Carburetor Adjustment On Stihl Fs 55 Trimmer

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Device: Stihl FS 55

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engine’s type
petrol, two stroke
Engine location
27 cc
Fuel tank
Device weight
lawn mowing, power loss
Preparation of the fuel mixture for Stihl fs 55 gas trimmer
STIHL FS 55. carburetor adjustment (idle)
Stihl fs 55 petrol trimmer Review, Operating experience, additional review of the mowing disc.

Stihl FS 55 Support Forum:

How to clean the air filter?
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Spit Stihl FS55-primer pumps fuel very poorly
How to adjust the carburetor?
How to adjust carburetor or repair?
Hello. To write off a Stihl FS 55 saw in accounting, you need to know if it contains precious metals. Please tell me this information.
Why is an air filter (felt) in oil?
How large is the gap between the flywheel and the ignition unit and is it possible to ring the ignition coil?
on the fs-55 trimmer there is no hole for the gearbox lubrication is this an innovation or a defect?
The FC55 petrol trimmer handle does not lock. It’s impossible to work.
Good evening. Starts up well, but if you start mowing, it loses momentum. Thanks.
carb settings
the shaft does not spin
For six years he used the lawn mowing Husqvarna. The other day I bought Stihl. The consumption of fuel from the calm is 2-3 times greater than that of the Huskvarna. Who knows why and what to do. Is it possible to adjust? Repair starter spring replacement Stihl fs55
why is not gaining momentum
gasoline does not pump into the carburetor, I think the hose is clogged, how to clean it
Good afternoon, give advice, on Stihl 55, a scythe at full speed, chatting it so that it pulls it out of your hands.
whether the Stihl 55 piston group is interchanged with a more powerful one.
Good day to all! How to replace the gasoline filter in the tank lawn mowers Stihl F55? Thanks!
Give me some advice. Moto braid does not develop speed, although I adjust the idle speed, and does the braid try to stall while mowing?
Hello dear forum users! Please tell me how to add grease to the gearbox of the Stihl Fs-55 lawn mowers, if there is no threaded plug?
does not develop the required number of revolutions from the beginning of operation, skated refills 20 filter is clean, I think the problem is in adjusting the carba. how to adjust it yourself?

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STIHL FS 55 online manual. Page 41

Instructions STIHL FS 55 contains pages in Russian
Go to the file download page for this instruction: Download PDF
FS 55, FS 55 C, FS 55 R, FS 55 RC
vibration data operating modes
idle and rated
to comply with regulations
vibration 2002 / 44EG, see
sound power level value
Mowing heads
STIHL mowing head
Grass cutting blade
instructions in chapter "Approved
protective devices, handles
and hanging belt. "
Not fueled, without
FS 55 2-MIX:
FS 55 R 2-MIX:
FS 55 RC:
With mowing head
mowing tool
With mowing
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Download :: Stihl FS 55 trimmer User manual

Download :: trimmer stihl fs 55 instruction manual

These data do not reveal the full image of the German instrument, since many advantages become apparent only during operation.

For example, designers have provided a fairly economical carburetor, which is characterized by low fuel consumption.

This moment organically fits into the concept of a small-sized chainsaw with optimized characteristics.

quote: ANDREY679 With a native gearbox of 8km \ h on the boat maximum. <> At the same time, is the boat capable of dragging only itself? Or maybe go against a good wind?<>

Building a motor from a lawn mower. Photo report. The finale of the story.

I do not quite understand what I mean. I, by the way, seem to have done so. a vertical pipe laying and a native gearbox at an angle.

You don’t really need to try anything there. the system is operational. At the very beginning, I gave pictures of comparison with a motor-paddle, which also has an angle of the axis of the propeller shaft with respect to the surface of the water of 85-95 degrees. This is not optimal, but it is quite functional.<>

Stihl Dealer Website Stihl Chainsaw Lawn Mowing Repair Parts

And then there is, as was said in the old joke, a nuance! The picture above shows a MOTOR OIL, which means that the axis of the propeller shaft da-aa-alec is not parallel to the water.

Stihl FS 55 manual, specifications, forum

And it means that the nozzle of thin iron (yes, thinner than mine, but it is not so important even!) Is also not perpendicular to the surface of the water.

And in the direction of movement, its projection is not a thin ring with the thickness of the sheet from which it is curved, possessing insignificant resistance and trapping of water, but a very large surface area!

The Husqvarna 698 R II petrol trimmer is designed specifically for use in harsh conditions. It has high power and reliable engine protection. A durable tool that can withstand intense loads for a long time without fail. It can be used on spacious lawns, limited areas or in places with difficult terrain. The design of the model allows the installation of additional equipment.

A reliable Swedish two-stroke engine will have enough horsepower to overcome hard weeds, young shoots and bushes, and a forged steel shaft will help him in this. We can say that the designers approached different aspects of the operation of the chainsaw as such, and in the case of this model they tried to minimize the negative factors.

As a result, as user experience shows, the upgrade of the saw was largely successful. quote:. If the screw touches anything, the motor just stops. <> One of the rivets on the joint coupling will be cut off on your design<> vertical similarly small interference in the joint and for reasons of vibration reduction.<> And the screw will really be too deep, why take power from the engine"to the wind", and even in shallow water, it’s a decent move to get off the coast, and a deadwood (pipe) is visually weak to bend.

A lot of good impressions among users of this unit is associated with high ergonomics, which is complemented by assistive technologies. Small size, convenient handle design, accessible controls and vibration reduction mechanism &ndash all this is recorded by the owners as a plus. As for performance, then, of course, one does not have to expect high power returns from a model of this class, but in its segment it is a very worthy option.

We will not understand the reasons for this, but it will not be superfluous to consider possible problems that may arise with the mower, as well as methods for eliminating them on our own.

gasoline goats Type. components, engine. 27.2 cm3, power. 1.0 hp, engine type. 2-stroke handle. T-shaped, rod. winch with a straight diameter. 2.4 mm (optional). in a set. 2 teeth for grass, belt, glasses, weight. 5.0 kg.

Stihl FS 55 is a push-pull bypass in a fishing line (volume 27.2 cm3) and a bike handle.

Carburetor Adjustment On Stihl Fs 55 Trimmer

The model is equipped with a flat drive shaft. This petrol station is suitable for working in large open spaces, such as a meadow or field, but can also be used in a forest park area. The trimmer is equipped with a new economical 2-mixer engine to reduce emissions and reduce fuel consumption.

Stihl FS 55 trimmer

The Stihl FS 55 can be obtained using the AutoCut 25-2 triangular head or the GSB 230-2 double-sided knife. After installing the steel blade, the Stihl FS 55 significantly increases the ability to cut grass. You will not just mow, but all the different weeds (nettle, wormwood, etc.), as well as small shrubs.

Features of Stihl FS 55:

    Ergonomic two-handed handle.

Two-handed handle. ergonomic wheels. It provides natural cable movement and is easily adjustable with a T-screw. With motorcycles and brushes, a two-handed handle is a must when you often mow grass over large areas.

  • Multifunctional Pen (R).All engine controls are integrated into one handle. Management becomes simpler and safer.
  • Manual fuel pump.
  • Using a manual fuel pump, you can manually insert fuel into the carburetor with your finger. This allows you to reduce the number of initial gestures after a longer break.

  • Narrow belt. Padded belts allow you to work longer, easier and safer.
  • Protective glasses. Safety glasses are standard for your safety. They are well blown and have wide protection.