Chain Saw Oil

Oil for lubricating the chain of an electric saw. In this case, the oil for the electric saw should be selected of the proper quality.

Consequences of a lack or excess of chain lubrication

For the electric saw to function properly, certain requirements must be met. First of all, this refers to the chain lubrication process, more precisely, to the amount of oil that is required to ensure the protection of the mechanism parts. If it is not received enough, then the following problems may arise:

  1. The tire will be damaged.
  2. The circuit starts to overheat.
  3. Cutting teeth become dull quickly.
  4. The sprocket wears out quickly.
  5. The chain is jammed and may even break.
  6. Cutting takes more time and effort.

Many modern models have an automated lubrication system that regulates its supply. But in the event of a malfunction, the oil may begin to flow out in excess and drain from the chain mechanism. This will lead to serious cost overruns. The cost of quality saw lubricant is high. Therefore, its uneconomical use will cause additional financial costs.

Choosing the Right Power Saw Lubricant

If the technical documentation does not contain special instructions and recommendations, then you should use the products of reliable companies. Such materials are of high quality and meet the requirements. Manufacturers usually recommend lubricant grades that correspond to the brands of the tool itself, they are the most suitable. However, their cost is also high, this will also have to be taken into account. The correct choice of lubricant for the electric saw is the key to obtaining the required work result and maintaining the device.

An example of an inexpensive and quality product is the Champion brand. It is suitable for working in various temperature conditions. On sale you can find packages of 3 and 10 liters. It is easy and convenient to use. Another well-known brand is the Husqvarna brand. This oil is very effective. Its cost is also moderate.

Forest plus and Bio Plus also manufacture chain saw lubricants. The latter also differs in that it decomposes quickly when it gets into the soil. Under suitable conditions, these materials have a shelf life of 3 years. However, they can be used at an air temperature of at least 15 C.

Sunth Plus oil is suitable for use in fairly severe frosts, up to 25 C. It is made on a synthetic basis. It tolerates even high loads during the operation of the equipment. This brand is one of the best.

Do not trust handicraft products, the price of which is very low. They are not only ineffective, but can even cause serious damage to the instrument. This also applies to the waste product. It contaminates the saw chain and mechanism.

Why do you need to lubricate the saw chain

Lubricating the chain saw helps to reduce friction. When in contact with each other, the parts of the tool do not experience excessive heat. The friction force is leveled. The chain saw lubricant prevents damage to both the chain and the bar.

Sometimes in the process of working with an electric saw, there is a need for extra effort during cutting. This indicates that a low quality lubricant was used, or the amount was not enough. Then you need to immediately check the oil level in the reservoir. You can also lubricate the saw chain itself to finish the job.

If you use proper quality chain oil and apply it on time, it will be easier to operate the saw. It also contributes to the safety of the instrument. Lubrication of the unit prevents breakdowns and breakdowns.

Can I use regular engine oil

Many novice craftsmen are wondering whether regular engine oil is suitable for lubricating an electric saw chain. It is almost always available in any workshop, but not every user has a special lubricant.

Regular vegetable oil is also not suitable for this purpose. It does not have sufficient viscosity, so the lubrication effect will not last long and the tool will not be protected during operation. It is not recommended to use mining, since it is of low quality and cannot provide the necessary protection.

Saw chain lubrication system: working principle

Modern models of electric saws are most often equipped with special systems that automatically supply oil to the cutting tool. Older versions of these units required manual lubrication. To use for this purpose you need an oil with certain technical characteristics and viscosity index.

The oil is poured into a special tank, from which after a certain time it is pushed out by an oil pump. The feed mechanism must provide sufficient lubrication for the saw chain to prevent the build up of friction that causes overheating.

When the number of engine revolutions increases, the oil pump starts to work. A gear is started on the main shaft. The pressure in the system increases. The oil begins to move towards the tire until it touches the saw housing. There is a groove there. It is at it that the channel that feeds the oil is directed. This longitudinal groove is necessary so that lubricant can be supplied to the tire regardless of the stress level of the machine. The position of the tire during operation is unimportant, the lubricant, due to the presence of the groove, will be supplied to it constantly and evenly. On the links of the chain itself there is a hole or its own groove, from where the lubricant is distributed along its entire length. If the motor increases the speed of revolutions, then the pumping of the lubricant is also faster. Therefore, it is necessary to fill in the lubricant into the electric saw only when the engine is turned off.

Chain saw oil

An electric saw has a number of advantages over a gasoline saw. This is less noise, and lighter weight and ease of use. But the owner of such a unit must remember that the cutting chain requires special care. During operation, it is subjected to constant friction, resulting in heating. Lubricants are required to protect and extend the life. In this case, the oil for the electric saw should be selected of the proper quality.

Versatility problems

Performance evaluations of so-called multipurpose oils should be viewed critically. In reality, this is not a very good advertising ploy. To date, no manufacturer, respecting its reputation, has received information about the start of production of 100% universal oil.

Practice has proven that the wrong choice of chain lubrication increases the load on the engine by 7-10% and also reduces the working life of the saw set.

Advantages of automatic systems

Less oil-consuming chainsaws equipped with automatic lubrication systems. Depending on the engine speed, the oil supply is metered by a variable displacement pump.

At idle speed, oil is practically not consumed. Models with automatic lubrication cut material consumption by almost half.

The consequences of unjustified savings

Many owners of budget chainsaws equipped with simple lubrication systems with constant performance are worried about increased oil consumption. The average price of a quality product is three times less than the cost of its motor counterpart, however, the use of various oil substitutes is not uncommon.

Spindle, diesel and motor oil used in different proportions are not suitable for full lubrication of the headset in terms of their working properties.

It is not difficult to calculate how much you can save on using a surrogate. Unfortunately, the profit generated cannot compensate for the accelerated wear and tear of the old headset and the cost of purchasing a new headset.

The constant use of substitutes reduces the service life of an expensive saw headset by 30-40%. Wear is significantly accelerated if you pour into the lubrication system of a chainsaw that has exhausted its resource.

None of the formulations suggested by users are suitable for full lubrication and cooling of the chain or pouring into the gearbox. Not the best option for replacing winter M8 engine oil, which, in conditions of a general shortage, was used to refuel Druzhba chainsaws and their prototypes.

Self-selection criteria

The problem of how to replace branded chain oil, which is not commercially available, is relevant for many peripheral regions. According to experts, a full-fledged analogue of products of well-known brands Stihl and Husqvarna, identical in basic characteristics. Motor and chain oils from these manufacturers have proven themselves in all respects at their best.

Taking into account the possibilities of the offered assortment, the consumer can make a choice in favor of a more expensive chain oil or its budget analogue. In addition to branded products, the list includes Enkor, Nanotech Standard and Nanotech Premium oils, which retain their working properties at temperatures up to 30C.

Mineral oil versions are represented by the brands Makita and Makita Oregon, identical lubricating characteristics to organic chain oils Makita Biotop, Stihl Bio Plus, which are sold in packaging from 1 to 25 liters.

Most professional sawers prefer one brand of branded lubricants. The constant use of one brand of oil allows you to explore its capabilities and use them with maximum efficiency.

Danger of using counterfeit oil

The performance properties of cheaper counterfeit oils are inferior to proprietary developments in basic parameters. The problem is that, relying on the perceived quality of the product, users operate their chainsaw equipment at full load.

The use of surrogate oils initiates accelerated wear of the material part, in some cases it is the basis for the cancellation of factory warranty obligations by service services.

Performance properties

Branded or standard chainsaw chain oil meets specific standards in terms of density, viscosity, debris removal and other performance characteristics.

  • Organic and mineral compositions do not differ significantly in terms of working properties.
  • Experienced users recommend working on organic consumables if the intervals between using the chainsaw do not exceed several days.
  • The anticorrosive and other protective properties of more expensive mineral oils are used if the tool is used for infrequent one-time work.

It is not difficult to check the oil for compliance with the external temperature, and at the same time the lubrication system for operability. To do this, hold the saw headset running at medium speed over a blank sheet of paper for a few seconds.

By the width and saturation of the oil strip, one can judge the suitability of the composition for long-term operation at a given air temperature and the performance of the built-in oil pump.

How to replace the original expensive oil and is it worth

In situations where it is not possible to use original ones, they can be replaced with oil for car engines. Cheap automobile oils such as autol or diesel lubrication options are unsuitable for long-term use due to low adhesive properties.

Some owners, despite the recommendations, still use analogues, preferring to change the tire and chain more often, but here everyone decides for himself. Such oil cannot have any negative effects on the lubrication system, which means that the only difference is in the quality of the tire protection from chain friction.

What oil to use to lubricate the chainsaw chain

The answer to this question is quite simple, for this you need to open the instructions for any saw and it will indicate that you need to fill in oil that has a good adhesion effect.

What is it for? The fact is that the chain moves along the tire at a high speed, and if an oil with low adhesion is used as a lubricant, then most of it, by inertia, flies off the end of the tire and lubrication of its lower part does not occur. This phenomenon can be observed with a little experiment. Start the chainsaw, point the end of the tire towards a bright surface and add maximum gas. As a result, oil stains will appear on it, which are proof of the theory.

Chainsaw chain oil what to use

You are a recent owner of a chainsaw, and you still don’t know which chain oil is best to use. Lack of this knowledge can have a detrimental effect on the tool, since the type and quality of the lubricant determines how long the tire and the tool chain will maintain their performance.

After reading this article, you will fill the knowledge gap, because we will consider the use of oils, of various manufacturers and brands, to reduce friction between the parts of the saw headset. And we will also figure out what additional lubricants are used to service the chainsaw in order to maximize its service life.

Manufacturers of adhesive oils

Almost all manufacturers of chainsaws are engaged in the production of consumables for them, explaining by the fact that these products are most suitable for use in conjunction with their saws. There is no information about how true this is, but based on the experience of operating and repairing chainsaws, it can be noted that there are no significant differences in the service life of parts or at least visible wear.

But the fact is the fact, the manufacturers recommend and cannot be hidden. So, back to the manufacturers, and start with the popular Stihl brand.

Chainsaw sprocket lubricant

To increase the service life and reduce friction on the drive sprocket, the manufacturer equips this mechanism with a needle bearing, which must be lubricated periodically. Stihl multipurpose grease can be used for lubrication.

If you do not want to overpay, it is better to use an inexpensive, but no less high-quality option, Litol or Litol 24 grease. Due to its viscosity, Litol will easily replace the original one.

It is possible to lubricate the chain saw tire sprocket with the same lubricants as the leading one, using a special filler for this. This allows the lubricant to be pressed in through the technological holes in the tire to the sprocket bearing.

Stihl adhesive oils

The company’s website contains the following adhesive oils designed for various operating temperatures and having a good lubricating performance:

  • ForestPlus adhesive oil is recommended for use at temperatures up to 15 C, shelf life is 3 years if stored properly. Supplied in 1 liter or 5 liter containers;
  • BioPlus features a plant base that allows it to decompose quickly when released into the soil. Used up to minus 15, supplied in three, five and one-liter containers;
  • The latest SynthPlus oil is characterized by its ability to maintain performance at minus 25 C.

Saw chain oil

Among all consumables used for sawing tools, chain saw oil occupies the first positions, both in the frequency of use and the importance of application. A good oil not only makes it easier to work with the device, but also extends its useful life for years.

What oil to use to lubricate the chainsaw

Improperly selected oil reduces the efficiency of the tool and increases its wear by 7-10 percent. Select saw chain oil based on the manufacturer’s recommendations. Russian companies claim that their electric saws operate when lubricated with common domestic automotive oils. They are opposed by foreign manufacturers.

Chain saw oils

Finely tuned equipment works only with adapted oil formulations. So, some brands produce oils for a specific brand of saws, as evidenced by the inscription on the package. They provide ideal lubrication for saw chains and bars. At the same time, they have additional components in their composition.

Oils of many manufacturers are used to lubricate the saw chain and bars of electric saws, the most popular are:

  • UZFAM oil for operation under any external weather conditions, protects well against wear and corrosion;
  • Oleo-Mac ОМ Polar Lube oil on a mineral base with a high viscosity, well protects against wear and corrosion;
  • Oleo-Mac ОМ Eco Lube oil does not contain mineral oils, sulfur, has high lubricating properties, antiwear with high viscosity, oxidation resistant;
  • Husqvarna Chain Oil is a proprietary oil that reduces chain heating temperature and reduces wear on chain links, teeth, and guide bar, maintains its low viscosity even at very low temperatures, performs its function even when water gets into it;
  • AL-KO oil is used for chains of electric and chainsaws, retains its low viscosity even at very low temperatures, reduces the heating temperature of the chain as a result of friction;
  • CHAMPION oil is universal, adhesive, used for chain and bar lubrication, provides good lubrication, and viscous additives and special additives reduce abrasion and oxidation of the saw chain metal.

How to properly lubricate a saw chain

There are models that lubricate automatically using a special built-in system. But due to their high cost, you have to resort to other methods, the saw chain and tires are lubricated with an oiler, syringe, brush or spatula for more viscous oil.

Oil in the saw bar groove

Some manufacturers recommend making an oil bath for the chains during a long break in use in order to avoid their corrosion and the appearance of rust. This will require any small container, into which a layer of oil is poured onto the bottom, covering the product. To prevent dust and debris from entering, the container is closed with a lid or foil during the conservation period.

In addition, the chain must be lubricated before each next use. It is done only when the power supply is off. The saw chain must be loosened before lubrication and lubricated afterwards. Hands will need protection (gloves), as the chainsaw chain oil can cause injury from the links and blades.