Carburetor Adjustment Chainsaw Partner 340s

Partner is a manufacturer of gasoline saws and is a subsidiary of the well-known Husqvarna AB. In today’s review, we will consider one of the most popular chainsaw models. Partner p340s.

What is the Partner p340s intended for?

The Partner p340s chainsaw is a household saw and can only be used for simple household tasks. For example, to clean the area from small shoots or annual firewood. For more serious tasks, this saw does not have enough power and resource.

Features and Features

Partner 340 has the following specifications. With a power of 1.4 kW, which translates into a horsepower of 1.9. This capacity is enough to perform all types of work in the garden or on the site next to the house. The tire length is 35 centimeters, which is also enough to complete the tasks assigned to Partner 340s. Also, the saw is lightweight and can be used even by women.

Additionally, Partner p340s has a built-in primer (manual fuel pump), which significantly reduces the number of starter scrolls before starting and makes it quick and easy.

Carburetor Adjustment Chainsaw Partner 340s

It is also important that this chainsaw has a pre-filter system for air entering the filter (CCS). This system allows you to increase the life of the air filter and the time between maintenance.

On this saw, you can install the STIHL 63 PS3 and OREGON 3 / 8-1.3mm saw chains with a length of 52 links.

Partner p340s chainsaw device

The Partner 340 device is not much different from chainsaws from other manufacturers. This saw has a vertical engine layout. The carburetor is fixed in a classic way. Behind the carburetor is an air filter. The fuel and oil tank are located in the rear handle.

Major malfunctions

Like all two-stroke saws, Partner p340s has problems that can be easily fixed without contacting a service center. These malfunctions include:

  • lack of idling (one of the solutions to the problem, carburetor adjustment);
  • difficult start (in some cases, also solved by adjustment);
  • lack of spark (to eliminate it is necessary to replace the spark plug, check and, if necessary, install a new ignition coil, it is also called magneto);
  • clutch malfunctions (resolved by replacing the assembly).

Видео: Carburetor Adjustment Chainsaw Partner 340s

One of the frequent failures of Partner 340 is the lack of oil supply, which lubricates the tire and chain. The cause of the malfunction is the plastic gear of the oil drive. To eliminate, it is necessary to replace the gear.

Most chainsaw malfunctions occur due to its improper use. It is also necessary to monitor the condition of the saw and conduct timely cleaning and maintenance.

Never leave a refilled Saw Partner p340s for a long time. Before downtime, lasting more than one week, be sure to drain the fuel and spend it “burn out”. How to do this is described in the operating instructions that are provided with all Partner saws and not only.

In order to solve more complex problems, for example, such as loss of power by the tool or the inability to start the saw, you must contact a service center or carry out a full diagnosis and repair of Partner p340s yourself. To familiarize yourself with the repair process, we suggest you watch a video on how to diagnose, diagnose and repair Partner p340s.

Carb adjustment

The Partner 340 has a Walbro diaphragm carburetor, which is adjustable.

In order to carry out the adjustment yourself, you need to have a special screwdriver and a tachometer (a device for checking the number of engine revolutions).

Adjustment screws are identified as standard. Screw (T). adjusts the idle speed. (L). is responsible for the quality of the fuel mixture at low and medium speeds. (H). adjusts the power and the number of high revs.

If you have no idea how and why the adjustment is carried out, then you better contact a service center. Otherwise, you risk spoiling the engine by setting the wrong settings.

The Partner 340s chainsaw carburetor is adjustable in two steps. The first stage of adjustment is carried out on a muffled saw. To do this, install the screws (L) and (H) for 1.5. 2 turns from a fully twisted state. The screw (T) is half tightened.

At the second stage, the chainsaw is started and allowed to work for several minutes in order for it to heat up. Next, using the tachometer, they find the position of the screw (L) in which the engine gives maximum speed at idle and unscrew the screw by ¼ turn from it. The screw (T) idle speed normal. 800 revolutions are considered normal, you can check with a tachometer. If there is no tachometer, then it is necessary to set the number of revolutions at which the saw chain does not scroll at idle, but the chainsaw works stably.

The screw (N) sets the maximum speed. For Partner p340s, their value is 13000.

P340s chainsaw manual

Instructions are supplied with all Partner p340s chainsaws, after reading which the user will receive a maximum of information on how to use the chainsaw correctly, store and carry out maintenance. Since Partner, this is not a chainsaw for professionals, the instructions contain information on how to properly cut down trees in order to protect themselves from injury as much as possible.

Also in the document you can find out what protective equipment and clothing you need to use when working with a saw.

User reviews

Alexander. Pskov

Partner 340, this is the second chainsaw I have ever owned. Before that, there was an incomprehensible Chinese saw, which had to be constantly repaired and eventually thrown away. I’m very pleased with the Partner, in the two years during which I actively exploited it, I never drank it. It feels like a chainsaw is assembled efficiently and for people. I recommend that all friends and relatives buy exactly Partner 340.


Partner p340s is a quality and inexpensive chainsaw from a subsidiary of Husqvarna AB. Low weight, primer, anti-vibration system make it possible for inexperienced users to use it to solve everyday problems.

The cost of this chainsaw is also important. If you compare it with more famous saws, then it will be much lower.