all cases, including the process of rolling the dough. The marking in such products is always complex. it consists of rulers in mm and cm on different sides, from several circles of different diameters. Mini circles will allow you to “carve out” a beautiful shape of dough for eclairs.


Perforated rugs contain many small holes to allow hot air to pass through and bake food better. Of course, such rugs are not suitable for making marmalade, meringue or for batter, but for crackers, pizza, pies, buns, a loaf and cookies, this is a great option.
So, perforated rugs are ideal for cooking foods that do not produce fat. Otherwise, the rug will leak onto the baking sheet. in such a situation, it will need to be covered with paper before cooking.


On sale you can also find rugs with grooves that are suitable for highly specialized tasks. for example, for making meringues, biscuits, cake bouchets, macaroni cookies, as well as eclairs with a beautiful neat shape. This is not the whole list of dessert types that can be solved with the help of such rugs. each manufacturer offers its own individual solution for consumers. Rugs with grooves are convenient because it is convenient to spread the dough on them. The distance has already been specified, so you don’t have to calculate it additionally.

Best Silicone Baking Mats

A silicone mat is a compact, heat-resistant product that can be used not only for cooking, but also for many other tasks. Such a rug has many advantages: it is easy to maintain and store, takes up little space, it cannot be torn or broken, there is no need to lubricate its surface with oil.

Consider what types of silicone mats are and how to use them correctly.


The best option is thick rugs: although they are more expensive, the risk of burning the baked goods on them is minimal. And thin sheets are more affordable and allow more heat to pass from the baking sheet. The underlay itself is unlikely to burn, but the bottom can change color if the mat is placed in a frying pan that is too hot.

By surface texture

A separate group includes silicone rugs, the surface of which is decorated with various relief patterns. These can be geometric shapes, abstract, thematic pictures. In order for an original ornament to appear on the surface of the biscuit or shortbread cake, it is enough to pour the dough into the accessory and bake until tender. Thanks to the non-stick properties, the baked goods easily break out of the mold, and the pattern is beautiful and clear.

Appointment of a silicone baking mat, product varieties

Surely every housewife has come across a situation when the cake is ready, and it is impossible to take it out of the mold without breaking the integrity. A silicone baking mat. a modern kitchen accessory. will help to solve the problem. Dough and finished flour products do not stick to its surface, which does not need to be oiled. The product lasts a long time, it is convenient to store it, it is easy to clean.

  • Appointment
  • Advantages and disadvantages
  • Varieties
  • By shape and thickness
  • By the presence of additional elements
  • By surface texture
  • Criterias of choice
  • Silicone or Teflon. which is better
  • Video

By the presence of additional elements

Many rugs are equipped with various elements that make the baking process even more comfortable. The list of useful add-ons includes:

  • Markup. Allows you to divide the dough into pieces of the required size and shape. The perfect round cake can be baked on a square baking sheet using a suitable silicone mat. The ruler is convenient to use while rolling on the sheet.
  • Bumpers. They prevent the dough from flowing out, give the baked goods the correct shape. The supplement is useful for making biscuit rolls, marshmallows, marmalade.
  • Perforation. Products with micro-holes allow hot air to pass through, which leads to more efficient baking of the baked goods. Such accessories are suitable for making a hearth loaf, croutons, shortbread cookies, buns, pizza, pies. For marmalade, meringue, batter, you should not use them.

Separately, it is worth noting silicone products with grooves. Although they are not as practical as smooth ones, they serve to solve special problems: baking figured cookies and Macarons, identical eclairs, meringues, biscuit pancakes. Dense models with frequent cells are designed for roasting poultry, meat, fish. Double-sided accessories are universal. suitable for preparing a variety of products.


With sides


With markup


Silicone mats are universal, suitable for making any kind of dough. Accessories prevent baking from sticking and sticking. The main characteristics of the devices include:

  • the presence of a dense heat-resistant bottom;
  • the size of large rugs is 40 x 60 cm, small. 20 x 30 cm;
  • variety of color palette.

Roasting mats do not react with other elements, do not emit toxic substances. The silicone used for the production is an artificial rubber. Non-stick products are suitable not only for baking in the oven, their purpose is much wider:

  • Freezing of semi-finished products, vegetables, fruits, ready meals. Food does not stick to the surface of the rugs, easy to remove.
  • Roll out the dough. It is better to choose for this special products that increase the efficiency of the process, form a relief.
  • Drying berries, seeds, nuts naturally or in the oven.
  • Creation of decor from chocolate, sugar mastic.
  • Formation of rolls, preparation of liver pâté.

The products are used as a stand for hot dishes, they protect the countertop during modeling from polymer clay, plasticine. The temperature range at which the devices can be used varies from. 40 to 260 ° С.

The cost of a silicone mat will be affordable, even if it is made by a well-known brand.

Criterias of choice

It is not easy to find the right quality product among the huge assortment of baking rugs. To make the right choice, you need to pay attention to several criteria:


The size and shape of the baking mats depends on the parameters of the cookware used. Experts recommend giving preference to thicker models. With them, your favorite cookies and biscuits will definitely not burn.

Advantages and disadvantages

The popularity of silicone baking mats is growing from year to year. Convenient accessories make work in the kitchen much easier and reduce the time required for washing dishes. The advantages of products include:

  • non-stick properties;
  • the ability to put the rug in a hot and cold oven, use in a microwave oven;
  • uniform baking of muffins, meat, fish;
  • storage in a roll, saving space in the kitchen;
  • durability. the product is designed for approximately 3000 uses;
  • light weight;
  • simple care, after use, the rug is washed with soapy water, wiped with a napkin or placed in the dishwasher;
  • safety. food grade silicone does not emit toxic substances when heated.

Along with the numerous advantages, it is worth noting some of the disadvantages inherent in baking accessories. They break easily if you hook them with a fork, knife, absorb food odors. It is allowed to use the products only on flat, smooth surfaces; do not hold them over a flame. You can only trust trusted manufacturers, since devices made of cheap, low-quality material are harmful to health.

The product is easy to care for

Silicone mats are conveniently stored as a roll

Silicone mat can be used both in the oven and in the microwave

By shape and thickness

Rugs are classified depending on the configuration. Rectangular and square products are relevant for use with standard baking sheets. Round models are placed in pans or baking pans. The size of the accessories is selected based on the parameters of the cookware.

If the rug is slightly larger than the utensil, you can trim the edges neatly. In this case, the operational characteristics of the product will remain the same.

Another important characteristic of silicone mats is thickness. The larger it is, the less the risk of food burning. Accessories with parameters from 3 to 5 mm are considered optimal. Thin models can stick to the baking sheet and negatively affect the quality of baked goods. Modern professional accessories are sold in large rolls, which must be cut by yourself.




When choosing a suitable silicone mat for making a fragrant, beautiful baking, it is worth exploring the range of models. Products differ in shape, thickness, availability of additional equipment, surface texture. Each option is designed to solve specific problems.

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Silicone mats for rolling the dough: sizes and selection

  • Description
  • Benefits
  • disadvantages
  • How to roll?
  • How to choose?
  • Highlights of care
  • Functionality

Heat-resistant silicone as a material for kitchen utensils has gained popularity relatively recently. Some housewives still do not exclude its possible harmfulness in contact with food, especially when exposed to high temperatures. However, at the legislative level, the provision is fixed that absolutely all products, the use of which provides for direct contact with food, undergo strict safety control before mass release into free circulation.

Food grade silicone also passes this control. This synthetic material is harmless to health and can be used in cooking utensils. If the products are manufactured by a reliable bona fide manufacturer, then safety concerns should not arise from consumers.


Silicone cooking mats are usually available in rectangular shapes in a variety of colors and sizes. There are people who are very picky about every touch of the kitchen design style. The color scheme of the rugs will allow each housewife to choose a product in accordance with the overall design of the kitchen interior. On all four sides of the front side, markings are applied in the form of a centimeter ruler, which allows you to easily roll out the dough exactly under the existing baking sheet.

Marking is convenient not only for rolling out. With its help, you can easily “carve out” some types of confectionery from the dough, applying the side with a ruler to the edge of the dough. In the center of the rug there are circles of different diameters and the size of each of them is marked, so it will not be difficult to roll out the desired circle from the dough, for example, for pizza. The permanent paint of the applied markings does not wear off throughout the life of the mat.

A variety of product sizes will pleasantly surprise the most demanding customer. These are miniature rugs 30×40 cm, and medium products 60×40 cm, and large ones in size 80×60 cm, and special 68×52 cm, and other options. The smooth glossy texture of the seamy side of the rug has excellent adhesion to any surface of the tabletop; when the dough is rolled out, the rug remains motionless. Even if you pull on the edge of the product, the material will be pulled back a little, and the rug will remain in place.

Silicone baking mat: how to choose, how to use, how to clean

A silicone mat is a relatively new culinary device that quickly became popular. Many housewives are now wondering how they used to do without it, and how much easier it has become to cook. Before that, when baking, you had to rub a baking sheet with oil, then parchment paper began to be widely used. Still, desserts were rarely perfect and could burn in places. But the silicone mat solved this problem once and for all.

What is a silicone mat

These rugs are a substrate on which it is easy to bake various pies, buns, cookies, and so on. In fact, they serve as a layer between desserts and the surface of the baking sheet. Externally, the rugs look like fabric, which is impregnated with a special compound. The sizes are different, varying from 20×30 to 40×60 centimeters. In this case, there can be different colors. green, light green, pink, peach, white, yellow and so on. Although this does not in any way affect the cooking process itself and the final result, it was done just for beauty. But what is a silicone baking mat for? The answer is simple. so that the dishes do not burn during cooking.

Advantages of silicone mats:

  • prevents baking from sticking, it is easy to remove it from the surface without fear of damaging its appearance;
  • in addition to direct baking, a preparatory process can also be performed on them, for example, roll out the dough;
  • many are interested in whether it is necessary to lubricate a silicone mat. Answer. there is no need;
  • large temperature range. you can cook in the range from 40 to 260 degrees;
  • even baking of any baked goods due to good thermal conductivity;
  • silicone does not emit harmful substances when heated, and therefore is absolutely safe for health;
  • easy to store and does not take up much space. can be rolled up and put on a shelf;
  • repeated use. it is assumed that the rugs can be cooked several hundred times;
  • suitable for any type of test;
  • can also be used in the freezer, for example, put dumplings or dumplings on it;
  • easy to clean. just wipe with a cloth or rinse under the tap.

Silicone mat care rules

To make your product last as long as possible, you need to know how to use a silicone baking mat and how to care for it. For example, you cannot immediately start cooking on it after purchasing. It requires heat treatment. To do this, just put it on a baking sheet and heat it in the oven. 2 hours at 230 degrees.

Also, do not forget that the surface of the rug is extremely sensitive to any mechanical stress. Therefore, it is strictly forbidden to cut anything on it. In general, avoid anything that can be harmful. And it can even be crumbs, carelessly left on the table, or any protrusions on the work surface where you are going to cook.

Separately, it must be said how to clean a silicone baking mat. In most cases, the remains of dishes do not stick to it, and therefore it is enough to simply wipe it with a damp cloth or wash it under running warm water. Again, in order not to damage the surface, it is forbidden to use hard-coated sponges. And it is better to refuse various detergents, as silicone can absorb their smell. If the rug turned out to be very dirty, for example, there is a lot of grease on the surface, then you can simply soak it for a while, and then wipe it with a rag.

How to use the silicone mat

Some products have two surfaces. glossy and matte. Therefore, the question may arise, which side to put the baking mat. The answer is simple. baked goods should be placed on the glossy side, and matte, respectively, will be applied to the baking sheet.

Using rugs is elementary. You just need to put the product on a baking sheet, and put the blanks of the future dessert on it. On some models, for convenience, even places for baking are initially lined.

That’s all. and then you just have to wait until the dishes are ready.

How to choose a silicone mat

So, first of all, smell the rug. If you smell a pungent smell, then it is better to refuse to purchase. This means that the manufacturer used not the best raw materials or added various impurities to it.

Silicone baking mat. how to use?

The culinary silicone mat has become a real boon for home cooks. It plays the role of a non-stick coating during baking, you can knead dough on it, freeze semi-finished products. And using it is extremely simple.

Using a silicone baking mat

If you have never used anything like this in your culinary practice, you are undoubtedly wondering how to bake on a silicone mat. So, this non-stick material must be placed directly on the pallet (baking sheet). Next, blanks for future baking are laid out on it.

Do not be afraid that the rug will melt and mix with the food. Silicone, which is part of the mat, is completely safe for health. It can be operated in the temperature range from 40 to 260 ° C.

A huge plus of using such a lining is that nothing ever sticks or sticks to it, baking is easily removed, even if it is slightly burnt. At the same time, you do not need to additionally lubricate the surface with oil. the anti-adhesive properties of silicone ensure excellent adhesion of baked goods without it.

over. due to its good thermal conductivity, the silicone mat contributes to more even baking of culinary products and reduces the risk of burning their bottom.

When using for the first time, housewives often have a question about which side to put the silicone mat on the baking sheet. Since such a rug is double-sided, it does not matter. you can put it on either side. In addition, you can easily adjust the size of the rug by simply cutting off pieces of the desired size.

Silicone mat care rules

In addition to knowing how to use a silicone baking mat, you need to know how to properly care for it to maximize its lifespan.

Precautions include a warning that nothing should be cut or punctured on the rug so as not to damage its integrity. It is also undesirable to bake confectionery products with increased sugar, honey, jam, etc. on a silicone substrate, since this reduces its service life.

When washing the rug, you need to use alkaline-free or low-alkali detergents, since this substance promotes decomposition and destruction of the working surface.

Silicone baking mat

Great news for culinary experts: now you can forget about burnt pastries forever! The parchment, which had to be placed on a baking sheet, was replaced by a silicone baking mat. Many are inclined to think that this innovation is not capable of replacing the “grandmother’s method”, but they are wrong! In fact, a silicone cooking mat can turn every bake you try into a culinary masterpiece, as well as make your family’s menu healthier. Want to know more? Then you should read this material.

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Properties of Heat Resistant Food Grade Silicone

Quality heat-resistant silicone mats allow you to bake your favorite pastries without any fat. Due to its special structure, this material does not allow even burnt food to stick. Due to the uniform heating of the surface of the rug, food will burn less, and the baking process will become much more uniform. Due to its high resistance to thermal effects, the silicone pastry mat can withstand heat up to 260 degrees. The dense surface structure of high-quality rugs is designed for more than 2000 baking cycles. Now let’s see in practice how a non-stick silicone baking mat will be useful for you in the household.

Practical use and care

We will not start with the baking itself, but with the process of making the dough. You are probably familiar with the picture when the dough, despite the flour constantly poured onto the surface where it is kneaded, still sticks? With the purchase of a silicone rug, you will forget about it forever, now you need flour only so that the dough does not stick to your hands, and it will not stick to the surface of the rug anyway. Some of them even have special markings for rolling out the dough, which helps to make cake layers of the same size. A very interesting pattern on the bottom of the baking is created by textured silicone oven mats. They have embossing in the form of various pictures, which is imprinted on your baked goods. How to use a silicone mat when baking your favorite pastries? Everything is very simple, we put it on a clean dry pallet, and already on top we lay out what we are going to bake. Some nevertheless wipe its surface with a napkin slightly moistened with vegetable oil, but this is not at all necessary. As practice shows, even very heavily burnt sugar does not stick to this coating.

After we have learned what a silicone mat is generally for, we can proceed to the procedure for caring for it. If it is easy to bake with it, then it is even easier to care for it! Since nothing sticks to the silicone baking mat, maintenance is generally minimized. It is enough to wash it with warm water (if it was baked without fat), using a detergent to degrease it as needed. This concludes all the care procedures, now let’s move on to the most interesting and necessary, namely, what to look for when buying it.

  • The most important thing is the choice of the manufacturer! You should not buy cheap rugs, because in addition to buying a product of dubious quality, you can still harm your health!
  • In order for the products to bake well, you should not choose a rug with a thickness of more than 0.4-0.5 centimeters.
  • Before the first use with products, it is recommended to “bake” the mat in the oven for at least two hours at a temperature of 240 degrees.

What Can You Cut with a Hotknife?

As you can see, baking rugs are a necessary, convenient and practical purchase for every lover of homemade baking. It will make it much easier to make culinary masterpieces out of dough.!

Often bake cakes?

For such housewives, silicone rugs with markings are a real find and significant savings. For cakes that are prepared using the bulk dough method, you can purchase a standard cake tin with a diameter of 18 cm. But for all types of dough that needs to be rolled out, a single rug is suitable. On its surface there are markings in the form of circles of different diameters. These are your future cakes. It is convenient to roll out the dough on rugs, to which it does not stick. And then on the same surface, cut a clear cake of the size you need.

Not just baked goods

Many manufacturers are experimenting with the appearance and shape of rugs. Today, options such as the “pyramid” are especially popular. The rug is embossed. with deep uniform grooves. On it you can bake buns and cookies, pizza and cakes, meat or fish. The presence of a relief allows you to bake your future dish evenly from all sides. Now there will be no problem when the chicken has a crispy crust on top, and the meat is already burnt below.

Tips for housewives: 5 nuances for choosing a quality silicone mat

Guess with size

An important nuance! The silicone mat allows you to completely eliminate the costly parchment paper. But in order to successfully use the mat in the oven, it is recommended to choose a size that clearly matches the parameters of your baking sheet.

For what purpose do you choose

Since the mat is not only suitable for baking, it is important to decide in advance on its type of texture and parameters. If you have not yet decided how often and why you may need a rug, then give preference to the classic option: a flat, smooth surface without any reliefs. This option is always in demand in a home with children. It is suitable as a practical and non-marking surface for children’s creativity. You can sculpt, paint on the rug. and this will not harm it in any way.

Rare cases

Do you love creating culinary masterpieces? Then in your kitchen arsenal there should be a place for special types of rugs. They are suitable for baking only certain types of desserts. For example, products with special grooves for filling macarons. This rug allows you to create desserts of the same size and shape. like from a conveyor.

Non-stick silicone mat 60×45 cm

The non-stick silicone mat is perfect for baking pastries and desserts. It is very flexible without breaking or tearing. There is a scale, it is applied directly to the rug and allows you to control the cooking process of specific-sized dishes. Ideal for making marzipan and sugar products, as well as making creative decorations from dough and other materials. Withstands temperatures in the range from 40 to 210 degrees. The color, according to the manufacturer, comes across random.

Silicone mat

TOP 5 Best Silicone Dough Mats from AliExpress

Making homemade dough allows you to create a unique and incredibly tasty product. Manufacturers offer a wide range of silicone dough mats, but today many of the items presented are either of low quality or too high in price.

We bring to your attention a rating of the best silicone mats from the well-known AliExpress website:

  • Silicolove 64×45 cm;
  • Non-stick silicone mat 60×45 cm;
  • Dough rolling mat;
  • Silicone mat;
  • TEENRA 66×46 cm.

They are relatively low cost, completely safe, and cooking with them turns into an exciting, fun and completely uncomplicated journey. We wish you pleasant reading!

Dough rolling mat

The mat is perfect for rolling out dough. The product does not stick to it, and the rug does not have any foreign odors. This means your product will retain its fresh taste. High quality mat, easy to clean. Thanks to him, the preparation of dough products is noticeably simplified. The material is heat-resistant, and also withstands low temperatures. Over time, it does not change its properties, it copes well with the tasks. Sold in several sizes:

  • L 50×60 cm;
  • M 30x40cm;
  • S26x29 cm.

The materials used to create the rug are fiberglass and platinum silica gel. The product has passed tests, safety and quality are proven by users and specialists.

Silicolove 64×45 cm

Non-stick mat 64×65 cm made of food grade silicone. The material is considered one of the best and safest, since it does not affect the quality of the products and does not spoil their taste. Silicone is very flexible, non-stick and dishwasher safe. Withstands temperatures ranging from 40 to 230 degrees, can be stored in the refrigerator, and can also be folded into the oven. After use and washing, it keeps its shape, does not scratch with a knife, does not wear off over time. It is one of the best flexible silicone dough mats. There are marks that reflect the diameter of the rolled dough, as well as a dimensional grid.

TEENRA 66×46 cm

Bright yellow rug from an American brand. TEENRA focuses on the production of safe and high quality silicone kitchen products, 100% food grade silicone is used in the production, it does not have a strong foreign smell and does not wear out over time. The dimensions of the rug are 66×46 cm, and the weight is 185 g. There is a scale with dimensions on the mat, and there is also a scale for the diameter of the dough rolling. The product can withstand a temperature rise of up to 230 degrees, can be washed in a dishwasher. Conveniently folds up and does not take up much space.