How to make a snowplow from a power tiller

Snowplow for power tiller with his own hands Now in specialty stores, different models of snow blowers are sold. There are also interchangeable attachments for sale. Often, replacement mechanisms are expensive. Snowplow for your hands drawings to which will be given below, good as his assembly for a specialist and non-professional. a useful and prestigious case. Make a snowplow with […]

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How to set up a disc coulter for a tiller

Principle of operation of disk hoes for the tiller Hiller helps to preserve soil fertility, increase growing efficiency, and cut fertilizer and irrigation costs. Harvesting a rich crop of some vegetable plants, especially potatoes, is impossible without this procedure. But it is long and tedious to manually hoe. It’s quicker and more economical to use a single-axle tractor with a […]

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