Chainsaw Carburetor Adjustment Oleo Mac 941

In operation, the Oleo-Mac 941c chainsaw, almost new, was assembled independently from the box. At first, everything was fine, but then the builders used it, really. I do not know. In general, the cord stopped cleaning up to the end. 5 centimeters remained to hang, I solved this problem by disassembling the case and wrapping an extra circle on the spring. Now it cleans up and sits in the nest a little tight), but another problem arose. works for about a minute, even a little less, and stalls. As if there is no gas, although the tank is full. The chain tension is loosened. did not help, what else can be done?

Chainsaw Carburetor Adjustment Oleo Mac 941

If the saw stalls idling. just tighten the idle screw clockwise. And if under load, then you need to adjust the carburetor. Still need to check and clean the air filter. Perhaps the point is in it. If nothing changes, you need to adjust the carburetor, the idle screw will not change anything. To do this, contact the service.

On the Oleo-Mac 937-16 chainsaw I can not pull the chain. It seems like a screw with a thread, but does not pull. Maybe this is something with the bus?

If there is not enough screw thread length, the chain is excessively stretched. A chain or a replacement, or remove one link from it. And if the chain spontaneously stretches and loosens during operation, and this effect is much more pronounced than with conventional lengthening / shortening of the chain length due to heating / cooling, the worn drive sprocket is to blame.

I advise you to remove the filter, turn the saw vertically, that is, with the tire down, pour half a cubic meter of engine oil through the carburetor, pull the starter handle to separate the oil, add oil to lubricate the chain, fill in a new fuel mixture and try to start.

The chain on the Oleo Mac 937 chainsaw was not always pulled up on time, it was not sharpened until, well, it completely stopped cutting. What can be done?

Take a closer look at the tire, it is possible that everything is still not so bad with it. If the cause of removal is large burrs or uneven wear of the height guides, then they can be lifted and the tire will still work. If the groove itself is unevenly worn inside or due to wear, its depth decreases and the chain touches its bottom with shanks, then both the tire worked and the chains that worked on it.

I bought an Oleo-Mac 941 chainsaw. This is my first saw. I read the instructions. She is very brief. Initially, the chain brake was turned on and it was not immediately possible to remove the cover, only after unlocking the brake until it clicks. I tried to start according to the instructions. It didn’t work out. Found the instructions for launching Calm: "Before starting, it is necessary to unlock the gas lever and press the gas, then the switch to the lower position, the mode switch. Next starter. After a few jerks, the engine "sneezes", then rearrange the mode switch to the middle position and reuse the starter before starting. After starting, briefly press the throttle to enter idle mode. Is this method suitable for 941-C. Does the Oleo-Mac also have a combined throttle lever? (the fuel prepared branded oil of 20 ml from 1 liter. 92 gasoline, pumped fuel into the carburetor with a primer before starting until the transparent button was filled). What am I doing wrong. Or a defective saw?

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They blocked the circuit with a brake (it doesn’t affect the start, it’s TB), pumped up fuel with a primer, the shutter lever down and pulled the starter once or twice (until "sneeze"), then move the lever to the middle position, pull the starter, after starting, briefly press the gas trigger and thereby slow down. All. So on my Oleo-Mac 941 cx chainsaw, I don’t think yours otherwise. I also remembered: under the cover there is a dummy flap for changing the direction of the air flow into the motor (winter / summer), it must be set seasonally.

I purchased an Oleo-Mac 937-16 chainsaw for work, there were problems installing the tires! He unscrewed the nuts, the lid does not come off! I’m just afraid to break it (maybe it’s sitting tight). Has anyone come across this?

Turn off the clutch drum brake. Everything is true, the lever on itself to the stop, breaking something there is very difficult, and do not pull off the cover. the tape will shrink. then snap off harder, the cover should be easy to remove!

Will the 160SXEA041 tire go to the Oleo Mac 937 chainsaw? It seems that, logically, it’s long, that shank, that step, that groove width is that.

Shank A041. will do. I don’t remember the nose right now, it seems like a big driven asterisk. This, in general, is good. in a big sprocket wheel there is a large bearing, it is less loaded, it works longer, respectively, and the tire life will be until the guides wear, and not until the bearing breaks, as is often the case "narrow-nosed" tires.

When operating the Oleo-Mac 937-16 chainsaw, the chain is constantly weakened, can this be somehow fixed or is it the same for all saws?

Either the chain is from a defective batch, or the chain lubrication does not work. Another option is possible, when after heating the chain and its extension, a stretch was made, and after the end of the work the chain was not weakened. In this case, in addition to stretching the chain, it is possible to bend the tire and break the saw body in the region of the right crankshaft bearing (under the clutch cup). In the first two cases, it is enough to use a chain from another batch, possibly from another manufacturer, or to restore the efficiency of the lubrication system.

1. Should not, but can rotate, corrected by adjusting the carburetor. 2. The ring above the clutch drum is the brake; it clamps the drum. 3. It is unlikely that the brake is applied either by hand or with a strong rebound of the tire. these saws do not run in at all. Never and not at all idle! Warmed up. and to work.

I decided to buy an Oleo-Mac 941c chainsaw, but I can not decide on the version: with a chain pitch of 3/8, or with 0.325. Which option is preferred and why?

Probably better 3 / 8-1.3. The saw is rather weak with 3/8 it will be easier than with 0.325.

I bought an Oleo-Mac 941 cx chainsaw a year ago, a good saw, it works fine. Passed in and she got a little malfunction. When the engine warms up and, after cutting branches, the trunks, when the lever is switched to the stop position, the engine does not turn off and continues to work for several seconds from 10 to 20 seconds. At initial start-up, when the engine is not too hot, it stops immediately. The service center said that it should be. I do not know if this is correct, please tell me. maybe after running in the lean mixture comes in and need to be adjusted with screws L and H?

Wrong! Most likely, the candle does not match or the fuel is bad. It is called "ignition ignition"when the fuel mixture is not ignited by a spark, but spontaneously from the hot electrodes of the candle. This engine will not fail immediately, but over time. required. When the engine is turned off, you do not block the fuel, but interrupt the spark supply to the spark plug. Therefore, the carburetor has absolutely nothing to do with it. The reason may be fuel. Use 92 gasoline with proven refueling. Or a spark plug "Very hot" those. has a low heat rating. Unfortunately, neither one nor the other falls under the guarantee. Try changing the fuel and spark plug, I think the problem will disappear. And one more recommendation. After a heavy load, do not turn off the engine immediately. We give him 20-30 seconds to work at idle. This is in any case useful for the engine.

How to mothball Oleo Mac 941? It will be stored in an unheated garage.

Drain gas, start the engine until it dies. Drain the chain oil. If the biotope has been poured, drain, then pour about half a bottle of motor oil, start the saw so that the oil channels are washed with engine oil. Clean the saw from sawdust, wipe it off the oil, unscrew the spark plug, pour ten grams of engine oil into the cylinder, pull the starter cable a couple of times, clean if the air filter and spark plug are required, put everything in its place (filter, spark plug, protective cover). Clean and rinse the tire in diesel fuel and wrap the chain in rags.