Chainsaw carburetor adjustment key Partner

How to check the fuel mixture and spark plugs

The first available fuel mixture must not be poured into the chainsaw.

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Regardless of whether your farm is a Chinese model or a modern and reliable Husqvarna apparatus, the fuel mixture is prepared following the instructions stated in the book on the use of tool components.

If you do not plan to use the equipment in the coming months, the fuel must be drained. Otherwise it will oxidize and damage the instrument. The same goes for the off-season and other periods when the chainsaw is idle.

The condition of the candles responsible for the ignition of the apparatus is checked in the following way:

  • Remove the spark plugs and see if there is fuel in the tips.
  • Carbon deposits may be present on candles. It clogs the gap between the parts. The optimal gap size is 0.5-0.65 mm. It is easy to get rid of carbon deposits using light-grit sandpaper or a brush equipped with metal bristles.

Fuel mixture and oil for chainsaw Partner 350

To lubricate the chain, use the highest quality air-cooled oil, which is designed for two-stroke engines. It is also important to maintain a 40: 1 ratio here. Neither in the video nor in the instructions is it recommended to use oils for lubrication, the mixing ratio of which is 100: 1. The fact is that if the chainsaw does not receive sufficient lubrication of the engine and chain, the engine will quickly fail, causing significant damage that is not covered by the warranty.

Chainsaw stalls when you press the gas

One of the most common questions. In this case, it is necessary:

  • Check fuel filter.
  • Inspect fuel hoses for leaks.
  • Check the muffler.
  • Try to add some revolutions of XX.
  • Look at the rubber seals on the crankshaft, the spacer between the carburetor and the cylinder.

How to fix a chainsaw

The measures necessary to restore the correct operation of the saw, it does not matter if you have a Ural or any other model, depend on the location of the problem.

Please note that not everything you can fix with your own hands. if the breakdown is serious, then the saw will have to be carried to a specialist.

If you did the first step. checked and corrected the quality of the oil, but the device still does not work, then you can move on.

If the problem is in the candle, then it is also quite simple to solve it. you need to turn out and dry the candle, but do not pierce it, because this will render the candle unusable.

Excess fuel that is inside must be drained through the hole. You need to dry the candle for at least half an hour, then insert it back and try to run the tool again.

In addition to the fill, it may be that the candle just fell into disrepair.

In this case, it is good to have a spare part (or better a set) to replace this element and delete it from the possible causes of device breakdown.

In addition to the candle itself, the reason that the chainsaw is difficult to start up hot or stalls may be poor contact connecting the end of the candle and the high-voltage wire.

If everything is in order with this place, but the spark is still missing, the ignition unit may have broken. It cannot be fixed. you will have to replace it with a new one.

From time to time you have to clean the air filters in chainsaws. If you have never done this before, then the reason for the breakdown of the tool may be that it is clogged with dust.

If you have a Stihl 180, Partner 350 or Ural chainsaw, check the saloon first. A common reason for the incorrect operation of these models is its clogging.

Cleaning the saloon can be done with a sewing needle. no big deal.

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Another moment that sometimes worries owners of Stihl 180 chainsaws is frequent idling after the first tanks of gasoline are used up. However, according to experts, this is not a problem at all.

But if the phenomenon is still troubling, then you can reduce the engine speed with the help of the carburetor screw.

The video below shows how the repair of the Stihl chainsaw is carried out.

You can also clean the muffler yourself. this is not only a problem with the Stihl 180 or Husqvarna 142 chainsaws. Domestic Friendship and the Urals can also stall because of this problem.

The problem of poor performance of chainsaws often lies in the carburetor, but you may not be able to fix it yourself without experience in this matter.

Therefore, if you have not done this before, take your saw to a specialist. Trying to save now, as a result, you can overpay many times more if you accidentally damage some important part.

If you have done all of the above, and the problem has not been fixed and your chainsaw stalls or does not start, then the problem may lie in the cylinder group.

Partner 351 chainsaw fails,fixed bad starting.

If chips and damage were found on the cylinder or piston assemblies, then these elements will have to be replaced or the cylinder bored out for a new piston of a suitable size.

Two-Stroke Carburetor | Adjustment Screws | How they Work?

If you inspect the chainsaw tubes and see that they are leaking, this means that the problem with your chainsaw is insufficient chain lubrication.

To remove this problem, you need to replace the pipes and carefully cover the places where they connect with sealant.

It may also be that the parts with which your saw is equipped have expired. In this case, you will have to change them to new ones.

You can see the service life of the components in the instructions.

Stihl 180 is one of the most common chainsaw models, so let’s talk about its problems in more detail.

The most common reason why the Stihl 180 saw does not start or stalls is a clogged carburetor. In this case, it will have to be cleaned. The second most common problem is a clogged fuel filter.

It will have to be changed in case of malfunction.

Replacing the spark plug is also a common solution to problems with the 180 model.

Look also at the condition of the pistons. perhaps they, as well as the cylinder and oil seals, need to be replaced.

In general, the Stihl 180 model is quite durable and, most likely, if it does not start or stalls, then the problems in it are not too serious and you can fix them yourself.

The video below shows the repair of the Ural chainsaw carburetor.

Almost the same can be advised regarding the Partner 350 and Husqvarna 142 models, Ural, Makita.

First of all, check the air filter. it could be clogged with sawdust and other debris. Then inspect the carburetor (in Partner 350 it is located in the same place as the spark plug).

The main advice in fixing a chainsaw with your own hands is not to do what you cannot do, because it can only aggravate the situation.

If the chainsaw does not start, stalls or does not work well, then first of all check the simplest and most easily accessible elements: the oil may be incorrectly selected, or it floods a candle, the filter is clogged, or the tubes began to leak.

All these problems are easy to fix with your own hands.

Setting Fuel Mixture to Factory Settings, Chainsaw

In any case, repairing a breakdown, even by someone else’s hands, will cost you less than a new model.

Do not forget to also check the instructions for the tool and replace all the parts responsible for its operation in time.

This will help you not to rack your brains over why the tool stopped working and not waste time analyzing and checking it.

If you still can’t do without repairs, then before starting work, watch a video on how to disassemble and repair a chainsaw. it will help you.

Repair of the PARTNER chainsaw. Starts up, but

Cylinder-piston group

Quite often, the Partner chainsaw stalls when pressed and the reason for this is the cylinder-piston group. Since by examining them, namely the piston and cylinder, you can easily determine the cause of the malfunction of the tool, by directly replacing them. You can also make a direct boring of the cylinder itself relative to the size of the new piston.

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But if after inspection you find that there is no damage on both the piston and the cylinder, then the reason may lie directly in the rings (piston). For this kind of check, it is necessary to insert a piston into the cylinder and gently start wiggling it by means of a connecting rod. If suddenly you feel a play, then the rings need to be replaced, since they have already worn out.

Lean working conditions

Lean carburetor adjustment. this is when the proportion of fuel in the combustible air-fuel mixture is so small that there is not enough fuel for combustion. This also results in weak strokes and insufficient saw power. In addition to low horsepower, the lean mixture causes the cylinder temperature to rise, which can lead to seizure. The lean condition also allows excessive RPM, resulting in rod bearing failure.

When adjusting the carburetor on a professional saw, it is best to use a digital tachometer. These tachometers are easy to use and do not require wires. When the tachometer is near the spark plug, it picks up an electrical signal when the plug is lit. On a two-stroke engine, this happens at every revolution of the engine, so the tachometer simply counts the pulses and displays the results.

Chainsaw device Partner 350

The Partner model in the 350th configuration stands out for its excellent selection of components and high build quality. The basis of the garden tool is a 2-stroke 1-cylinder internal combustion engine running on a mixture of AI-92 gasoline and engine oil. The piston group of the motor is forged and covered with a chrome alloy to extend the working life of the internal combustion engine. The factory engine includes a proprietary CCS filter, which is capable of trapping the smallest foreign particles, keeping them out of the fuel.

The Partner 350 chainsaw differs from analogues in a simplified start, which was achieved thanks to a modified self-cleaning drum starter, a professional fuel pump and durable electronic ignition. For preliminary pumping of the used fuel into the cylinder, the model is equipped with a primer.

For the safety of the operator during the operation of a working chainsaw, Partner has equipped garden tools with a high-quality inertial brake that instantly responds when the saw headset hits a nail or any other foreign object.

Partner saw blades. metal bar and chain. They are tensioned using two keys, without the need to remove the protective cover of the plastic case.

One of the main advantages of the Partner 350 chainsaw is the convenient location of the controls required for operation. The throttle lever, combination switch and factory starter cable are located at the rear of the tool, making it much easier to operate in confined spaces.

What to do if the chain on the Partner 350 chainsaw is not lubricated?

If the chain for the Partner 350 chainsaw is no longer lubricated with oil, this can lead to overheating of the bar and a rupture of the saw headset. Ignoring this problem can also lead to increased load on the engine, which can lead to engine damage.

The first thing to inspect if there is no lubricant on the chain is the oil pump. Over time, the teeth on its drive wear off, which can also happen due to a clogged pump. The element is usually impossible to restore, so it is best to replace it.

Often, lubricant does not get on the chain of the Partner 350 chainsaw due to clogged oil pipes. In this case, the hoses will need to be replaced by treating their joints with the fittings with a sealant.

Do-it-yourself adjustment of the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw

Before you start tuning the standard Partner carburetor, you need to thoroughly clean it from dust, dirt and carbon deposits that have accumulated on the walls. In addition to the carburetor, you will need to rinse and dry the fuel and air filters. Otherwise, the operator will not be able to accurately set the required engine speed.

In the upper left part of the protective plastic body of the Partner saw there are holes, inside which the manufacturer provides bolts for adjusting the carburetor. Having found them, you can proceed with the basic configuration of the node. To do this, the left and right screws, which are responsible for the number and quality of turns, respectively, must be set to the fully tightened position. They must be loosened immediately afterwards by 1/5 of a turn. The third adjusting bolt, marked T, must be left in the position in which it is installed.

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The final adjustment of the carburetor of the Partner 350 chainsaw is performed in the following order:

  • First, you need to start the saw and let its motor run to fully warm up;
  • After 5 minutes, you can start adjusting. First, the left bolt must be turned in the direction of the clock hand until the engine reaches maximum speed. Then the left bolt must be turned 1.4 turns in the opposite direction. After completing these steps, the engine of the Partner chainsaw should work confidently at idle;
  • If, after manipulating the left adjusting screw, the chain on the bus begins to rotate, then it must be stopped by alternately turning the bolt T;
  • Then you need to move on to setting the quality of the fuel mixture. To do this, the right adjusting screw will need to be turned in the same direction as the clock hand. As soon as the motor reaches the maximum permissible speed, the screw must be unscrewed 1/4 turn in the opposite direction.

When setting the maximum engine speed of the Partner 350 saw, it is better to use a tachometer pre-connected to the motor. As soon as the device shows the same revolutions as indicated by the proprietary operating instructions for the model, it means that turning the screw must be stopped.

Chainsaw Partner 350. malfunctions and their elimination

Breakdown of Partner garden tools can occur for various reasons, the most common of which are improper use and mechanical shock. To eliminate the malfunction, you will need to determine its exact cause in advance. After that, you can begin to repair the tool yourself.

Chainsaws Partner (Partner) 350

Popular among gardeners, the Partner 350 chainsaw successfully combines endurance, the ability to cope with the most difficult household tasks and economy. This model tolerates operation well in difficult weather conditions, which makes it possible to use it both in summer and in winter, without the risk of unexpected breakdown of the main working units.

Chainsaw Partner 350. ignition adjustment

You need to think about setting the ignition of Partner garden tools when its engine stops starting, or when the rated power of the engine has dropped noticeably. Before adjusting the ignition, you will need to thoroughly clean the spark plug, as well as wipe the coil itself from dust.

The further procedure is as follows:

  • First you need to remove the left cover of the protective plastic case;
  • The flywheel and ignition coil are located under the cover. They should be located at a certain distance from each other. A template or a regular paper business card will help to establish the gap between them;
  • To complete the adjustment, you will need to remove the 2 screws located next to the flywheel. During their rotation, the element will move away from the coil;
  • Further, on the side of the coil, you will need to fix the template motionlessly and start turning the screws in the opposite direction;
  • As soon as the handwheel comes into contact with the template, you will need to complete the adjustment.

After adjusting the ignition, you need to reinstall the housing cover and check the operation of the Partner 350 chainsaw. If the unit was adjusted correctly, the chainsaw engine will start the first time.

Chainsaw oil Partner 350. how to choose?

To extend the life of the engine and other working mechanisms of garden tools, it is necessary to use high-quality engine oil for preparing the fuel mixture. When burned in a cylinder, it should form as little ash as possible, which settles on the walls of the muffler and on the spark plug.

The engine oil used for refueling must quickly dissolve in gasoline and be thoroughly cleaned of harmful impurities, which, over time, settle in the narrow channels of the Partner saw carburetor.

In addition, Partner 350 chainsaw oil must have high lubricating and anti-corrosion properties, as well as resist wear well.

It is best to use Stihl and Husqvarna brand 2-stroke oils for fuel blending. They lubricate the working units of Partner garden tools well and, when burned, do not emit a large amount of ash.