Chain saw how to use. Possible problems with chainsaws and their solution

Review of the nozzles of a chain saw on a grinder from TMG, Sturm, Wolverine and Aliexpress, as well as how to do it with your own hands

A chain nozzle on a grinder is a special adapter that allows you to turn an angular grinder into a small but productive electric saw. With its help, you can trim small branches on trees or shrub in the garden. An overview of the most popular models, their technical characteristics, as well as methods for manufacturing such a device at home, we will consider in today’s article.

It is an adapter with which you can turn a hand grinder into a manual chain saw. Designed for working on Ushm with a disk diameter 115. 125 mm. The length of the guide tire is 30 cm. This is enough for small garden and park work, as well as for harvesting firewood for the winter. It is made of iron.Beam alloy, which gives the design flexibility, strength and reliability.

The saw chain with a link of 3/8 ″ provides an accurate and pure cut of wood. The nozzle is equipped with a tank that provides constant forced lubrication of a saw canvas.

  • Brand. Neroff;
  • Model. 125;
  • The birthplace of the origin of the brand is China;
  • Manufacturing country. China;
  • Class. Household;
  • Tire length, cm/inch. 30/11.5;
  • The thickness of the chain, mm. 1.3;
  • Warranty period, month. 12;
  • Mass, kg (bar, chain). 1.52;
  • Price, in rubles. 1400.

After watching the video, you can see the detailed process of converting the grinder into a manual chain saw and get acquainted with the equipment included in the delivery kit.

Beschreibung Der ModellPalette

Sturm Motorsägen Sind Im Leistungsberich AB 1.6 PS MIT Zweitaktmotoren ausgestattet. Bis 5 PS

  • Zuverlässigkeit, Langlebigkeit, Stabler Betrieb Während Der Gesamten Vom Hersteller Angegebenen Lebensdauer.
  • Motorsägen Werden Auf High-Tech-Angestellt, Hochwertige Komponenten und Moderne Materialen Werden Verwendet.
  • DIE Modelle Sind Mit Effizenten Motoren, Antivibrationssystem und Zuverlässigen Vergasersystemen ausgesttate.
  • Dank Automatischer Ketttenschmierung ist eine rationelle schmierung der reibenden teile des sägesatzes gewährleistet und ein sparsamer ölerbrauch gewährleistetetet.
  • Die Optimale Ausgewogenheit Der Konstruktion Ermöglicht Dem Bediener Ein Langes ErmüDungsfreies Arbeiten Mit Der Säge.
  • ZUM EINFachen Starten, Besonders in Der Kalten Jahreszeit, Wird Das Kraftfhemisch Mittels Primer in Den Vergaser Gepumpt.
  • Das Vorhandensein Einer Sofortigen Kettenbremse. Eine Reaktionschwindigkeit von 0.12 S. Schützt Den Bediener Zuverlässig Vor Einem Möhlichen Rückschlag.
  • Ein Erschwinglicher Preis Wird Vernünftig Mit Anständigen Technischen Eigenschaften von Sturm.Kettensägen Kombiniert.

How to saw aerated concrete blocks: a hacksaw, a saber saw with a canvas on aerated concrete, electric saw

Aerated concrete is well lends itself to any type of processing, it is easily cut by both an electric and manual tools, allowing you to receive at the output building parts of any geometry with slopes, bevels, curly edge, pipe and cable holes and cables of various configurations.

To work with aerated concrete, you can use:

  • Special manual hacksaw,
  • Chain electric saw,
  • Saber saw with a peel on aerated concrete,
  • Allyigator type saw,
  • A machine for cutting aerated concrete blocks.

Consider all the listed tools, weigh all the pros and cons and make a verdict than to saw aerated concrete blocks.

How to saw with a hacksaw

  • You can do with one hacksaw on aerated concrete.
  • This tool is used to process small masonry volumes.
  • The quality of the cuts affect:
  • The technique of cut,
  • The strength of the material,
  • Block density and condition,
  • Air temperature and humidity.

When using a hand tool, it is better to take that, on the teeth of which there are winning attacks, and the canvas is made of thick metal. This will not affect the speed of the process: you will have to saw for a long time. However, on the safety of the tool and the accuracy of the cut, this will affect the best way.

The easiest to saw the dry block in warm weather is sawn. If the block has absorbed moisture from the air or hid in the rain, then when cutting the hacksaw is getting stuck and does not go at all at all.

  • The flat cut line will require use pencil and square. Using a square, we apply marking on aerated concrete along all four faces.
  • We produce Dispers a depth of 2-3 cm Three faces (two long and one between them). In relation to each other, the props are at a right angle, so the alignment goes at once in two perpendicular planes.
  • The canvas of a hand tool should be quite long, to get to the end of the cut, as well as cleaned from waste.
  • Softly direct the tool, Excluding force pressure, Otherwise, the saw goes to the side.
  • It is preferable to make a cut at an angle of 45 °. In this case, the sawn fragment should not fall after the end of the cut. You should take care of a reliable stand to avoid the appearance of chips.

The main difficulty is that in inexperienced builders the saw often takes to the side and the uneven cut is obtained. In order to avoid such jambs, you should not make strong efforts when cutting the block. If you pre.Drift, then the saw will be within their boundaries. This will facilitate the work.

Making a struggle to facilitate work

It is a rectangular structure made of wood in the form of two letters P, sequentially fixed on the platform using corners.

The space inside the letters P should be sufficient in order to place an aerated concrete block there.

chain, possible, problems, chainsaws

There should be a gap used to cut between the conditional letters. It is amplified by wooden bars on both sides. The size of the gap should be such that the hacksaw has a free move, but could not walk. In the plane of the platform, the gap has a large width than on the sides: the waste formed during the cutting of a gas silicate block will be poured there.

chain, possible, problems, chainsaws

The design should have stiffness, so the corners must be taken large, from thick metal.

Inside the space formed by the legs of the letters “P”, a cut block is placed. A hacksaw is inserted into the gap and a segment of the block is sawn down in size.

  • Visually about the manufacture of jarked with your own hands, look at the video:
  • Thus, a simple device called “knock” will help accurately cut off the required block fragments, avoiding unproductive losses and saving a temporary resource.
  • So, we begin to saw with the use of the stir:
  • With a pencil and ruler we make preliminary markings,
  • Then on it from two or three sides shallow tiles,
  • Further, the knock comes into business: we place a gas stroke block there and saw off the desired fragment on the marks.

So that the cut does not go aside to a centimeter and a half at a cut depth of approximately 10 cm, you can do it: saw it out from all sides by 1-2 cm, then cut it from the end. In this case, the file goes straight along the guide grooves.

D500 with a manual tool is spent about 5 minutes on a sawing standard block of 400×250 using a 400×250 unit. During the construction of a large house, this is poured into significant time costs.

Saber saw

Sable Pilaeto an electric tool, in appearance and characteristics it looks like a powerful electrician. The design consists of a case and cutting canvas.

  • She covers aerated concrete blocks with flat cutting canvases, which with their configuration a little resemble a saber.
  • They move forward with rotational-settings, the required speed is set on an electronic block.
  • Saws differ among themselves in:
  • The power of the motor.
  • The length of the working canvas.

The amplitude of the oscillations of the paintings in the saber saw varies between the 2nd and 5th cm, the frequency of movements per minute can reach 3000. Worn.Out canvases are easily replaced by new. The heat generated during the work is discharged through ventilation. Advantages of using a saber saw:

What problems can arise?

With proper operation of problems with a saw, does not occur. But if you ignore the basic rules, then the saw can quickly fail, and the owner will assume that he got a poor.Quality tool.

The main malfunctions arise for the following reasons:

  • Stress jumps. The most common problem due to which breakdowns arise is poor wiring and unstable voltage in the network.
  • You can’t work with electric saw for a long time without a break. The main problem of the owners is the desire to “finish a little more”, which affects the overheating of the engine and, as a result, the failure of the tool. Adhere to the Rules of 30 minutes of work, 15 minutes break.
  • Lack of lubrication in the tank entails the failure of the motor. For a frequent, in modern saws an automatic supply of lubrication, but if it is not, then you need to lubricate it yourself after about 4 hours.
  • Do not carry out overload. This applies to sawing logs of the thickness for which a certain model is designed. And the desire to cut a tree of greater thickness than recommended in the instructions, leads to a breakdown of the saw.
  • A common manufacturer’s mistake is a rigid adhesion of the gearbox with an anchor. Because of this, the gearbox can jam. If a strong tree, then gears begin to wear out faster/, so avoid load.

Important nuances

Oil to gasoline is added 2t. For two.Stroke engines. For lubrication of the chain, you can use any.

A board or log cannot be sawed on the ground or floor. If the object is long, one end needs to be raised by putting anything under it. The part you will process should hang. Excellent if the board can be placed on the goats. If it is short, it is better to drink 3/4 of its parts. Then it needs to be turned over and finished the remaining 1/4 on the other side.

To blame the tree, you should incur the incision from the side where it will land. He must look like a wedge. And then you have to file from the other side.

Checking and preparatory work before using the chainsaw

The preparatory work includes refueling, checking/inspection of equipment, lubrication/oil filling.

There is a two.Stroke ICE inside the chainsaws, so they cannot work on clean gasoline. A mixture of oil with gasoline is refueling into a chainsaw. Demands for gasoline: it should be fresh, high-octane, clean, unhealthy gasoline of the AI-92 brand.

Why? Two.Stroke engines are so designed that only one specific gasoline can normally burn in them. High.Octane. If it is clear with pure. Pollution will score the elements and filters of the engine, the device will not be efficient/just to work, what about unearthly?

Ethyl gasoline is gasoline with metal additives, most often lead, with a base of alcohol/etheric additives. Because of this, it is easier to set on fire/burning. Two.Stroke engines are not as powerful as four.Stroke. They cannot use ordinary fuel on an ongoing basis. It is difficult for them to set fire to it.

What about freshness. Gasoline is eliminated and decomposes. That is, over time, gasoline loses its properties. After four months of downtime, it burns worse by 30%, after six already 50%. We do not recommend using gasoline since last season if you do not want to spoil your equipment.

Chainsaw is HARD TO START? Try this EASY TRICK, especially on the BIG Stihl’s, Echo’s and Husqvarna!

Why AI-92, not AI-95? AI-95 can be used, but it depends on the chainsaw. Middle-class chainsaws will not be able to work for a long time on the 95th gasoline. It is considered more environmentally friendly, explosion.Proof and high.Quality, but the matter is in its additives. They reduce the possibility of an explosion, however, gasoline is burning worse because of this, so we advise you to use AI-92 gasoline for chainsaws of the lower and middle classes. Dear chainsaws. Depending on the situation 92/95. In general, first look at the instructions. The manufacturer always indicates which fuel is better for the device.

Swimming requirements. Specialized oil for chainsaws/company, which is recommended by the manufacturer in the instructions. Ordinary motor oil will not work. Several times the chainsaws, maybe it will start, but then get ready to go to the service. The motor oil will score a filter, carburetor. Although motor and oil for chainsaws are similar, they differ. We do not recommend using training, surrogates and motor oil for gas station refueling.

You also need to monitor the viscosity of the oil. Oil with low viscosity freezes at lower temperatures. Synthetic oils with V30/W40 viscosity are used for work in extreme conditions. They freeze at.40, minerals already at.20. All data is in the viscosity table of oils.

Fuel preparation for chainsaws. It is prepared from gasoline and oil for chainsaws. It is necessary to mix the ingredients in a proportion of 1 to 50. Per liter of gasoline 20 milliliters of oil. And shake.

Sometimes there are chainsaws with a proportion of 1 to 40, so before mixing liquids, look into the instructions. The manufacturer indicates the brands of recommended gasoline, oil, their mixing proportions, shelf life. The standard shelf life of such fuel fluid is 2 weeks. After it is not recommended to use it.

Pour the finished mixture into a gas tank. Do not mix it up with oil tank. Usually they are located nearby. You can distinguish tanks in size. The gas tank and its neck are larger, as well as on the lids. On the lid of the gas tank, a gas station is drawn, and a drop on the lid of oil tank.

Pour oil and lubrication of the saw bearing. The oil is poured into the oil tank, how to distinguish it and the gas tank. We wrote above. Pour only proven branded oil into it, which is indicated in the instructions.

To extend the service life of the chainsaw, you need to lubricate the bearing every month. It is located at the end of the tire inside the main block. There is a hole nearby, you need to pour a few drops of oil into it. Use the syringe.

Lubrication of the chain

For the equipment to work for a long time, and its functioning is of high quality, it is necessary to periodically add grease for the chain. Most often, manufacturers recommend using only branded oils. If the user decides to use a different tool, you can replace a special lubricant with car varieties. The viscosity of such a product must correspond to the level indicated by the manufacturer.

After choosing the correct lubrication, you need to understand how to use a measuring container for a chainsaw. The marks are located near the neck of the gas tank. When working with the equipment presented, it is necessary to periodically control the oil level inside the saw.

Once a month, it is recommended to make a lubrication of the tire bearing. He is on its outer end part. If a special hole is provided by the design, the oil is poured there. Just a few drops are enough. Oil refueling and fuel are performed only on a solid flat surface.

Chainsaw Won’t Start (Easily Fixed) Must See!

Working and safety rules

Chain chainsaw. A traumatic tool. This fact should not cause panic fear. He is designed to encourage the owner to constantly control his actions during work.

A discussion on chain saw breaks and left handed chain saw use

So what requires safety precautions during the work of a chainsaw?

First, do not regret the money to buy a set of workwear (gloves, a protective helmet, costume and special shoes). He will become a reliable protection against damage.

In particular, gloves for such saws protect fingers from injury well. Their fabric in contact with the chain is wound on it and blocks, saving fingers from sharp teeth. The protective helmet will not let chips damage the eyes and protect the head from falling branches.

Steel plates are equipped with lumberjack shoes. With an unexpected rebound of the saw, they take a cutting blow.

Secondly, do not hold the saw right in front of you. Keep it so that your legs are on the side of the cut line.

Thirdly, hold the saw tightly, clasping the handles with all your fingers. In this case, the right hand must be held on the back handle, and the left. On the front.

It is necessary to supplement these three basic rules with other no less important points:

  • Carefully insert a working saw into a drink made.
  • Beware of sawing the tire tip (high probability of a reverse blow).
  • Remove from the work zone all extraneous objects that you can stumble and fall.
  • When performing cutting, do not lean very low so as not to lose balance.
  • Do not work, holding the chainsaw above the shoulders.
  • Do not keep the tool too far from yourself so that with long work the back and hands do not strain and do not get tired.
  • The back always needs to be held straight and the legs are widely placed.
  • The cut can be carried out by both sides of the tire. It should be borne in mind that when cutting the lower edge, the chain takes the saw forward, and when working the upper part, it pulls the saw back.
  • Before you transfer the saw to a new place of work, drown out the engine or put the chain on the brake (idle).

A good rule is to work not alone, but with a partner who can provide first aid.

Before a roll of wood, you need to look around. Evaluate its length and direction of growth, the location of close objects (buildings, power lines), so that when the trunk falls, it does not damage them. It does not hurt to take into account the direction and strength of the wind.

Before cutting a tree, you need to stand to the right of it and perform a cut (at an angle of 45 degrees to a depth of not more than ¼ of the diameter of the barrel). Drinked is made from the fall of the tree (the direction of the natural inclination of the barrel). After that, a horizontal cut is made on the other hand. The main gross drinking. It is not brought to an inclined cut for a few centimeters so that the tree does not collapse ahead of time (Figures 1 and 2).

To exclude the clamp of the saw tire mainly sawing, a wooden wedge is inserted into it.

Rice. No. 1 Scheme of cutting the barrel chainsaw Rice. No. 2 (1, 2. Upper and lower files, 3. The main gross drank)

When working, you need to monitor where the barrel is moving. This rule will help to avoid serious injuries if the barrel falls in the direction you unplanned.

When the tree begins to fall, you need to quickly remove the saw from the cut, turn off its engine and leave the operation area.

Having tapped the tree, you should not relax, since the main amount of injuries, the statistics fixes precisely at the stage of pruning branches.

To safely perform this work, follow the following rules:

  • Fix the barrel with lining so that it does not move and does not roll;
  • Stand to the left of the fallen tree, and start cutting. From the lower branches;
  • Sleat the thick branches, starting from their end and gradually moving to the barrel.

If, when sawing a fallen tree, the chainsaw was jammed, do not pull it, trying to extract it. First turn off the motor and with the help of thick branches, try to lift or tilt the barrel to expand the cutter.

Block: 4/5 | Summer characters: 3819Source: https: // greenSector.Ru/Instrumenty-I-Tekhnika/Kak-Polzovatsya-Benzopilojj-Ehkspluataciya-Obshivanie-Tekhnika.Bezopasnosti.HTML

Maintenance of an electric saw

Do you want the purchased power tool to serve you for many years? You plan to use the electric saw as efficiently as possible and at the same time do not want to spend extra funds for technology care? In this case, our simple recommendations for caring for this tool will definitely come in handy for you. Before starting the service, an electric saw must be de.Energized. First of all, it is necessary to inspect the saw equipment of the tool. Make sure that the required amount of lubrication comes to the chain. Check its level. If the oil is not enough, then you need to unscrew the lid and add the required amount. Next, check the tension of the cutting circuit. It is considered optimal when the chain fit tightly to the metal tire and it can be pulled out only two to four millimeters. If the chain needs a lift, then this can be done as follows: loosen the clamping element of the casing of the sprocket of rotation of the chain and slightly lift the tire tip. Then rotate the chain tension regulator, which is available on the case. We advise you to have several chains and change them in turn so that the wear of the teeth is uniform. If the chain is dull, then it should be sharpened. You can, of course, turn to professionals who will process the chain on the machine, but it is permissible to do this work and independently. To perform this operation, you will need a file and a special set for sharpening. In the process of sharpening there is nothing complicated, however, we advise you to first read how to do it correctly. There is enough information on the Internet on the topic of interest to you.

Buy an electric saw in the smallest configuration? So get ready for the fact that you will have to buy a chain and tire right away, and this is also additional expenses. Buy only branded components. Then you will be sure of their reliability and quality. Also, do not forget that you need to stock up on oil to lubricate the chain and an extension cord, the size of which should be calculated based on the tasks set. We hope that our recommendations will be useful and you can easily operate your electric saw.

Gas Pine: first launch, safety precautions, video instruction

Before you purchase a good chainsaw, it is necessary to find as complete information about this tool as possible and carefully study the principles of working with it. If you correctly select a chainsaw that fully meets your requirements, and learn to work with it, then the work of the chainsaw will give you pleasure, while remaining completely safe.

If you have never worked with a chainsaw and has no experience with it, you need to understand for yourself the basic principles of working with this tool:

  • Keep the saw with both hands, clasping the handles with all your fingers. Under the front handle, there should be a thumb of the left hand;
  • During operation, you can’t stand directly behind the saw, it is advisable to be a little from the instrument from the side;
  • You can saw both the lower and upper edge of the tool. If you saw the lower edge, the chain will lead a saw in the direction of you, and if the sawing is carried out by the upper edge, then the chain will move the saw towards you;
  • When working with a chainsaw, try not to bend your back, instead it is better to bend your legs in your knees. When you work with a saw in a standing position, it is recommended to spread your legs widely to maintain balance;
  • Before switching to another place, you need to activate the saw brake or turn off the tool engine. You can not move with a tool that rotates the chain;
  • Drink should start a tire section closest to the tool body;
  • In the event that you are going to work often, you must definitely purchase a set of protective clothing: a helmet with a mask, a bright protective jacket that does not pass air, special trousers that protect against cuts, strong mittens and strong boots, which should be protected if possible. Steel plates.

How to use the extension cord to use

When working with an electric chain saw, you must use the extension cord. The length of the standard saw wire is 30 cm. With an unreliable connection of the plug, the wires and the extension socket are possible to stop the saw tire. They lead to a rupture of the chain and, accordingly, to the failure of the tool.

The rupture of the chain during operation can also lead to injuries of the operator. Therefore, many summer residents use home.Made devices for carrying the extension cord and reliable fixing the connection.

There are no need for homemade mounts, since electric saw manufacturers provide for fastening for the extension cord in the design of the tool. In each model of a chain saw, this mount is a hole located on the posterior handle of the tool.

In order to fix the extension cord in it, its wire is folded in half. Electric saws made according to European security standards are equipped with special plastic clamps. They provide reliable fixation of the plug of the chain saw wires in the extension nest.

About electric cars

The farm always needs a tool. You need to cut down a tree, form its crown, make something or repair something?

You can’t do without a saw, and what it will be, labor productivity and ease of use of this tool depends.

To select a suitable chain electric saw, you must have more detailed information about it. The electric saw can be disk, saber or chain, so we will perform a comparative analysis, and decide which of them is better to purchase, taking into account the needs and specifics of the work performed.


You can cut the boards with a manual circular saw. The depth of the cut depends on the diameter of the disk.


Sable saw is a universal tool. You can cut a tree with nails, metal, foam blocks, brick, concrete, drywall, ice ? It all depends on the choice of files.

chain, possible, problems, chainsaws

If necessary, then a piece of reinforcement sticking out of the wall can be cut flush, because the canvas is flexible. For sawing large logs, chain is more suitable, but a saber’s saw (do not confuse with an electrician) will also cope with such work, only time will take more.


Roughly but quickly, a chain electric saw will cope with the task. In view of this feature of the tool, it is used for cutting trees trunks and in another work that does not require great accuracy of the cut.

Types of chain saw

By type of power, the following varieties of chain electric saws on wood are distinguished:

  • Network. These saws are powered by an electric network. They can function only in places where the source of electricity is present. The advantage of network electric saws is a high duration. The lack of these electric saws is a small length of the wire connecting the engine to the source of electricity. To solve this problem, it is recommended to purchase an additional extension cord. This will improve comfort during the operation of the saw.
  • Battery. Data of electric saws are powered by a built.In battery. The main advantage of these devices is their high autonomy. The operator can transfer the battery saws a long distance and freely move it around the workplace. Minus of battery electric saws. Low duration of work. The built.In battery with continuous use of the tool is discharged in 3 hours. The charge is restored within 1-2 hours.

By location of the engine, chain electric saws are divided into:

  • Transverse. In these tools, the electric motor is located across the case. This design allows you to install a more powerful engine. The drive asterisk and clutch mechanisms are installed on the val of the power unit. For their fastening, you do not need to equip electric saws with additional nodes. The disadvantage of transverse devices is low maneuverability. This is due to the fact that the motor casing appears in the lateral part of the electric saw.
  • Longitudinal. In these devices, the power unit is located along the case, which reduces the weight and size of the structure, improves the maneuverability and ease of operation of the tool. For the stable functioning of longitudinal electric saws, a special node connecting the engine, drive asterisk and clutch clutch are required. In the absence of this element, you cannot connect the star to the removable tire, chain and other metal details. Due to the presence of an additional node, it is impossible to equip the electric saw with a powerful engine. In this case, the light design will not be able to withstand the loads from the side of the large.Sized electric motor.
chain, possible, problems, chainsaws

The type of electric saw determines its purpose. Network and longitudinal devices are used to care for trees and firewood harvesting. Battery and transverse tools are more often used in the construction sector and in the area of ​​wood processing.

Features of choosing a tire for electric saw

When buying a tire, the first thing you should pay for is the material from which it is made. If it is strong enough and reliable, then the part will serve for a long time and regularly. In addition to the material, when choosing a tire, you need to study the following parameters:

  • Saar. With its help you can determine the correspondence of the tire with your power plant model. It’s all about the location of the tensioners of the electric saw and the openings for supplying oil to the circuit. Most of the famous brands produce branded shanks for their models of electric saws. In this case, the shanks from different companies can replace each other;
  • PAZ width. In today’s market, you can choose tires whose width of which is 1.1 and 1.3 mm for household power saws of low power, as well as 1.5 and 1.6 mm for more powerful electric saw models;
  • The length of the electric engine tire is one of the most important when choosing a part. To determine the length of the electric engine tire, you will need to measure the distance between the extreme point of the tire toe and the gear emphasis. Most often it is 12–20 inches. It all depends on the model of the electric saw. The longer the chosen tire will be, the larger the tree you can cut.

Correctly selected and compatible tires, chain and electric saw will allow you to work efficiently and calmly without unnecessary costs of money and time.

Chainsaw Demo 2021- Does it Work?

Block: 3/6 | Summer characters: 1325Source: https: // Sadovij-Instrument.Ru/elektropily/vybrat-tsep.HTML

Manufacturers of a construction tool

For a long time and firmly leaders in the production of chain saws are Makita, Bosh, STIHL, Champion. Their products are more ergonomic and easy to operate. What electric chain saw to choose for an amateur. We recommend that the Champion brands, with dignity and inexpensive.

But the introduction of innovations, locks, electronics is developed as know-how on these sites. The choice of chain saw is not limited to the listed companies. Following the eminent brands, the production of saws mastered and achieved good indicators of the company Interskol, Zenit, Forte, EFCO, this is far from a complete list of manufacturers. You should know by what indicators to choose a tool.

Video about the principle of working with a saber’s saw

How the saber saw saws, you can see on the following videos

If we analyze the reviews and Комментарии и мнения владельцев on user forums, we can conclude that this tool is quite popular and each owner is satisfied with the process and the result of the file. Many note the universal nature of the electric saw and a large range of work, ease of use and maintenance. Of the shortcomings, only a short service life of cutting canvases, attachment to the power supply and a fairly high cost of saws can be distinguished. Alexander, 56 years old, Kyiv “At home, a small construction site and decided to buy myself intercala NP-120/1010E. Which was very pleased. The price was two times lower than the analogue from Makit. During the file, the tool showed himself from the good side. In addition to the house, it is convenient to cut branches in the garden. The only thing that upset me is a sawdust for aerated concrete, which is a little thicker, is not inserted into the clamp. And so I really like everything!” Igor, 32 years old, Rostov “I bought a saber’s saw initially for small work on the site: either sleep, then trim the branch that. After a while I started repairs and there was no longer without it. If you choose the right canvas, you can cut anything. After it is important to clean the saw well and send it to rest. With neat handling, the tool will last a very long time. How to cut a saber’s saw correctly, you can watch on many videos. In circulation is much more convenient and easier than a chain. I am satisfied with the purchase. Advantages: fast and nimble machine, large area of ​​application, small cost of consumables. Disadvantages: High price, short power cord.”

Before working with an electric chain saw, you need to make sure that the tool is correctly configured. Need to check:

The saw should never be launched without tucking the oil tank, otherwise the chain will quickly become dull, and the electric motor will burn out. Also, the power of the chain tension is regulated before work. The gap between the tire and the chain should be 2 mm. Before work, set the chain correctly. The direction of her movement should coincide with the arrows on the bus. If you use electric saw for a long time, remove the tool cover and clean the leading star from sawdust.